10.20778. Fire, water, and copper pipes.   AR AR

To spite everything, I look to the future with hope.  I don't know how yet, but we will win.  I see a wall of flames ahead and boldly go into the fire.  If we burn, well, that's fate.  However, I'm not going to burn.  Hope is a symbol of the burning Bush, which does not burn in the fire and does not sink in the water.

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10.16701.   AR AR

The mysteries of Hermes teach us what faith means.  The test of fire is faith, the realization of what is expected.  The moth flies fearlessly towards the fire, flies to death, flies to a dead end, but knows that by showing care, it will be saved, and at the last second everything will be fine.  The test of water is faith, as the certainty of the unseen.  You dive into the black, opaque water and swim through the tunnel, hoping that there is a passage there and you will not drown.

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10.15729.   AR AR

The fire is not lit and the fire is not sinking it is about those who are not afraid of order and chaos, truth and falsehood, reality and illusion.

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10.21343.   AR AR

Don't be afraid of future fears.  Fear of speaking in front of the dead end and fire.  But that will be in seven days, and today you can still move and grow…  Go straight into the fire, but look carefully around, somewhere on the side there will be a detour.

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10.21829. Fire, water, and copper pipes.   AR AR

Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask.  Don't trust the fire.  Don't be afraid of water.  Don't ask for copper pipes.  Copper pipes it is necessary to preserve the impartiality and restraint.  Copper pipes are the temptation of pleasure, vanity, power, wealth, lust, etc.

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4.847.   AR AR

The test of copper pipes is the test of lust and women. The test of water is a step into the abyss, diving into a dark pool with his head. The test of fire is living in fire and knowing that there is another way. But before that there was still a test of fear of height and depth.

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The beginning of the book

10.95. Grain and tares.   AR AR

Man is the Son of God, the meaning of human life is to grow and become God.  The meaning of separating the wheat from the chaff that God is one in whom there is Love, all the rest is chaff and they need to weed out.  Mr. Reaper is responsible for weeding out the chaff grains.  The test of fire, sword, and brass pipes is to separate the true from the false.  Grains are Angels, demons are chaff.

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3.422.   AR AR

Obstacles that arise from nothing, it is a test for a lover to check whether he has real love.  Nothing feels love.

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3.943. The rage of love.   AR AR

A   person   is   ready   to   do   any   stupid   thing   in   the   name   of   his   love.   The   rage   of   love   makes   the   entire   world   serve   it.   The   world   resists   the   rage   of   love   but…   it   only   makes   it   stronger.   When   it   encounters   a   dam   on   its   path,   love   accumulates   its   rage   with   joyful   enthusiasm,   thus   acquiring   a   cosmic   strength.   The   most   important   thing   is   to   resist   temptation   and   under   no   pretext   (especially   a   good   one)   to   leave   the   true   path.   The   devil   makes   the   chosen   one   go   through   fire   and   water   in   order   to   separate   the   chaff   from   the   grain.   The   grain   is   true   love   and   the   chaff   is   false   love.

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3.953. The birth of a dragon.   AR AR

Fire   and   water.   Temptation   with   water   refers   to   the   dam’s   resistance.   Love   is   water.   The   dam   allow   it   to   accumulate   strength.   If   you   do   not   give   up,   yield   to   fear   or   temptation,   you   can   acquire   cosmic   strength,   and   then   a   breakthrough,   a   volcanic   eruption,   will   occur.

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4.214.   AR AR

The   metaphor   of   Abraham   and   his   son   Isaac   tells   us   that   a   sincere   willingness   to   sacrifice   in   the   name   of   faith   works   miracles   by   averting   the   inevitable.   The   Chosen   does   not   burn   in   the   fire   and   does   not   sink   in   water.   The   mission   of   the   Chosen   one   is   the   highest   value   of   being,   similar   to   the   gift   for   which   a   person   must   sacrifice   everything   he   has.

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4.241.   AR AR

In the fulfillment of desire there is a stage Before and a stage After. Be prepared for the fact that the Stage after generates a great problem and test, which, if not overcome, will destroy you and all the benefits of the fulfillment of the desire. On the one who has reached the top of the fulfillment of desire, from all sides the winds rush, wanting to throw him back into the abyss.

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7.500. Separating grain from chaff.   AR AR

The   fact   is,   they   tempt   you   on   purpose   to   check   for   rottenness.   Those   who   resist   temptation   go   to   paradise   and   those   who   fail   go   to   hell…

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Art by Karina Bivaylova



7.668.   AR AR

Beats, means loves. If God sends you trials and problems, they should be useful, because they want to do what is best for you.

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7.758. The reaper.   AR AR

In  tempting  and  seducing  a  man  or  in  trying  to  destroy  his  faith  and  love,  the  Devil  is  just  checking  to  see  if  he  is  rotten.  The  Devil  is  one  who  sifts  the  empty  from  the  solid  and  the  real  from  the  false.  If  yourself,  your  faith  and  your  love  are  real,  temptations  are  no  threat  to  them.

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8.543. Futile wishes never come true.   AR AR

The  seriousness  of  your  intentions  gets  tested  by  your  obstinate  efforts. 

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3.2857. A man who has God in him.   AR AR

How can the obstacles and failures of a lover stop?  Then desired Mr. Devil, fire, water and copper pipes it checks whether there is love.

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3.2961. True love is not afraid of stones.   AR AR

To the lover specially all say :" do not do what you love to check whether this love is true.  True love cannot be led astray by diabolical temptations or threats."

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4.1964. Pain makes us stronger.   AR AR

My father was a very strong, intelligent and courageous man, who did not know such words as fear or doubt. There were many reasons for his greatness, but one of the first was the game of nettles. As a child, at the age of 5-6 years, he and other children ran naked through nettles on a dispute. Who will not be afraid, who will have enough willpower. It was a beautiful test, making willpower steely and killing fear in the Bud. What could be more painful and terrible than running naked through nettles at the age of five? 

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4.2020.   AR AR

Don't be afraid, don't back down... Even when you're scared, even when it's not what you wanted. In fact, it is an illusion and a lie. You're being tested for lice, whether your love is real or fake. True love, she's not afraid of anything.

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4.2693.   AR AR

The test should be seen as an opportunity to test and develop one's spiritual strength and strength. In no case can you run away into yourself, into the past, into dreams and fantasies... Running away from the external pressure turns into a point, a small flattened ball, inside which runs a small frightened squirrel... which horror feels like its real the world is getting smaller and smaller.

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4.2694.   AR AR

Moral victory is the victory of the spirit over circumstances. The victory of the spirit over the fear, suffering and trials of the real world.

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4.2896. Or a sinner whose suffering is endless.   AR AR

The Bush of burning thorns, which burns and does not burn, is a symbol that the righteous does not burn in the fire of trials and sufferings.

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4.3691.   AR AR

Saints and sinners in the same fire, but the sinner's howls of pain, but the righteous to himself as fire.

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5.3098. A dream requires passion and love.   AR AR

He who finds his dream becomes a laughing stock for others, acquiring the contempt of a slave. He who goes to a distant goal must be ready to pass the test of contempt, ridicule and humiliation. Before you become the first, you will be the last. You will despise, throw rocks, beat and pour mud. You will be lower and even lower will be above you, and will spit on you from trampling.

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5.3099.   AR AR

A dream requires true self-love. True love is not afraid of trials, and false will break and run away in fear.

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