8.8545.   AR AR

Kindness   is   one   of   the   cornerstones   of   the   mind’s   evolution.   Animals   are   very   aggressive   and   rarely   help   each   other.   Kindness   is   a   mode   that   favors   exchange   of   information.

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10.3860.   AR AR

Strong love to one, generates a aggressive dislike in many other fields.

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10.3037.   AR AR

To get an answer, try not to ask a question.  The answers are often afraid of the questions and fleeing from them.  Question this aggression, no one likes, when to him belong aggressively.

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10.2890.   AR AR

Repressed aggression goes into the subconscious and accumulates there, turning into a monster.

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8.7325.   AR AR

Jealousy  is  a  fear,  fear  of  losing  something  priceless.  But  men  often  attack  what  they  fear,  so  jealousy  is  often  aggressive  and  even  full  of  hatred.

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8.8555. NO! No, doggy!   AR AR

Don't take hits from inconvenient adversaries, they often want to provoke you and involve into conflict, they feel your weakness, feel they can eat you and own your energy. Nearness of the food makes them aggressive, they attack you, barking, trying to provoke fight. The best you can do is shout “No! No, doggy”.

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9.8321.   AR AR

Men’s  weakness  and  stupidity  is  a  primary  cause  of  women’s  aggressiveness.  A  weak  man  wakes  up  a  devil  inside  a  woman.

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4.185.   AR AR

It is not necessary to suppress aggressiveness, on the contrary, it needs to be sprayed and provoked that excess energy left and dissipated.

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7.7341.   AR AR

The fool is constant, it is extremely not like change, and therefore very aggressive to all who do not agree with.

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4.95.   AR AR

Experiencing aggression, a person thinks that he treats him aggressively, as a result, a person is afraid of everyone and falls into paranoia.

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8.1117.   AR AR

It's  only  love  that  can  win  the  triumph  over  evil.  Human  evil  nature  is  the  direct  consequence  of  need  for  love.  They  really  lack  love  and  it  makes  them  evil. 

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8.1237.   AR AR

A  situation  when  someone  wants  to  get  too  much  but  gives  too  little,  is  called  'vampirism'  and  makes  people  want  to  hammer  a  stake  into  the  bloodsucker's  heart. 

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8.4743.   AR AR

People love to give junk to then in thanks to demand in an aggressive need.

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The beginning of the book

117.   AR AR

Angry  and  aggressive  people  leave 
themselves  wide  open  for  others  as  they 
attract  too  much  negative  attention  and 
look  for  trouble... 
That's  why  try  at  least  to  pretend  being 
friendly  and  smiling.  Even  if  people 
disgust  you  and  make  you  feel  nauseous... 

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120.   AR AR

It's  not  that  many  parents  sacrifice  their 
lives  for  their  children  but  they  start  to 
impose  their  will  on  them  quite  roughly. 

Do  this  or  do  that.  I  failed  to  become  a 
ballerina  but  you  certainly  will... 

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5.18. Light of faith.   AR AR

Standing up for your opinion is not when you're whining or aggressive, but when you're light.  Clarity and confidence of judgment, that's what convinces people.

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756. And what will happen if all people suddenly become smart?   AR AR

It  will  be  a  disaster.  A  situation  like  that  in  the  world  of  limited  resources  and  opportunities  will  lead  to  a  disaster. 

And  who  will  do  all  dull  and  routine  job  that  includes  80-90%  of  all  possible  deeds…  People  will  become  unhappy,  aggressive  and  dissatisfied  with  their  lot  and  life. 

And  still  equality  is  impossible.  Still  some  will  be  better  and  others  will  be  worse. 
In  essence,  it  will  change  nothing  besides  one  moment:  there  will  be  more  unhappy  and  dissatisfied  ones,  who  will  soon  join  the  aggressive  ones  and  the  world  will  turn  to  chaos. 

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767.   AR AR

Any  piece  of  advice  should  be  taken  rationally,  for  instance:  the  advice  to  be  yourself  doesn't  mean  you  should  keep  on  being  a  dumb  aggressive  idiot  neglectful  towards  anyone's  wholesome  advice. 

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9.50. Love and paranoia.   AR AR

A  woman  should  understand  that  most  men  are  paranoid  and  the  only  thing  that  can  make  them  sane  is  female  love  and  gentleness.  Otherwise,  a  man  may  become  a  loose  cannon  who  will  plunge  into  anger  and  grumpiness.  That's  why  it's  very  dangerous  for  a  woman  to  get  offended  by  a  man  and  show  her  irritation  or  indignation  to  him...  This  way  a  man  will  see  her  as  an  enemy  with  all  consequences  it  may  involve  (anger,  aggression,  attempts  to  get  rid  of  the  aggressor)...

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1637. About the benefits of rudeness.   AR AR

If  a  young  man  tries  to  get  in  touch  with  a  girl  who  dislikes  him  and  if  she's  generally  not  in  the  right  mood,  it  makes  her  let  him  know  she's  not  into  it.  And  usually  a  girl  turns  rough  as  she  does  her  best  to  show  a  guy  she's  not  interested  in  him. 

Many  people  say  that  being  rough  or  aggressive  like  that  is  wrong.  And  that  a  self-respecting  smart  girl  shouldn't  act  like  that.  But  the  question  is  why  not?  As  time  is  money  and  a  man  is  a  creature  who  can  take  even  any  slightest  ambiguity  as  a  great  chance  and  may  start  getting  fresh  without  understanding  any  hints.  That's  why  if  you  dislike  someone  it  makes  sense  to  quickly  show  this  person  to  search  for  other  variants.  Such  a  quick  reaction  will  save  a  lot  of  time  and  efforts. 

Again,  men  are  not  evil-hearted  and  if  you  need  a  man's  help  some  day,  it's  always  ok  to  come  up  and  explain  you  didn't  notice  his  inner  advantages  at  first  sight.  And  this  man  will  have  to  help… 

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2612.   AR AR

Continence  makes  hormones  poison  the  body  and  give  a  rush  to  the  head.  A  person  may  become  very  aggressive  or  strange... 
However,  continence  may  be  useful  as  it  may  redirect  the  flow  of  unreleased  sexual  energy  to  some  other  activities.  For  instance,  studies.  Hence,  continence  is  useful  for  studies.  It's  also  useful  for  soldiers  before  battles.  Thus,  continence  becomes  useful  when  some  extra  energy  is  necessary  or  when  one  feels  exhausted  or  lacking  energy.  But  when  this  unreleased  energy  is  not  channelized  into  some  constructive  tasks,  it  may  simply  drive  a  person  crazy.  As  this  person  may  simply  be  on  the  boil  like  some  crazy  whistling  kettle,  go  a  little  nuts  and  go  straight  to  a  nut  hospital. 

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2831. Stress relief.   AR AR

Dislike,  waiting,  fear  –these  emotions  and  many  others  switch  a  person  to  a  mobilization  mode.  It’s  an  ancient  mode  of  a  hunter  and  warrior,  when  a  person  strains  and  starts  to  spend  10  times  more  energy.  It’s  necessary  to  react  to  danger  quickly.  However,  it’s  an  extreme  working  mode  –  it  destroys  organism,  leads  to  diseases,  causes  tiredness  and  it  is  linked  with  aggressive  behavior.  This  mode  is  necessary  for  the  state  of  struggle.  In  the  modern  world,  where  the  majority  of  threats  is  virtual  and  it’s  undesired  to  kill  the  adversary,  this  mode  affects  a  person  suicidally.  Moreover,  dislike,  negative  and  danger  of  being  late  literally  surround  a  person,  he  is  in  a  mobilization  mode  for  days.  This  should  be  stopped.  Mobilization  is  needed  when  there  is  struggle,  if  there  is  no  struggle,  there  is  no  threat.  When  you  understand  logically  that  there  is  no  threat,  you  should  turn  this  alarm  off,  as  it  prevents  from  working.  You  should  switch  thoughts  from  threat  to  something  pleasant  and  easy  -  to  rest,  beach,  nature,  children,  home,  your  loved  one.  So  that  inside  you  feel  the  click  that  the  «Danger  mode»  is  turned  off.  When  you  feel  relaxed,  you  should  keep  doing  main  job.

There  are  some  nuances.  The  key  of  switching  is  turning  the  danger  mode  off,  not  reaching  the  idiotic  joy  and  swimming  in  it.  In  doing  so,  your  brain  works  logically  and  you  know  and  remember  everything.  Having  turned  the  «danger-alarm  mode»  off,  you  keep  doing  your  job. 

We  should  turn  the  alarm  and  «danger  mode  »  off,  not  more  than  this.  We  should  remember  dangers  and  know  about  them.  If  new  threats  emerge,  they  should  be  reacted  to  appropriately.

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2914. A joyful spirit.   AR AR

Anything  new  that  joins  the  old,  should  realize  that  it's  nothing  but  a  joyful  spirit  yet.  And  it's  possible  to  become  material  only  through  suffering. 

The  practical  meaning  of  this  thought  is  the  following:  anything  new  suffers  and  gets  abused  at  first,  and  it  makes  the  new  stronger  and  worth  existing.  Some  living  examples  in  real  life  include  the  abuse  of  new  conscripts  by  older  soldiers  and  heavy  criticism  from  well-known  scientists  towards  new  ideas.  And  probation  period  and  the  start  of  any  career  resemble  it  all  too. 

Everyone  and  everything  should  prove  its  right  for  existence  by  the  ability  to  withstand  any  attacks  of  aggressive  external  circumstances. 

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2960.   AR AR

Main  symptoms:  anxiety,  turbulence,  shifts  from  activity  to  apathy,  insomnia  or  sleep  problems,  differentiating  oneself  from  others,  thought  about  one’s  own  exclusiveness,  the  patient’s  despise  for  those  he  considers  inferior  or  more  stupid  than  himself,  immersion  into  pseudo-mystic  reasoning,  mistrustfulness,  suspiciousness  and  aggressiveness.  Hallucinations  are  possible.

The  disease  may  aggravate  one’s  greed,  unhealthy  curiosity,  cruelty,  dejection  or  viciousness.  Mood  swings  from  bitter  to  bitterly  amiable  viciousness  are  possible.  One  may  be  now  extremely  friendly,  now  increasingly  aggressive.

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3036. Annoying stupidity.   AR AR

The  more  stupid  a  person  is,  the  more  this  person  wants  to  tell  others  what  to  do. 
Stupidity  is  very  aggressive  Глупость  очень  агрессивна  к  тому,  с  чем  не  согласна. 

It's  all  because  stupidity  is  known  for  template  thinking  and  stereotypes.  Stupidity  that  has  once  believed  in  some  template,  is  no  longer  able  to  get  two  things.  The  first  one  is  that  there  are  many  exceptions  from  any  rule.  And  the  second  one  is  that  any  template  should  be  compromising  as  anything  it  may  ever  be  applied  to,  may  differ  a  lot.  It's  important  to  be  able  to  generalize  properly  to  apply  templates  the  right  way.  As  a  rule,  stupidity  doesn't  have  a  complete  command  of  dialectics  and  badly  recognizes  similarities  and  differences. 

True  wisdom  is  capable  of  accepting  any  point  of  view  while  seeing  it  as  an  exception.  But  stupidity  doesn't  accept  any  different  points  of  view. 

I  started  this  text  with  the  idea  that  stupidity  tends  to  teach  others  in  an  aggressive  way.  It  happens  because  the  templates  that  stupidity  applies  are  not  compromising  and  thus,  stupidity  is  doomed  to  see  everything  as  WRONG  and  imperfect. 
Stupidity  thinks  that  it  is  obliged  to  correct  all  those  wrong  and  imperfect  people  around.  It  simply  thinks  of  itself  as  an  embodiment  of  the  Truth... 

P.S.  Besides,  stupidity  is  often  unable  to  size  up  the  situation  in  the  right  way  to  apply  the  right  behavioral  template  to  it. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3383.   AR AR

Under the feet of not looking stupid -
stepped on a tiger's tail.
And now laments naive:
- Why is the tiger so aggressive…

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3.656.   AR AR

One lie leads to quantum uncertainty, which destroys the space of being.  Lying is a disease that attracts the attention of the body's immune system, which begins to aggressively crush liars, trying to restore the spatial continuum

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4121. Blind love.   AR AR

The giver of too much will receive too little.
He who takes too much will give too little.

Parents who give their children too much corrupt them. In this sweet syrup, weeds and vices grow very well. Selfishness, malice, rudeness, stupidity and powerlessness... This is only an incomplete list of vices nurtured by blind immeasurable love.

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4.162.   AR AR

A woman should avoid men who believe that their parents owe them something. A man takes his eternal, that "all he needs" a woman and becomes unbearable, aggressive and touchy. A person who believes that someone owes him something is by nature a degenerate, unsuitable for a relationship.

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4359. Hunger.   AR AR

Don't  take  your  boss's  anger  very  much  to  heart  as  he's  nothing  but  food  and  you  need  to  eat. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


4.607.   AR AR

It is dangerous to love a cowardly and weak person. Such people, believing that there is nothing to love them for, intuitively believe that only those who are worse and weaker than them can love them. This thought awakens in them pride and contempt for the lower. They become arrogant and aggressive.

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4.763.   AR AR

Depression is the loss of love, faith, and hope, replaced by fear, doubt, and falsehood. Love is movement, and lack of movement is a lie. Everything that tries to stop you from moving towards the goal is a lie. Depression is the inability to resist a lie. We know the following masks of lies – fear, laziness, doubt, indecision, suspiciousness, apathy, aggression, etc.

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4.982.   AR AR

The one who is aggressive and strong, causes in the address desire to flirt and look for good relations.

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