10.14622.   AR AR

The hardships and sufferings of your life consist of all that you consider bad and unjust.  There is too much darkness around you, and you live in darkness and tremble with fear.  If you become enlightened, the darkness will turn into light and the fear will recede, taking all your worries with it.

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10.14928. Righteous anger.   AR AR

To prevent anxiety from turning into fear, guilt, vices, and diseases must be sublimated into righteous anger.  Righteous anger is joyful and perfectly kills all fears.  After the execution, the injured party can be given a candy.

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10.15088.   AR AR

Unconscious actions are dangerous because they create a conflict of the subconscious and consciousness.  This conflict often creates fear and anxiety.  Wanting to escape from anxiety, a person becomes an easy victim of the consolations of vices.

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10.15452.   AR AR

After getting used to monotonous work, a person becomes dependent on it.  Work becomes a ritual of rest, in the absence of which the person is covered with anxiety and anxiety.

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10.17156.   AR AR

The truth is that you don't need to worry about anything other than the tasks of today, but to know these tasks, you need a clear goal and a plan to achieve it.

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10.18033.   AR AR

What is fear?  This is an eternal concern for your safety.  They say that's how animals live.  Reasonable people are happy and trust in being.

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10.19343.   AR AR

The meaning of life is to learn to love.  What does it mean to learn to love?  To love means to be happy and happy, to gain confidence and calmness, to overcome eternal fear, anxiety and discontent.

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10.19111.   AR AR

Prolonged periods of fear and suffering generate burnout and decreased sensitivity, which provoke symptoms of depression.  To control the situation, you need to go to a psychologist, so that he worked out the beliefs that generate fears and stopped the fear.

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10.19089. Sluggish sex.   AR AR

A woman in a passive-dependent relationship always  reduced sexual activity.  Chronic anxiety and fears reduce emotional sensitivity, including sexual sensitivity.

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10.19038.   AR AR

Drug addiction creates a permanent sense of fear and self-doubt.  To get rid of this feeling, a person is constantly looking for a dose of pleasure.

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10.19683. Inoculation against fear.   AR AR

Fear is also a paradigm.  The paradigm of fear determines the existence, making it very scary.  Being back defines consciousness, filling it with stress, destroying health, etc.  The level of fear should be slightly above average, slight anxiety, but no more.  This fear will become like a vaccination and will protect you from big fears.

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10.19955.   AR AR

The concept of fear should be divided into fear and anxiety, where anxiety is a problem, and fear is an alarm.  A big problem occurs if you suppress your fear and leave your anxiety alone.  Fear is like a cooling of anxiety, fear holds back anxiety.  If the fear is suppressed, the anxiety will start to grow.

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10.20457.   AR AR

You drink every day to relieve your anxiety and stress.  What you don't know is that your stress and anxiety are half caused by alcohol.  Stress is fear.  When you run away from fear, you lose your immunity to it, and your life is filled with endless anxiety.

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10.20466.   AR AR

PTSD is a kind of caisson disease associated with a lot of chronic fear and a sharp joy associated with getting rid of it.  Against the background of a sharp emotional drop, a paranoid fear of the return of fear is formed.  Develops suspiciousness and a decline in faith in everything in the world.  All this creates fears, anxiety and aggression.

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10.21053.   AR AR

Those who have understood life have ceased to fuss and be nervous, for everything is vanity, and therefore there is no need to worry or fear.

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10.21096.   AR AR

Experience tells us that if you eat worries and fears sweet or any other pleasure, it only gets worse.  Consolation for fear, as wood for the fire.  It takes humility and courage to overcome fear and anxiety.  Courage is nurtured through fasting and eating restrictions.  The less you soothe and deceive yourself, the more courage you have.

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10.21201.   AR AR

We must rely on ourselves and God.  God, in this case, is his own mind and ability to love.  Hopes that are directed outward, such as money, luck, other people, or the state, generate chronic anxiety and fear.

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10.21928.   AR AR

When you feel like you're losing control, drink a glass of water.

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10.21974.   AR AR

I do something, I want feedback, but it's not there…  Lack of attention is when there is no love, which means there is fear, anxiety and suspiciousness.  But the saddest thing is that there is no love in you, but there is pride, a greedy hunger for love and power.

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10.22067.   AR AR

What is anxiety?  Distrust!  By trusting being, you turn it into love.

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10.22078.   AR AR

Before you get started, ask yourself if you are ready to finish this job at any cost.  Unfinished business generates  the leakage of energy and anxiety.  Completeness and wholeness create joy.

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577.   AR AR

And I hovered over the meadows like a butterfly, in eternal anxiety.

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The beginning of the book

106.   AR AR

They live in the present.  They do not judge the past and do not worry about it;
what has passed is past.
Their future is also not very worried...
...flower children in Tahiti...

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7.59. No comfort zone.   AR AR

Leaving the comfort zone means that you do not undertake easy, but for heavy tasks.  You do difficult, uninteresting, heavy, terrible, unclear, that is not desirable and causes concern...  This approach to life trains you and makes you stronger.

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7.79.   AR AR

Demons in Paradise, uneasy and even scared, terribly tormented by cognitive dissonance.

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2589. No need to worry.   AR AR

You  should  worry  only  when  there  is  nothing  to  worry  about.  If  there  is  nothing  to  worry,  life  has  held  its  breath,  great  danger  is  over  there.  But  if  worry  works,  it  means  there  are  no  serious  problems.

Worry  is  a  slight  sign  of  a  negligible  threat  or  problem.  It’s  a  signal  that  there  is  a  problem.  There  always  are  a  lot  of  such  petty  problems  around.  You  should  hear  the  signal,  pay  attention  to  the  problem  and  turn  the  very  alarm  off  to  prevent  it  from  squealing  and  consuming  energy.  It’s  necessary  to  define  the  cause  of  worry,  reasonably  value  its  threat  and  the  actions  necessary  to  eliminate  it  and  after  this  turn  the  worry  off  with  a  clear  conscience.

Worry  is  basically  anxiety.  Anxiety  is  fear.  And  fear  leads  to  breakdown.  Like  a  bark  beetle,  this  slight  fear  literally  erodes  the  tree  from  the  inside,  turning  it  into  powder.  The  peculiarity  of  worry  is  that  it  makes  you  afraid  of  something  unimportant,  inconsiderable.  There  is  a  swarm  of  such  small  things  everywhere.  And  this  worry  for  any  petty  reason  easily  can  drain  all  the  powers.  So  it’s  necessary  to  turn  worry  and  petty  concerns  off.

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2999. Premonition and anxiety.   AR AR

Placid  conscience  is  free  from  fear.  What  people  call  dirty  conscience  is  not  dirt  at  all,  it’s  the  mold  of  fear,  eroding  soul  painfully.  A  person  fears  his  wrong  acts.  He  fears  consequences  of  these  acts.  He  knows  they  always  come  back,  but  he  doesn’t  know  when.  Now  he  is  doomed  to  sleep  bad  and  even  food  and  luxury  don’t  bring  him  much  pleasure  now.  He  is  constantly  waiting.  His  body  is  strained  and  ready  for  jump  to  slit  their  throats.  The  mobilization  mode  consumes  ten  times  more  energy  and  renders  body  useless  quickly.  Many  various  diseases  emerge  in  a  useless  body  at  once.  Pain  slowly  torments  every  vein,  every  nerve.  Truly  unhappy  is  the  person,  he  should  have  better  repented  and  paid  for  his  mistakes  voluntarily. 

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3272. Healthy fatalism.   AR AR

There's  no  need  to  worry  about  something  that  cannot  be  changed. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Keyes Fro (Kujelnay Valeria)



4.472. Moth.   AR AR

And  what  will  you  do,  when  virtual  reality  will  make  any  of  your  wishes  and  dreams  come  true,  extremely  quickly  and  cheap?  When  it  will  set  you  free  from  worries  and  pain,  when  it  will  give  you  any  entertainment  and  kill  the  boredom?  Will  you  fly  into  flame  joyfully  and  burn  down?

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


4.494.   AR AR

Do not worry about the future, it is not in your power. Worry about the present. What are you doing now? Case? Or are you wasting your time worrying about something beyond your control? You murderer!!! You're killing time.

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5.183.   AR AR

The closer death, the more fear. When it becomes unbearable, come, I will save you, clearing of fear. But fear fear, fear is the devil, not just so he comes, but to take your soul to hell. Remember that all anxiety before going to bed turns into a nightmare.

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5.407.   AR AR

The feeling of anxiety arises when a person does not think about what should be thought. That is, fools, who, as we know, think little, are in perpetual anxiety, because it always seems to them that they do not do something very important, miss something vital.

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5.684.   AR AR

Passion and vices, there is something deeply shameful and unnecessary. You can deny it, you can not deny it, but the soul feels it, and therefore it is tormented by remorse, fears, anxiety... and to be saved, it makes the mind suffer.

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5.734.   AR AR

Mind is a self-learning algorithm of artificial intelligence, knowledge is necessary and joyful for it. Lack of knowledge will fill the brain with anxiety and fear, lead to the development of neuroses and depression.

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5.737.   AR AR

Knowledge is joyful, when a person learns, he is happy, which is why, in particular, we love to travel. Lack of knowledge plunges the brain into neurosis and depression, trying to get out of which the mind falls into all serious. In the absence of knowledge, the brain is seized with fear and anxiety. Saves from depression communication, gossip, walking, traveling, reading books and TV. Excellent prevention of depression is reading and traveling.

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5.825. The beauty of the soul begins with the beauty of thought.   AR AR

Beauty is a great power. We specialize in removing the ambiguity of consciousness. When you do not know what to do, tormented by fears and anxiety, a headache... Clarity begets truth, and truth is a source of strength and faith. The knower of truth gains self-confidence, which gives him strength to overcome all his problems and addictions, laziness and apathy, fears and sources of suffering. Truth is the beauty of the soul.

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6.277.   AR AR

Overabundance of parental love turns the child into a self-centered egoist. The child is infected with love from the mother and if the mother does not love herself, does not love her husband, and concentrates everything on the child, then the child will love nothing but herself. The child, having received all the fire of maternal love, turned into a drug addict and is now not ready to give an ounce of love to anyone. Cost him even a second to lose attention, he gets angry and runs into aggression (hence the passion to communicate). And any attempt retaliatory aggression snarls and goes in games, phones etc. Perpetual anxiety of losing love leaves no child. He has no other desires, only to be angry, to run and despondent boredom. He is stifled by jealousy, resentment, uncertainty, fear, anger, laziness.

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6.324.   AR AR

For the neurotic rituals are very important, they give them peace and joy. In dealing with a neurotic should observe the ritual of communication. Neurotics are very suspicious and touchy, once they feel a deviation from the script, they will be seized with anxiety and bitter resentment.

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6.326.   AR AR

If the neurotic is accustomed to the ritual, he can follow it endlessly. The destruction of the ritual causes the neurotic pain and anxiety, independently change the ritual he can not. But if anxiety and fear endure, there will be a new ritual.

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6.328.   AR AR

The abrupt change in the ritual and the inability to follow it give rise to a neurotic psychosis that destroys the personality. Along with the broken illusion, the personality itself is broken.

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7.129.   AR AR

We  always  live  in  fear  and  anxiety  because  our  faith  is  weak.  Weak  faith  engenders  fear.  Fear  is  the  absence  of  faith. 

Translate: lushchenko Marina


7.548.   AR AR

No rest. Worry is life. When peace comes, life dies.

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