10.17724. Life as poetry.   AR AR

Gutseriev's poetry revives the proud name of a free artist.  For many decades, art has forgotten the word "freedom", forgotten the word "pride".  The modern artist is an ingratiating slave, like a dog with its tongue hanging out, looking at anyone who is ready to scratch it behind the ear.  Audience slave.  The slave of certain people who call themselves judges.  A slave to conventions, patterns, and forms.  Where is freedom?  Where is the spit in the face of public taste?  Where are the words that cut like a knife into the soul of Philistines and arrogant "professionals"?  Is this what real art should be?  Toothless and drooling?  No, real art is fire, it's a hurricane that sweeps everything in its path.  Remember Mayakovsky And Pasternak.  Breton, Fields  Eluard, Ezra  Pound.  Remember all those thousands of great poets who broke this world through the knee, who climbed the barricades and shouted:  "Down with the mossy satraps!  Down with the petrified idols.  Down with the usual forms.  We want new forms.  We want a breath of freedom.  We want to call beauty what no one has ever called beauty before!»  Remember at Mayakovsky's: 

The equator shudders with shackles.
And in Peru, it is desolate, desolate…
Only viciously huddled under the law,
there are sad judges.

Truly, a true artist should be stronger than his judges.  The reality of today's existence is that a real poet should not start with poems, but with himself.  Now a poet's own life is poetry.  To have the right to freedom of expression, the artist must first draw himself.  A poet should turn his life into poetry.  And this is the meaning of real art:  not just to Shine like a star in the ocean of illusions, but to become the sun of reality.  To change reality, to bring the reality of his own flow of energy and strength.  Real poetry gives strength and allows you to break the chains of slavery.  It allows you to get rid of the templates imposed by dull judges, from the whips of idols trying to level everyone up to their own templates.  The modern poet is like grass on a lawn, he was cut for a typewriter and sat on top of it.  It takes incredible strength and courage to win back freedom.  We need a revolution.  Gutseriev's poetry inspires us for revolution, teaches us courage and strength, and tells us where to draw this strength from.  Shows you what to aim for.

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10.17725. The grass has no desires.   AR AR

It seems so easy to turn into grass... but even a great one  Buddha did not succeed.  As I said  Lao Tzu, our first effort is the effort of non-doing, and by doing it we train the cosmic force in ourselves.  But they say, and Lao  Dzy failed to become a grass...  How to be great is the one who seems to us so small?

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10.17726.   AR AR

Everything is good...  When  God created the earth, he said:  "This is Good" ... Restrained desires are like rivers rushing towards the ocean, and this is good.  Unrestrained desires are like swamps and this is also good.  We can't say that a river is better than a swamp,but we can decide for ourselves where we like to live.  Desires are the offspring of the bottomless hunger of pride, and pride is the source of all human suffering...  Experience tells us that well, to hell with this swamp...

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10.17727.   AR AR

Is not desire the cause of our suffering?  Is it true to say that we are digging yourself a hole?

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10.17728.   AR AR

Start doing a good job and people will follow you.

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10.17729.   AR AR

The great art of the mind is to use its vices and shortcomings for the good of the cause. 

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10.17730.   AR AR

They say that people are good and I am bad... am I a Person?  "You're honest!

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10.17731. Life as poetry.   AR AR

Show me a poet, and I will tell you what his poetry is.  He who is light is Holy.  The one who is near the fire is the fire itself.  And if the poet is vile, false, cowardly, stupid, and subtile, what should I think of his poetry?  I don't even need to read a poem to know what's in it.  These poems are like the flame, these poems melt the metal.  You will recognize a real poet throughout his life.  Life, that's what real poetry is.  Every second, every moment of a real poet is the poetry of being.  The very first thing a poet creates is his life.

I make an incision with a line 
And rhyme heart gut.   
A demon breathes next to me,   
And I write poems for myself.   

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10.17732.   AR AR

Intelligent animals are inherently monstrous.  A mind devoid of love becomes a monster.  In fact, true reason is love, and what is devoid of love is monstrous and immoral.  Monstrous boredom fills the souls of animals and turns them into monsters.

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10.17733.   AR AR

True love is something that can't be killed.  True love is always reborn from the ashes.  True love lives like lightning in the sky, the first rain and love will descend to earth again as a wall of fire.

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10.17734. A source of clean energy.   AR AR

Poetry is a sensual way of knowing reality.  Remember this, there was a word first.  Poets are the closest people to the nature of things.  The reality is the truth.  Reality is beauty.  Don't be afraid to love.  Don't be afraid to admire.  Love is pure energy.  Love is knowledge, and knowledge is power.  Love is a phenomenon of beauty, and beauty is energy.  When you fall in love with poetry, you will know the beauty and truth behind it, and share them with the poet who created it.  The poet is a conductor of energy, a witness of true beauty.  A poet is a person who has learned the source of beauty, and anyone who shares his passion can drink it with him. 

To see the true beauty is not as easy as it seems.  This requires faith.  The most valuable things in this world are always hidden from prying eyes.  To get something valuable, you need to try, you need to do useful work, you need to focus your attention, you need to humble your pride and arrogance.  Work is love, to get the energy of love, you should show yourself to be a devoted lover.  Love is not only fun and joy... no, no…  True love is time and work, it is knowledge, it is patience, it is devotion, it is tolerance and the ability to forgive shortcomings.  But it's all worth it, because love is  The God of this world, and beauty is the source of energy, and faith and truth are the sources of power.

The poet he knew the beauty and the truth, and they changed his life.  His whole life is poetry; his hours, days, and years are his poems.  When I look at the life of a poet, I see his poems.  When I look at his poems, I see his life.  And I like these poems, I like this life, I like this person... And I also want to bring these truths and this beauty, and these principles, and this power, and this energy into my life.  Sincere love, love that overcomes pride is the most reasonable and effective way to know reality. 

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10.17735.   AR AR

The higher the speed, the more time turns into a dense viscous medium.

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10.17736.   AR AR

They resent the truth even more than they resent a lie.  The truth is immoral, in its essence.  In the world of dreams and illusions, I forbid you to tell the truth.

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10.17737.   AR AR

The point is, you can say it's beautiful.  You can say that this is the truth.  But we cannot say that this is ugly and it is a lie, because it is a violation of the commandment "do not judge", pride, not tolerance, and a lie that denies that  God is everything.

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10.17738.   AR AR

The proud need to keep "a tight rein", but otherwise he's never gonna end and lose the fear.

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10.17739.   AR AR

Pride is very harmful to relationships, and it is always mutual and you can not get rid of it unilaterally, and stop suffering.  Both sides must get rid of their pride at the same time.

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10.17740.   AR AR

In relationships, the greater negative effect comes from men, women prefer to adjust.

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10.17741. A sick fantasy.   AR AR

Ideality is something that does not exist and cannot be.

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10.17742. The less, the more.   AR AR

People are so far from ideal that if there is even a drop of good in a person, thank you for that.

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10.17743.   AR AR

Stupid idea    search for the perfect partner.  Look for a partner who at least likes something in him, and ignore everything else.

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