10.21657.   AR AR

Time, that's what implements the principle of "divide and rule".  Truth is that which is divided in time.  The greater the division, the greater the power.  The smaller the step, the greater his power over reality.

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10.21966.   AR AR

"Divide and rule»  it means that you must choose where you will rule and where you will obey.  You can't rule everything and everywhere.  The government requires balance.

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10.21993.   AR AR

The immune system uses external viruses (bacteria)  as an external enemy to purify from internal enemies, implementing the principle of "divide and rule".  When internal enemies are destroyed by someone else's hands, the immune system enters the battle and suppresses the external threat.

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10.22093.   AR AR

The husband's intolerance of his wife's relatives or friends is related to the desire for power and the realization of the thesis "divide and rule".

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7.4988.   AR AR

Conflict is a method of such a tool as"divide and conquer". To divide and rule – need conflict.

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8.7888. Diseases should not be cured, they must be dealt with.   AR AR

By   killing   one   agent   of   disease,   we   train   others   and   clear   space   for   stronger   more   resistant   bacteria.   It   makes   sense   to   act   according   to   the   principle   "divide   and   govern"...   let   them   fight   with   each   other,   but   no   one   will   win.

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8.8286. Principles of politics.   AR AR

Basic  principles:  divide  and  conquer,  fake  clowns,  provocations,  discredit,  lead  the  opposition,  contrast  and  shading,  absurdity. 

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8.8290.   AR AR

Dividers  and  distracters  are  needed  to  divide  the  power  of  the  political  opposition,  forming  a  crack,  forcing  people  to  blur  out  their  votes.  They  realize  the  following  principles  “divide  and  conquer”,  “lead  your  enemy”.  One  of  the  main  tasks  of  distracters  is  to  bring  attention  to  themselves,  entertain  the  public,  create  news  hooks  and  take  over  all  of  the  information  space. 

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10.14135.   AR AR

In order not to become a slave to pleasure, you should be moderate in pleasure and use the principle of "divide and conquer".  It is dangerous when you have only a few sources of pleasure left, which you turn into idols and start praying on them.

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10.18593.   AR AR

Attention to detail is the implementation of the "divide and rule"principle.

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10.19092.   AR AR

Higher management may benefit from conflicts between line managers, because the principle of " divide and rule»  it works well.

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10.19141. Graphene is a lie.   AR AR

To weaken and destroy a lie, you need to follow the principle of "divide and rule".  A lie is like graphene and exists only in its entirety; the scattered pieces of a lie are not viable individually.

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10.19195. Eat and grow.   AR AR

Divide and conquer, because, on the one hand, you must eat and chew in small pieces, and on the other hand, redistribute this energy between the forms (structures) that are inside you.

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10.19205.   AR AR

Divide and rule, because through division we expand inward and grow.

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10.19206.   AR AR

By sharing, we release energy.  The more carefully we divide the whole without losing control, the more energy will be released.  In fact, the division of the whole generates a multiplication of the energy produced.

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10.19251.   AR AR

Defeat evil using the principle of "Divide and conquer".  "My name is Legion»  - says pride.  All the sins is pride.  Share your pride and it will destroy itself.  Greed will destroy lust.  Greed will destroy the greed.  Fear will destroy lies, etc.

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10.19659. Divide and conquer.   AR AR

What you call evolution is the disintegration and division of the whole into many things.  The whole, expanding outward, absorbs simple energy and orders it within itself.  What you call order is division.  Order, dividing the streams of energy, dominates them.

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10.20939. They don't go to a foreign monastery with their own rules.   AR AR

By dividing and dominating, you become the border that connects everyone and dominates everything.  Love is that which unites all and dominates all.  Love allows everyone to protect their borders and maintain their independence.  The guardian of the borders of love is called the devil.  The devil severely punishes those who cross borders and seek power over someone else's territory.

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The beginning of the book

6.80.   AR AR

The scenario of "bad - good COP" is a complication of the scenario "on offended carry water".  Bad offends, and for good you carry water.

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3967. United we stand, divided we fall.   AR AR

A  family  that  is  not  united,  is  dead. 
«Divide  and  govern»  -  an  old  wisdom  says.  Our  enemies  spark  conflicts  between  us  as  they  know  that  we're  weak  when  divided. 
The  way  a  family  can  fall  apart  when  it's  not  united,  a  country  can  collapse  too  if  we  let  our  enemies  sow  discord  within  our  union  and  ideology. 

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4.480.   AR AR

The cause of suffering is the division of love into the desire to rule and the desire to serve.

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5.608.   AR AR

"Time to scatter stones" - this is the time when you need to implement the principle of " divide and conquer." Large curved pieces need to be broken into more or less the same equal to collect from them a single straight.

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10.839.   AR AR

The exchange of contempt for compassion is the exchange of awl for soap.  Bad and good COP is not good and evil, but two cunning hunter.

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3.1085.   AR AR

The problem is, once you get rid of one Vice, you quickly become the victim of another.  A Holy place is never empty.  I recommend you, using the principle of "divide and conquer", to keep a lot of vices at once, leaving them small and weak.

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3.2054. The procedure kills fear.   AR AR

When a lot - scary.  Divide and conquer.  Pyramid theory will help you.  Systematizing the information flow in sections and subsections, you will organize it and get rid of fear.

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4.2699. Divide and rule.   AR AR

The   truth   is,   all   problems   are   more   or   less   similar.   Interestingly,   it’s   not   even   about   problems,   but   about   the   place   they   occupy   in   your   head.   Similar   to   a   gas,   fear   tries   to   fill   all   available   space.   If   fears   are   numerous   and   small,   they   suppress   each   other.   If   just   one   fear   is   left,   it   starts   to   be   like   the   Tower   of   Babel,   thus   turning   into   paranoia.

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5.1345. Use someone else's hands.   AR AR

The essence of good and bad COP in that it is not necessary to beat the naughty cat with your foot, hit it with a slipper, if she thinks you're a good God, and sneakers - the devil the devil incarnate.

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6.1547.   AR AR

Little belongs to man except the world of his illusions. Man does not want to part with the world of illusions, because then he will have to accept the fact that he has nothing... And, of course, not everyone will allow such pride, which wants to rule.

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6.1817.   AR AR

The essence of angels and demons is that it is a bad-good COP, whose task is to motivate a person to become better.

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6.1818.   AR AR

In family one parent should be as a good policeman-an angel, and the second as bad - daemon. One praises and raises self-esteem, the other scolds and understates it. In such conditions, the child will grow well and strive for the stars.

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6.2264.   AR AR

The "bad COP good COP" scenario, from the moths ' point of view, is like a fire in the night, where doomed insects fly to perish by burning in hell.

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6.2661.   AR AR

The essence of the disunion of the crowd and the principle of "divide and rule" is that the devil to gain unity and strength need to gather all his parts, and virtuous people can be United through distance and time.

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6.2686.   AR AR

Order kills the devil,...but order creates the devil. The devil arises when the vices are huddled together and there are too many of them. This is based on the principle of divide and conquer, to defeat evil, it must be divided.

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6.2709.   AR AR

Democracy is the best style of government because democracy shares power. Division weakens evil, but good division does not weaken.

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7.2160. Divide et impera (A DIVIDED PERSON).   AR AR

A  split  personality  is  a  person's  being  one  thing  in  his  inner  world,  and  the  other  thing  in  the  real  world.  However,  most  often  he  is  already  trebled  or  dissipated  at  all...  And  endlessly  weakened...  The  real  world  is  one,  while  there  is  myriad  of  illusory  worlds.

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7.2669.   AR AR

To dreams come true-they need to share and dominate. Competitive dream is ready to offer you more lonely than selfish. On the other hand, it all depends on your strategy and cunning. The moon in the sky can easily subdue a whole crowd of sufferers.

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7.2878.   AR AR

To dominate the male passion, a woman must use the principle of " divide and conquer." Passion must be broken into small pieces and each small passion skillfully maintain or, conversely, extinguish. The main types of passions are passion for a woman through sex, for work, for dreams, for children, for home, for development and perfection, for oneself through vanity. It is desirable to maintain all the passions in a more or less equal balance, not allowing anything to rise or weaken.

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7.2936.   AR AR

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