1757.   AR AR

Sometimes  inner  pain  is  so  strong  and  excruciating  that  it's  only  external  tortures,  on  the  contrary,  can  bring  some  relief  and  soothe  the  inner  pain  that  hurts  like  hell... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.170. Resignation is stoutness.   AR AR

Resignation   to   pain   is   the   only   way   to   overcome   pain   and   to   keep   moving.   Otherwise,   pain   and   fear   will   stop   you.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3953. Tell me about your pain and it will be lighter.   AR AR

I  will  take  part  of  your  pain,  sins,  stupidities  and  doubts.  Your  burden  will  be  much  lighter  and  you  will  be  able  to  fly  again.

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3974.   AR AR

Any  pleasure  causes  pain  if  it  crosses  a  line.  Pain  is  the  only  thing  that  can  stop  a  man  from  self-destruction  and  bring  him  back  to  the  path  of  truth.

A  man  yearns  for  pleasures  and  joy.  However,  any  excess  is  always  destructive  and  always  causes  pain.  The  greater  the  pain,  the  more  it  gives  him  strength  and  incites  him  to  resist  temptation.

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6.289. Excellent pain reliever.   AR AR

The search for truth perfectly saves from pain and suffering illusions and reality.

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6.292.   AR AR

Pain is an illusion of feeling, and therefore a lie. If the mind refuses to believe in it, the pain will disappear.

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9.420.   AR AR

Suffering and pain make the strong stronger, the weak weaker... 
It all depends on what a person is made of.

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4.2161.   AR AR

The inability to bear pain makes a person very weak and dependent. It is necessary to train the will, forcing it consciously to cause to a body pain and to suffer it.

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10.7084. Love is salvation.   AR AR

Until a person repents and realizes his sins, he will burn in hell.  To be saved from hell, you need to give up hope of your salvation, love your sins, pain, and hell...  Through love, you will realize all your mistakes and be saved.

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10.6526. The medicine is worse than the disease.   AR AR

The painkiller is a lifeguard, from which you will have to save yourself later.

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10.6566.   AR AR

It really hurts not to do what you have to do.

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10.6629.   AR AR

Sport teaches us to accept pain.  When you exercise, your muscles grow and ache all the time.  You get used to it over time, and it makes you strong.  Strength is humility with pain.

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4.681.   AR AR

Too much pain breeds contempt for pain. Overabundance of love breeds contempt for love.

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4.621.   AR AR

Pain is a sin, like any other sin, conquer evil with contempt. Contempt kills pain, contempt turns pain into joy.

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6.280. The pain begets the truth.   AR AR

Breaking illusions lies is accompanied by pain. In depression and fear, a person under the pressure of pain refuses to lie illusions and accepts the reality of truth.

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6.308.   AR AR

Be afraid of the best, if suddenly you find it, it will turn you into a drug addict. The best is the drug. Everything in life will turn gray for you, and the pain of despondency will fill you.

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2904.   AR AR

Fear  wins  over  fear,  pain  wins  over  pain,  the  like  wins  over  the  like.

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4.2092.   AR AR

The essence of abstraction from reality and its pain is to fully immerse yourself in the dreams and illusions of the virtual world. Reality doesn't exist. Reality doesn't exist. Reality is illusion. Pain is an illusion. No pain. Pain is a lie.

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7.18.   AR AR

Every person, in fact, is a "Pavlov's dog", avoids pain and chooses pleasure; running away from the whip, he runs after gingerbread.

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The beginning of the book

3.69. Boredom is pain.   AR AR

Forgive me if the truth hurts or bores you, but I serve the truth, not idols.

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4.53.   AR AR

Having ceased to amuse oneself with illusion, a person can get rid of the mask of this illusion.  The mask gave the person a form and imposed on him methods and properties of this mask.  Attempt not to obey the mask caused a feeling of guilt and pain in his chest.  Answer yourself – who am I... I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a citizen, I am a Christian, I am a good person, I am an honest person, I am a good daughter, I am a good granddaughter, I am a good friend.  Every single one of these masks puts obligations on you that need to be followed.  However, you can override the properties of the mask, more accurately defining what is also good and bad.  A man must be good.  When he's bad, his own Self starts to self-destruct, howling with pain and suffering.

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6.70. Perfect.   AR AR

Having reached the end of the path, the person first falls into joyful anger.  Then runs from the happy pain.  Then the pain is mixed with apathy and depression, because he understands that you can not escape from yourself, but the main revelation of his way is that the perfect does not exist.

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6.95.   AR AR

A person is ill, as he lives.  Fear, resentment and heartache give rise to disease.  The joy and peace of the disease being treated.

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8.63. Silence of thoughts.   AR AR

Concentrate  on  a  point  and  contemplate  the  silence.  Such  meditation  will  return  you  the  strength  and  the  freshness  of  thinking.  Clearing  the  head  from  the  noise  of  thinking  is  difficult,  but  possible.  Pain  and  stupidity  die  together  with  thoughts.  That  is  useful.

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8.65. A source of pain and joy.   AR AR

Other people's shortcomings humble you with your own shortcomings, others ' infallibility, on the contrary, causes pain. If you yourself are infallible, keep modesty, do not hurt people once again.

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8.92. Pleasure and pain.   AR AR

The   thought   that   extraterrestrial   intelligence   differs   from   human,   is   strange.   The   essence   of   intelligence   and   life   in   general   is   pleasure   and   pain.   It's   hard   to   imagine   any   other   essence   of   life.

Translate: Sodmis


1081. Diagnosis and management of Stupidity.   AR AR

The  main  symptoms  of  stupidity  are  blindness  and  deafness. 
The  side  effects  of  stupidity  are  poverty  and  tortures,  pain  and  suffering. 
Stupidity  should  be  cured. 
Stupidity  is  cured  by  stick  and  pain... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1470. People are silly…   AR AR

It's  only  silliness,  delusions  and  illusions  that  live  on  their  own  within  human  heads…  It's  very  warm  and  comfortable  to  live  in  the  world  of  illusions.  It  protects  from  stark  reality  that  lives  under  laws  of  verity… 

In  order  to  fill  one's  head  with  wisdom  and  verity,  it's  necessary  to  burn  stupidity  and  delusions  out  of  it  with  fire.   

Pain  is  a  constant  fellow  of  wisdom. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Olesy Zaharova



1594.   AR AR

Perhaps the inferiority complex is a very good thing in the economy. After all think, the person full of this unpleasant feeling is doomed to try to get rid of it all life. Doomed unsuccessfully all my life to try to become more perfect, better, than we will be Doomed to constantly prove themselves and others that he is worth something. And this person will not be able to calm down, will not be able to stop, otherwise the internal pain will simply absorb him.

Although, of course, everything needs a measure. It often happens that instead of giving strength, the inferiority complex, on the contrary, pulls them. A person is afraid to make decisions, afraid to do anything. That's bad. This must be fought. And it is possible.

In fact, the reverse side of the inferiority complex, if buried deep, is the self-confidence complex. If these two complexes are mutually compensated, the person will be able to exist quite successfully.

Although the question remains: why these extremes... Why can't you just be a normal person? But, given that most people are still the first scenario, probably not. Perhaps normality makes people very inert and predictable. And it impairs their survival as a species. There is no incentive to fight and win any valuable. Just to prove that no, you're not as worthless as you seem to yourself.…

Hey you, the WORLD, I'll capture you!!! Why? Just so you don't think I'm small and insignificant. The thought of being so small makes me feel terrible. To prove the opposite, I must necessarily take over the world, roll mountains, defeat everyone and everyone…

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1839.   AR AR

A loving person does not hurt a loved one because his love is false. Rather, the reason here is that next to your loved one you want to remove all your masks, you want to be loved as you are. And man, as you know, is a monster. Knowing that your love is monstrous hurts everyone.

There are, however, two more reasons.

Close people are so close to each other that their feelings about each other are tens of times more acute. Therefore, even the smallest rudeness is perceived as a hellish pain.

Often intimacy comes to such an extent that you begin to feel a partner part of yourself. And with yourself people usually talk without any constraints. Moreover, it is impossible to take offense at himself. So quite strange and it's a shame, when your "other half" all -??? takes offense. Why, why?

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1911. [In brevi]   AR AR

The  secret  lies  in  the  balance.  Everything  should  be  well  and  mutually  balanced.  Nothing  should  be  prevailing  (on  the  global  scale  ).  All  things  should  be  interrelated  in  a  never-ending  struggle  with  each  other.  There  should  be  no  triumph  of  good  over  evil  because  when  good  prevails  over  evil,  it  becomes  evil  too. 

But  still.  What  is  to  be  done  so  that  money  wouldn't  turn  its  owner  into  a  demon. 

There's  a  classical  solution,  an  ancient  one.  Feed  your  demon  with  virtues  and  good  deeds.  This  kind  of  feeding  will  sate  the  demon  and  prevent  him  from  swallowing  your  soul. 

Feed  your  demon  with  virtues  and  he'll  be  sated  not  to  eat  your  sinful  soul. 

Some  naive  fool  may  ask  me  what  one  should  feed  the  demon  and  save  the  soul  for.  As  one  may  leave  the  soul  so  that  the  demon  can  eat  it... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1984. Paradoxes of cruelty.   AR AR

-  Sometimes  it's  more  acceptable  to  kill  someone  with  humanity  rather  than  let  one  live. 
-  Pain  and  punishment  make  one  better  and  kinder. 
-  Something  that's  little  and  evil  is  a  cure  for  something  big  and  evil. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2081. [In brevi]   AR AR

When  they  serve  the  cause  of  evil  -  they  are  evil  themselves.  When  they  serve  the  cause  of  good  -  they  are  good. 
They  are  servants  to  something  stronger.  Don't  blame  them  and  show  empathy.  As  they're  already  living  in  eternal  pain  and  humiliation. 

Be  kind,  fair  and  honest  -  and  people  will  appreciate  you. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2106.   AR AR

Sometimes  one  doesn't  even  know  who  one  really  serves  -  the  good  or  the  evil... 

-  In  fact,  it's  easy  to  understand  who  you  really  serve.  Pain  and  life  dissatisfaction  are  the  devil's  traits  while  happiness  and  high  spirits  are  typical  of  everything  good. 

On  the  other  hand,  both  good  and  evil  are  balanced  in  a  typical  person.  The  good  may  turn  into  the  bad,  and  then  become  good  again.  It's  normal.  But  big  problems  only  arise  when  there  is  too  much  of  something. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2184.   AR AR

As  is  known,  pain  is  the  first  symptom  of  a  sin.  And  we  also  know  that  helplessness  is  a  sin. 
But  in  order  to  gain  power,  it's  necessary  to  feel  pain,  hence  commit  a  sin. 
Thus,  it  takes  another  sin  to  conquer  some  sin. 
It's  only  Evil  that  is  able  to  conquer  Evil. 

What  if  it's  not  the  triumph  of  Evil  over  Evil  but  only  Evil  giving  way  to  new  Evil? 

-  Did  I  delude  you?  Should  have  I  stopped  a  couple  of  lines  earlier?  Relax,  it  doesn't  matter.  The  problem  is  not  about  evil  or  good  but  about  disturbing  the  balance.  Happiness  is  impossible  without  pain  and  good  doesn't  exist  without  evil.  Too  much  of  a  good  thing  is  not  good.  Forget  the  extremes  and  you'll  be  happy. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2195.   AR AR

A  constant  demonstration  of  love  is  what  one  really  needs. 
Love  is  ethereal.  You're  constantly  in  fear  of  losing  it... 
And  fear  brings  pain  and  discomfort  so  you  should  overcome  it. 
Demonstrations  of  love  is  what  can  help  you  get  rid  of  fears  to  be  happy. 

Love  is  a  very  precious  thing.  The  presence  of  love  brings  pain  because  one  is  constantly  afraid  of  losing  it.  "My  dear-  you  say  to  it.  -  You'll  be  forever  mine".  But  you're  talking  to  an  invisible  thing  and  that's  why  you  need  demonstrations  of  it.  Otherwise  you'll  simply  go  mental  from  fear  and  painful  feeling  that  you've  lost  it. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Olesy Zaharova



2273. The best way out.   AR AR

Uselessness  brings  unbearable  pain.  Not  every  person  can  tolerate  such  a  torture.  Suicide  as  a  kind  of  humane  euthanasia  seems  to  be  a  nice  way  out… 
Obviously,  it's  the  state  of  feeling  oneself  useless  that  is  the  first  reason  of  all  thoughts  about  suicide.  When  a  partner  "dumps"  you.  When  you  got  no  children  or  they  died.  Or  your  job  is  meaningless  and  brings  NOTHING.  You  got  no  aims  and  meaning  in  life.  You're  simply  useless  for  anyone  or  anything  and  it  brings  you  excruciating  pain  and  makes  you  want  to  die. 

But  there  is  a  better  way  out-  try  to  find  something  you  can  be  useful  in.  Find  those  who  need  you.  Find  the  meaning  of  life  and  the  place  where  you  can  be  useful  and  appreciated.  A  human  being  is  a  tool  and  the  meaning  of  one's  life  is  about  being  useful  for  somebody  or  something.  One  may  be  useful  for  the  providence  and  the  goals  it  fulfils.  Or  one  may  be  useful  for  one's  children  or  relatives... 
One  should  be  simply  useful  for  somebody  or  something. 

Find  new  goals  and  tasks.  Find  someone  to  love.  Start  a  family  or  adopt  a  child.  Go  in  for  art  or  constructive  work.  Start  helping  people  in  need.  Or  become  the  best  helper  to  those  who  are  already  fulfiling  great  goals  or  those  who  are  "creators".  Plant  trees  and  take  care  of  your  garden...  Life  is  full  of  places  where  one  can  find  one's  predestination  in. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2419. The power of hate.   AR AR

You  got  a  hard  lot.  Many  things  in  your  life  make  you  feel  hurt,  angry  and  hateful.  Usually  these  emotions  ruin  your  own  soul.  But  not  today. 
Today  you  got  a  hard  fight  and  a  terrible  battle.  Today  you  will  need  more  power  to  defeat  a  desperate  powerful  enemy.  You  have  conserved  your  anger  and  hate  for  a  long  time.  And  it's  only  today  that  you  can  clench  your  rage  collected  from  a  hundred  sources,  like  a  single  fist.  And  this  unity  of  hate,  anger  and  pain  will  give  you  inhuman  power  that  you  will  unleash  on  your  enemy,  simply  driving  him  soul-deep  to  hell. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2426.   AR AR

  Anything  that  a  person  disagrees  with,  this  person  considers  to  be  a  stupidity.  The  only  problem  is  that  if  this  person  is  mistaken  than  he  or  she  is  stupid  himself. 

...  Despite  the  belief  that  stupidity  is  full  of  happiness. 
However,  a  particular  person  lives  in  reality  where  real  stupidity  brings  pain  and  unhappiness.  That's  why  defining  what  stupidity  is  and  which  people  are  really  stupid  can  only  be  done  by  listening  to  the  gut  instinct.  It's  important  to  realize  what  life  brings  more  -  whether  it's  pain  or  joy.  If  it's  pain  and  there  are  many  mistakes,  then  the  values  and  philosophy  of  this  person  are  rather  deceptive  than  true.  And  the  person  him-or  herself  is  more  like  a  fool  believing  in  fairytales  rather  than  a  person  who  saw  something  of  life. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie