10.8423.   AR AR

Doubts whisper, " there is no Hope."  The mind responds: "Everything changes, time cannot be stopped."  Doubts whisper, " Hope is nothing."  The mind answers them: "the less, the more chances."

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10.9761.   AR AR

Persuasion is just a habit.  Take a blank sheet of paper and write 100 times your new belief... So you will create your new habit.

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10.9791.   AR AR

If you feel a harmful desire, humbly refuse it.  Take a deep breath, count to three, and say No to yourself.  Learn to say "No", accept the pain and fear that these" No " generate.

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10.10612.   AR AR

For all the negative talk: "I know", and therefore came prepared.  I have nothing to fear, nothing to be angry about.  I have a clear plan for what I should do.

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10.11229. Ding.   AR AR

If you want to concentrate quickly, repeat several times: Ding, Ding, Ding.  This will attract attention and focus all your feelings, allowing you to focus your attention, to overcome fear, anger or laziness.

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10.11492.   AR AR

Decisions are made not by you, but by your subconscious, so talk yourself into it.  Say to yourself: come on, you can.  Please, let's do this!  Be polite to yourself.

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10.13136. So be it.   AR AR

Self-confidence is a belief in your purpose to fulfill your mission.  "Yes, I can!"- says the man.  Says and does.

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10.17577.   AR AR

As soon as you start to be silenced by doubts and suspicions of yourself in mistakes, you need to repeat like a mantra: "Everything is good, everything is good, everything is good.  I did everything right.  It's all right."

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10.18686. Golden guide.   AR AR

Hope should be protected by humility, so that it is not killed by disappointment and burnout.  Hope is the conduit through which energy flows from love to faith.  Faith is the power of movement.  You will run out of energy, you will fall down without strength.  Tell yourself, I know everything, there is no hope, hope is a lie and an illusion.  Hope is the guiding star that gives me the strength to live.  I will never reach it, but I will faithfully follow it all my life.

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10.20293.   AR AR

Focus on what you need to do now, not how much you need to do.  Say to yourself, " I have to do this now»  and do it.

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10.20310.   AR AR

You need to manage yourself using self-training.  Repeat the necessary commands dozens and hundreds of times and execute them.

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10.20311. Tell yourself.   AR AR

Useful commands for auto-training.  It's okay.  I did everything right.  Don't think about it.  Focus on  Now.  To think about the future or the past is pride.  Don't judge.  Don't create an idol for yourself.  Love your neighbor.  Don't lie.  Don't kill me.  Restrain your hunger.  God is good.  Good  To be.

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10.20345. Meditation of thought.   AR AR

Enlightenment is achieved through meditation  Thoughts.  You should close your eyes and repeat the thought to yourself a thousand times.  For example, the following thought is useful:"I am, and therefore I am the truth."  The truth  perfect and joyful.

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10.21218.   AR AR

Self-confidence comes from the firmness of your desires.  Nothing can shake my determination to achieve my goal, you tell yourself.  The achievability of my goal depends only on me, and I will not give up until I have done everything possible.

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10.21713.   AR AR

I hadn't run for a long time, and it was only when I started running that I felt pain, but the pain was joyous to me.  "It's good for me to get used to the pain,"I thought," it will increase my stamina and give me strength."  In anticipation of future strength, I happily ran forward.

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10.21905.   AR AR

Tell yourself:  "I want it now»... and do it.  Anything is possible now.

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10.21959.   AR AR

You don't have to deny fear, you have to accept it and tell it:  "You're good, you're doing everything right."  If you suddenly become a reality, it will be useful in some ways.

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The beginning of the book

59.   AR AR

People who love loneliness is a myth…
One who considers himself to be the add-on,
probably a schizophrenic with a bifurcation. 
personality; his eternal companion 
never leaves him for a second.,
and the company of other people prevents
talk to yourself.

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7.5.   AR AR

Avoid "hidden contracts", you never know what you have agreed with himself, still no one knows.  Better negotiate in plain text. 

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479.   AR AR

Freedom  of  speech  this  is  an  opportunity  to  tell  oneself  anything  at  all. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



608.   AR AR

Sometimes  one  should  speak  one's  mind,  in  order  to  let  off 
all  the  dirt  from  oneself… 

…  Many  people  don't  get  it,  fill  themselves  with  it,  keep  it 
for  years,  but  the  soul  gets  pickled  -  and  pickled… 
and  as  a  result  -  it's  no  longer  a  soul,  but  ... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


6.87. Nobody can hear you.   AR AR

If you want to talk, talk to the book.  The book is a great conversationalist, but the book doesn't listen to anyone.  Talk to yourself.  But how do you hear yourself?  And even if you talk to another, it seems to him that he is talking to himself, not hearing you at all.

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1591.   AR AR

The  ability  to  say  NO,  the  ability  to  fix  damages,  the  ability  to  leave  the  needless  behind...  is  what  a  successful  person  should  learn  in  the  first  place... 

Let's  train. 
No  …no  …no  …no  …no  …and  no  again. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1779.   AR AR

Loneliness  makes  one  better. 
Loneliness  utterly  burns  everything  unnecessary  out  of  a  person... 
Having  talked  to  oneself,  one  feels  even  more  pain  than  any  sinner  burning  in  hell... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2912. Self delusion.   AR AR

Whimpering  and  despair  may  be  unpleasant  not  only  for  others  but  even  for  the  one  who  shows  them. 

As  he  who  whimpers  to  himself,  is  really  unhappy.  It's  only  nice  things  that  one  should  tell  oneself  as  it  brings  good  mood. 

And  it's  better  to  keep  silent  about  problems... 

Tell  yourself  that  you're  happy  and  you'll  feel  happy. 

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3099. How should I live? - a person may ask...   AR AR

There  are  many  questions  that  do  not  need  to  be  answered. 

There  are  many  questions  that  need  keeping  silent  instead  of  answers.  These  are  rhetorical  questions,  dumb  questions,  thorny  questions…  and  especially  those  questions  that  one  asks  oneself  aloud  in  someone's  presence. 

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3286. Foolish question.   AR AR

Do  not  ask  a  question  if  you  guess  what  the  answer  will  be  and  you  do  not  like  it  in  advance.  A  great  folly  is  to  ask  such  questions,  the  answers  to  which  can  cause  harm  to  the  questioner.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3.373.   AR AR

I've talked to God all my life.  He talked and talked and he didn't talk to me.  It was very disappointing, but I did not give up.  And I still don't give up, and he still won't talk.  You have to talk to yourself, which, in General, is also not bad.

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4.172.   AR AR

Love kills fear, because the conscious desire to sacrifice yourself no longer leaves fears. "I am a sacrifice in the name of love," the man says to himself and with a smile turns to face any fear.

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4.224.   AR AR

When they say that the power of thought can change the form of reality, they mean the Word. This world was created by the word and the word changes it. Absolute faith in the word gives strength to the word. Absolute faith comes from absolute truth, love and beauty.

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4.479.   AR AR

Do you have a problem? You made up all your problems. As you have, forget them... erase them... tell yourself it's all nonsense. Make yourself happy. You're so good at making up problems for yourself. Maybe you can come up with a solution from them?

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4.485. The mantra of empty idols.   AR AR

When you're scolded, say to yourself, "idols don't matter." When you're praised, say to yourself, "idols don't matter." When vanity overcomes you, say to yourself, "idols don't matter." When shame overwhelms you, say to yourself, "idols don't matter." When fear overwhelms you, say to yourself, "idols don't matter."

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4.487.   AR AR

When feelings and thoughts are confused, say to yourself, " nothing matters but the main thing."

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4.786.   AR AR

It is very easy for a strong-willed person to get out of depression, you need to force yourself to keep any movement. You can't stop, you can't let stupid thoughts run through your head. You need to push your negative thoughts out of your head and replace them with new external information. Read, listen to audiobooks, keep a diary, learn a foreign language, learn by heart songs, Proverbs and poems. If you have negative thoughts in your head, replace them with a mantra :" it's all a lie, it's all a lie" or "idols don't matter, idols don't matter" or "I'm doing the right thing, God loves me" or "om, om, om" and so on. 

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4.813. Morning mantra.   AR AR

Everything will be fine. God will save me. I do what I have to do, I do what I have to do. Do what you must and be what you will. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. God, strengthen me in faith, help me overcome all doubts.

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5.315.   AR AR

When you have sinned or want to sin, say to yourself: "Brother, brother, take care of your soul, life is so short, and eternity knows no end."

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5.386.   AR AR

To keep sitting in your head, endlessly spinning hamster wheel, exhausting time and effort, you go to a therapist and vygryz of this squirrel. Tell the therapist, he'll decide.

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