9.5649.   AR AR

Some   sheep   is   not   a   sheep   at   all,   but   a   wolf   in   sheep’s   clothing.   And   you,   like   a   fool,   make   fun   of   him,   come   closer,   put   your   hand   in   his   mouth…   and   then   «One!»   and   there   is   no   hand,   and   then   «Two!»   and   you’re   already   eaten…

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9.6533. Injustice.   AR AR

A wolf can wear sheep's skin, but a sheep can't wear wolf's skin.

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10.7324. Wolf in sheep's clothing.   AR AR

What looks and barks like a dog is a dog.  And even if it's not a dog, it doesn't really matter as long as it behaves like a dog and does what a dog should do.

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10.8428. Wolf in sheep's clothing.   AR AR

Are you afraid that you will be considered a fool?  You're a fool, aren't you?  For a wolf, the situation when it is considered a RAM is very useful, safe and profitable.  Only a RAM wants to be a wolf.  A wolf must disguise itself as a RAM.

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10.11715.   AR AR

Don't be jealous.  The wolf, who was wearing the skin of a RAM, strangled himself from habit.  Someone else's cross, someone else's shoes, only a fool dreams of someone else's.

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10.15225. The Law Of God.   AR AR

The laws of nature give rise to rights, but not duties.  A wolf has the right to eat a hare.  The hare has the right to escape.  Everything is in our hands.

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10.16962.   AR AR


When all the wolves were shot in Yellowstone Park, it led to a monstrous degradation of the entire ecosystem.  As usually wanted as better, called wolves evil, and in a result received catastrophe.  


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10.19178. The wolf will help you.   AR AR

Wolves and sheep are a symbiotic system, the essence of which is the separation of grain from chaff.  A black sheep spoils the whole herd.

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10.20901.   AR AR

Shepherds, dogs, wolves and sheep are a symbiotic system.  The shepherds need wolves so that the sheep are afraid of the wolves and seek salvation from the shepherds.  Dogs this is a situation when a shepherd, having loved his enemy, turned a couple of wolves into his friends, and now they protect him from other wolves, and help manage the sheep.  In principle, the rams are also all profitable, having reconciled with their enemy, they, taking advantage of his predatory greed and insatiability, have become one of the successful biological species.  The shepherd is a dominant predator, which, by protecting its food from other predators, will allow the sheep to occupy a solid ecological niche.

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10.20911.   AR AR

Love your enemy as the shepherd loved the wolf and turned it into a dog.  Now the dogs help the shepherd to protect himself from other wolves and hunt for food.

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10.21117.   AR AR

The difference between a shepherd and a wolf is that the shepherd is reserved, patient, and reasonable, while the wolf is greedy, impatient, and ignorant.  A shepherd is a wolf in sheep's clothing who loves his enemy.

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The beginning of the book

9.91.   AR AR

Democracy is the power of sheep under the strict control of shepherds-wolves in sheep's skins.

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2593.   AR AR

The  wolves  living  among  sheep  should  wear  sheep's  clothing  in  order  not  to  scare  people. 

The  question  is:  why  do  wolves  have  to  live  among  sheep? 
The  answer  is:  Because  it's  warm  and  comfortable  among  sheep. 

And  sheep  are  nice  for  food  and  everything  that  wolves  need  to  feel  happy. 

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2594. Choose the best.   AR AR

In  a  herd  of  sheep,  all  senior  and  responsible  positions  are  usually  occupied  by  wolves  in  sheep's  clothing.  This  is  due  to  the  fact  that  there`s  competitive  selection  for  the  positions,  the  best  are  selected  and  the  wolves  are  smarter  and  stronger  than  rams  anyways.

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2595.   AR AR

A  sheep  is  a  universal  meal  for  a  wolf  in  sheep's  clothing. 

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2597. A fashionable trend.   AR AR

Sheep's  clothing  is  a  very  fashionable  trend  nowadays.  It's  wolves,  foxes,  lions,  jackals,  hyenas  and  dogs  who  wear  it.  But  what's  really  surprising  is  that  even  snakes  try  to  put  it  on. 

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2604. The sheep leader.   AR AR

Let's  suppose  that  a  wolf  wearing  a  sheep's  clothing  and  being  the  sheep  leader  is  an  example  of  the  useful  parasite.  Expenses  for  this  wolf's  keep  among  hundreds  of  sheep  are  not  heavy.  Besides,  such  a  leader  is  really  clever  and  strong.  Thus,  this  leader  earns  his  keep  by  his  own  sagacity.  And  now  imagine  a  purebred  sheep  as  the  leader.  A  potential  king  of  sheep  who  could  have  been  given  power,  would  have  become  the  embodiment  of  weakness  and  heavy  mind.  And  his  ruling  would  simply  destroy  the  civilization  of  sheep.  And  destruction  would  come  upon  the  places  where  gardens  and  meadows  formerly  blossomed.  That's  why  the  wisest  sheep  once  decided  that  a  wolf  ruling  a  herd  would  bring  more  use.  As  it's  better  for  wolves  when  sheep  live  well  and  breed.  Thus,  being  ruled  by  wolves,  sheep  became  the  dominant  species  on  the  planet  and  bred  like  rabbits. 

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3126.   AR AR

Sheep  without  a  shepard  dissipate  and  become  an  easy  target  for  carnivores.

A  wolf  can  hunt  alone  but  those  who  hunt  by  pack  have  a  more  plentiful  dinner.  Lonely  wolf  eats  berries  and  hares,  while  pack  has  some  deer  for  dinner.

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3.388.   AR AR

Variothoughts   are   a   forest   and   trees.   Sequoias,   pines,   bushes   and   mushrooms.   –   Is   there   the   Red   Riding   Hood   too?   –   He   who   goes   into   the   woods   should   not   be   afraid   of   wolves.

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3438. Unconsoling - consoling conclusion.   AR AR

When  I  learned  the  truth  and  gained  wisdom,  the  sin  of  pride  got  into  my  soul.  The  Devil  came  to  me  and  asked  whether  I  wanted  to  share  my  wisdom  with  people.  He  told  me:  «People  need  wisdom  and  truth,  so  share  them!»  And  overjoyed,  I  thought  it  was  God  who  talked  to  me.  But  the  more  I  learned  the  truth  the  more  I  realized  that  most  people  don't  need  any  wisdom  or  truth.  But  they  need  joyful  consolation  full  of  stupidity.  What's  the  use  of  getting  to  know  the  truth  when  nothing  can  be  changed?  Useless  truth  brings  excruciating  pain.  What's  the  use  for  a  "sheep"  to  know  that  he  lives  in  a  herd  that  will  later  be  slaughtered  for  meat  or  that  his  idols  are  "wolves  in  sheep's  clothing"  who  can't  wait  to  shear  him  or  even  kill...  And  even  the  owner  of  the  herd,  a  great  shepherd  himself,  is  a  very  untrustworthy  character. 

My  heart  is  crying.  I  did  some  useless  work.  And  I  wasted  time  and  energy  on  something  useless.  And  this  is  the  sin  that  I  will  burn  in  hell  for. 

P.S.  Well,  ok  let's  not  paint  the  devil  blacker  than  he  is.  No  one  feeds  sheep  for  meat  and  slaughter.  Only  for  shearing  them.  But  they  feed  and  take  care  of  sheep  for  that.  Thus,  their  life  is  livable. 

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3458. A stray sheep will be eaten by a wolf.   AR AR

The  propaganda  of  individualism  and  egoism  is  really  profitable  for  some  people.  And  it's  not  even  about  a  stray  sheep.  First  of  all,  they  are  scared  of  young  wolves  packing  together.  And  taking  into  account  the  competition,  even  beavers  who  huddle  together  for  building  a  dam  can  cause  some  particular  beings'  resentment. 

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4213. About self-organization of the herbivorous.   AR AR

A  well-organized  group  of  sheep  may  not  be  scared  of  any  wolves. 

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4.356.   AR AR

You could say a dog is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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6.146.   AR AR

The wolf's desire to steal the moon is ridiculous. The crocodile that stole the sun was also clearly stupid. So why do you seek to possess what you love?

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6.319.   AR AR

The most dangerous wolf is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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6.582.   AR AR

Afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go, but then where's little red riding hood meet the wolf?

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7.580.   AR AR

The wolves really need sheep, if the wolves don't eat sheep, will die from hunger and the wolves and the sheep.

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9.910.   AR AR

Symptoms  and  pain  are  alarming  signals  showing  that  there  is  an  ENEMY  in  the  organism  and  that  a  policeman  –  a  DOCTOR  –  should  urgently  be  called,  until  the  wolf  who`s  got  into  the  coop  eats  all  the  hens. 

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3.1056. Turkeys don't fly.   AR AR

Decision-making requires knowledge of the real world.  You may think that a sheep is a kind and affectionate animal that can be sheared, but in fact before you wolf in sheep's clothing, which is now going to eat you.  Of course, a clever man can easily recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing, but you're blind.  You have been blinded by ignorance, greed, and the mass of your other sins and vices.

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3.1502.   AR AR

The Golden fleece is a sign of intelligence and intelligence.  The Golden fleece is a metaphor for solving the paradox when both sheep are whole and wolves are full.

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4.1565.   AR AR

Democracy is populism, but ... but democracy is also cunning and intelligence. Sly puppeteers manipulate pigs and wolves so successful that the wolves are sated and the sheep intact.

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