10.18588.   AR AR

Who is a proud man?  A self-devouring serpent.  The proud man kills himself with his own sins and vices.  It says my name is Legion.  All the proud are one, self-devouring.

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10.18589.   AR AR

The proud who devour each other are the serpent who devours himself.

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10.18592.   AR AR

If you don't twitch, you have nothing to fear.  The serpent of pride devours itself.  If you humble your pride, you have nothing to fear.  No one can hurt you in this world except you.

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10.20755.   AR AR

The forked tongue of the serpent of the tempter is a symbol of lies that divided God into good and evil, truth and falsehood.  The serpent divides all to rule.  In fact, everything is good, everything is true.

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10.20937.   AR AR

A snake devouring its tail is a symbol of what order is by devouring  chaos turns into chaos ... and chaos, devouring order, turns into order.  We devour what we love, we turn into what we love and devour.

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10.21164.   AR AR

Zero is a symbol of pride, a serpent devouring its tail.  A self-eating serpent is a narcissistic person who suffers from great internal contradictions.  A unit is a person who has found a dream and love outside of himself.  One can say that a unit is one who has set out in search of God, beauty, and truth.

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10.21873.   AR AR

Darkness begets light.  One lie leads to the truth.  Weakness breeds strength.  The consequence tries to enslave and destroy its cause.  So the serpent devours its own tail.

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10.21887.   AR AR

It is painful for zero to live, for it is a serpent that is consumed by infinite self-eating.

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10.22038.   AR AR

The unity and struggle of opposites is a situation where a snake devours its own tail.

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10.22042.   AR AR

Zero is a serpent that eats its tail, a system that is fixated on self-eating and fighting with itself.  The essence of this struggle is power over what is there against the background of the lack of external goals and growth.  Any system in which there is no growth is doomed to self-eating.

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10.22086. A dichotomous nature.   AR AR

The forked tongue of the serpent symbolizes the duality of the demonic nature.  This infernal person thinks of himself as both an angel and a demon.  And, in our experience, she usually pretends to be an angel, and denies her demon.

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The beginning of the book

3604. A snake never bites a sleeping creature.   AR AR

Troubles  resemble  a  snake  and  when  they  attack,  pretend  to  be  asleep. 

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Art by Irina Tsurupina



3914.   AR AR

The best fruits of the tree of sins: meanness, dishonesty, betrayal. Even one bite will be enough to banish from heaven to hell. Beware of the snake-tempter, these beautiful apples are extremely poisonous.

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7.625. The snake is a distraction.   AR AR

You can't be distracted, if you take your mind off your work for a second, everything will break down. Therefore, as fire avoid all that distracts you.

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3.3229.   AR AR

What is zero? 
– Narcissistic one.  A snake biting its own tail.

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4.3209. The serpent tells no lies.   AR AR

According   to   the   serpent,   they   say,   knowledge   opens   the   path   to   paradise,   but   all   those   pursuing   this   path   go   to   hell.   Ironically,   both   knowledge   and   truth   lead   to   paradise,   but   human   arrogance   transforms   paradise   into   hell.

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4.3658.   AR AR

The gods do not die, the gods are like serpents that change the skin, so renewed. Gods are like nature, which, constantly changing their faces, never dies.

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5.1078.   AR AR

Humility-is the realization that you can live very differently, and your ideas about good and bad contradict reality and, therefore,-a lie. Your fear of reality is anger at the snake... For what? What did the snake do to you? This creature of God perfectly fulfills its purpose. But whether you fulfill your destiny, we doubt.

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5.2140. Little men.   AR AR

The serpent, the reptile, the devil and the goat are all but primitive forms of man... Stages of intelligence development, small and weak minds.

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5.2141.   AR AR

Snakes and goats are simply underdeveloped people, whose body has evolved, and the soul has remained at the level of reptiles or artiodactyls.

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5.2300.   AR AR

Whatever sweet words the snake hisses, it's all poison.

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5.2755.   AR AR

Angels and demons are just birds and rodents that are as far from God as all other animals – mice, rats, fish, insects and monkeys. By the way monkeys are particularly fond of bird eggs and did not disdain even roasted snakes.

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5.2764.   AR AR

Where are the angels white and clean? These stinking feathered creatures are essentially no better than their fellow snakes and reptiles.

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5.2766.   AR AR

Afraid of angels and demons? Afraid of birds and snakes? "That's cowardice. A real macaque, catching an angel or a demon, rejoices in them as a delicacy.

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5.2767.   AR AR

A demon is a snake. Only fools are afraid of snakes, for all the other snake is a delicacy. I'm not talking about angels. Scrambled eggs for Breakfast and barbecue wings for dinner are sacred to an honest man.

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5.2805.   AR AR

The curve cannot be straightened, even if the snake straightens to move, it will have to bend again... For the curve to become smooth and firm, it must completely change its nature, and this, of course, will be truly a miracle of reason.

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5.5421.   AR AR

If you knew how cowardly and weak people are, you'd forget what fear is. But forget fear, remember caution. The snake is weak, but its poison is dangerous.

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6.2092. The snake has a forked tongue.   AR AR

The temptation of Vice is a sweet Lollipop with a blade hidden inside. The unfortunate sinner voluptuously licks this Lollipop until one day a sharp blade cuts through his tongue, filling his mouth with salty blood and sharp pain. The taste of salt in the mouth, mixed with pleasure and pain, is the true taste of Vice.

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6.3379.   AR AR

The devil the serpent riding on a cow. A serpent who has taken possession of the soul of an animal and desires its sacrifice in the fires of hell.

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7.3392.   AR AR

Temptations are like snakes. One has only to bite the Apple of temptation, you have to eat it whole. When you lose weight, avoid sausages, sweets and other products full of flavor enhancers. 

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7.6582.   AR AR

There is no free will... in the soul of man lives God, the snake and the monkey.

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