Cognitive dissonance. The root of all evils.





5.6.     AR AR

Judge not, lest ye be judged, this will save you from laziness, apathy, and depression.  When an idealist judges reality, it always fails to live up to his ideal, fails to live up to his expectations and shatters his illusions.  A mismatch between expectations of reality cause cognitive dissonance and 1000 of his sins and vices.

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Demons in Paradise, uneasy and even scared, terribly tormented by cognitive dissonance.

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Sins-a terrible thing in the play "the Storm" Catherine, cheating on her husband, falls into a paranoia of fear and suspiciousness. You remember that fear is the devil, the father of lies and stupidity. As a result, it ends with the fact that, unable to stand the pangs of conscience, on her knees she confesses everything to her husband, further aggravating the situation. In my practice of psychotherapy I have seen a similar picture many times, and I want to say that the motive here lies deeper than it seems. It's all the fault of cognitive dissonance and subconscious desire to break the glass house.

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The point of cognitive therapy is that when you're a liar, you can't trust yourself. One should question one's own thoughts. It is very important for the healing of a person – humility and self-recognition as a liar.

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Economic   neurosis   leads   to   cognitive   economic   dissonance,   the   second   stage   of   which   marks   the   looping   of   economics   resulting   in   a   crisis   of   overproduction   and   a   shift   to   the   third   stage   of   decline,   apathy   and   chronic   depression.

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6.193.     AR AR

Trouble is also cognitive dissonance. First you get angry, then you want to quit and run... Then, when you realize that there is nowhere to run, you fall into despondency, laziness and depression. Pain depression allows rethink their mistakes and in next time all do otherwise, to avoid trouble and pain.

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6.357. Family ritual Number 6.     AR AR

Once a boy and a girl got married, but the marriage quickly collapsed. The reason was cognitive dissonance and an irresistible pattern. The girl in the family dad gave mom money, and she went shopping, buying food. And the boy in the family had money from his father, and they went shopping with his mother, together chose and dad paid. In General, the boy could not give her his money, and she could not stand the fact that the money was not given to her.

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6.628.     AR AR

It is very important to learn to recognize and overcome cognitive dissonance. After fear, failure, conflict there is a strong, mixed with laziness, longing and apathy, the desire to leave everything and run away. This programmed desire, you should either swallow quickly defeating stupidity, or if you want to remove, immersed in suffering, not removing them anesthesia until indifference. The main thing to understand that you can not run away from pain in pain (games, books, SOC.networks, movies, alcohol, travel, lust.) It is dangerous to leave work, family, friendship, study.

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6.630.     AR AR

In a family conflict, the best solution to cognitive dissonance is to run away for half an hour, and then whoever is smarter and stronger should come, apologize, maybe give flowers or some other gift, and reduce it to sex. Such a scenario will further strengthen the family. It is necessary to extinguish the desire to escape and encourage yourself with hope. The man usually gives flowers and gifts to apologize, and the woman cooks food or seduces with sex. The other side should support reconciliation.

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6.753.     AR AR

The most effective remedy for depression, grief, suffering from unhappy love is confession by a priest and 3 hours of prayer daily for 6 days. In addition, it makes sense to go to a psychotherapist to teach him to manage his neurosis and correct cognitive distortion of personality.

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7.873. Rational cognitive psychotherapy.     AR AR

Imagine is a technique for solving various psychological problems and questions through their rational awareness. Part of the technique is a technique by which the mind can control the subconscious, controlling fears, laziness, apathy, desires, love, psychosis, neuroses, aggression and other emotions. Uses coding methods of the subconscious, replacement, exercise the power of the spirit, etc.

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3.1656.     AR AR

Cognitive distortions of thinking are unrealistic representations of reality ...that is a consequence of ignorance and illusions.

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3.2111.     AR AR

The meaning of psychotherapy is to control and plan your emotional reactions.

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Every thought and emotion has many alternatives that the mind can choose if it wants to.  I recommend that you choose the emotions and thoughts that you like best.

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3.3060. Repent, sinners, and you will be saved.     AR AR

What's   the   purpose   of   cognitive   psychology?     
-   Changing   of   mind   of   people   suffering   from   personality   disorder.  
-   What's   repentance?     
-   Conscious   change   of   mind,   linked   with   impossibility   to   stand   suffering   generated   by   sin   and   vice.

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4.1543.     AR AR

Most mental illnesses involve cognitive biases of judgment, which in turn are associated with ignorance or falsehood. A mentally ill person is simply a liar or an ignoramus. Of books few people read, and if read, did not understand or read. Have had a teacher or mentor to take it, but the sin of greed and pride ...ruined poor life.

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4.1583. Maladaptive behavior pattern.     AR AR

A squirrel in a wheel is a person with a personality disorder. Cognitive psychologists have noticed that people with personality disorders exhibit the same, repetitive behavior much more often than others.

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4.1584.     AR AR

If you have personal goals that you can't achieve. If you feel like a squirrel in a wheel, which circumstances always prevent to achieve the desired goal. This suggests that at the heart of your personality is a maladaptive pattern of behavior that prevents you. To get rid of this scheme, get out of the wheel and realize your goal, you need to visit a cognitive psychologist who will fine-tune the system, turning maladaptive schemes into adaptive ones.

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4.1676.     AR AR

In the ABS system, the reaction to external influence passes through the contour Of the b-persuasion of the person. What is conviction? This knowledge, experience, education, faith, hope. Ignorance and false beliefs generate distortion in B. the Knowledge of the truth and the formation of an alternative belief system is the goal of cognitive psychotherapy.

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Cognitive distortion is a belief in the unreal and the impossible. Conviction means demanding the unreal and the impossible. Accordingly, cognitive distortions automatically generate unrealized expectations that degenerate into anxiety, fear, anger, hysteria, laziness, apathy, feelings of failure, and problematic behavior.

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