594.   AR AR

There's  no  paradise…  and  there  shouldn't  be  . 
Paradise  is  a  catch  13: 
its  essence  is..movement, 
is  search… 
I  saw  paradise…I  saw  happiness… 
It  was  looking  for  paradise… 
In  the  past  a  lost  paradise. 
I've  been  to  paradise  many  times  … 
dozens,  hundreds,  thousands 
times  I've  been  to  paradise… 
In  the  past  a  lot  of  paradise. 
In  the  present  with  hope  I 
make  a  step  to  the  future  to  find 
it  there  as  well…  but… 
every  time  closing  my  eyes 
and  feeling  happy  I  realize, 
that  it's  in  the  past, 
even  a  second  ago…

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2287. Paradise lost.   AR AR

I never found the Paradise I lost, but I found some other new Paradise, even better than the old one. The expulsion of men from Paradise was the greatest boon of God. The desire to regain what is lost is so great that it gives strength to live countless generations of people, otherwise they would have long since died out of boredom.

While people were looking for the old Paradise, they have already found or built dozens of new Paradise places, hundreds of times better than the old one. And all because the lost seems at times large and compensate it is not so easy.

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2357. The main fear.   AR AR

The  main  threat  to  power  is  fear.  Fear  is  the  shadow  of  power.  A  person  who  wields  power  is  scared  of  losing  it. 

Those  who  wield  power,  influence,  money,  wits,  beauty  are  really  scared  of  losing  their  "precious  thing". 

A  fear  of  possible  loss  casts  a  blight  on  people's  life  and  makes  them  enslaved  to  their  power. 
This  fear  becomes  paranoia  and  makes  a  person  very  unhappy.  As  this  person  constantly  needs  to  prove  his  or  her  power  as  a  result  of  being  tortured  with  fear  of  losing  it  all.  This  person  needs  others  to  agree  that  the  power  still  belongs  to  him  or  her.  And  if  this  person  suddenly  loses  "this  precious  thing",  it  will  drive  this  person  crazy. 

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2637. A heap of rubbish.   AR AR

Wheels  and  cogs  spinning  inside  a  huge  machine  called  the  system,  are  really  unhappy.  As  they  hardly  realize  what  they  are  meant  for.  But  they  want  freedom.  Of  course,  they  get  oiled  in  the  normal  system  and  the  oil  makes  them  happier.  But  oil  is  never  enough. 
Then  some  people  come  to  them  and  promise  freedom.  These  people  promise  them  to  break  the  system  that  enslaved  them.  They  promise  cogs,  wheels  and  small  screws  real  freedom.  And  the  slaves  of  the  system  believe  this  idiotic  promise  and  even  start  to  break  their  system  all  by  themselves.  Everything  gets  ruined  to  pieces.  And  now  there's  something  like  a  heap  of  rubbish  where  once  was  a  smoothly  functioning  machine.  And  this  heap  is  full  of  useless  scrap  that  becomes  rusty.  Why  do  these  small  screws  and  wheels  lie  around  and  get  rusty  under  the  rain?  What  for?  What's  the  meaning  of  their  life?  It  makes  people  so  unhappy.  Their  life  without  meaning  is  now  so  terrible  that  they  would  like  to  die  but  their  religion  doesn't  let  them  do  it. 

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3.240. Savior of lost souls.   AR AR

Psychologist is a modern analogue of the priest.  A psychologist is a lifeguard on a beach in Malibu.  A hero without fear or reproach, whose job is to save the drowning.  If you're drowning, scream and they'll save you.

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3941. A person ALL goes well with.   AR AR

It's  a  person  all  goes  well  with.  This  person  is  no  longer  interested  in  anything.  A  person  who  became  useless  to  society  and  finding  no  savour  left  in  life.  Perhaps,  this  person  is  doomed  to  fade  away. 

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3994. In fact, medicines are just a way to allow yourself to sin.   AR AR

A  person  leads  a  wrong  way  of  life  and  that  is  why  he  is  ill.  But,  instead  of  starting  to  eat  healthily,  observing  the  order  of  the  day  and  going  in  for  sports...  Instead  of  moving  to  a  reasonable  and  moderate  way  of  life,  a  person  chooses  the  easy  way  of  medicines:  he  is  getting  better  and  continues,  as  if  nothing  has  happened,  to  indulge  in  sins  and  vices,  leading  a  self-destructive  way  of  life.

Medicines,  in  fact,  are  the  justification  of  vices.  Gluttony,  folly,  predilections  to  extremes  cause  a  lot  of  diseases.  Instead  of  mending  his  ways,  a  person  prefers  to  take  wonder  medicines.  He's  getting  better...  Now  he  can  live  at  his  own  sweet  will.


Medicine  allows  us  to  sin  with  impunity.  A  fool  who  has  known  extremes  no  longer  howls  with  pain.  This  person  has  lost  his  hearing  and  sight,  he  no  longer  sees  signs  and  no  longer  hears  the  warnings.  Quickly  and  with  confidence,  that  poor  person  goes  straight  to  the  Hell.

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4.254. Create a Paradise.   AR AR

The   meaning   of   the   book   "Variothoughts"   is   the   creation   of   a   lost   Paradise.   The   cause   of   all   evil   in   this   life   –   the   expulsion   from   Paradise,   if   all   people   return   to   heaven,   evil   will   disappear.   Evil   is   darkness   outside   of   Paradise,   there   is   no   evil   in   Paradise.

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4.728.   AR AR

The task of man is to build the Kingdom of God on earth. Lies are the desire to return to the worlds of illusion. A lie is an attempt to find Paradise lost. A lie is a desire to return to the past and go back.

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4.729.   AR AR

A dream is a role model, but not a goal you will achieve. Your dream is Paradise, and your task is to create a Paradise around you and live in it. Remember the meaning of human life-to plant a garden, build a house and raise a child. It is necessary to plant a garden of Eden and build a house in it, and the child is a symbol of the creation of the mind. Mind is the Holy spirit.

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5.932. The thrill of the hunt.   AR AR

That we do not appreciate, lost cry. One of the main laws of marketing. To awaken fear and desire in a person, it is necessary to create a feeling for him that he can lose something valuable. Even the mere threat of loss awakens the desire to run and catch the fleeing. In General, if You do not appreciate, exercise restraint and run away.

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6.138.   AR AR

The over-loved child is afraid of losing love. He is always tormented by the fear that he is not loved. It is necessary to talk to him, to say that everything is good, that everyone loves him and loves his mother. And especially his mother loves him when he behaves well. And if he doesn't do what he's supposed to, mom gets sad and mom feels bad. If he is a good boy, his mother will love him, and will not be sad, and will smile. The main thing is to make sure that the child does not have the idea that when he behaves badly, his mother pays attention to him. You should ignore his bad behavior, showing complete coldness. On the contrary, good behavior should be responded to warmly.

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6.782. The immortality of the soul.   AR AR

If the soul is a part of the spirit and not of the body, then the immortality of the soul is possible. The soul is the interface between spirit and body, if it is disconnected from the body, then all emotions and feelings to mind. The essence of Paradise is that the perfect spirit is able to control his soul and is able to create a Paradise in it, for example, by reuniting with God. The essence of Union with God is that, having lost the body, a person connects with God and it gives him joy. The essence of hell is that God does not accept an imperfect and unwholesome spirit and the soul remains in eternal darkness, devoid of a spiritual body. The eternal emptiness and darkness are filled with the fears of the lost spirit.

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6.812. Paradise lost is a broken glass illusion of lies.   AR AR

Why do you want to open Pandora's box? You're suspicious, you think you're surrounded by lies and you're looking for the truth? Well, I'll tell you what, Yes ... a lie. You love lies, you live in a house of glass illusions, and if you open Pandora's box, you will find the truth in it and it will destroy your glass illusion, and then you will howl at the moon for a long time in pain, mourning your lost Paradise.

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9.553. To want freedom is to lose freedom.   AR AR

As   electron   can’t   leave   the   nucleus   orbit,   the   same   way   human   can’t   break   the   closed   cycle.   But   free   unpaired   electrons   can   pair   with   opposite   free   electrons,   getting   balance   this   way,   but   losing   freedom.   By   the   way,   the   only   chance   to   get   temporary   freedom   for   electron   is   getting   into   some   extreme   circumstances:   pressure,   temperature   and   so   on.   So,   human   should   take   the   extreme   change   of   external   circumstances   if   he   wants   to   break   the   closed   cycle.

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10.288.   AR AR

Beyond the edge there is nothing interesting, just deep salt water.  You need straight.  You go to extremes, you lose time, you get tired...  perish...

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4.1043.   AR AR

The idea of returning to Paradise, search Paradise lost, return to Nirvana is the idea of desertion and refusal of his own destiny. Man is light, his purpose is to turn darkness into light, to create life. Light left the Sun to create life on Earth. The task of light is to seek darkness and help life. Why should the light return to the sun, to this fiery hell, where the light is already more than necessary?

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4.1285. Grupogalante.   AR AR

Many greedy people, wishing to achieve their goal easily and quickly, refuse long and expensive real solutions, as a result, lose ten times more and do not realize their tasks at all. He wants today, but there is tomorrow. "Tomorrow" does not suit him, he refuses, in the end everything is done, God forbid, in a week plus a monstrous hassle and loss of energy.

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4.2275.   AR AR

You   shouldn’t   be   afraid   to   lose   dust.   Fear   of   losing   dust   is   ridiculous.   There   is   an   endless   amount   of   dust.   Fear   brings   suffering.   You   remind   me   of   a   child   in   a   big   sandbox   who   is   crying   because   the   shape   he   made   out   of   sand   was   ruined.   He   is   crying   because   another   child   is   fighting   with   him   over   a   handful   of   sand   not   being   able   to   step   aside.  

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4.2426.   AR AR

Paradise lost is a world of illusions, you are very eager to return to it? Game, fancy, death... You have a lot of options, take any.

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