10.9262.   AR AR

The system learns through mistakes and their awareness.  Learning and understanding the truth is joyous, so you should love your mistakes and the pain of them.

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10.9272.   AR AR

A fool and a coward is one who is afraid of being a fool, for the realization of truth comes through the denial of a lie.  Without knowing lies and stupidity, a person will have nothing to gain truth and wisdom from.  First we comprehend the darkness, then we turn it into light.  Darkness is a space where light is turned on. 

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10.9296.   AR AR

You can't be right if you're afraid of being wrong.  The one who lives in fear, by default, is not right in everything, because fear is a synonym for the word lie.  Listen to a coward and do the opposite.

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10.10164.   AR AR

Knowledge requires courage, for the more we know, the greater the darkness of our ignorance.  Cowardice in such a situation turns inward from fear and loses all ability to act in reality.  Too many factors of uncertainty give rise to paralysis and inability to make decisions.  The ability to generate experience through movement degrades.

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10.10312.   AR AR

The more you know, the greater the incompleteness of knowledge and, therefore, the greater the fear.  Knowledge requires courage, knowledge drives cowards crazy and draws them into the abyss of paranoid fears.  The less a coward knows, the better he sleeps.  Limited knowledge gives cowards strength and courage.

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10.10342. Boundaries of the mind.   AR AR

This fear is borderline.  By expanding the boundaries of the mind, through knowledge you increase your fear.  This is why they say that multi-knowledge creates sadness.  In order for knowledge not to become paranoid, it requires courage and humility with fear.

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10.10575.   AR AR

Multi-awareness generates post-traumatic stress, that is, fear.  When you realize how little control you have, especially in yourself, you panic and deny reality.  Knowledge requires courage, otherwise hell is inevitable.

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10.16466.   AR AR

The courage of the knower depends on the strength of his love for truth.  The less love, the more fear.  Fear stops the knower, depriving him of strength, for, as we remember, knowledge is power.

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10.17176.   AR AR

"Variothoughts"   is   a   model   of   courage   of   thought.   Whoever   shall   humble   your   own   will   be   able   to   know   the   truth.

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10.17322.   AR AR

Zen teachers beat their students for every question they asked in order to cultivate courage in the knower.

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10.18596. Courage of the thinker.   AR AR

The main thing in the art of thinking is not to be afraid of your own thoughts and conclusions.

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10.18850.   AR AR

Treat things with curiosity, it will calm your fears.  Curious is the one who has love in him.  Curiosity is love and care, an important facet of the knower's courage.

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10.19282.   AR AR

Man is a self-learning system.  We learn through our mistakes, so mistakes are useful.

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10.19349.   AR AR

The task of the evil teacher:  keep the flies away from the beauty.  The proud love only their Ego, and therefore, unable to tolerate criticism and disrespect, they run away.

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10.20492.   AR AR

Cowards are hasty and therefore it is difficult for them to comprehend the truth extended in time.  The truth requires patience.  Patience requires courage.

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10.20726.   AR AR

Knowledge requires courage, for to love your enemy is to know him.  Knowledge is an act of aggression and conquest.  Information gives form to matter, and whoever owns the information owns the world.

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10.20954.   AR AR

They say, fear the one who has found the truth.  Why?  I looked around and saw lights everywhere.  Everything is light, even me.  But I tell you, fear those who find lies.  But I say to you, rejoice in those who have found the lie, for now we will turn darkness into light.  But I say day follows night, and night follows day, and that is the truth.

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10.21682.   AR AR

The more one knows, the more one becomes aware of his ignorance, for as knowledge increases, the area of contact with ignorance increases geometrically.

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4.3444.   AR AR

Ignorance is fear of truth. Ignorance is cowardice.

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The beginning of the book

4.533.   AR AR

Dare to know. Knowledge requires courage, cowards are afraid to learn, they think they will lose and only lose time.

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5.241. The fool is joyful.   AR AR

The main courage of the knower is to admit that he is wrong, to admit that he is a fool. To recognize smart the other, those below less. Mind is the ability to derive meaning and benefit from small things that seem much smaller than yourself. The guardian angel is very small. Knowledge is joyful.

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6.367.   AR AR

Truth gives us courage and courage. Knowing the truth, we are no longer afraid of anything but the loss of hope for a miracle.

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6.773.   AR AR

Enlightenment is the loss of fear and doubt. The purpose of knowing God and serving God is to gain faith and courage. Firmness of faith overcomes doubt. Courage conquers fear.

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10.991. Brave liar.   AR AR

Cowardice is an imbalance of fear.  A coward is not afraid of illusions and lies, but are terribly afraid of reality and truth.

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3.1706. Who's new?   AR AR

Bragging is a challenge, it's aggression.  Bragging is courage.  Some boast admires, others attack him, wanting to check whether it is.  Both of these options are useful for a braggart, unless he is a coward.  Cowards brag about, as a consequence of the boasting is always degrees of problems.

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3.2297. Cowardly hamsters.   AR AR

The   problems   with   many   seekers   of   truth   is   that   they   seek   a   remedy   for   their   fear   rather   than   truth.   Having   found   an   ideology   or   a   community   relieving   them   of   their   fear,   they   become   euphoric   and   forget   all   about   truth.

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3.2797. Original sin.   AR AR

The first sin is not what is, but what is not.  Cowardice is lack of courage, that is fear.  Ignorance is the absence of truth.

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4.3358.   AR AR

Knowledge requires courage. Cowards are horrified to learn the truth. Fear of truth turns weak and cowardly people into demons of evil.

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5.1262.   AR AR

Truth causes fear because truth is strong and liars are cowardly.

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5.3295.   AR AR

Cowardice is what makes mistakes. The courageous man is not afraid of his mistakes, and therefore quickly recognizes them and kills. Remember, a mistake is always a cause whose chief danger lies in its consequences. You have time to kill the causes before the materialization of its consequences, consider that there was no mistake.

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5.4436.   AR AR

No need to pay attention to fear and pain. Fear and pain create lies, blind you and prevent you from seeing the real truth. Cowards, that is, men without courage, are deceitful and foolish, for, by fear of denying the light of truth, they live in the darkness of falsehood and folly.

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5.5308.   AR AR

Madness is the self-justification and self-deception of an ignorant and weak mind. Infinite cowardice does not allow such a mind to awaken and begin to think.

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6.5063. What a shame to those who light?   AR AR

Loyalty to the truth leads to shame, devoid of faith cowards, like fire, are afraid of shame, but he who serves the truth is fire.

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7.1914.   AR AR

Usually  the  cowards  are  more  stupid  than  the  brave  ones,  as  they  are  afraid  to  try  something  new  and  experiment.  Cowards  solved  less  problems  and  tasks  and  therefore,  their  experience  and  mind  is  less  trained  and  strong  than  brave  and  strong  people's  mind.

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7.3508.   AR AR

Truth requires courage, so weak prefer lies and illusions.

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7.4683.   AR AR

It takes courage to grasp the truth, cowards are afraid to challenge the lie and therefore have to obey it.

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7.4778. A bold lie.   AR AR

Truth is that which is timeless, not merely unafraid of time. What is not afraid of time or is constantly repeated can be a bold and persistent lie.

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9.2491.   AR AR

The   more   I   was   learning,   the   greater   horror   I   felt   at   understanding   how   little   I   knew   and   would   not   have   the   time   to   learn   because   of   the   transience   of   human   life   and   of   my   mind’s   weakness.

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9.5517. Vices are closely related to each other.   AR AR

Mendacity  is  closely  related  to  inattention.  Details  of  reality  are  hard  to  discern  from  the  world  of  illusions.  Cowardice  coexists  with  the  lack  of  independence  and  the  inability  to  take  decisions,  to  self-learn  and  to  search  for  information.  Slowness  is  accompanied  by  tediousness,  formalism,  inflexibility,  commonplaceness,  bluntness  and  irrationality.  Reason  is  quick.

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