10.249.   AR AR

The problem with the poor is that they chase money, and it tires them out.  One should run after the truth, the truth is the source of strength, such running gives strength.  When you're strong, it's easier to catch up with money.

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3.2781. Greed and greed.   AR AR

Poverty is the consequence of the unity of ignorance and fear.  Fear breeds greed and greed.  Having learned one simple thing, a person like a squirrel fixates in it, trying to earn as much as possible, and the time to study and learn new methods of work he is sorry.

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7.3620. Active position.   AR AR

The idea of being paid money leads to poverty. The idea that you earn money leads to wealth. Not "how much will I get paid" should you think, but "how much will I earn".

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8.1182.   AR AR

Poor  people  are  extremely  avaricious.  Money  doesn't  like  it  and  flee  the  society  of  them. 

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8.8584.   AR AR

The  problem  of  the  poor  is  that  they  are  too  smart.  Infusive  stupidity  could  manage  to  kill  their  fears  and  give  silly  hopes,  sources  of  motion...  It  would  help  to  avoid  exhausting  competition  and  create  something  really  unique  and  new...  But  no,  it's  only  a  dream.

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8.8825.   AR AR

Ignorance,  prejudice  and  poverty  live  together.  Basically,  it’s  a  symbiosis,  they  can’t  live  separately,  it  kills  them  or  drives  them  crazy.

If  an  ignorant  person  gets  money,  it  will  kill  him.  If  ignorance  and  prejudice  are  taken  away  from  a  beggar,  he  will  simply  go  crazy.

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9.2483.   AR AR

Extremes   eat   extremes.   The   rich   eat   the   poor,   the   strong   eat   the   weak,   the   intelligent   eat   the   stupid   and   the   haughty   eat   the   humble…   The   more   they   eat,   the   bigger   they   become…

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9.3583.   AR AR

Overworking  will  make  you  poor,  overthinking  will  make  you  silly...  too  much  of  something  is  always  poisonous...

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9.7647. A narrow point of view.   AR AR

As  a  rule,  poverty  results  from  the  inability  to  see  the  whole.  A  poor  person  is  always  a  slave  to  a  dot.

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9.8535. Rich highbrows and poor fools.   AR AR

The  main  problem  of  fools  is  that  they  consider  brains  to  be  something  free  and  even  a  bit  useless.  In  fact,  brains  are  very  expensive  and  very  useful.  In  order  to  get  brains  into  the  head  they  should  pay  very  dearly. 

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9.8556.   AR AR

Most  poor  people  are  really  kind  and  good.  But  what  do  they  lack?  Usually  they  lack  stupidity  and  vanity.  But  it's  not  the  essence.  The  essence  is  in  wholeness.  It's  necessary  to  combine  extremes  and  middle  in  themselves.  Form  is  empty  without  content,  content  is  also  nonviable  without  form.

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9.8995.   AR AR

It's  "little  joys"  of  the  poor  that  the  rich  batten  on.  The  poor  are  unable  to  deny  themselves  the  pleasure  of  "little  joys"  and  spend  all  their  money  on  it.

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9.9309. Mortal sins.   AR AR

Arrogance  and  vanity  are  the  main  vices  of  the  rich,  and  dejection  and  avarice  are  the  vices  of  the  poor.

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9.9447.   AR AR

The  main  reasons  of  poverty  are  unnecessary  costs  and  unnecessary  desires.

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10.10517.   AR AR

Thrifty is someone who saves time.  Everything has time.

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10.12495.   AR AR

Poverty protects us from vices.  If a man who is ignorant and weak gets money, money will destroy him, feeding him alive to vices.

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10.18194. Money doesn't smell.   AR AR

The essence of love is to turn shit into money.  Everyone looks at shit and sees shit, and only lovers see shit as fertilizer, fuel, etc.  A lover for money rakes other people's shit, processes it into something useful, so the money is lost.

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10.18407. Attention-money.   AR AR

Attention is time, time is money.  The amount of money you have depends very much on what you love and what you pay attention to.

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10.19553.   AR AR

If you look closely at the subjective idea of the value of things, you will notice that for some reason flies are valued much more than soup among the proud.  The proud say that there are very few flies and that is why they are very valuable.

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10.20351.   AR AR

Poverty comes from a lack of trust in life.  Trust breeds wealth.  Faith is the truth, the source of power and movement.  Faith is the second name of love.  Love is something that controls the energy through movement.

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10.20625.   AR AR

They say that a smart person will not go up the mountain, a smart person will go around the mountain.  This is why fools succeed more often and more often than smart ones.  The best is the enemy of the good.  A person goes uphill to become a stream of energy.  The one who reaches the top will rush down like a dragon descending to earth.

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10.20936.   AR AR

If you want to eat someone, offer them protection.  Predators must take care of reproduction and protection of their victims.  On the other hand, if you need an evolutionary niche, find someone who wants to eat you and is willing to protect you for it.

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10.21273.   AR AR

Your problem is that you are a greedy and sad person, you have no faith…  You're afraid to do useless things.  Remember, there is nothing useless, any action is an act of faith, and therefore there is hope for a miracle.

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10.21576.   AR AR

"Don't create an idol for yourself»  this thesis is not only about people, but about the search for salvation and the answer to the question "what to do?»  Remember, everything is salvation.  Everything is the truth.  Everything is beauty and energy.  And pride is a lie that denies that  God is everything.  Your disregard for the small and commonplace is pride and blindness.

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10.21626.   AR AR

The main cause of poverty is greed, the other side of greed.  Greed comes from pride, which comes from complacency (overflowing  with pleasure).

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The beginning of the book

82.   AR AR

Poverty  is  just  as  ineradicable  as  wealth... 

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7.54.   AR AR

The  poor  earn  money  on  the  rich,  the  rich  earn  money  on  the  poor,  get  it?

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1081. Diagnosis and management of Stupidity.   AR AR

The  main  symptoms  of  stupidity  are  blindness  and  deafness. 
The  side  effects  of  stupidity  are  poverty  and  tortures,  pain  and  suffering. 
Stupidity  should  be  cured. 
Stupidity  is  cured  by  stick  and  pain... 

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1230.   AR AR

Poverty  or  wealth  is  illusion  and  myth.  In  fact,  there  is  only  the  knowledge  and  ignorance.  Someone  think  —  how  do  this,  the  others  -how  not  to  do.

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1881.   AR AR

Many  people  may  wonder  why  someone  good  and  smart  can  be  so  poor...  While  someone  stupid  and  bad  can  be  Rich...  Are  things  really  that  unfair?

It's  very  simple.  There's  nothing  fair  to  do  with  it.  Thinking  and  Money  are  barely  interconnected.  Money  is  a  child  of  actions,  it's  a  raw  material  that  looks  for  its  place  in  the  world.

While  abstract  wisdom  and  constant  thinking  got  nothing  to  do  with  actions.  And  got  nothing  of  what  is  necessary.

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



2275. How to save up money.   AR AR

The  first  reason  why  it  may  be  difficult  to  save  up  is  that  the  nature  of  money  doesn't  like  it  being  saved  up.  Money  is  like  raw  material,  a  pure  energy  that  wants  to  turn  into  something  more  valuable.  That's  why  when  an  unwealthy  person  tries  to  save  up,  a  thousand  reasons  to  waste  money  appear  out  of  the  blue.  And  these  reasons  are  not  temptations  but  rather  sensible  and  important  ways  of  spending  money.  As  if  these  sensible  reasons…  feel  the  smell  of  money. 
That's  why  as  a  rule,  most  people  fail  to  save  up. 

Ways  of  struggling  with  the  inability  to  save  up: 

It's  necessary  to  find  the  way  to  make  it  impossible  to  spend  money  that  is  meant  to  be  saved  up.  For  example,  one  may  hide  them  in  some  inaccessible  place  so  that  getting  them  would  be  really  difficult.  It's  possible  to  deposit  money  in  a  bank  or  bury  it  in  the  ground...  But  the  main  thing  about  it!!!  It's  very  important  to  save  up  as  soon  as  you  get  your  salary  or  income.  As  there  is  no  possibility  that  you  will  "have  some  money  remained  by  the  end  of  the  month".  "The  excess  of  money"  doesn't  exist  in  nature. 

Money  likes  being  kept  secret.  Not  a  living  soul  should  nose  out  this  secret  about  money.  So  you  should  nurture  humbleness  and  modesty  in  your  nature. 

Don't  save  money  against  a  rainy  day  (or  every  day  will  seem  to  be  such)  but  for  particular  constructive  goals  connected  with  attaining  or  creating  beauty  and  perfection. 

Money  likes  being  invested  in  processes  of  creating  something:  construction,  education,  art,  children,  new  useful  things,  interesting  business  projects  –  all  of  the  mentioned  goals  like  to  be  invested  into.  The  more  you  invest  into  projects  of  this  kind,  the  more  money  you  will  get.  But  remember-  USE,  NOVELTY,  PERFECTION.  The  world  doesn't  need  clowns  and  garbage  as  well  as  anything  useless  and  meaningless. 

In  order  not  to  pay  attention  to  new  reasons  to  waste  money  and  not  to  make  impulse  purchases,  you  should  know  for  sure  what  you  need  money  for.  Plan  how  to  spend  money  according  to  the  3rd  item.  And  if  you  don't  plan  spending  properly,  you'll  get  a  thicket  of  problems.  Your  relatives  will  be  constantly  ill  and  in  need  of  money  for  medication,  and  everything  will  get  broken  and  need  fixing  and  you  will  get  ill  too...  Hence,  aimlessly  kept  money  is  a  magnet  for  problems.  Thus,  after  earning  money  it's  necessary  to  plan  its  spending.  Free  money  will  simply  burn  your  hands. 

It's  possible  to  save  up  when  you  earn  money  faster  than  you  spend  it.  When  you're  fully  plunged  into  your  goals  or  work,  you  simply  don't  get  time  to  spend  money.  You  don't  get  disturbed  by  friends  or  relatives  who  ask  for  financial  help  and  you  don't  get  theoretically  dangerous  threats  for  money  like  buying  apartments  or  cars... 

A  human  being  is  a  tool  for  transforming  money  into  something  that  possesses  beauty,  perfection  or  use.  The  more  beautiful  and  energy  consuming  (demanding  a  lot  of  money)  goals  a  person  fulfils,  the  more  money  this  person  gets.  Saving  up  will  be  possible  only  after  fulfiling  some  big  goal  or  project  and  selling  it.  This  way  it  creates  new  sum  of  money  that  will  be  possibly  used  for  other  bigger  projects. 

Money  possesses  mass  and  its  own  gravitation.  Money  is  attracted  to  money.  Money  dislikes  loneliness.  That's  why  it  tries  to  sneak  out  from  those  cold  in  hand  and  go  to  those  with  pocketful  of  money.  The  methods  described  above  will  help  you  save  up  some  sum  of  money.  And  this  sum  will  have  its  gravitation  and  will  keep  your  money  around  you. 
8.  Money  dislikes  being  used  for  making  payments  towards  a  loan.  Because  money  likes  when  you  create  a  particular  thing.  And  loans  are  about  already  existing  things  that  are  not  worth  spending  time  and  money  on.  On  the  other  hand,  loans  and  payments  by  instalments  work  well  when  something  is  being  constructed  or  created.  For  example,  when  you  take  on  a  loan  to  build  something  or  to  pay  those  who  build  it,  or  when  you  start  some  business.  Hence,  it  takes  some  progress  payment. 

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2305. The freedom of the strong.   AR AR

I  can't  imagine  an  unwealthy  weak  person  being  free. 
A  person  deprived  of  power  can't  be  free. 

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2447. Comparative study of indirect indicators.   AR AR

A  comparative  poverty  is  when  you  compare  yourself  with  those  gone  on  TV  screen  and  turn  green  with  anger. 

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2503. A relative virtue.   AR AR

It's  easy  for  a  rich  person  to  be  noble  and  virtuous  as  this  person  has  enough  time  and  money  to  donate.  And  it's  not  easy  for  someone  poor  as  every  minute  is  precious  and  every  coin  is  for  bread.  Once  a  poor  person  loses  a  minute  or  a  coin,  it  can  be  compared  to  some  stock  market  crash  when  billionaires  lose  their  billions. 

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2575. Those who got lucky.   AR AR

[In  brevi] 

Power  hates  weakness. 
Wealth  hates  poverty. 
Beauty  hates  ugliness. 
Wit  hates  stupidity. 

      -      Because  they  can't  overcome  the  chasm… 

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3151.   AR AR

The rich serve their goals and ideas, and the poor serve the rich.

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3207.   AR AR

A  freebie  is  kind  of  a  handout,  and  handouts  always  lead  to  poverty...

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3498. Obesity of money.   AR AR

Obesity  of  money  is  not  a  matter  of  its  quantity.  But  it's  a  matter  of  being  able  to  use  it  properly.  Obesity  of  money  is  typical  of  both  rich  and  poor  people. 

By  the  way,  obesity  of  money  explains  why  there  are  so  many  rich  ill  people.  As  many  people  use  money  in  the  wrong  way.  Money  should  be  used  for  something  new,  beautiful,  useful  and  unique.  Money  is  raw  material.  It  should  be  spent  on  beauty  and  art,  education  and  building.  Money  should  lead  to  growth  or  creation  of  something  beautiful  and  unique.  Money  likes  everything  beautiful,  useful  and  unique. 

Charity  and  patronship  is  not  a  matter  of  good  will  for  rich  people,  but  rather  a  matter  of  survival  as  they  don't  want  to  be  ill  too. 

But  even  here  there  are  many  hidden  aspects  as  spending  money  on  something  that  doesn't  possess  beauty  or  use  is  a  sin  just  as  heavy  as  not  spending  money  on  something  useful  and  beautiful... 

And  the  explanation  of  all  hidden  aspects  may  only  make  it  all  seem  really  complicated. 

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3511.   AR AR

Poverty is not a Vice, but want is bad weather.
It is not necessary to excess, but when there is no necessary-it is a misfortune.

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3697. Boredom causes diseases.   AR AR

People  who  died  to  the  world,  get  ill  soon  and  die.  It's  essential  for  a  human  being  to  wonder  and  have  fun.  It  especially  concerns  rich  people  who  suffer  from  boredom  as  poor  ones  feel  less  bored  due  to  their  own  sins. 

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Art by Martin Anderson



4299. A vicious person.   AR AR

The  only  thing  that  can  help  an  impoverished  person  become  rich  is  laziness. 
When  one  feels  lazy  to  stir  hands,  one  has  to  whirr  mind. 
Of  course,  envy,  vanity  and  greed  may  be  helpful  as  well,  but  it's  another  story. 

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4.348.   AR AR

One law for the rich, another for the poor. The point is that the law is a ritual, principles and order. The rich create habits and rules and follow them, thus achieving wealth. The habits and principles of the rich make them rich. The poor are made poor by their habits and principles.

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4.350.   AR AR

Poverty is neither sin nor Vice, but ignorance and despondency are the Vice and sin from which poverty springs.

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4.699.   AR AR

A rich man is one who is neither greedy nor wasteful. A poor man is one who is greedy or extravagant. A beggar is one who is greedy and wasteful at the same time

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5.194.   AR AR

Each has its own cross, someone gold, another silver or iron, the third wooden. Each chooses his own cross and carries the one that he can afford. The heaviest gold, the lightest wood. Therefore, they say that the poor are happier than the rich, it is easier to cross them.

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