On mothers and children





6.2.     AR AR

A mother teaches a child to love...  fulfilling his every desire, is making a big mistake.  She teaches him that love is the fulfillment of desires, and, therefore, the one who dared not fulfill at least one of his desires, does not love him and, therefore, there is evil and the enemy that causes fear, anger and hatred...  Fleeing from enemies, the enemies hate the near enemy wither and fade, sinking into apathy and laziness.

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4.71.     AR AR

Education of children is not reduced to the concept of "who is a good child", but the answer to the question: "Who is a well-mannered parent?".  Bad parents can't raise good children.  The problem is that parents do not know or are deeply mistaken in the question "how to be good?".

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4.72. How to be human.     AR AR

The main problem with children is that people don't know how to be good parents.  The problem with families is that people don't know how to be a good husband or wife.  People don't know how to be good friends.  How to be an honest person.  How to be a good person.  How to be a strong person.  How to be human.

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5.28.     AR AR

A child is a reflection of his parents, which is controlled through the management of himself and the external circumstances that surround the child.  With a child who fell into fear and denial of reality (aggression is the main symptom of fear and unpreparedness for real life), you need to work out, communicate, teach him life.  This is not one conversation from the category of "please be an ideal child and then you gingerbread" and not an exorcism procedure for expulsion from the sinner of the devil.  This is a long and painstaking educational process.  There are no problems, just a small and immature soul is extremely afraid of the real world, can not live, can not communicate... from which falls into the rage of a wild beast.  The problem is solvable, it would be on that desire, patience and goodwill.

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6.18.     AR AR

Our vices are not born with us, but are brought from outside, and our first source of vices is the mother.

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6.19.     AR AR

To order need to accustom the child from birth...  Order kills fear.  If there is order, there will be no fear.  Therefore, you need to feed the child on a schedule, as watered plants.  Hug and carry on the hands of the child should be dosed.  Everything needs a measure and order.

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6.20.     AR AR

Parents   should   not   quarrel   and   get   angry   in   the   presence   of   their   children.   Parental   aggression   immerses   children   in   fear   and   makes   them   wicked,   lazy   and   stupid…   and   they   easily   fall   victim   to   vices.

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6.30.     AR AR

Popinjay person at fault, to accuse him in a dream, forbade him something, say "no" and he will rush to it with all my heart.

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6.37.     AR AR

Before the birth of a child, the mother neurotically loves her husband, then her husband removes love and throws it on the child, the husband without love dies from the cold, and the child, on the contrary, love burns.  As a result, everyone suffers.

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6.38.     AR AR

Allowing the child to sit on his hands for a long time, sleep with his mother, the mother concentrates it on his love and turns into a neurotic.  Now, when a child is separated from his mother, he feels fear and anger.  Now the child will be paranoid with delusions of vanity.

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6.43.     AR AR

A child focused on loving his mother will fear and dislike everything that his mother takes away from him...  father, mother's work, kindergarten, school and everything that a mother loves and distracts from her child.

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3.367. Parents ' pride.     AR AR

The meaning of the conflict between fathers and children is that you can not grow above the one from whom you take an example.  However, life requires us to evolve and grow, so children, taking everything they can from their parents, reject and choose a higher goal for growth.  Parents not in forces to transfer such disobedience, full of anger, pride, resentment and jealousy fall into infamy.

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3.453.     AR AR

To get the result, at the very end you need to push very hard, and then another 21 years to feed the child until it Matures.  To feed a child over the age of 21 impossible, for this is overkill.

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4.125.     AR AR

Too cowardly and weak woman will greatly love her child, turning him into a neurotic. She will love him in order to bind herself from intense fear for her “overvaluation”. Such mothers oversee the baby.

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4.148.     AR AR

It is naive to think that a hen can raise an eagle, hens usually raise roosters and chickens. But there are two exceptions: cuckoo and ugly duckling. There was no hope for the duckling, and the cuckoo had great hopes.

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4319. The main thing is not to quit.     AR AR

You'll  able  to  do  anything  if  only  you  keep  on  doing  it. 

In  order  to  find  a  solution,  you  need  to  think. 
In  order  to  become  skillful,  you  need  to  practise. 
In  order  to  get  something  done,  you  need  to  do  it. 

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4323. The mother of God.     AR AR

The  mother  of  a  new  God.  The  main  predestination  of  a  woman  is  to  create  a  new  God.  Providence  likes  people  who  fulfill  their  purposes. 

The  sweetheart  of  God.  The  mother  of  a  new  God  and  a  new  Goddess.  The  Goddess  loved  by  her  God. 

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4.713.     AR AR

Fear attracts. The paralyzing function of fear is the attracting magnet. As a mother scares a child not to run away, so fear acts on a coward like a leash.

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4.800. Beats – it means love.     AR AR

Mother, too loving her obsessive child begins to mock him, requires him to be perfect and turns into the demon. If your mother was a creature of hell, she must have loved you too much to control her passion. Passion is the devil. 

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4.802. Mama's boy.     AR AR

A rather mischievous type of man that any sensible woman should avoid. How do you know such a man? He has many traits. He hates or loves his parents too much. He believes that someone that he's got and loves to throw mud at others. Always whining and dissatisfied. Demands pity and begs for love and attention. Often such a man is not independent or lives with his parents, is tedious and prone to reflection. Often it is one child in the family, younger or later child.

At first, such a man may seem attractive, because a woman feels his fear of women and his weakness, and therefore is not afraid of him. Plus, these beleaguered mothers children can grow in good careerists, achieve some success, get a good education and academic degrees. However, it should be understood that all this is from the evil one. No degree or big salary will make a decent person out of a degenerate. Theoretically, with a deep knowledge of psychology and a lot of love, you can make a person out of it, but it will be difficult. Other things being equal, we guarantee you a life in hell.

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