10.19202.   AR AR

A blank white sheet can include infinitely many different forms.  A blank black sheet can exclude infinitely many different forms.

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10.19739.   AR AR

The meaning of life is to transform time into information.  Time is the simplest form of energy, and information is what shapes energy.

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10.20307.   AR AR

What is form?  A separate process, a flow of energy that has a separate purpose.

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10.20651.   AR AR

A person is an energy that is shaped by the goals that they realize.

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10.21135.   AR AR

The division of the whole into parts is virtual and ephemeral.  The forms of the real world are illusory.

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10.21289. The main thing is the tail.   AR AR

Form and content are not whole entities, but only the unity and struggle of opposites.  True integrity comes from implementing a system of checks and balances by adding a third entity to the system, called the GOAL.

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10.21326.   AR AR

Darkness is drawn to light, for light is pure energy, and darkness is perfect forms that want to master energy. 

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10.21525.   AR AR

I think that information and energy are the same thing, only from different sides.  The more information you have, the more energy.  The more energy, the more information.  There is no information without energy and energy without information.  Only the forms in which the energy resides change.  Money is the simplest form of energy.  Things and people are more complex forms.  The more perfect the form, the more energy is concentrated in it.

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10.21696. Form is a process   AR AR

Punctuality and accuracy is respect for time and the boundaries of things.  All forms (processes)  the material world is limited by time.  When one process gets on top of another process - this is disrespect, aggression, rudeness... on the other hand, the less, the more, so the process that makes a bust, kills itself.

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10.22037.   AR AR

The whole is the content, that is, the ocean of energy, which is conditionally divided into forms within itself.  Forms in their pride seem to be the main ones and give form to energy, but this is an illusion.

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10.22052. Inside the point.   AR AR

Forms are equal to each other, just as illusions are equal to each other.  The content is just one point divided within itself into an infinite number of forms.  The power of forms over each other and the point is ephemeral.

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10.22092.   AR AR

If white is limited to black, then white is the content and black is the form.  Given that black is perfection, this makes everything clear.

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10.22106.   AR AR

The future is the flow of energy (content) that the present gives shape to.  The past is the integrity of the future and present.  The real ones are pure information flows.

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10.22154.   AR AR

Time is the flow of pure energy, and the material world is the information that structures and shapes this energy.

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10.22218.   AR AR

Time and space is a system of form and content, where space is information and time is energy.

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The beginning of the book

4.55.   AR AR

Consciousness is a form, an unconscious content.  Forms of objects are determined by the purpose of their existence.  What is your goal, is your consciousness.  Goal defines consciousness.  Consciousness determines the form and all its properties.

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4.58.   AR AR

Man's consciousness, his Self, is something that man must invent himself, it is his meaning of life, something that will give shape to its content and determine its fate.

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1195.   AR AR

Shape  defines  content,  content  defines  shape,  if  you  have  no  power  to  change  from  inside,  change  the  outside:  buy  yourself  nice  clothes,  accessories,  surround  yourself  by  beauty.  And  the  beauty  from  outside  will  help  you  to  create  beauty  inside  you…  On  the  other  side,  you  can  make  it  vice  versa… 

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3.612. Neutrino has forgotten.   AR AR

The   significance   of   a   quantum   depends   on   how   you   measure   it.   A   positive   outlook   defines   it   as   one,   and   a   negative   one   as   zero.   Faith   and   resignation   help   create   the   entity   X,   that   is,   they   engender   God.

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3.621.   AR AR

Believing a man to be good and worthy, you make him so.  Your judgment about the person defines it.  The truth is that people are simultaneous in their States, believing a person to be good, you make him so.  Humility allows you to ignore his bad.  Otherwise, by measuring a person as bad, you will make him bad.

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4.739.   AR AR

The   Syntalism   paradigm   redefines   a   lie   into   a   truth.  

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4.859.   AR AR

The outer is like the inner. Form defines content. Small is like big, as small fire is like big fire.

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6.610.   AR AR

Truth is information about the form of things. The form of things is determined by the purposes of their existence.

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6.618.   AR AR

In fact, it is the goal that determines the DNA structure of the grain of truth. It doesn't matter where, how, or what you're taught. Your goal is important, it is your goal that will determine those elementary pieces of information from which the DNA of your perfect truth will be made.

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9.923.   AR AR

Shape  defines  content  and  vice  versa,  i.e.  if  you  invent  a  disease,  you  may  actually  fall  ill  with  it.  Imagined  symptoms  are  the  shape  that  causes  its  essence  –  a  disease.  It  means  that  a  symptom  can  cause  a  disease. 

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10.546.   AR AR

If there are flowers on the screen, will you see the screen or will you see the flowers?  "I think you're too fond of drawing."  What difference does it make what's on the screen?

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10.689.   AR AR

The purpose of things determines their form, the form determines the content, and the content can invent any dream.

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10.690.   AR AR

Hope determines the purpose, purpose determines form, form determines content, content can dream of.

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3.1370.   AR AR

The truth is that what I think it is the truth, what you believe in.  So it doesn't matter if it's a lie or the truth, it matters what you think about it, because the observer defines the object of observation.

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3.1688.   AR AR

Faith is the form that determines the content.  The stronger your faith, the greater its ability to shape reality.

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3.1697. Internal and external.   AR AR

The boundary separating one from the other is the boundary of things, the form determining its content on both sides.  Remember the water molecule, H2O. We live under water, one form always defines two contents at once.

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3.1709.   AR AR

As you call the boat, so it will float.  The point is that form determines content.

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3.2055. Form defines content.   AR AR

Dead souls are a metaphor for what you see in clothes.  The bubble is big and beautiful, and the fact that it is empty does not matter.

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3.2242. Why was she here?   AR AR

The paradigm determines the shapes of objects.  One day, deep in thought about the Chinese "Book of Changes", I cast a casual glance through the car window and saw a beautiful pagoda.  "Why is she here?  We're in Moscow.  In the same second vision dissipated and pagoda has turned into a Church.

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3.2244.   AR AR

A leader is a man who can become at any moment what he has never been.  But it is not he who determines his form, like all others, by fear, but his form is a derivative of his aims and external circumstances.

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