10.19686. Hope for happiness.   AR AR

The search for truth should begin with the hope of happiness.  Truth is joyous, truth is love.  Lies create fear, fear is hunger and all our suffering.  How to get rid of suffering?  Find the truth!  The lack of knowledge of the truth is ignorance, so the way to happiness is through knowing and denying lies.  The liar sees everything through the paradigm of lies and therefore suffers.  To know the truth, you must repent, that is, change your mind so that you can prove to yourself that a lie is true.

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10.19691. A source of infinite joy.   AR AR

Truth is joy.  The meaning of understanding the truth is finding joy.  Every day new truths are revealed to me, and this gives me a sense of delight and joy.  The knowledge of truth is inexhaustible, for truth comes from the denial of falsehood, and falsehood is that to which there is no limit.

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10.19781.   AR AR

Lies don't exist.  You take any lie and, knowing it, turn it into the truth.  This is the meaning of knowing the truth through the denial of lies.

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10.19857.   AR AR

The very process of attaining truth and perfection is joyous. 

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10.19891.   AR AR

Truth is a super-powerful weapon and a predator that nothing can resist.  It is impossible to harm the truth.  Truth does not burn in fire and does not sink in water.

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10.20149. Criteria for truth.   AR AR

The search for truth is a search for power, joy, beauty, happiness, and usefulness.

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10.20592.   AR AR


Reason is a knowing and curious entity. An animal entity is an entity seeking pleasure ... What do animals do? They eat, relax, breed, build their minks and nests. What does a reasonable person do? Cognizes the world and seeks the truth.


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10.20745.   AR AR

The principle of negation of negation allows us to infinitely increase the strength of the initial basis.  Taking the basis as one, we first negate it, and then, by negating the negation, we create zero.  By combining one and zero, we create ten.  However, one can be endlessly denied.  The search for truth takes place by denying lies.  By taking a reference basic entity and endlessly negating it, we can easily create a universe from a point.

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10.20774.   AR AR

The principle of negation of negation proves that there is no lie, everything is truth.

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10.20775. Multiplication of truth.   AR AR

The search for truth through the denial of lies is, in fact, the realization of the dialectical principle of negation of negation.  By denying a lie, you get a power function of truth.  There are infinitely many lies.  By endlessly denying a lie, you will receive an infinite source of energy, strength, and joy.

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10.20837.   AR AR

Lies are very afraid of paradoxes, and truth is not afraid of anything.  Moreover, truth is a paradox.

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10.20898.   AR AR

They say that everything is true, only from different sides and facets.

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10.20905. The Trinity of truth service.   AR AR

It is necessary not only to search for and learn the truth, but also to organize it, as well as to create new truths.  In essence, it is a process of extracting and producing truth.  Search, cleaning, sorting, ordering, creating a new finished product from a semi-finished product, packaging and selling.

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10.20906.   AR AR

You should not just search for truth, but also produce truth.  Truth is a commodity, it's like ore.  It needs to be extracted, cleaned, sorted, processed and, creating new finished products from it, sold to other people.

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10.20954.   AR AR

They say, fear the one who has found the truth.  Why?  I looked around and saw lights everywhere.  Everything is light, even me.  But I tell you, fear those who find lies.  But I say to you, rejoice in those who have found the lie, for now we will turn darkness into light.  But I say day follows night, and night follows day, and that is the truth.

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10.21243. Love of truth.   AR AR

The meaning of human life is to overcome infinite loneliness and find infinite love.

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10.21480. Insight of the mind.   AR AR

Genius is the ability to see the truth.  Truth is beauty, integrity, order, and joy.  The truth is an endless joy.  A genius can feel this joy in everything or where others can't see it.

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10.21491.   AR AR

The search for truth is cooler than sex and drugs.  Debauchery drains our strength, and truth is a source of infinite strength and joy.

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10.21546.   AR AR

Repentance is when all words are reversed, but this is only the first stage of repentance.  In the second stage, you need to realize that everything is true and achieve simultaneity of thinking.

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10.21702. Quest.   AR AR

Truth is a mosaic.  Truth is extended in time.  To understand the truth, you must go slowly along the path of truth, slowly picking it up piece by piece and putting it together.  Truth is a time-distributed entity.  Hope is a complete vision of this mosaic.  The act of faith is moving from puzzle to puzzle.

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10.21736. Integrity.   AR AR

Truth is strong, joyful, and useful.  The search for truth is a search for utility, strength, and joy.

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10.21811.   AR AR

It is impossible to know the truth, for the truth is infinite non-existence.  But it is possible to know a lie, a lie is limited to the real world and therefore quite knowable.  Another question is that lies are constantly growing, filled with information from the infinite non-existence of truth.

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10.21947. Restrain your greed.   AR AR

Truth (perfection, love and beauty)  inexhaustible if you draw them with restraint.  You drive more quietly, you'll go further.  At low speed, perfection is an inexhaustible source of energy that feeds the perpetual motion machine.  However, greedy pride can empty everything around it and the source will perish.

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The beginning of the book

6.3.   AR AR

Start by realizing the obvious, or you'll be building a house on sand.

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6.4.   AR AR

The metaphor of the house on the sand is a metaphor of misunderstanding obvious and banal things.  No matter how good your house is, if the Foundation of it is a lie , it will destroy it.

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3.54.   AR AR

When   seeking   gold,   money   or   other   things   useful   for   the   household,   seek   not   them   but   what   comes   with   them.   To   find   truth,   you   should   find   a   specific   lie   that   likes   being   near   it.

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3.59.   AR AR

Lie is a shadow of truth, to find gold, you should look for its accompanying minerals and circumstances.

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5.54. Theatre of truth.   AR AR

The comprehension of truth through revelation and illumination of darkness is good because such a bright and pleasant event strongly sinks into the memory and is not forgotten.  Truth, grasped casually and without theatrical effects, seem to be dreadfully commonplace, something to love, to trust and to remember them is not desirable. 

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5.55. God is truth.   AR AR

To understand the truth can only one who loves it, otherwise it will seem banal and not interesting.  So I tell you that God is love, and I am filled with divine delight, and you look at me like a RAM on a new gate, and you think that the RAM is me... 

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5.84.   AR AR

Politics reminds me of the extension of the tail of the dog.  There is a puppeteer whose job it is to make a show and take the attention of the viewer, and there are a number of actors.  Actors saying emotional dialogues, swearing and declarations of love, ...the task is simple – to keep the attention of viewers.

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6.41.   AR AR

If you're in doubt about something, break it down into the simplest things that are not in doubt.  So you will know the truth and the faith.

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658. [In brevi]   AR AR

The  verity  is  not  found  in  an  argument,  while  arguing 
they  only  discuss  the  circumstances  that  go  with  verity. 

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6.61.   AR AR

The truth does not require proof, because it is so simple and obvious that there is no doubt.

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1379.   AR AR

It's  not  alright  when  trouble  comes  after  trouble, 
but  it's  not  a  trivial  fortune  that's  the  essense  of  struggle, 
                         but  rather  a  matter  of  an  absolute  faith… 

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1673.   AR AR

Offering  useless  and  silly  advice  is  a  sin.  To  be  helpful  and  nice  any  advice  should  be: 
-        Clear  and  easy  to  understand. 
-        Simple  rather  than  complicated  or  vague. 
-        Burning.  As  it  should  be  something  currently  urgent  and  not  important  for  the  future  or  the  past.  And  generally  many  people  like  to  offer  advice  concerning  the  past  without  realizing  that  it  is  no  longer  important  and  simply  a  waste  of  time. 
-        The  one  with  potential  for  use.  Situations  and  circumstances  should  let  one  use  a  particular  advice.  The  abstract  "could  haves  and  should  haves"  is  silly. 
-        The  one  which  implementation  period  is  specific  and  rational. 
-        The  one  using  which  a  person  who  once  needed  advice  would  arrive  at  the  necessary  goal.  It's  a  very  important  moment.  Many  people  like  to  offer  such  advice  that  may  provide  substitute  for  one's  goal  and  have  nothing  to  do  with  what  one  really  wants. 
-        The  one  using  which  won't  be  fraught  with  danger,  risking  money  or  deprivation  of  freedom  due  to  breaking  the  law  as  well  as  any  threat  of  injuries. 
Not  offering  wise  and  helpful  advice  is  a  sin  just  as  heavy  as  offering  bad  advice. 

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2248.   AR AR

The  majority  of  good  and  new  thoughts  appear  simply  due  to  someones's  digagreement  with  someone  else.  As  soon  as  someone  says  something  meaningless,  there  is  always  another  person  who  changes  a  meaningless  thought  into  a  brilliant  of  wisdom... 

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2304. A trivial reason.   AR AR

The  existence  of  freedom  in  human  society  is  impossible. 

The  reason  is  very  trivial: 
People  are  too  Strong.  People  are  too  Smart. 
People  are  too  Weak.  People  are  too  Stupid. 

Freedom  sets  strong  smart  predators  free  as  well  as  silly  weak  hares. 
These  hares  won't  be  able  to  escape  predators  and  will  soon  be  eaten. 
When  all  hares  disappear,  predators  will  die  of  hunger  too. 

An  attentive  reader  may  ask:  what  about  the  balance  in  wildlife  where  hares  and  predators  manage  to  survive? 
-  The  matter  is  that  animal  power  is  limited  while  human  power  is  not.  What's  more,  animal  weakness  is  limited  too  and  human  weakness  is  not. 

Of  course,  if  humans  didn't  go  to  extremes  that  often,  everything  would  be  different.  But  we  are  who  we  are. 

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2328. A time-tested verity.   AR AR

I  used  to  hear  about  it  a  hundred  times.  But  it's  only  today  and  only  after  having  faced  it  personally  that  I  realize  what  it  is  about... 
It's  strange  that  I  used  to  misunderstand  it...  But  now  when  I  touch  it  with  my  own  hands  and  feel  its  reality-  everything  seems  so  clear... 

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2496. The joy of a predator.   AR AR

The  best  praise  is  when  you  praise  yourself.  This  very  self-pleasure  that  tells  you  -  Yes,  you  managed  to  do  it,  You  did  it,  You  won  over  yourself,  You  got  a  nice  bag,  Today  is  your  day. 

It's  silly  to  accept  the  reaction  of  others  in  this  situation.  As  these  people  may  have  strange  motives  and  may  know  nothing  about  the  object  of  the  hunt.  Or  they  may  be  in  the  wrong  mood  and  don't  care  about  you.  People  are  full  of  envy,  vanity,  anger,  greed-  so  does  it  really  matter  what  they  may  think? 

A  predator  praises  himself  for  his  bag  on  his  own  and  it's  only  sheep  who  wait  what  the  herd  may  bleat. 

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2621.   AR AR

The  idea  that  each  one  should  have  one's  own  point  of  view  to  be  respected,  seems  to  be  disputable.  It  seems  to  me  that  first  of  all,  there  will  never  be  such  a  great  amount  of  different  unique  points  of  view.  Secondly,  there's  just  one  truth  even  though  the  circumstances  differ.  But  however,  if  we  considered  the  notion  of  a  "point  of  view"  as  a  perspective  or  a  spatial  attitude,  then  certainly  everyone  would  have  one's  own  point  of  view.  But  it  would  be  so  silly. 

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2888. The bottomlessness of the simple.   AR AR

The  simplest  truths  are  the  most  difficult  for  understanding. 

The  essence  of  simplicity  is  not  in  its  form  but  in  its  content. 
The  form  of  simplicity  is  simple  while  its  content  is  bottomless. 

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3302. A matter of survival.   AR AR

Diversity  is  a  matter  of  survival.  Something  big  and  lonely  is  vulnerable  to  any  attack.  There's  not  a  single  lock  that  can't  be  broken.  Thus,  any  system,  no  matter  how  strong,  can  be  destroyed.  But  it's  impossible  to  destroy  a  thousand  systems  as  it  takes  a  lot  of  time.  All  systems  are  different,  with  different  resilience.  While  a  virus  works  its  way  up  to  a  particular  system  or  a  dozen  ones,  another  hundred  of  them  may  notice  and  destroy  it.  They  may  even  adapt  to  it  and  find  a  way  to  survive. 

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3.416. Humility is calm.   AR AR

Are you being prevented from doing your job?  Prevent to know the truth, to find drawings, to reach critical mass and to explode?  Oh, you're my silly little bomb, I'm so sorry for you. 

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