10.18883.   AR AR

Alcoholism is a disease of the proud.  The proud always feel that they are not enough  respect and love.  The life of a proud man is a constant insufficiency that causes them pain, from which they run into the bottle, hiding from the real world.

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10.18958.   AR AR

What is the slavery of the will?  Dependence on vices and pleasure.  Tools like rituals, beliefs, habits, sublimation, true love, and so on will help you get rid of the chains of addiction.

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10.18982.   AR AR

As for the proud, the scenario for the future is unambiguous.  Sooner or later, the gin will be locked in a bottle, and there are no other options.  In the real world, gin can't live long.

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10.18984.   AR AR

Previously, genies were locked up in alcohol or forced to twist the tail of a dog... Now there are computer games and the bustle of ant hills.  Virtual worlds are forever cast out the Jinn from the real world.

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10.19011. A self-respecting person.   AR AR

People become alcoholics and drug addicts out of fear that they are not respected.  These people's egos are inflated by increased self-esteem, and any lack of respect causes them anxiety and pain, causing them to run away from reality or show aggression.

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10.19076.   AR AR

The idea that Vice can be of any use will turn you into a drug addict.

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10.19110.   AR AR

It should be understood that in the mode of emotional exhaustion and depression, the brain loses the ability to rejoice until the moment of recovery.  The recovery period is best spent sleeping or working.  At the same time, it should be clearly understood that the recovery period will be dull and joyless, but you do not need to be afraid of this.

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10.19227.   AR AR

To escape, you will have to sacrifice your illusions, you will have to break the glass house.

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10.19587.   AR AR

The first reason for alcoholism is increased self-esteem and reflection on the injustice of being in relation to yourself.  The classic alcoholic craves the respect and recognition of the real world, and believes that he is little respected and not valued.  Against the background of this lack of love, a person falls into anxiety and melancholy, the salvation of which is sought in alcohol and other vices.

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10.19588.   AR AR

How to get rid of alcoholism? 
- Stop inflating your self-esteem, relax and stop thinking about the unfairness of life.  You also need to stop denying yourself, to come to terms with yourself.  An alcoholic, using a potion, runs away from himself, from the worries and sorrows associated with the idea that he is bad, he is not respected, the world is unfair.  All these thoughts need to be refuted through the denial of lies and, having come to the truth, find joy.

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10.19642.   AR AR

Alcoholism happens from an excess of pride in the body.  Other causes of this disease are unknown to me.  Unless it's ignorance…

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10.19833.   AR AR

Your problem is that you are sitting inside yourself, you are too focused on your loved one.  You're running away from the real world.  To escape from fear, focus on people and things, on work and goals.

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10.20457.   AR AR

You drink every day to relieve your anxiety and stress.  What you don't know is that your stress and anxiety are half caused by alcohol.  Stress is fear.  When you run away from fear, you lose your immunity to it, and your life is filled with endless anxiety.

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10.21012.   AR AR

In the absence of self-respect and lack of external recognition, a weak man will seek solace in vices, alcoholism, drug addiction... his character will begin to show aggression, self-love, resentment of the whole world, contempt for others, distrust of people, nihilism and criticism of life.  In fact, all these features of the worldview are characteristic of pride and ignorance.  To combat pride, you need self-restraint, fasting, work, reading, learning, and humility.

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10.20932.   AR AR

Alcoholism leads to the fact that it generates dichotomous thinking, against which the world becomes very gray and unpleasant.  Rejection of reality is fear.  Chronic fear undermines health and a person begins to slowly rot, further aggravating their plight.

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The beginning of the book

729.   AR AR

When a person refuses to fulfill his purpose and role in life, the World in every way begins to remind a person about it, filling his soul with emptiness and pain.

To get away from this pain, a person tries to escape from reality into some other fictional world...
Alcohol, drugs, religion, games, books, entertainment, TV series, movies... there are a lot of Ways to "escape" from the current reality into a fictional world where there is pseudo-happiness and peace.

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1319.   AR AR

An  empty  soul  asks  for  vodka  or  probably  dirty  sex. 

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1524.   AR AR

A  man's  problem  is  not  in  alcohol,  gambling,  women  or  other  human  passions.  But  the  problem  is  in  excess  and  lack  of  sense  of  the  moderate.  Good  things  come  in  small  packs.  And  if  there  are  too  many  good  things,  the  good  turns  into  bad. 

Eat  an  apple  to  feel  fine  but  eat  a  hundred  of  them  ...and  you'll  die  in  pain. 

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2032.   AR AR

Alcohol  only  makes  emotions  stronger.  If  one  feels  well  in  a  nice  company,  one  will  feel  happy  and  have  fun.  But  if  one  feels  low,  it  may  make  one  feel  worse  than  ever. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



2948. Crassitude.   AR AR

Prohibition  law  is  crassitude.  Alcoholism  is  a  plague.  However,  light  drinking  of  wine,  beer  and  hard  stuff  is  so  useful  that  it's  impossible  to  count  its  advantages. 

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3210. The real person.   AR AR

Alcohol  gives  freedom  and  kills  fears.  Some  say  alcohol  drives  people  crazy.  It's  not  true.  It  rather  makes  one  forget  fears  that  keep  the  real  person  chained.  Having  got  rid  of  the  chains  of  fears,  the  real  person  gets  out  to  the  daylight  to  rejoice  and  weep.  Thus,  usually  a  person  is  chained  by  fears  and  alcohol  acts  like  a  good  Samaritan  who  unlocks  the  real  person.  And  later  people  around  see  this  person  and  say:  That's  the  way  you  are,  the  real  you... 

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3441. Tricky move.   AR AR

Best  of  all,  the  aggressiveness  of  men  removes  sex  and  hearty  food.  Women  know  well  that  after  sex,  food  and  a  light  dose  of  alcohol,  a  man  becomes  kind  and  easily  compliant  to  any  persuasion.

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3739. Demon tree.   AR AR

The tree of demons, sins, vices and extremes.

Conventionally, the demon-generals 21 PCs, but an innumerable host of them and his name is Legion.

The main demon is pride (a product of demons extremes and perfection), but the Foundation and root of all this nonsense. Therefore, the root of the tree of Vice is stupidity, the trunk is pride, and the branches are sins and vices.

Demons stupidity and ignorance. Stupidity is the root of all sins and vices. The fool is blind and deaf. He thinks he is self-sufficient, but there is a demon within him and controls him. And it's not internal, it's external. This man is totally independent in thinking, vulnerable to templates and stereotypes, to denounce the logic and the truth. When the demon of stupidity turns off a person's brain, he becomes an easy victim of all other sins.

Demon extremes-appeal to extremes, pushing to the edge of the precipice. The demon that condemns moderation and go to extremes. All this fiend black-and-white, all he has either 100% or 0. Two important subspecies of demon - the demons of perfection and the demons of weakness and impotence.

Junior demons of extremes are demons of passions, manias and pleasures-gluttony, lust and fornication, sadism, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, Internet addiction, shopaholism, etc.

The demon of perfection. Perfection is death. A super-powerful demon in one way or another, yet completely degenerating in the rest. Bragging about his superpower, luring fools to go his own way, leading people astray, leading them to hell. After spending 100% of his energy in one direction, such a demon otherwise became a complete degenerate.

This fiend has a lot of subspecies:

Demon perfection forces (very strong, but extremely stupid).

Demon perfection beauty (very handsome, but extremely stupid).

Demon perfection mind (very smart, but weak and afraid of).

Many demons of the extremes of striving for excellence. Subspecies of these demons very much.

The demon of pride and complacency is the main demon of vices. The source of many sins. Pride is the fertilizer of Vice. Where there is pride, there is always megalomania, paranoia and persecution mania, pathological greed, anger, cruelty and contempt for others. Pride is an attempt to create an idol out of oneself. Exalting oneself above fate and Providence. Working tool, sick stellar disease that can be frustrating for a Creator God?

Pride is a disease of the demons of extremes. Nature believes that the extreme need to destroy. Pride is the mechanism of self-destruction of the demons of extremes.

The demons of doubt (vampires, sucking power and calling failure, to inspire doubts and fears undermine your confidence and business. The killer of faith and a source of discouragement).

Demons consolations and illusions (delusions and justify the flaws of man. They feed on human pain and mistakes. They send a man's soul into a world of illusions, and sell his body into slavery. While the victim cooks in the cauldron for his sins, comfort her and feed on her pain).

Demon of temptation and deception (luring the sinful souls in traps and snares. A merchant of free cheese, freebies and all sorts of temptations and temptations. An important source of slaves for hell).

Demon anger makes you blind and crazy. Rabid blind dog.

Love demons – demons, fallen into "extreme gingerbread". The blind demon, feeding their victims for slaughter, feeding good and bad, but because evil is usually stronger than good, with its hand feed mostly vermin and mosquitoes.

A demon of cruelty is a demon who has fallen into the extreme of the whip. The torturer and torturer is not for good, but for pleasure.

Demons of weakness and impotence. The other side of the demon of perfection. Preaching powerlessness and weakness. Impotence breeds violence. The demons of perfection, depleting their energy and becoming ghouls, really need new blood. Demons of powerlessness cultivate FOOD for GHOULS.

The demons of fear and cowardice - fear weakens and paralyzes. A paralyzed victim becomes an easy victim.

The demons of despondency – a man loses faith in everything, along with a person's faith is leaving power and luck. An exhausted person becomes an easy victim of any sin, loses his independence and passes under the external control of evil.

Demons of misconceptions and pseudoscience (to introduce a person into error in the execution of some of its goals. They don't know what they're doing, but they're doing a lot of things. A kind of demons, deception, demons of stupidity, the demon of the extremes).

Demon vampire – demon of perfection, depleting their hand, and now forced to drink the energy from the weaker. It sucks people's strength, energy, luck and health. Calls on the heads of their victims adversity and problems.

The demon of indifference – a kind of demon of extremes, fills the soul of the person information to the extent that it becomes don't care. A person becomes blind and deaf. He puts on a mask of smiling indifference, but his soul dies.

Demon of envy – makes you waste your energy not on the case, and the meaningless emotions, breeds anger and hatred. The first enemy of the good and beauty, as committed to destroying them.


Many demons are subspecies of each other.

Perfection, pride, extremes-very similar.
Comfort, delusion, the temptation is similar.
Cowardice, doubts, like.
Nonsense – the Queen of the demons…


You can still call sins:

Alcohol, drugs, gluttony and a dozen more of the same kind, but these sins are ruled by demons of extremes, stupidity, temptations.

Violence and cruelty are ruled by demons of perfection and pride.

A great number of sins are the result of stupidity and the fruit of extremes.

Demon Perfection is the demon child of extremes. Perfection is characterized by stupidity, cruelty, and pride


The main demons:
The demon of the extremes (1st chief demon).
A demon of stupidity and ignorance (2nd demon power).
The demons of depression, doubt (destroy faith, inspire fear).
Demons of temptation and consolation (they give poison under the guise of gingerbread and sweets).
Subspecies of demons extremes:
Demons of greed.
Demons vices: alcoholism, drug addiction, gluttony.
The demon of weakness and helplessness (deprived of human forces).
Demons of anger.

There is also a special subspecies of demons whose specialty is to divert a person from his true path, to distract from the true goals.

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3777. [In brevi]   AR AR

Praise  and  attention  are  the  most  important  and  irreplaceable  sources  of  pleasure  in  human  life.  Once  you  deprive  a  person  of  praise  and  attention  from  kith  and  kin,  this  person  will  soon  become  a  psycho  or  a  maniac.

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3830.   AR AR

Love  is  a  necessity.  Having  been  deprived  of  this  natural  drug  of  pleasure  and  joy,  a  person  goes  crazy.  It  can  result  into  running  to  extremes  because  of  the  attempts  to  get  pleasure  from  other  sources  like  alcohol  or  drug  abuse,  gambling  and  other  vices  that  a  person  may  welter  in  because  of  the  lack  of  love. 

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3983.   AR AR

In  its  health  hazard  level,  the  harm  done  by  alcohol  is  approximately  equal  to  that  done  by  sugary  drinks.  Even  their  essence  is  almost  the  same  as  alcohol  is  one  of  the  sugar  derivatives. 

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Art by Evgeniy Slinko



4.235.   AR AR

Alcohol and drugs plunge the mind into the past, sometimes very distant and primitive.

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4.249.   AR AR

Alcohol and drugs usually carry the mind to the past, but you can force the will to go back to the future. Generally, thoughts you want to manage, uncontrollable processes give rise to the hell and chaos.

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4.684.   AR AR

You know why you're stupid as a cork? Because alcoholics are weak and stupid people who can not cope with reality.

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5.453.   AR AR

Food nourishes, but a lot of food drains. Wine invigorates, but, too much, you fall asleep.

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5.853.   AR AR

The difference between water and wine is very small, who understood me correctly, he will gain insight.

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5.962.   AR AR

It is clear that Cancer is lying and trying to deceive the immune system, but he does not always deceive her, and deceives only when the immune system is blinded by something and distracted. Usually distracts nervous system stress (aka fear), and dazzles sugar and its derivatives, including alcohol.

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6.281.   AR AR

Very well lie reveals the alcohol. What a sober man has in mind is a drunken man on his tongue.

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6.391.   AR AR

Sins are dangerous because even if they do not throw a stone at you, the stone will still hit you.

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6.542.   AR AR

You must suffer, if you deceive suffering, the lie will persist and you will become its slave, forever running away from it in the wheel of your illusions. So get gamers, alcoholics, love addiction, etc.

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