10.15562.   AR AR

How to understand the simultaneity of God?
- Time is always and everywhere at the same time.

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10.16714.   AR AR

Perfection is a pure white leaf, but it is no better than a pure green leaf or a red one.  Getting closer to white doesn't make the color any better, either.  Each unique color is equal to another.

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10.16766.   AR AR

Why is blue worse than green?  We know that white thinks he is perfect, and we will not even argue with this, but does the proximity of green to white make it better than blue? 

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10.16826.   AR AR

About   the   absolute,   Syntalism   defines   God   and   the   universe   as   an   information   system   that   accumulates   information   about   the   form   of   matter   and   its   differences   from   the   ideal.   The   ideal   is   a   blank   white   sheet.   Theoretically,   we   can   say   that   a   blank   white   sheet   is   an   absolute.   But   a   blank   white   sheet   is   an   abstraction   containing   infinite   terabytes   of   information.

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10.16827.   AR AR

The universe is growing and learning.  That's right.  But it grows not to the absolute, but from it, through the destruction of the absolute.  The absolute itself is simple, it is a blank white sheet

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10.16835.   AR AR

God is the absolute, the unity of black and white, and life is a movement between these two extremes.

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10.16897.   AR AR

There is no limit to perfection, but there is a beginning.  Perfection begins with perfection and goes on to perfection.  You can run endlessly from yourself to yourself.

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10.16914.   AR AR

The absolute is love, beauty, truth, perfection, but there is no limit to perfection.  Perfection is an infinite array of various States that depend on circumstances.  Perfection is like a mountain range, where not one mountain is an idol, but infinitely many, like the stars in the sky.

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10.16922.   AR AR

The absolute is not one big star, but the universe.  The power of the absolute is in the infinity of the starry sky, and not in the size of individual stars that think they are idols.  There are asteroids, comets, planets, moons, stars small and large, black holes.  Black holes are stars that have reached the limit of their mass and burned out, folded into a point.  All these are parts of the absolute.  The star does not approach the absolute, it is just a part of it.  The absolute accumulates information about all its possible States.

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10.16925.   AR AR

The absolute is a virtual matrix of time and space.  Each space-time cell has its own piece of the absolute.  And time and space are an illusion, an information pointer to a memory cell.

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10.17218.   AR AR

Perfection is not the end, but the beginning.  A clean white sheet emerges from the darkness.  An artist who has reached perfection takes a pencil and begins to draw life, destroying the perfection of white.

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10.17251.   AR AR

As for the pursuit of perfection, the question arises: is man really more perfect than a monkey?  We suspect that if a person is sent into the jungle and forced to climb back up a tree – it will be an extremely pitiful sight.

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10.17327.   AR AR

There is no limit to perfection and there is no imperfect.  Complex perfection is a set of simple perfections.  And what you call imperfection is not enough perfection. 

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10.18950.   AR AR

The absolute is a conglomerate of single, equal perfections.

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10.19145.   AR AR

The absolute is a system that grows by division, not multiplication.  On the other hand, multiplication and division are one and the same, differing only in point of view.

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10.19146.   AR AR

Following simplicity, you will come to the absolute.  To the very starting point from which the universe originated.  If you do not stop and go further beyond this point, you will find with interest that there are an infinite number of such grains of sand around.

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10.19189.   AR AR

The absolute is a single whole, divided within itself not an infinite number of small details.  The absolute, on the one hand, tends to unity, and on the other hand, to infinity.

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10.19326.   AR AR

The absolute is not one, but zero, ... because zero was before one, the unit grows from zero.  Zero is everything and it is one, but there are many units.  One is perfection, and there are an infinite number of forms of perfection.

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10.19327.   AR AR

A point of view cannot be absolute.  The absolute is a set of points of view.  The absolute is the unity of all possible points of view.

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10.19612.   AR AR

Everything is a process of dividing one into many.  There is an absolute whose disintegration produces a variety of forms that are essentially indistinguishable from each other.

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10.19647.   AR AR

Truth (absolute)  this is a kind of integrity that has reached a critical mass and divided itself into an infinite number of new forms.  It is impossible to know the truth, because the truth is the whole real world, which is infinite, because the division of the absolute can take place indefinitely.  In fact, what you call the evolution of the system is the continuing degradation and disintegration of the system from a simple and unified absolute to some sophisticated and very complex forms.

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10.20305.   AR AR

The absolute is an infinite entity, devoid of forms and restrictions.

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10.20306.   AR AR

What is life?  Slavery of forms and restrictions!  What is death?  Liberation from the power of forms and merging with the absolute!

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10.20437. The absolute is black.   AR AR

White tends to disintegrate into black.  In fact, black is the process of dividing white.  The deeper the process of dividing white, the closer it gets to black.  In fact, black is perfect white.

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10.20636.   AR AR

On the one hand, the forest is a constant, and on the other hand, the forest is constantly changing and updating within itself.  The forest today is not the same forest as it was yesterday.

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10.20954.   AR AR

They say, fear the one who has found the truth.  Why?  I looked around and saw lights everywhere.  Everything is light, even me.  But I tell you, fear those who find lies.  But I say to you, rejoice in those who have found the lie, for now we will turn darkness into light.  But I say day follows night, and night follows day, and that is the truth.

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10.21135.   AR AR

The division of the whole into parts is virtual and ephemeral.  The forms of the real world are illusory.

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10.21302. The act of death.   AR AR

Black is perfection, and white is the child of black.  As you grow, white becomes black.  The act of creating the world.  Let there be light!  This is an act of destroying the old black perfection and creating a new free space.

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10.21348.   AR AR

The ideal is the sun…  The sun is good, but the reality is billions of other stars in the night sky.  They are no worse than the ideal, and many thousands of times more.

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10.22189.   AR AR

From the point of view of the absolute theory, the existence of a variety of religions is useful for the concept of God.  Dividing the whole into a variety of forms makes it bigger and stronger.


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10.21891.   AR AR

The point is that it is boundaries that create infinity.  When you are aware of the illusory and permeable boundaries, but you will respect them and understand why they are there, you will understand the infinite.  The borders need to preserve the integrity, the borders do not divide, but connect.  An entity without boundaries will instantly disintegrate and become nothing.

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10.21880.   AR AR

The absolute is chaos, and chaos is superorder.  Thus, the absolute is darkness, and light is pure energy, not yet structured by forms.

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10.21919.   AR AR

The universe arose from a point and everything is that point.  You are also part of this point, which is everything.


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The beginning of the book

548.   AR AR

I  see  life  as  a  randomness  of  chaos  squeezed 
in  the  clutch  of  absolute  order... 

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Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



752. [In brevi]   AR AR

An   absolute   point.   The   point   where   one   moment   exists.

When   in   a   single   moment   there   exists   all   time   and   when   in   a   single   point   there   exists   all   space.That's   approximately   what   our   Universe   looks   like   from   side.

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4.860.   AR AR

From  the  perspective  of  the  big  universe  there  is  no  difference  between  ant  and  an  anthill,  a  tree  and  a  forest,  a  king  and  the  beggar...  It  all  is  absolutely  negligible.

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6.597.   AR AR

According to Aristotle, God is the unity of unique perfections and this is very similar to the truth.

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6.889.   AR AR

The distance between all and nothing is so small that it simply does not exist. Sometimes it seems to me that all and nothing are one and the same.

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8.943. A snowflake.   AR AR

The   expansion   of   space-time   continuum   resembles   the   expansion   of   a   snowflake.   Every   moment   is   full   of   the   creation   of   billions   of   variants   of   the   Universe.   Every   moment   you   simultaneously   stay   in   all   variants   of   events.   The   variant   you   believe   in   most   of   all,   makes   your   present   reality.

But   in   essence,   you   can   believe   in   any   variant   and   thus,   turn   it   into   reality,   it   only   depends   on   the   force   of   belief   and   the   ability   to   concentrate.   In   fact,   something   that   you   expect   and   consider   the   inevitable,   becomes   created   in   reality.   Your   brain   considers   that   very   reality   which   you   expect   to   see.

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9.303.   AR AR

The   source   of   the   truth   knowledge   endlessness   is   in   the   endlessness   of   circumstances   variety.

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10.310. The theory of relativity.   AR AR

The absolute cannot be judged, judgment will make the absolute relative and this, of course, will break everything.

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10.311.   AR AR

The absolute is the whole essence, the relative is the detail.

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10.312.   AR AR

Truth can be absolute and relative.  Relative truth is also called a lie.

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10.321.   AR AR

The absolute is simultaneity.  The binding of the absolute to concrete circumstances transforms it into relativity, depriving it of simultaneity.

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10.734. The limit of perfection.   AR AR

Infinity requires humility.  The ideal is unattainable, but requires an infinite approximation to itself.  Movement is life.  The idealist needs an ideal in order to continue the endless movement towards it.

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10.746.   AR AR

Nirvana is like a portrait of the king, which is painted by different artists. The problem with idealists is that when they try to achieve perfection in one, they degrade in the other.

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10.769. Seize the day.   AR AR

Buddha in the Lotus flower is a symbol of the presence of perfection in every living being.  An inconspicuous Lotus flower blooms beautiful flowers three days a year.

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10.773. Humility.   AR AR

Because Lotus blooms an excellent a flower 1% time year, all the rest 99% his imperfections will have him forgive.

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10.954.   AR AR

What is pride?  To compensate for their inferiority complex and fear of imperfection, they fall into megalomania.  Denying their imperfection, they see themselves almost perfect...

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10.973. Everyone has their own perfection.   AR AR

The perfect one knows no fear, for there is no equal to him in his perfection.  Perfection is love.  True love is unique.

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10.976.   AR AR

The presence of any unique perfection in a person turns him into a Buddha.

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4.1728.   AR AR

They   say   that   God   can   not   be   understood,   God   is   said   to   be   incomprehensible.   That   sounds   to   be   true.   But   there   is   another   truth.   The   meaning   of   human   life   is   to   comprehend   God.   That   is   why   God   is   incomprehensible,   so   that   the   meaning   of   human   life   never   ends.   God   is   the   world,   it   is   reality.   Knowledge   of   the   real   world   is   endless.   The   meaning   of   human   life   is   the   infinity   knowledge.

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5.1450.   AR AR

Everything matters, there should be no unnecessary details.

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