10.7263.   AR AR

When you judge, you say, " This is good and this is bad.  This is useful, and this is useless."  Your mistake is that you don't know that 1% of light needs 99% of darkness.  Concentrated poison is very dangerous, useful should be diluted with useless.

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10.8418.   AR AR

The pleasures in any form should be treated very carefully and their reception should be dosed.  Pleasures are good in small quantities, but the slightest overkill turns them into a deadly poison.

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10.8466.   AR AR

The medicine is the same disease, only in a small dose.  If you exceed the dose of the medicine, you will simply overfill yourself with the disease.

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10.9227.   AR AR

Fear is an unmanageable illusion and lie.  The cure for fear is a controlled illusion and lies in small doses.

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10.9457.   AR AR

Pride is a poison that kills, but in small quantities it is life and medicine-the Holy Grail.  Pride in a small amount is free will and human reason.  Too much pride is depression, rejection of love, anger, suffering, and a complete set of all other deadly sins.

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10.18516.   AR AR

The question of healing from many diseases is not even in the field of medicine, but in the field of limiting consumption  poisons.

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10.18515.   AR AR

There are no medicines in this world, everything is poison, but any small amount of poison is medicine.

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10.18451.   AR AR

You don't need much flattery.  Flattery is poison... in order for poison to become a medicine, it must be consumed in small quantities.

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10.19837.   AR AR

The problem with humans is that they don't have enough restraint on the poison.  Poison is what he really wants.

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10.20126.   AR AR

Evil generated by order is defeated by chaos.  Evil generated by chaos is defeated by order.

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10.20279.   AR AR

Fear is the kind of medicine, too much of which turns to poison.  Fear is a weapon that has turned against its owner.

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10.20759.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that beauty is poison in large quantities.  Restraint is the ability to close your eyes when you see beauty.  You can't look at beauty for a long time, an excess of pleasure will quickly turn into pain.

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10.21596.   AR AR

The question is not what kind of drug you have... the question is that you are an addict, and the meaning of your life is the search for pleasure.  Yesterday you found pleasure in one, today in another, tomorrow you will find it in a third…  It doesn't change anything.  You need to realize that pleasure itself is a poison that can only be used in very moderate amounts.

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10.21750. Bread with salt.   AR AR

Hope is the second name for pride, which is like salt.  Salt is a medicine in small quantities, but in large quantities it is a terrible poison.

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10.21792.   AR AR

What does the drug do?  It seems to speed up time, allowing you to concentrate the mosaic of being and see the whole beauty divided in time.  Concentrated beauty is joyous, but it creates an emotional overdose.  It was not for nothing that it was divided.  Beauty in small quantities is medicine, but in large quantities it is poison.

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10.21795.   AR AR

Everything good in this life is poison, but any poison in small quantities is a cure.  Therefore, the less good the better.

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10.21985.   AR AR


Use fear to kill your vices.  Fear and pain like a hot iron burn out all our sins and vices.


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10.22036.   AR AR

Everything is God.  There is only one entity, which is poison and medicine.  By dividing this essence into more and less, you create pride and love.  By dividing the entities in half, you create harmony.  However, experienced people say that the harmonic division occurs along the Golden section.

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The beginning of the book

5.81. Beauty is sincerity and honesty.   AR AR

A   barrel   of   honey   with   a   spoonful   of   tar   in   it   is   honest,   and   honesty   is   beautiful.   The   more   horrible   the   vice,   the   more   honest   it   all   looks.   The   barrel   of   honey   is   a   syrupy   lie,   and   lies   are   not   beautiful.   Pure   tar   deprived   of   honey   is   snake   venom   -   the   incarnation   of   pure   evil   and   vice.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


5.82.   AR AR

I wondered what was the difference between Lolita Nabokov and Bread and salt.  Why is one ugly and the other beautiful.  I realized that they are distinguished by lies.  Lolita is a lie that hides its Vice, and salt does not hide the fact that it is a poison in large quantities.  There is another version that "lolita" heroes didn't keep a sense of proportion and overdone, but this is all speculation.

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8.52. It's difficult not to indulge in something nice.   AR AR

It's  difficult  to  keep  from  taking  some  poison  but  it's  easier  to  make  poison  a  cure  in  order  to  control  its  dose. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



10.62.   AR AR

Filter your thoughts.  Unnecessary thoughts are poison, fear, weakness, doubts, diseases, etc.

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2049.   AR AR

When in psyche accumulates too many poison - need to cry. You can still shout, to have a fit of hysterics, or binge on sugar. Yes, it's true, all sorts of Goodies-a good cure for mental poison. 

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2171.   AR AR

When  your  own  offended  nature  brings  you  pain,  swallow  your  pride  and  forgive  those  who  offended.  Otherwise,  it's  an  act  of  sadomasochism. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2390. The signs of sugar-coated lie.   AR AR

The  verity  and  truth  usually  hurt  a  lot.  They  can  shatter  illusions  and  silly  hopes.  And  the  fragments  of  them  hurt  people. 
Lies  and  delusions  are  much  nicer.  Mistaking  the  wish  for  the  reality  brings  peace  and  pleasure.  One  hears  what  one  wants  to  hear  and  they  tell  one  what  one  likes.  One  is  happy  about  it.  Yes,  you  got  me  right,  that's  exactly  what  I  wanted  to  say: 
-  Lie  is  a  source  of  happiness  and  truth  is  a  source  of  pain. 
The  water  is  poisonous  in  the  source  of  sweet  lies, 
while  the  source  of  bitter  truth  has  healing  water. 

Any  remedy  usually  tastes  unpleasantly.  Of  course,  it's  possible  to  sweeten  it  but  as  is  known,  sugar  is  bad  for  teeth  and  especially  for  children. 
While  poison  is  usually  disguised  so  that  it's  hard  to  recognize  it  by  taste.  As  it  usually  seems  to  be  yummy  and  a  victim  may  joyfully  swallow  it  without  noticing  anything. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2717. A bad friend.   AR AR

A  book  is  not  only  a  friend  to  a  person  but  also  an  enemy.  A  book  may  easily  turn  out  to  be  a  poison  or  rotten  product.  There's  hardly  anything  else  that  can  destroy  human  brain  as  quickly  as  a  book  poisonous  with  stupidity  or  evil  thoughts.  And  it's  immature  minds  that  poisonous  books  affect  most.  Strong  minds  can  always  distinguish  poison  from  normal  food  while  others  may  get  poisoned. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2883. And if he repents...   AR AR

Man  is  prone  to  forgiving.  Insults  are  very  perishable  products. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3045. A kind doctor.   AR AR

Pills  are  bitter  and  unpleasant  for  being  swallowed  when  something  hurts.  Extra  pain  brings  no  joy.  However,  if  one  puts  up  with  the  taste,  pills  will  probably  nip  a  Worm  of  the  disease  in  the  bud. 

But  there  is  one  great  threat  -  a  pill  can  easily  turn  into  poison.  It's  not  only  a  Worm  of  the  disease  that  dies  of  the  pill  but  also  lots  of  useful  creatures  as  well.  It's  easy  to  choose  wrong  pills.  As  pills  are  a  dangerous  thing. 

So  what's  to  be  done?  -  an  ill  reader  may  ask  me. 
It's  obvious:  visit  a  good  doctor. 

The  doctor  who  can  heal  your  soul...  Self-treatment  can  hardly  bring  any  health.  As  self-treatment  only  makes  a  disease  chronical  and  worsens  its  course,  giving  complications  and  side  effects. 

A  doctor...  a  doctor...  a  doctor...  a  doctor...  a  doctor...  To  find  a  doctor. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



3180.   AR AR

Untold  resentments  grow  and  turn  into  paranoia.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


3.657. Caution! Poison.   AR AR

Books   "Variothoughts"   is   a   medicine   against   lies,   pride,   fear   and   all   other   deadly   sins.   The   fire   of   truth   is   a   terrible   poison   for   flies,   moths,   and   other   midges.

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3.734.   AR AR

By   joining   two   poisons,   you   may   obtain   one   medicine.   A   minus   and   a   minus   make   a   plus.   Likewise,   you   can   take   any   two   problems   and   make   something   very   useful   and   good   out   of   them.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3743.   AR AR

Pills  are  bitter  so  that  they  would  not  swallow  too  many  of  them. 
If  pills  were  sweet,  there  would  be  too  many  cases  of  pill  abuse. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



3973.   AR AR

Sugar,  like  any  other  drug,  requires  a  constant  dose  increase,  it  causes  addiction  and  then  quickly  destroys  human`s  health.


Sugar,  also  known  as  fructose,  is  a  pretty  strong  poison  and  a  drug  that  is  addictive  and  destroys  the  organism.  Sugar  does  not  cause  satiety,  it  provokes  hunger.  It  causes  apathy,  mood  swings,  breakdown  and  reduction  in  the  vital  activity  effectiveness  in  a  long  period  of  time.

But,  like  any  poison,  in  small  doses  sugar  is  a  medicine.

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4141. Inflation: poison and medicine.   AR AR

The inflationary model of the economy is bad in the sense that it kills the main immune system of the economy - the savings and savings of citizens. The savings rate is falling. To save and accumulate money in terms of inflation unprofitable. This state of Affairs has a devastating effect on the formation of investment capital, increases investment risks, destroys the middle class and leads to impoverishment of a large part of society.

In addition, this state of Affairs is detrimental to the morale of society, destroys faith in the future and does not allow it to plan. In society, anxiety increases, people begin to live one day, realizing that all planning for the future is meaningless. Of course, large manufacturers and retail chains (at a time) it is beneficial. This situation provokes demand for goods and services of daily demand, while reducing competition in the market, washing out small and medium-sized businesses. But in the long term, the impoverishment of the bulk of society leads to a systemic decline in demand and negatively for all market participants.

The inflationary model of the economy is beneficial only in the short and medium term for big business and the state (the largest Corporation of all). However, it has a devastating effect on small and medium-sized businesses, the middle class and the household savings rate, thereby destroying the healthiest economic forces of society. There is a violation of the economic balance. Society is getting poorer, economic elites are getting richer. This state of Affairs resembles the development of cancer in the patient. Indeed, the cancer is effective, the body is hard to defeat such a super-efficient and strong monster.

However, like any poison, 0.5-1.5% inflation is quite life-giving for the economy.

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4.286.   AR AR

Pleasure is the reward for a good deed, relaxation after exertion. Pleasure without a good cause is a terrible poison and drug. Anyone who offers you pleasure for nothing makes you a drug addict.

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4.804.   AR AR

Hope is poison, but it is a poison like salt. If there is no salt, you will die, if there is a lot of salt, you will die too.

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5.808.   AR AR

Lemons, you make a cure. By concentrating, you create poison. If you need life, dissipate your efforts by forming horizontal growth. If you need a breakthrough in reality and a hole in the ceiling to rush up to find a new ecological niche for horizontal growth, then concentrate your efforts. Concentration will give the effort extreme toxicity and the ability to penetrate space.

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5.818.   AR AR

In   a   barrel   of   honey   with   a   spoonful   of   tar,   honey   is   the   solvent   and   tar   the   medicine.   This   very   aroma   of   beauty   is   poison   in   larger   quantities   and   a   medicine   and   beauty   in   small   ones.

Translate: lushchenko Marina