Doctors that treat the soul. Psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.






7.2012.   AR AR

Psychologist is a magician of words, healing magic words, he heals the soul and body of man from pain and suffering.

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9.5388.   AR AR

A true psychoanalyst is always an outstanding intellectual.

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3840.   AR AR

The first psychoanalyst in the world was the philosopher Socrates and his disciples - Plato, and later Aristotle. The dialectic of Socrates is the Foundation of Freud's psychoanalysis.

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3.149.   AR AR

If you want to know what your sin is and why you suffer, go to a psychologist.  If you find an honest and courageous man, he will tell you.

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10.6087.   AR AR

Personality disorder and heartache is a situation where a person's soul is broken.  Master Imagy collects the human soul piece by piece, returning it to the joy and meaning of life.

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4.2841.   AR AR

A psychologist is useful in avoiding many diseases of the body. A person at a psychologist's appointment throws out all his negativity and fears, which would otherwise turn into diseases and begin to destroy the health of the body.

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7.966. Life-giving conversation.   AR AR

Conversations with a psychoanalyst are invigorating, because you can talk about anything and it relieves internal tension, beneficially relieving neuroses, psychoses, fears and complexes... Speaking aloud allows you to better comprehend the problems and successfully solve them. To speak freely and frankly with relatives or just acquaintances is uncomfortable and dangerous... Many things friends and family do not need to know.

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5.386.   AR AR

To keep sitting in your head, endlessly spinning hamster wheel, exhausting time and effort, you go to a therapist and vygryz of this squirrel. Tell the therapist, he'll decide.

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3953. Tell me about your pain and it will be lighter.   AR AR

I  will  take  part  of  your  pain,  sins,  stupidities  and  doubts.  Your  burden  will  be  much  lighter  and  you  will  be  able  to  fly  again.

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4.572.   AR AR

A psychologist is a person who understands you better than you do. The problem of an ordinary person is that he does not understand himself and his desires. It seems to him that he wants A, does B, and gets B. and then cries for a long time, because he did not want B at all.

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4.590.   AR AR

The main task of a psychologist is to help a person overcome doubts and establish himself in his own desires and intentions. The task of inspiration is to overcome indecision and doubt, fear and uncertainty.

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6.1274.   AR AR

The main task of the psychotherapist is to strengthen the patient's mind with truth in order to allow him to overcome all his dissonances, vices and temptations.

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3.2159. Master watchmaker.   AR AR

To fix the mind of a neurotic, you need to manually adjust (calibrate) his feedback with reality.  A psychotherapist is a watchmaker whose task is to calibrate and tune the brain.

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3814. A prescription for psychoanalysis.   AR AR

We  teach  people  how  to  be  normal,  how  to  avoid  nervous  breakdowns  and  extremes  and  how  to  search  for  consolation  and  fun  among  nice  things  instead  of  vicious  ones. 

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10.3743.   AR AR

The main reason that a person comes to a therapist is the fear of losing control.  When idealists lose control, they panic.

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3838. The cleaner of the soul.   AR AR

It's  necessary  to  clean  brains.  Otherwise,  it  may  get  stuffed  with  rubbish.  Short  term  memory  runs  out  of  its  memoryspace  and  makes  a  person's  brain  get  hung  up  and  lose  the  ability  to  think  fast  enough.  It  all  results  into  errors  that  endanger  a  person's  activities. 

It's  important  to  take  care  of  the  brain,  to  oil  and  put  it  in  the  right  state.  It's  also  necessary  to  remove  dust  and  rust  from  it  and  clean  it  from  rubbish. 

Every  machine  needs  some  service  examination  and  human  brain  is  not  an  exception.  An  analytical  psychologist  is  the  real  system  manager  of  a  human  soul. 

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10.5597.   AR AR

Depression is a stop to gain energy for new growth.  The one who has not grown for a long time, accumulates a huge potential.

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6.636.   AR AR

I noticed that reading books on psychology in order to apply this knowledge to yourself ends in chaos in the head and life, because in other people's eyes we see a grain of sand, and at ourselves we do not notice a log.

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3.235. Different doctors, different drugs.   AR AR

A psychiatrist is a doctor who treats with pills.  A psychotherapist is a doctor who treats with truth and order.  A psychologist is a doctor who treats with love and comfort.

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3.236.   AR AR

The   main   human   problem   is   fear.   Fear   engenders   paranoia.   Most   people   are   paranoids.   Paranoia   engenders   anger,   aggression,   sufferings,   despise,   disappointment   and   dejection.

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The beginning of the book

4.80.   AR AR

Psychoanalysis believes that the problem is unconscious desires.  There is some truth in this, but there is another problem.  Man is not simply not aware of his desires or wrongly aware of them, first of all, he does not know how he can satisfy them.  It seems that whatever he's doing, all to no avail and hell is inevitable.

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5.30.   AR AR

Parents, do not be shy, come and consult a psychologist.  Even if nothing new is told to You, You will be strengthened in the belief that You are doing everything right.  (Or, conversely, wrong... Anything can happen.)

The child is an ordinary soldier, parents are Junior officers, teachers and psychologists are senior officers and generals.  In principle, to influence the child, a child psychologist does not even have to talk to him, it will be enough to communicate with parents and explain to them how the elder should manage the younger. 

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1554.   AR AR

The  following  ways  can  be  used  to  create  a  comfortable  psychological  background:  support  by  agreement,  support  by  approval,  flattery  and  admiration,  approving  gestures,  sharing  common  interests  and  ideas. 

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3045. A kind doctor.   AR AR

Pills  are  bitter  and  unpleasant  for  being  swallowed  when  something  hurts.  Extra  pain  brings  no  joy.  However,  if  one  puts  up  with  the  taste,  pills  will  probably  nip  a  Worm  of  the  disease  in  the  bud. 

But  there  is  one  great  threat  -  a  pill  can  easily  turn  into  poison.  It's  not  only  a  Worm  of  the  disease  that  dies  of  the  pill  but  also  lots  of  useful  creatures  as  well.  It's  easy  to  choose  wrong  pills.  As  pills  are  a  dangerous  thing. 

So  what's  to  be  done?  -  an  ill  reader  may  ask  me. 
It's  obvious:  visit  a  good  doctor. 

The  doctor  who  can  heal  your  soul...  Self-treatment  can  hardly  bring  any  health.  As  self-treatment  only  makes  a  disease  chronical  and  worsens  its  course,  giving  complications  and  side  effects. 

A  doctor...  a  doctor...  a  doctor...  a  doctor...  a  doctor...  To  find  a  doctor. 

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Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



3.233. The cure for love is love.   AR AR

A psychologist is a doctor who treats the soul with love from love.  Love is a disease and a cure.  Who loves the truth - rejoice, who loves a lie - suffering.

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3.238.   AR AR

Meditation is any monotonous movement of thought and body.  The point of meditation is to calm the storm. 

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3.240. Savior of lost souls.   AR AR

Psychologist is a modern analogue of the priest.  A psychologist is a lifeguard on a beach in Malibu.  A hero without fear or reproach, whose job is to save the drowning.  If you're drowning, scream and they'll save you.

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3.241.   AR AR

Work is rest from idleness.

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3.323.   AR AR

Has anyone ever seen a happy man?  - I'm happy, but I have a lot of problems.  I guess if I didn't have problems, I'd be happier?  - No, once you're out of trouble, disaster will swallow you up like a black hole.

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3792. Psychoanalysis is the basis of modern civilization.   AR AR

Psychoanalysis is the basis of Western civilization. It was psychoanalysis that created modern man. A man of efficiency, sanity and balance. The job of a psychoanalyst is to maintain the best in a person. Psychoanalysis allows us to avoid extremes and cultivate a balanced person. A man who could overcome his complexes and neuroses, his stupidity and his delusions. A man of thought and reason. A man who has ceased to be a slave to his subconscious, his feelings and emotions.

Upgrade and fine-tuning of the human soul - that's what a real psychoanalysis.

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3818.   AR AR

It's  important  to  visit  a  family  psychologist  long  before  a  relationship  starts  to  break  up.  Boredom,  mutual  misunderstanding,  indifference,  inability  to  compromise,  absence  of  reasons  to  admire  each  other  and  mutual  distrust  -  all  of  these  factors  are  the  first  signs  of  a  relationship  that  goes  wrong. 

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3837. Eight urgent reasons to visit an analytical psychologist:   AR AR

-  Low  working  efficiency.  When  it's  difficult  to  turn  mind  to  the  work  but  easy  to  get  distracted  by  anything  so  that  not  to  work.  It's  a  decline  in  strength  and  activities.
-  Fear  or  unwillingness  to  make  a  decision  or  take  responsibility  for  anything.
-  Headaches,  laziness,  apathy,  unwillingness  to  do  anything  useful.
-  Negative  feelings  like  aggression,  anger  and  annoyance  that  take  over  nice  ones.
-  A  run  of  bad  luck  of  some  decisions  and  their  consequences.
-  An  obsessive  desire  to  keep  making  the  same  mistakes.
-  Loneliness.
-  A  general  lack  of  happiness  and  positive  emotions  in  the  body.

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3854.   AR AR

Pridefulness  is  a  serious  psychological  disorder  known  for  a  number  of  symptoms  that  lead  to  pathological  changes  of  personality. 
The  main  symptoms  of  pridefulness  include  the  progression  of  megalomania,  paranoia,  persecution  mania,  the  tendency  to  run  to  extremes  and  lack  of  any  sense  of  moderation. 

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3.949.   AR AR

I   will   fill   your   soul   with   strength   and   energy.   I   will   kill   all   your   fears   and   pain.   I   will   take   your   hand   and,   taking   a   step   into   the   profoundness   of   the   abyss,   we   will   walk   on   air   just   like   others   walked   on   water.

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4.197.   AR AR

The science of psychology has proved that it is impossible to make a person happy outside, except to beat him and then he will be happy when he is not beaten. Perhaps love him, but then he will quickly get used to and in the absence of love will be unhappy. The external source of happiness is to beat, and then to pity, to love, then to hate, constantly alternating waves.

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4.231. Treasure Island.   AR AR

Are   you   looking   for   the   Holy   Grail,   the   source   of   power   and   strength,   money   and   sex,   health   and   eternal   life?   Have   you   been   looking   long?   You’ve   looked   everything   and   it’s   nowhere?   Go   to   a   bookstore.   Read   non-fiction   books   on   philosophy,   psychology   and   anatomy.   At   your   169th   book,   you   will   find   the   map   of   a   treasure   island   with   a   gift   hidden   in   it.   To   get   this   gift,   you   will   have   to   give   everything   you   have   but,   in   return,   you   will   receive   everything   you   dreamed   of.

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4.592.   AR AR

Why need advance. First of all, it is necessary to the person to take himself in a Vice, not to be frightened and at the last minute not to change his mind. To the psychologist to go terrible, the subconscious mind begins to think of reasons why not to do it, to come up with urgent business, illness, laziness etc. However when all is paid, the path of retreat cut off.

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5.188.   AR AR

Tell me about your pain, and I'll take your pain for myself. And I'll take your hand, and we'll walk together on the water. Fear not, I will save you from pain and fear.

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5.270. Author's Foreword "Management shock."   AR AR

This book was written not from a good life, but from despair. All my life I have been neurotic in the worst sense of the word. This is terrible, my torment had no limit, as there were no excuses why I live like this. I was told that it was impossible to live like this, but I could not live otherwise. And no one could help me, and I confess that I did not seek help, preferring to suffer in proud solitude, so that, God forbid, someone did not know what was going on in my head. I confess that I was terribly ashamed and scared, if suddenly someone finds out about all the nightmare of my life.
As a result, I decided to study the issue on my own. Read the psychology, studied psychiatry, he trained as a psychologist. I watched myself and people like me. I confess that I have not been able to cure the neurosis in myself or in any of my patients, but I have learned to manage it and live with it, just as a cancer is stopped from developing. In General, this is also a good solution, at least, if I used to live in hell, now my life is quite tolerable purgatory with periodic tours to Paradise. This book describes the symptoms of neurosis and the inside view. The world through the eyes of the patient is sad, but allows you to comprehend the picture, shedding the light of awareness on it. The main idea of managing a neurosis is to become aware of it and gain control over it.

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5.279. Author's Preface "Family".   AR AR

This book may seem trivial, but maybe you, my dear reader, are as stupid as I am. Before I wrote this book, I lived 39 years, I had wives and had children, but I was such a fool... such a fool. And, like a fool, I was always suffering, making mistakes, and stepping on the same rake. What did I know about women? Yes, as much as about men, as much as about himself, that is, nothing. I knew nothing about women, or men, or family, or relationships, or children, or myself... he knew nothing and was empty, like a leaky bucket, in which to not poured, it still remained rusty and empty. In the end, it's so tired of everything that for the sake of saving my own soul, I decided to study the issue and even became a family psychologist (well, you can imagine what an irony!!!). In General, I am ashamed that I did not know all this before and, if there are still fools in the world like me, welcome to the educational program on the structure of the human soul. Oh, by the way, not all of the ideas in this book is true, lots of old thoughts, transient, silly and even deceitful ...but how could I erase them? They're like children... I can't kill my own children, so please turn on the brain and separate the wheat from the chaff.

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