10.15324.   AR AR

Mortgage is useful because it saves a person from the slavery of vices.  In the absence of a mortgage, vices will turn a man into a slave and take away all his time and money.

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10.14606.   AR AR

The meaning of interest on credit is that what is love and truth must grow.  If nothing grows – it is a lie and an illusion.

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10.22206. The electric spirit pierces the darkness.   AR AR

Combining the point of view of religion and physics, we can say that the God who created our universe, it was a quantum fluctuation of the energy field that gave energy to the debt of our universe.  With this money, our universe was built, and then the debt was paid and God went on to create new universes.  In fact, God is a wandering energy field.

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10.22205. How universes are created.   AR AR

Business is essentially a temporary quantum fluctuation.  First, we invent money (or borrow it), then we use it to do business and create material values, and then we pay off debts or destroy the invented money.

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10.17878.   AR AR


The strong, knowing the vices of the weak, likes to lend them money.  The weak, being the slaves of money, will quickly let everything go down to vices, after which they will become the slaves of both vices and the strong.


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10.15329.   AR AR

Mortgage is useful because a person does not have money for vices, which means that there is a lot of free time for work and training.  By devoting time to study and work, a person increases their experience, becomes better and more perfect.  The more perfect a person is, the greater their happiness and income.  Having increased their income over time, a person at an accelerated pace repays their debts.

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6.2602.   AR AR

Credit is won, this time in the loan. Credit can only be taken to someone who needs time, and who knows how to manage this time. For people who do not value their time, loans are dangerous, they will lose them, like everything else their time.

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3.1498.   AR AR

Credit is an act of faith.  Credit is an investment in faith.  The less faith, the greater the percentage.  The greater the faith, the higher the return on investment.

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10.197.   AR AR

Credit is what buys you time.  The meaning of credit is time.  The money this time.

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7.521. Electronic clock.   AR AR

Money is one of the States of time, money is paper time. Time may be in the Cache, or it may be a credit illusion.

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6.908.   AR AR

The divine idea and craft of mortgages and loans for construction and business is that once you take just a few steps towards beauty, then God helps the walking.

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6.499.   AR AR

You can't do business without hope. The basis of business is credit. Hope is love and faith in debt. Love is energy and time. Therefore, hope is money and work on credit for a long time. The more you know about the truth, the stronger your hope and faith.

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The beginning of the book

34.   AR AR

Screaming rent bills.,
yelled the account of the credits,
screaming your expense receipts,
........and then came silence,
........I'm deaf.

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891. The sins of a modern human being:   AR AR

The  loans  and  credit  cards. 
Inability  or  absence  of  desire  to  learn. 
Buying  of  non  unique  or  needless  things. 
Complaints  and  dissatisfaction. 
Minding  other's  business. 
Living  for  pleasures. 
Living  for  things. 

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913.   AR AR

We can assume that the crisis of overproduction have learned to successfully fight through the introduction of paper money, the lending system, the system of zeroing debts (money, in fact, no, it is only virtual electronic information).

It would seem that all these tricks were to deceive nature and defeat the crisis. But, alas, nature can not be deceived, crises in nature exist not just so, but to prevent some even more dangerous phenomena. Crisis is a kind of immune response of the body to the virus that got into it. The task of the immune system is to prevent the virus from developing and destroying the body.

A set of measures taken as methods to combat the crisis of overproduction through increased demand and liquidity, leads to the fact that big business begins to grow endlessly and increase in size, like a cancer, destroying society, the state, small and medium-sized businesses, destroying ordinary people... The rich are fabulously rich and become titans, the poor live for bread and circuses... And the Gulf between them becomes bottomless.

It would seem, so what? It always has been, and probably always will be... New in this case is an attempt to artificially suppress the immune protection of society and to build up a natural crisis of overproduction... It is, in fact, an attempt to build a dam into the heavens. The reservoir is filling up, the pressure on the walls is increasing. Sooner or later, the system will collapse and a new flood will begin...

An ordinary crisis acts as an emergency drain: by removing minor crises, we have done a terrible thing... We've shut down the society's immune system. In fact, in the economy, the fight against the crisis of overproduction has led to the possibility of unlimited growth of corporations, to the possibility of endless enrichment and growth of the elite.

Question ... How many dinosaurs can the earth feed, how much they eat and poop, how quickly they multiply and multiply... And finally, when the dam bursts, how much water behind it will have time to accumulate?

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1908.   AR AR

Sometime  they  demand  a  debt  that  is  too  heavy  for  you. 
And  this  heavy  debt  disturbs  you  and  ruins  your  plans... 

What  can  you  do?  -  You  should  declare  bankrupt  and  give  them  everything  you  have 
to  pay  back  what  you  should.  Being  left  "broke",  you  should  repent  and  make  a  fresh  start.  You  should  return  to  zero.  Now  you're  a  zero  and  you  don't  have  anything. 

But  you  may  grow  again...  You  were  given  a  new  life.  Be  happy! 

Sometimes  your  bankruptcy  is  not  enough  for  creditors.  And  they  want  to  interfere  with  your  freedom.  If  freedom  is  considered  to  be  priceless,  than  their  demands  are  unfair.  Later,  you'll  be  free  in  your  actions  and  everything  will  be  in  your  hands... 

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2275. How to save up money.   AR AR

The  first  reason  why  it  may  be  difficult  to  save  up  is  that  the  nature  of  money  doesn't  like  it  being  saved  up.  Money  is  like  raw  material,  a  pure  energy  that  wants  to  turn  into  something  more  valuable.  That's  why  when  an  unwealthy  person  tries  to  save  up,  a  thousand  reasons  to  waste  money  appear  out  of  the  blue.  And  these  reasons  are  not  temptations  but  rather  sensible  and  important  ways  of  spending  money.  As  if  these  sensible  reasons…  feel  the  smell  of  money. 
That's  why  as  a  rule,  most  people  fail  to  save  up. 

Ways  of  struggling  with  the  inability  to  save  up: 

It's  necessary  to  find  the  way  to  make  it  impossible  to  spend  money  that  is  meant  to  be  saved  up.  For  example,  one  may  hide  them  in  some  inaccessible  place  so  that  getting  them  would  be  really  difficult.  It's  possible  to  deposit  money  in  a  bank  or  bury  it  in  the  ground...  But  the  main  thing  about  it!!!  It's  very  important  to  save  up  as  soon  as  you  get  your  salary  or  income.  As  there  is  no  possibility  that  you  will  "have  some  money  remained  by  the  end  of  the  month".  "The  excess  of  money"  doesn't  exist  in  nature. 

Money  likes  being  kept  secret.  Not  a  living  soul  should  nose  out  this  secret  about  money.  So  you  should  nurture  humbleness  and  modesty  in  your  nature. 

Don't  save  money  against  a  rainy  day  (or  every  day  will  seem  to  be  such)  but  for  particular  constructive  goals  connected  with  attaining  or  creating  beauty  and  perfection. 

Money  likes  being  invested  in  processes  of  creating  something:  construction,  education,  art,  children,  new  useful  things,  interesting  business  projects  –  all  of  the  mentioned  goals  like  to  be  invested  into.  The  more  you  invest  into  projects  of  this  kind,  the  more  money  you  will  get.  But  remember-  USE,  NOVELTY,  PERFECTION.  The  world  doesn't  need  clowns  and  garbage  as  well  as  anything  useless  and  meaningless. 

In  order  not  to  pay  attention  to  new  reasons  to  waste  money  and  not  to  make  impulse  purchases,  you  should  know  for  sure  what  you  need  money  for.  Plan  how  to  spend  money  according  to  the  3rd  item.  And  if  you  don't  plan  spending  properly,  you'll  get  a  thicket  of  problems.  Your  relatives  will  be  constantly  ill  and  in  need  of  money  for  medication,  and  everything  will  get  broken  and  need  fixing  and  you  will  get  ill  too...  Hence,  aimlessly  kept  money  is  a  magnet  for  problems.  Thus,  after  earning  money  it's  necessary  to  plan  its  spending.  Free  money  will  simply  burn  your  hands. 

It's  possible  to  save  up  when  you  earn  money  faster  than  you  spend  it.  When  you're  fully  plunged  into  your  goals  or  work,  you  simply  don't  get  time  to  spend  money.  You  don't  get  disturbed  by  friends  or  relatives  who  ask  for  financial  help  and  you  don't  get  theoretically  dangerous  threats  for  money  like  buying  apartments  or  cars... 

A  human  being  is  a  tool  for  transforming  money  into  something  that  possesses  beauty,  perfection  or  use.  The  more  beautiful  and  energy  consuming  (demanding  a  lot  of  money)  goals  a  person  fulfils,  the  more  money  this  person  gets.  Saving  up  will  be  possible  only  after  fulfiling  some  big  goal  or  project  and  selling  it.  This  way  it  creates  new  sum  of  money  that  will  be  possibly  used  for  other  bigger  projects. 

Money  possesses  mass  and  its  own  gravitation.  Money  is  attracted  to  money.  Money  dislikes  loneliness.  That's  why  it  tries  to  sneak  out  from  those  cold  in  hand  and  go  to  those  with  pocketful  of  money.  The  methods  described  above  will  help  you  save  up  some  sum  of  money.  And  this  sum  will  have  its  gravitation  and  will  keep  your  money  around  you. 
8.  Money  dislikes  being  used  for  making  payments  towards  a  loan.  Because  money  likes  when  you  create  a  particular  thing.  And  loans  are  about  already  existing  things  that  are  not  worth  spending  time  and  money  on.  On  the  other  hand,  loans  and  payments  by  instalments  work  well  when  something  is  being  constructed  or  created.  For  example,  when  you  take  on  a  loan  to  build  something  or  to  pay  those  who  build  it,  or  when  you  start  some  business.  Hence,  it  takes  some  progress  payment. 

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2311.   AR AR

Nothing  discredits  philosophy  more  than  seeing  it  as  a  set  of  abstact  farfetched  verities. 

Modern  education  turned  philosophy  into  a  set  of  dogmas  that  vary  in  levels  of  relevance  or  veracity  and  get  thickly  covered  with  the  sauce  of  facts  and  references. 

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3358. A promise is a kind of credit.   AR AR

One man, a promise was made…
He made a promise, as if he borrowed it himself…
Now debts must be repaid,
Gave who the debt must suffer…

The promise is the same as to borrow. You promise, and a person pays you with gratitude, transfers part of his energy, opens a credit of trust. Accordingly, not fulfilling promises is not to give back. Do not close the energy exchange channel. This state of Affairs causes a lot of trouble and problems to the debtor. Promised - did. You were trusted, and you didn't give credit. You are a bad and dishonest man. No one else would want to do business with such a man. And you yourself will be hurt and ashamed. Moreover, the debtor still has a debt pit and the prison. Debtors are beaten with whips and rods. Debtors sling showered with tar and feathers. Do you think it's unfair? – Why did you borrow it?"

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3.487.   AR AR

Say  what  you  need  work  for,  don’t  be  shy.  The  more  loans  and  children  you  have,  the  better.  That  means  you’ll  stick  to  your  job.

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3616. Good credit history   AR AR

Our God is a moneylender, he gives only to those who can return, and at high interest. And with those who poorly pays debts, usually talks the Devil.

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3723.   AR AR

Everything  the  devil  may  give  to  a  person  is  just  like  lending  money  at  usury.  All  freebies,  gifts  and  other  handout  will  finally  turn  out  to  cost  too  much. 

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4305.   AR AR

Any  pleasure  should  be  paid  for, 
and  free  pleasures  are  nothing  but  a  superhigh-interest  loan 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



4.696. Honest junkie.   AR AR

Debts cause a triple dependency with joy. First of all, you took the money and bought something with it, it's a joy. Second of all, you've earned money to pay off, and that's a joy. Thirdly, you gave the debt, and the mountain was lifted from his shoulders... It's joyful. You're an honest man, you paid the price, you can be proud of yourself. Now you are ready to take money even just to spend it on nonsense, again to pay the debt and feel like an honest man.

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6.496. Credit of hope.   AR AR

The most profitable credit is the credit of hope. Trusting grain, you can get the maximum profit.

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9.196.   AR AR

If  you  want  or  take  something  from  some  person,  for  instance  money,  you  should  put  up  with  the  fact  that  this  person  may  seem  angry  to  you  as  you  suck  his  or  her  blood  and  it  hurts.  This  is  particularly  so  with  spouses,  bosses,  parents  and  creditors.

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3.1402.   AR AR

Love   is   energy   on   credit   because   love   engenders   faith   and   hope   for   the   future.

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4.1591.   AR AR

Debtor and creditor are two basic meanings of human life. Those who are smarter become creditors and are always waiting to be paid off. Those that are smart, debtors, forever someone something due.

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4.1593.   AR AR

Playing debtor or creditor is a great cure for depression.

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4.1771. Not sure means you're afraid.   AR AR

Debtor and creditor are two basic meanings of human life. Some take, others give. Accordingly, one needs all and they have nothing, and others all have them still coming, so they can give more and more. If you want wealth, give it more.

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5.2054.   AR AR

Trust is when you give more than you get... or got more than he gave... But all this is not just so, but as a guarantee of future mutually beneficial cooperation.

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5.3711.   AR AR

People remind me of pathetic and ridiculous ants. Turned square meters of real estate in the meaning of his life. Pray for dust. Live to 30 years to pay the mortgage and get your own concrete vault, and then rot in suffering and the diseases of old age.

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