The main thing is not the essence, but the episodes






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"The main thing is not the essence, but the episodes."  Look at the details and extract meaning, truth and benefit from them.  Honey is always mixed with tar, you need to take honey, and leave the tar to those who need it.  An important nuance is that for different people, honey and tar will be different.

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Importantly this not the crux of the, and episodes.  The point is that the whole is meaningless, but there is much to be gained from the details.

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Importantly not the crux of the, and episodes.  Episodes are like bricks, they can be torn out of any context and taken away as a building stone.

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I tear words out of dialogues and turn words into truth.  I don't need everything.  I'm willing to put up with a lie for a grain of gold.

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Goals   are   ephemeral:   they   come   and   go.   Movement   is   eternal.

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From very minor episodes, if you pay attention to them, you can extract huge and useful results.

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The meaning of understanding the truth is in its detail.  The big truth is simple and clear, but its thousands of small details require very detailed study.

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Truth is a complete entity.  Truth is when there are no unnecessary details.

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You are interested in the whole, and I am not interested in the whole.  The whole has long been created, it is there, and we have seen it hundreds of times.  I'm interested in details and nuances.  I break the whole into tiny bits and pieces.  Everyone is looking for a holistic truth, and I don't need it, it has long been invented.

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10.5378. Nobody wants the whole.   AR AR

Importantly not the crux of the, and episodes.  Everyone has his own whole, to take someone else's whole will not work, and it is not necessary.  Everyone needs details.  Take the parts you need from people and leave the parts you don't need.

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You can't be late for anything.  Time does not exist.  Accumulate in time pieces of the puzzle, and when you collect all the details, just connect them all, through time and distance.

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Integrity consists of details.  The more details, the greater the integrity.  The fewer details, the more contradictions.

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10.13079. One whole.   AR AR

Experience leads to an increase in the distinctions of things.  As the experience grows, the number of visible details and nuances increases.  However, when you reach a certain limit, you come back to one whole.  Therefore, lack of experience and a lot of experience often give the same results.

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The more experienced a person is, the more details are available to them.  Experience is the ability to break the whole into the smallest details.  In the second stage of the experiment, you need to put everything back together and see the whole in detail.

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The main thing is not the essence, but the episodes, because life is movement.  Any meaning of this movement is ephemeral and necessary only to generate this movement.

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The main thing is not the essence, but the episodes, because the goals are ephemeral, and the ideal is unattainable.  Our task is to search endlessly for pieces and assemble a whole from them.  Our goal is an endless process of assembling the mosaic of being.

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The main thing is not the essence, but the episodes... however, knowing all the details, we automatically know the whole.  The main thing is episodes, because the less, the more.  The truth is very, very small, but at the same time huge.  On the other hand, the whole, although it seems huge and large, is essentially very simple.

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3.2398.   AR AR

Love is attention to detail...  Love is the ability to concentrate and concentration.

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3.2212. Attainment of truth.   AR AR

A   comprehensive   attainment   of   reality   occurs   by   knowledge’s   thinning   of   its   tiniest   degree   of   detail.

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The beginning of the book

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To grow, you need to focus on the details.  But the one who concentrates on details is blind.  A blind man needs Faith not to forget the whole.

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Mindfulness is the simultaneity of thinking within the perception of the whole and details.
For the simultaneity of thinking and conscious, one needs faith.

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Trivia ...little things, it's all about little things, angels and devils live in them.

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The point of humility to reality is to be attentive to detail. After all, "guardian angel" and "devil in the details" are very small. Any accident can raise you to heaven or cast away into hell. If you see and believe in the guardian angel, he will be your salvation. If you don't see and believe in the devil, he'll be your ticket to hell.

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9.974.   AR AR

It's  very  useful  to  sum  up  the  best  things  from  your  competitors  and  add  some  of  your  novelty  and  originality  to  it  all.

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3.1317. Mindfulness is the love of life.   AR AR

Wisdom is mindfulness.  Mindfulness generates in a person the ability to see causal relationships and many small and large details woven into one system.

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3.2272. Such a small detail.   AR AR

Lack   of   attention   for   details   produces   excessive   generalizations   that   produce   black   and   white   dichotomous   thinking   that   produces   idealism   and   neuroses   that   produce   hell   and   paradise.   Interestingly,   hell   and   sufferings   remain   inside   the   person   whereas   paradise   and   happiness   remain   in   the   mirror-world   and   in   dreams.

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3.2907. Love is awareness.   AR AR

The poor are those in whom there is no love, for they do not see the value of small things.  The miracle consists of many very small details that need to be seen and collected, but to do this, you need to see, that is, to be aware.

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3.3074.   AR AR

True knowledge makes a person whole, but wholeness consists of unity and awareness of thousands of details, and truth is a forest, the trees in which it is a lie.

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3.3166. Square forest and Fig tree.   AR AR

Small details can be infinitely important.  Big details may not matter.

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4.1186.   AR AR

The   meaning   of   the   parables   is   to   teach   us   to   pay   attention   to   very   small   and   seemingly   insignificant   details,   which,   in   fact,   are   truly   the   most   important.

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4.1894. The hen ate grain by grain.   AR AR

Do not neglect anything, in the balance of life even the smallest grain has weight. Do not neglect the small, if all the small to collect on the scales it will easily outweigh all the big.

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Cons or pluses it's all ephemeral. There is a chaos of lines, you yourself could put them in the pros or cons.

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4.4325.   AR AR

Variothoughts   is   a   LEGO   truth   Builder.   Variothoughts   is   a   game   in   which   you   need   to   collect   the   truth   corresponding   to   your   current   goals   and   objectives   from   pieces   of   lies.  

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5.1386.   AR AR

The essence of stopping the world is awareness in a state of danger. Accustomed to mindfulness and mindfulness, knowing what and where to look for, in moments of danger the brain begins to think hundreds of times faster than the world and it is as if the world slows down and gives the ability to see every detail and have time to comprehend everything. To do this, you need to train the brain, observe and analyze the smallest details.

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6.3922. Enlightenment.   AR AR

Understanding of small details gives enlightenment. Enlightenment is the understanding of the whole, consisting of many small details merged into one. In General, there are no unnecessary details, each small detail has its own deep meaning. Enlightenment comes from mindfulness of every little detail.

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6.6038. The book is an inverted looking glass of life.   AR AR

A good play is very similar to real life. Random unintelligible dialogues and apparent absurdity, banality or lack of plot, the understanding of the meaning of which is very dependent on the actor's play and the viewer's insight.

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7.2312.   AR AR

Be very attentive to details, because the whole consists of details. Without noticing even the smallest detail, you will lose the whole.

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7.4822. The main thing is not to forget to assemble it back.   AR AR

Casuistry is the realization of the thesis "divide and rule" in cognition. Dividing the complex into the simple, you can easily achieve knowledge.

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7.6784.   AR AR

Knowing the future is very attentive to details. Truth is made up of small details. Only one small detail distinguishes the working from the idle, the truth from the lie.

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