On men. Feminine psychology.






8.575.     AR AR

It's  better  for  a  man  not  to  know  what  a  woman  may  think  about.  Just  not  to  know.  What  you  don't  know  can't  hurt  you.

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3.259.     AR AR

A man should behave with a woman honestly and courageously, otherwise, she will fall into fear of uncertainty and turn into a witch.  Lies and uncertainty create fear in women.

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1894.     AR AR

Women  commit  considerably  fewer  crimes  than  men  do. 
And  it  certainly  makes  them  more  morally  upstanding. 
What  makes  them  amoral  is  the  fact  that  the  reasons  of  most  male  crimes  are  usually  women. 

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3.261. Sad woman.     AR AR

The man is very dangerous to lie to a woman, for faith is love, losing faith, the woman turns into the devil.

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4239.     AR AR

A  woman  is  the  main  engine  for  evolution... 
It's  their  task  to  choose  best  men  for  propagation,  namely  the  ones  who  possess  novelty  and  perfection.  She  who  chooses  the  right  man  as  the  father  for  her  children,  will  be  loved  by  destiny. 

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1588.     AR AR

Forgive  women  their  little  sins.  At  least  15  days  per  month  they  are  ruled  by  hormones.  And  hormones  are  an  awful  thing.  It  means  irritation,  conflicts,  mood  swings,  getting  offended  and  crying  etc. 
But  other  15  days  it  means  being  another  person-  a  kind,  soft  and  happy  one. 

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9.4024. A whole.     AR AR

The  point  of  the  metaphor  of  God’s  creation  of  Eve  from  Adam’s  rib  is  that  the  husband  should  love  his  wife  as  he  loves  himself  and  that  she  is  the  closest  person  to  him.  The  wife  is  the  one  next  to  the  heart.

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2023.   AR AR

Neither  a  man  nor  a  woman  who  should  set  a  high  value  on  promises  and  vows  given  by  a  woman.  It's  all  because  a  woman  is  responsible  not  only  for  herself  but  also  for  her  children  and  children  are  a  sacred  thing.  And  no  vows  should  influence  their  comfort.  That's  why  a  person  who  demands  silly  promises  from  a  woman,  commits  a  sin  and  will  be  punished  for  it.

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8.1306.1.     AR AR

A  woman  needs  a  man  who  would  be  able  to  make  her  fears  disappear. 

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10.6957. Love me black.     AR AR

Call a woman a vile monster... she will be outraged at first, and then she will even be pleased.  A woman likes to be a monster.  A man is one who is monstrous on the outside, a woman is one who is monstrous on the inside.

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2800. A demon and his witch.     AR AR

A  woman  should  be  a  bit  like  a  witch.  She  should  find  her  Fiend  and  ride  him.  Don't  worry  as  all  women  can  do  it...  And  so  do  you. 

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10.6955.     AR AR

Women divide themselves into cats and chickens.  Women are flattered when they are called cats.  Women are flattered when they are considered evil, vile monsters.

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4315. The source of pain.     AR AR

A  strong  independent  woman  refuses  to  recognize  any  authority  and  control  over  her.  But  it's  very  difficult  to  find  a  stronger  man  who  could  be  able  to  tame  her.  Loneliness  makes  this  woman  unhappy.  Strength  brings  pain.  Strength  is  the  source  of  pain. 

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10.6970. Taming a wild Mare.     AR AR

Don't be afraid to tease a woman, of course, she will be angry and throw herself at you, but if you defeat her, she will automatically fall in love with you.

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10.5529.     AR AR

To bow before women and children is not necessary, it is enough just to love them.

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4.853.     AR AR

They say Venus is a symbol of women, if so, then you can easily understand what kind of hell is going on in women's souls: methane atmosphere, acid rain.

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9.3841. In the beginning everybody was propagating by germination.     AR AR

Who   was   the   first   -   man   or   woman?   Egg   or   hen?  

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5.105.     AR AR

The Princess and the sex of the Kingdom in addition is a symbol of love.  A man who has found his love will find his Kingdom.

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5.611.     AR AR

A woman is looking for a man who could help her escape from herself.

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5.732.     AR AR

The maternal instinct makes a woman automatically love everything beautiful, growing and fruitful.

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6.197.     AR AR

To meet and start a relationship with a girl, you should think about what kind of man she wants and let her know that you are... Think of the feminine male ideal, and become it.

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6.305. Hero feat.     AR AR

A woman's " No "is a" Yes " for the reason that women often tell a man the opposite of what they want to provoke in him the desire to prove the opposite. Women are afraid of their desires and are looking for a hero who can overcome their fears. Or they just know that men all like to do the opposite.

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7.270.     AR AR

Muse this is the woman who inspires his admiration of the hero of the exploits.

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7.271.     AR AR

Too clever women are poorly suited to the role of the Muse, because it is seriously something to admire, and consequently to encourage they do not know.

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7.653. Is it me, or have you lost weight?     AR AR

If you do not know what to say to a woman, with surprise note how she lost weight and looks great.

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7.678. An intelligent woman.     AR AR

The  greatest  compliment  to  a  woman  is  praising  her  intelligence.

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7.885. Source of faith.     AR AR

The weakness of women in uncertainty, so they are very fond of confident men who can and know what they want. A woman needs a man who can compensate for a woman's insecurities.

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7.896. Mutually beneficial people.     AR AR

A man needs a woman to admire him and thus inspire him. A man is useful to a woman in that he allows her to overcome her fears and insecurities, which gives peace and inspires happiness.

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7.960.     AR AR

A woman draws energy from nature, a man-from a woman... Therefore, the better you organize the rest of your woman, the more it will bring you income.

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The beginning of the book

94.     AR AR

A  woman  will  be  very  grateful  for  everything  you 
do  for  her... 
But  once  you  refuse  to  do  something  for  her... 
the  first  thousand  grateful  moments  will  soon  be  forgotten. 

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127.   AR AR

Men  are  scared  of  smart  women.  The  reason  is  simple.  Men  know  what  women  want.  And  a  smart  woman  always  gets  what  she  wants.  And  a  man  will  pay  for  everything...

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293.   AR AR

On  account  of  total  political  correctness  and  tolerance.
I  wouldn't  divide  the  people  into  males  and  females...

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395.     AR AR

There  is  a  frog  in  every  princess. 

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Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



4.60.     AR AR

The easiest way to kill love is to count it in money.

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4.89.     AR AR

Women love a hero, a hero worthy of admiration.  Win and the woman will love you.  Conquer yourself and your vices.  Overcome problems and troubles.  Win, achieving goals and realizing dreams.

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4.90.     AR AR

The capacity for ritual is the capacity for love.  If a woman sees that a man has dreams and he systematically implements them, then we can hope that he is able to love.

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5.80. Consequences of female Masturbation.     AR AR

The property of a man Onanist – "I want everything at once and quickly", but women do not lag far behind men.  Is a woman - a Muse she inspires and helps the hero, and sometimes a woman onaniste, it wants to find a ready-made hero.  Such a woman does not understand that the hero loves beauty, not women, so a woman can not attract such a man.  Therefore, the woman Onanist attracts the men of onanists, men of unprincipled and little capable of exploits, and such a woman does not know how to inspire. 

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6.34.     AR AR

I've been married to the same woman three times.  But each time it was a different me and a different woman.

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6.55.     AR AR

Ask a woman what she likes ...for if she likes, she believes.

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764. Themis was a woman. [In brevi]     AR AR

A  real  woman  always  feels  the  good  and  the  bad. 

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819.   AR AR

A  man  accepts  a  woman  as  something  almost  identical  to  the  concept  of  a  house...

He's  the  owner  of  the  house  who  takes  care  of  it,  decorates  it  and  can't  stand  when  others  run  things  in  there.  The  man  likes  to  find  home  beauty  and  peace,  safety  and  warmty...    My  home  is  my  castle.

The  man  feels  really  uncomfortable  when  this  very  house  doesn't  live  up  to  his  expectations,  especially
if  it  lacks  peace  and  comfort  and  beauty  but  at  the  same  time  contains  problems  and  difficulties  or  negative  emotions  etc.  A  house  of  the  kind  is  barely  wanted  by  anyone.

Of  course,  having  one's  own  house  always  means  a  lot  of  problems  and  huge  expenses  on  its  decoration  etc...  But  still,  if  a  house  is  good,  it  gives  off  more  than  it  takes.

Thus,  the  aim  and  task  of  a  woman  is  to  be  that  very  beloved  house  a  man  wants  to  care  about,  decorate  and  that  brings  positive  emotions  as  a  place  of  warmth,  comfort,  safety,  freedom  and  peace.

A  woman  too  wants  to  be  this  very  beloved  house  and  be  loved,  decorated  and  guarded.

These  two  desires  of  both  a  man  and  a  woman  support  each  other  mutually  and  fit  perfectly  in  harmonious  relations...


However  harmonious  relations  are  not  as  widespread  at  they  could  be...  The  reasons  are  the  following:  a  woman  doesn't  try  to  transfer  the  "house"  to  the  "ownership",  while  a  man  doesn't  feel  like  taking  care  about  anyone  else's  property.

The  second  important  reason  is  the  absence  of  the  emotional  comfort  in  that  house.  Plus,  the  presence  of  some  negative  factors  near  a  woman  that  cross  the  personal  space:  relatives,  friends,  other  men  etc.

In  fact,  emancipation  really  undermined  the  institution  of  the  family,
...ruined  the  base  of  people's  personal  happiness.

There's  a  state  of  things,  -  the  way  it  should  be,  and  disturbing  this  state,  in  most  cases,  breaks  the  whole  process...

1.  A  woman  should  admire  and  be  proud  of  her  man,  his  wits  and  strength...  And  a  man  should  be  proud  of  his  woman  and  see  her  as  a  big  help  and  a  base  for  his  house.

And  it's  really  a  man's  house  but  not  a  woman's.  Many  people  think  that  the  house  belongs  o  a  woman  but  it's  not  true.  A  woman  is  a  house  in  herself  and  the  house  can't  belong  to  itself  as  an  ownerless  house  is  a  symbol  of  destruction...

2.  The  method  of  motivation  that  a  house  rules  its  owner  with  is  based  on  positive  emotions  and  pleasure.  To look  at  one's  big  lovely  house  is  a  big  pleasure,  to  live  in  it  is  a  big  pleasure  and  to  own  it  is  a  big  pleasure  too.  If  something  breaks  inside  it,  the  owner  wants  to  fix  it,  decorate  it  and  maintain  it  in  the  state  when  it  brings  pleasure.

In  fact,  when  god  created  this  world,  he  made  it  so  that  everything  done  right  and  good  would  bring  pleasure  and  positive  emotions
(that  very  stick  and  carrot  method,  which  essence  should  be  understood  extremely  right)

The  same  here:  the  house  rules  its  owner  by  means  of  pleasure  and  joy  it  gives  to  him...

And  really,  there  exist  negative  ruling  signals  like:  pain,  fear,  abuse,  offence.  But  the  aim  of  these  signals  is  not  motivation  for  the  good  but  a  quick  stop  of  the  negative  and  harmful  behavior.

Many  people  don't  get  it  and  try  to  use  these  ruling  signals  to  motivate  a  person  for  good  and  right  actions.  Alas,  it's  impossible  and  wrong.  As  the  best  motivation  for  proper  behavior  is  just  pleasure  and  joy  (one  may  call  it  a  feeling  of  happiness).

3.  A  very  important  issue  in  a  house  and  its  owner  relationship...  is  the  exchange  of  energy  in  this  relationship.  Useless  energy  loss  destroys  the  soul  of  a  person.  One  may  waste  lots  of  efforts  and  energy  on  care  and  decoration  of  the  house.  It  will  remain  dirty,  cold  and  unattractive...  And  unsolicited  guests  or  even  enemies  will  enter  it  -  mothers-in  law,  relatives,  someone's  men,  female  friends...  Or  when  you'll  be  back  home  you'll  get  paint  cans  falling  on  your  head,  floors  will  get  a  splinter  into  your  feet  and  doors  and  bed  will  creak  and  crack  like  hell  leaving  you  sleepless...

It  will  embrace  you  not  with  warmth  and  joy  but  with  indifference,  anger,  coldness,  complaints,  etc.

All  these  negative  factors  will  leadto  the  main  question:  why  waste  time  and  energy  on  this  enemy  house?  The  house,  in  its  turn,  starts  to  feel  lack  of  care  and  attention  to  itself.  And  starts  to  show  signals  about  improper  attitude  to  itself...  The  spiral  twists  tough,  relationship  breaks.

An  interesting  additional  thought...

While  having  enough  resources  an  owner  can  have  two  houses...  But  having  two  owners  is  a  bad  idea  for  a  house...  As  having  several  owners  is,  in  fact,  like  having  no  owner  at  all...

The  personal  can't  be  public  as  the  personal  never  can.
A  timeshare  will  never  replace  a  house.

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853.     AR AR

The  goal  of  a  woman's  life  is  to  make  her  man  great… 

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866. (from own experience….)     AR AR

Loosing  a  beloved  woman  hurts  a  lot.  In  order  not  to  make  oneself  suffer  from  it  (and  later  not  to  beat  head  against  a  wall),  it's  rational  to  hew  to  the  following  rules: 
A)  don't  ctiticize  and  don't  screw  a  woman's  brains 
B)  let  her  talk  while  keeping  silent  yourself  and  let  her  tell  you  something  important…  Don't  load  her  down  with  your  ideas  or  problems… 
C)  don't  pull  the  card  on  her, 
D)  smile  in  her  presence,  be  attentive  and  show  sympathy  with  her  problems  and  victories 
E)  pay  enough  attention  to  her  and  manage  her  free  time, 
F)  if  you  want  to  say  something  unpleasant  to  her,  accuse  her  or  offend  her  etc,              …………………………………calm  down 
G)  control  your  jealousy 
H)  instead  of  struggling  against  her  faults,  try  to  cultivate  and  support  her  virtues  that  you  like.  Hence,  don't  blame  her  for  the  bad,  and  praise  her  for  the  good… 
I)  a  woman  can't  love  a  man  to  whom  she's  out  of  his  league.  So  work  on  yourself  as  a  man  who  doesn't  evoke  respect  brings  no  nice  emotions  to  a  woman.  A  woman  should  be  proud  of  his  man. 
J)  a  beautiful  woman  is  always  full  of  doubts…  It's  a  flower…  She  should  be  praised  and  flattered.  She  loves  her  flowered  bed  and  garden…  The  essence  of  a  beautiful  flower  existence  is  about  giving  beauty  and  getting  pollinated…  If  you  want  your  woman  to  play  some  other  role,  for  instance  the  one  of  a  working  horse,  you  should  choose  a  simpler  woman 
K)  you  should  remember  that  equal  calls  to  equal,  and  if  your  woman  is  better  than  you  and  you  don't  fit  her  beauty,  then  don't  mess  with  her.  A  queen  needs  a  king..  Of  course,  she  may  sleep  with  a  servant  but  soon  they  will  show  the  servant  his  place… 

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919.     AR AR

There's  something  more  precious  than  money  …namely,  women. 
There's  something  more  precious  than  women…  namely,  children. 
...  even  though… 

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946.     AR AR

Never  criticize  your  woman...  And  this  way  you'll  become  the  most  precious  one  in  her  life... 

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9.61. Woman is a source of energy for man.     AR AR

While  chasing  a  woman,  a  man  makes  a  lot  of  useful  movements.  Movement  is  life  and  a  source  of  energy. 

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969.     AR AR

A  woman  can  only  love  the  man  she  can  admire, 
the  one  who  can  protect  her… 
…  being  near  whom  makes  her  feel  honored, 
…  the  one  who  gives  her  positive  emotions:  pleasure,  serenity,  confidence,  warmth. 

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993.     AR AR

A  perfect  woman  can  tolerate  her  man's  attacks  of  rage. 
Especially  those  she  caused  herself... 

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1523. [In brevi]     AR AR

If  a  man  becomes  a  victim  of  female  sexuality,  charming  nature  or  flirting,  natural  instincts  evoke  inside  him  and  the  ability  to  think  straight  turns  off. 

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