10.21077. The paradox of the worm.   AR AR

When I looked at the worm-eaten Apple again, I realized that people don't know what they want.  On the one hand, they like gold, which is not enough... and on the other hand, they like the Apple and irritate the worm in it.  People's desires are contradictory.  To earn money, I began to buy cheap wormy apples, take out worms and sell them for their weight in gold.

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10.21141.   AR AR

I know only one desire, which is also impossible to limit.  Do good.  Do good and throw it in the water.  Your task is to grow and bear fruit.  Who will eat your fruit and why is not your concern.  You can't restrict someone who wants to grow and bear fruit without demanding anything from anyone.

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10.21193.   AR AR

Self-confidence comes from self-respect.  Those who respect their own desires and interests are confident.  I am my desires, interests, and intentions.

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10.21218.   AR AR

Self-confidence comes from the firmness of your desires.  Nothing can shake my determination to achieve my goal, you tell yourself.  The achievability of my goal depends only on me, and I will not give up until I have done everything possible.

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10.21469. Under water.   AR AR

Strong desire creates impassability.  A strong desire is like a great speed.  Too much speed leads to the fact that the liquid becomes solid as a stone, and creates an impassability.  If you slow down, you can walk through walls.

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10.21467.   AR AR

Holding back your desires from within, you are like a spring that accumulates energy.  If your desires are restrained from the outside, then you are like someone who leans against a wall in the hope of moving it.  The more you push, the more the wall resists.  Both options have a place to be.  In the first case, you can reach critical mass and explode.  The second option can be used as a dam.

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10.21466.   AR AR

By holding back your desires on your own, you make them very strong.  If your desires are restrained from the outside, this is also good, provided that you will not be afraid and spend energy on fear.

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10.21439.   AR AR

To accept is to let go.  The excess desire is the cause of failure and resistance.  Those who crave love and pleasure are doomed to lack them.  Those who have accepted the small things will get everything they want and the hunger will pass.

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10.21564.   AR AR

Try to make the most of what you have.  As a rule, you always have more than enough at hand to fulfill any of your current desires.

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10.21835. Do good.   AR AR

It is very effective to fulfill other people's wishes.  When people hope, love, and believe in you, they delegate their power to you, thus multiplying your power.  The main thing is that you believe in yourself, otherwise multiplying by zero generates zero.

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10.21877. Be careful.   AR AR

Carefully watch your desire, as soon as you wish, the desire will try to be fulfilled.  Your task is to notice the thread in time and pull it.

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10.22019.   AR AR

Pride, in order to succeed in its desires, must be reborn into love, cultivating such qualities of love as patience, mindfulness, extension, calmness, moderation, etc.

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10.22057.   AR AR

By controlling your desires and fears, you subdue your pride and turn it into self-love, which means self-confidence and strength.

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10.22254.   AR AR

Why not?  Why should I be afraid of my desire?  The free will of the human mind is such that it has the right to choose its own love.

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10.22286.   AR AR

For yourself to wish is vulgar and shallow, wish for your wife and children... for relatives and friends.

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10.22308.   AR AR

The problem with the poor is that they are afraid of the pain that creates desire.  The greater and stronger the desire, the more suffering it creates.  The rich are not afraid of their suffering, and the poor are afraid of their desires.

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4.37.   AR AR

You   have   at   your   fingertips   all   you   need   to   achieve   any   goal   you   may   have,   and   you   have   had   it   a   long   while.   You   are   just   inattentive   to   what   is   available.

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The beginning of the book

4175. A recipe for success.   AR AR

Foster  fanaticism  in  your  nature  and  be  faithful  to  your  desires  up  to  the  end. 

Desires  resemble  women:  they  like  faithfulness  and  bring  faithful  people  luck  and  joy.  But  those  who  leave  things  undone  and  often  get  passing  fancies...  are  very  disliked. 
Besides,  the  weaker  a  desire  is,  the  stronger  the  laziness...  It's  laziness  that  stops  a  person  from  fulfiling  goals.  There  are  no  unachievable  goals.  But  desires  can  be  so  weak  that  laziness  overcomes  them. 

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4.204.   AR AR

Is there anything that can stop a true longing? In this sense, longing is the pure truth and the true flame of love.

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6.426.   AR AR

Those who know the truth do not seek to possess anything, for they already possess everything that is necessary, and everything only aspires to them, to those who do not aspire to possess anything. What joy, when you owned the one above you do not want the power.

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6.727. The silence of the desires.   AR AR

Thoughts chattering temptations. Concentrate on the inner silence and wait for the desires to run out. Then get back to work.

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3.2543.   AR AR

Life is a dream that can be controlled by the power of your desire.  Strong desires generate movement that turns the wheel of this world

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4.1342. All diseases are due to the mind or its absence.   AR AR

The reverse works ...say you hear the other way around. You want A, but I wish B. You ask And they give, but in fact it happens B. In this world of illusion, the main thing is your desire. There is no need to be afraid, but it should be remembered that to get what you want, you need to take the opposite of it.

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4.1343.   AR AR

The second way to get it is to take not back him, and generally any. The power of desire is such that if you relax and believe it, it changes the nature of things.

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4.1344.   AR AR

The third way to get what you want is to turn off your thoughts and do what you want, surrendering to the desires of the soul. The main thing is not to be afraid to rationalize. The subconscious sees the true nature of things and feels them. The subconscious will not be deceived by the illusions of mask, form and frame. The subconscious does not know the probability and uncertainty, it makes Faith absolute. Absolute faith has absolute power, erases fears and doubts, changes information about the structure of energy.

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4.2115.   AR AR

You should understand your desires correctly. Desire is the sublimation of a dream. Desires Express dreams, but rarely correspond to them, usually dreams are a guiding star, it is unattainable. You want everyone to love you, you do something, and nobody cares. You buy a beautiful car to get the love of women, but there is no effect. In the end, the machine lets you down, I want this to sell, to buy another. Good deeds, too, to do not want, want-bad, on bad all pay attention. You, as child, demand love and attention.

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4.2516.   AR AR

The smaller your wish, the easier it is to fulfill it. The smallest desire the largest and most distant desire. From afar, everything seems so small.

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4.2898. Fear your desires.   AR AR

Before desiring anything, yeah. It is possible to wish, but it is impossible to stop execution of the desire any more.

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4.3657.   AR AR

"You are not faithful enough to me," the dream tells him, " how can I love someone who does not believe in me…

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4.4415. Suppressed desire.   AR AR

An unfulfilled desire is a source of energy. Filled with the desire releases energy. The best strategy is when many, many desires, they are all small, they are easy to contain, while they allow you to generate a sea of energy.

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5.4783. If you want candy, take a dumbbell.   AR AR

Changing the ritual should be associated with the creation of a new ritual. Desire should not be suppressed, but redirected. Felt a harmful desire, go and do something useful, let it become a new ritual.

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6.1413.   AR AR

You'll succeed in anything you take the time to do.

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6.1964. Dangerous dream.   AR AR

The dream is the energy for movement, however, often the attempt to realize the dream into reality destroys a person's life. Illusions destroy reality, but they are in reality can not live, panting from lack of energy, die.

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6.6431. Mechanics of successful begging resources.   AR AR

Ask for more, settle for less, and rejoice in what you have given.

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7.2420.   AR AR

It is necessary to be suspicious of their desires, scientists have proved that a person does not have their desires. All his desires are an alien entity imposed from the outside. Therefore, if the desire does not meet the current strategic goals, feel free to get rid of it.

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7.4165. The triple logic of reason: Yes, no, or.   AR AR

Animals and other robots can't control their desires, but humans can. His logical system of consciousness allows some desires to say "Yes", others - "no", the third - "or".

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7.4708. A slave of someone else's desires.   AR AR

Jealousy  is  a  virus  disease,  getting  infected  by  someone  else's  desire.  Instead  of  making  your  dreams  come  true,  you  get  infected  with  someone  else's  dreams  and  start  to  spend  your  time  and  energy  on  them. 

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