2329.   AR AR

Theoretical  wisdom  almost  doesn't  work  in  practice. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.411.   AR AR

Universal wisdom is theory, and one's own wisdom is practice.

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7.551.   AR AR

Theorist is a strategist, tactician is a practitioner.

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10.434. Practice and theory.   AR AR

In catching birds of fortune great factor theory...  When to catch, where to catch, what to catch, what to lure, etc.Then we move on to practice.

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10.435. Indivisible entities.   AR AR

Right and wrong are the same as theory and practice.

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10.443.   AR AR

Theory is absolute knowledge and practice is relative knowledge.  The relativity of the theory with respect to the "here and now" makes it dependent on speed, time and place.

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4.2938. Theory is a paradigm.   AR AR

If you look at reality through the eyes of a theory, the paradigm of this theory will distort reality accordingly.

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4.1670.   AR AR

The solution to any problem begins with the study of theory. The problem and everything that concerns it need to know. You need to consult with books, the Internet and smart people. Knowing a problem kills the fear of it.

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4.1892.   AR AR

A new dream requires new knowledge, so start each new goal with reading, consulting and learning theory.

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4.2438.   AR AR

Awareness is theory and reality is practice, these two should be in dialectical unity.

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4.2939.   AR AR

The reality seriously changes depending on what theory to look at it.

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10.4509.   AR AR

Theory is the ultimate universal truth that still needs to be adapted to " Who?  What?  Where?  When?".

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10.4503.   AR AR

Theory is a top view, practical experience is a bottom view.  Combining, both these visions give a holistic vision of being.

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10.4497.   AR AR

The theory of this understanding, and the experience is an experience.  When combined, these two give rise to the enlightenment.

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10.4491.   AR AR

Theory without experience and personal practice application of this lies and fantasy.  Theorists, visionaries.  However, practice without theory is weak.  Theory develops practice, makes it stronger, brings novelty and growth to it.

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10.4279.   AR AR

Truth is reality, so it is inseparable from man and his circumstances.  It takes personal experience to turn theory into practice.

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10.4278.   AR AR

You cannot know truth from books, because books are illusion and truth is reality.  Experience is the source of truth.  However, it is desirable to know what to look for.  Books are theory and experience is practice.

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10.4102.   AR AR

Experience is the knowledge of the real world, the reinforcement of theoretical knowledge by the real practice of life.

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10.3762. Top and bottom view.   AR AR

Theory and practice are two entities whose main task is mutual control.  Theories have illusions, practices have fear, addictions, and night blindness.

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10.3753.   AR AR

Theoretical fears and hopes are many times different from real ones.  Theory and practice are like two mockups at different scales.

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10.3325.   AR AR

Causes are related to consequences through chance and probability theory.

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10.5285.   AR AR

Experience allows us to find out in practice the factors that can be controlled, those that can not and those that are not defined.

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9.1232.   AR AR

Thought is the theory, actions, or practice. Usually practice is very far from theory.

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10.5527.   AR AR

Practice is a theory limited by real circumstances.

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10.2054.   AR AR

Faith is a fusion of theory and practice, knowledge and experience.

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10.5788.   AR AR

Theoretical, devoid of practice and personal experience, knowledge of reality, generates fear, laziness and weakness.  As the mind becomes immersed in theory, it loses its immunity to reality and becomes sensually tender.

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10.6134.   AR AR

The more perfect the truth, the better it grows in practice.  The scalability of the theory under the influence of experience indicates its truth.

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10.6138.   AR AR

Experience turns theory into reality.  The more perfect the DNA of the grain of truth of the theory, the more significant and productive its growth will be in real practice.

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10.6139.   AR AR

Truth is a theory that grows well and productively in practice, and falsehood is an imperfect and defective grain, chaff that grows poorly and unproductively.  Truth grains are scalable, fruitful, and useful.  The tares of lies do not grow, are unfruitful and useless.

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10.6152.   AR AR

Truth is a theory that in practice is capable of scalable growth, and falsehood is what real experience kills.

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10.5278.   AR AR

The meaning of life experience is to turn theory into practice, to get rid of fear and gain confidence in yourself, that is, faith.  In the absence of a theory of experience creates fear.

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10.4924.   AR AR

I see here the unity of theory and practice, Yin and Yang.  Love without reason is monstrous.  A mind devoid of love is not beautiful either...

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10.4845.   AR AR

Experience is the cure for fear.  The point of practice is to get rid of the fear of theory.

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The beginning of the book

537.   AR AR

That's  how  it  is  loved...  loved  someone, 
then  had  an  argument  even  started  to  feel  hatred, 
and  time  passed  …and  the  person  visits  dreams… 
Visits  dreams  every  day…and  the  dreams  aren't  about  the  past... 
no  …no  …  the  dreams  are  about  the  alternate… 
…  as  it  was  said,  guard  love…guard  it. 
…  but  alas...  it's  a  theory…  but  in  practice: 
one  lost  it  and  dream  about  it  all  one's  life. 
…  a  very  painful  feeling… 
approximately  a  hundred  times  worse  than  any  offences  and  conflicts 
that  led  to  it... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


6.60.   AR AR

Mind and knowledge – it's good, but still need practice until you make a mistake, it is difficult to notice the nuances.

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851.   AR AR

How can all the arguments in texts 849 and 850 on the limitation of competition be combined with the theory of free competition, which is good leading to progress?

It's very simple: competition is good among relatively equal. Competition is good in its weight category, in one sport. And the situation when a 15-year-old boxer participates in a competition of 9-year juniors, this situation is categorically unacceptable. As well as sparring 120-kilogram fighter with 60-kilogram. Even such a seemingly innocent situation as a fight between a fighter and a boxer is not a fair fight, because the principles of combat in these fighters are different. Boxer, by nature, can not kick and go to melee, using this, the fighter can twist it and hold a painful reception. 

And the situation when an organized group of 10 people (say, a large financial conglomerate, Corporation, group of companies) shock and joyfully kick one unfortunate victim - generally requires public intervention.

Competition makes better only relatively equal opponents, in other cases, it only kills the weak. In General, competition, like democracy itself, is possible only among more or less equal. In the presence of strong and weak-need an external regulator that separates them. 

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895.   AR AR

I  realized  why  only  few  get  smarter  reading  books.  Because  books  provide  theory  and  a  theoretic  horse  almost  doesn't  pull.  There  should  be  real  life  practice  involved.  One  should  go  and  make  mistakes,  fall  and  rise  again.  Hence,  there  should  be  a  practical  skill  of  applying  theoretical  information. 
On  the  other  hand,  practice  is  weak  without  theory. 
A  balance  is  needed:  when  any  new  theory  will  be  proved  by  practice  and  the  skill  of  applying  it. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


896.   AR AR

The  main  problem  of  modern  educational  system  is  an  enormous  bias  of  useless  theory  towards  practice  and  the  skills  to  apply  it. 
A  huge  excess  of  useless  and  almost  uncertain  information  is  a  rubbish  for  human  brains. 
Similar  to  a  computer  full  of  useless  programs,  processes  and  viruses,  a  person  starts  to  hang  up,  lag  and  work  slowly. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1247.   AR AR

One  wants  to  believe  in  fairy  tales.  Human  nature  likes  illusions.  One  needs  to  hope  for  the  best.  When  hope  is  gone  and  one  loses  will...  everything  only  gets  worse. 
Tell  me  tales,  promise  me  the  light  at  the  end  of  the  tunnel.  And  like  that  happy  squirrel  in  the  wheel  I  will  run  somewhere  happily...  until  I  die... 

One  wants  tales,  there's  happiness  in  them...  A  squirrel  running  happily  in  the  wheel  needs  goals... 
However,  fresh  breeze  and  the  feeling  of  pleasant  lightness  bring  big  pleasure,  filling  this  never  ending  running  with  some  new  sense... 
As  an  extended  hedonist  theory  follower,  I  share  the  idea  that  any  place  should  be  checked  out  for  pleasures…  even  the  ass. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1500.   AR AR

Don't  let  your  opponent  demoralize  you  and  break  your  spirit. 

Fear,  terror,  uncertainty,  guilt  complex,  lack  of  confidence  in  one's  own  abilities,  thoughts  about  losses  and  negative  things-  are  the  factors  leading  to  defeats.  It's  necessary  to  separate  oneself  from  the  personality  of  the  enemy  and  the  situation  in  general.  It's  a  game  and  in  a  game  situation  can  change  any  moment.  Finally,  even  a  second  before  your  opponent  steps  on  you  with  a  dirty  boot,  a  meteor  may  fall  on  his  head  and  smash  him  like  a  roach.  Nothing  personal.  Purely  impartial  observation  of  a  situation…  What  happens,  happens.  Even  one  second  can  drastically  change  any  situation. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Olesy Zaharova



2185. Eternal love.   AR AR

The  weak  spot  of  the  theory  of  eternal  love  is  that  it's  difficult  to  prove  its  existence.  As  we  have  a  wealth  of  examples  of  quite  fleeting  love  but  we  know  too  little  about  eternity. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2326. A mild verity.   AR AR

People  don't  need  the  truth.  The  truth  is  unpleasant  and  it  makes  all  faults  and  sins  obvious.  "Mild  truth"  is  much  more  pleasant.  So  why  be  blunt  when  it's  possible  to  be  tactful. 

Mistaking  the  wish  for  the  reality  is  the  main  trend  of  philosophical  thinking  typical  of  generation  X.  A  bit  of  verity  spread  thinly  on  the  surface,  makes  this  construction  slightly  resemble  the  truth.  It's  possible  to  fancy  it  and  admire  its  beauty.  The  main  thing  is  to  remain  sensible  enough  not  to  put  it  into  practice. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2591. Someone else's experience is rather a theory than experience.   AR AR

Someone  else's  experience  should  be  seen  as  any  theory  as  if  it  all  could  have  been  true  only  under  some  particular  circumstances.  The  matter  is  that  these  circumstances  are  always  different.  If  it  was  done  by  another  person,  this  person  could  be  either  more  or  less  friendly,  skillful  or  moody.  And  the  people  this  person  dealt  with  could  be  different  too...  Generally,  anything  could  be  different  as  there  is  always  a  wide  range  of  possible  circumstances. 

That's  why  it's  necessary  to  try  doing  everything  your  own  way.  Some  may  succeed  while  others  won't.  Sometimes  it's  ten  different  people  who  may  fail  to  do  some  particular  "thing"  while  it's  the  eleventh  person  who  finally  manages  to  do  it.  And  maybe  it's  only  because  this  person  is  confident  enough  not  to  let  hands  tremble. 

It's  interesting  to  study  someone  else's  experience  from  the  standpoint  of  mechanics.  But  it's  necessary  to  experiment  and  practice  something  personally.  But  remember  that  you  may  succeed  once  but  fail  later  as  no  two  times  are  ever  the  same. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2630. A dangerous dessert.   AR AR

We  should  make  our  children  learn  wise  things,  science  and  develop  moral  courage. 

Philosophy  teaches  one  to  be  wise. 
Sport  gives  one  moral  courage. 
Education  includes  studying  science. 
Literature  teaches  one  to  talk  and  think  properly. 
Life  and  communication  make  one  practice  it  all. 
Personal  fulfilment  is  a  practice  as  well. 

Cartoons,  movies,  games,  the  internet  and  music-  everything  is  like  sweets  and  nicies  small  portions  of  which  can  help  us  control  our  children  and  make  them  do  what  we  want.  Small  portions  of  these  pleasures  can  make  our  children  obedient.  These  portions  of  pleasure  can  make  them  work,  study  and  obey.  The  main  thing  is  not  to  make  these  desserts  main  courses. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2777. Imagining the truth.   AR AR

Delusion  is  the  most  sinful  kind  of  violation  of  the  truth. 
Delusion  is  a  sneer  at  the  truth. 
They  imagine  that  they  know  the  truth  and  it  brings  laughter. 

Fake  truth  differs  from  real  truth  in  the  fact  that  real  truth  is  useful  and  practical  while  fake  one  is  just  a  consolation  and  a  bag  of  beautiful  words  that  cannot  be  proved  in  practice. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.474.   AR AR

A  job  interview  is  similar  to  an  exam:  one  should  prepare  for  a  job  interview,  get  some  theory  and  learn  more  about  the  company  one  wants  to  work  for.  Students  learn  Chinese  the  night  before  their  exam  but  you  are  not  as  smart  as  a  student,  so  spend,  at  least,  three  days  getting  ready  for  an  interview.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3.524.   AR AR

In   the   quantum   world,   the   measurement   process   has   an   impact   on   the   measurement   results   and,   in   practice,   this   explains   the   power   of   faith.   A   positive   outlook   produces   a   positive   result,   and   a   negative   outlook   produces   the   opposite.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3802. «Never speak about what you read, but speak about what you understood».   AR AR

It's  not  what  you  read  but  what  you  understand  that  really  matters  after  reading  a  book.  And  sometimes  it's  better  to  feel  than  to  understand. 
And  it's  really  a  pity  if  you  understand  something  but  in  a  wrong  way. 
But  it's  practice  and  real  life  that  will  show  the  truth... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3882. The main source of wisdom is experience.   AR AR

Books  can  be  the  source  of  it  as  well.  But  there's  no  pure  wisdom  in  books  as  they  only  contain  knowledge.  And  it  takes  practice  to  make  knowledge  become  wisdom  and  something  useful. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.983. Game theory.   AR AR

Myerson's game model of conflicts between reasonable rational individuals does not take into account that about 1% of the strongest players are irrational in the sense that for them the highest value is, something of no value to the other 99 players.  And the strength of this 1% of irrational players is 99% rational.

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3.984.   AR AR

Value   is   a   variable   entity   in   the   game   theory.   Gamers   attribute   different   values   to   the   same   entities.   The   higher   a   value   is,   the   higher   the   gamer’s   motivation   (and,   consequently,   his   strength)   to   win   the   game.   A   goal   makes   the   gamer   stronger,   motivating   him   to   achieve   himself.   The   more   the   gamer   likes   his   goal,   the   more   opportunities   and   strength   he   has   for   it.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


4164. 7 questions of string theory.   AR AR

If we return to wave theory and string theory, can we say that parallel universes exist in the same space with the relative displacement of the basic wave function relative to each other?

Can we say that the time shift between universes is a clock shift between the parallel processes that form the information flow of each individual Universe?

Can we consider black holes artifacts of space with an abnormal wave offset, a bit of a strange Universe?

In the framework of the information model of the Universe, is it possible to compare this functional wave displacement as a sample of the existence of a parallel process-like those that exist in computer systems? Is the parallel universe nothing more than a parallel information process?

Can we say that the basic constants - such as time, the speed of light, etc. - in a parallel Universe are shifted relative to our Universe?

Is it possible to assume that the big universe is a kind of processor operating at a near-light frequency, where each nested parallel universe exists in its own temporal stream displacement?

Is it possible to compare parallel universes with radio or TV channels, where each frequency or shift has its own information flow?

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4261. Three stages of conceiving a problem.   AR AR

-  A  superficial  glance. 
-  A  thorough  study  of  the  problem. 
-  An  attempt  at  putting  things  into  practice  for  solving  the  problem. 

Every  stage  takes  on  some  new  amount  of  information  concerning  the  problem. 
1,  10,  100. 

A  practician  knows  10  times  more  than  a  theorist  does  and  a  100  times  more  than  an  amateur  does. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie