6.3717.   AR AR

The humiliation of the body has nothing to do with the fall of the spirit. Therefore, torment and desecration of the body for the righteous nothing.

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6.4247.   AR AR

What does it mean to disgrace a man? What does disgrace mean? Now that the truth is known to everyone, is it a shame? Isn't that a shame?

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6.5063. What a shame to those who light?   AR AR

Loyalty to the truth leads to shame, devoid of faith cowards, like fire, are afraid of shame, but he who serves the truth is fire.

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6.5064.   AR AR

Fools are very afraid and ashamed that someone finds out about their stupidity. But shame is nothing to him who serves the truth, he who is always in the light knows neither shame nor fear.

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7.2403.   AR AR

Who gives an answer without listening, he is stupid and shame on him.... Сh.  18,  v.  13.

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7.6968.   AR AR

There  isn't  more  shameful  slavery  than  a  voluntary  one.  Slaves  of  their  own  vices  despise  even  themselves.

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9.1427.   AR AR

Publicly not to disrupt people with mask. One should tear off masks and scold people one on one, unless it is a public execution designed to frighten others. Most people are afraid of public humiliation.

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9.6701.   AR AR

Their defeats, shame and other traumatic factors should be thrown out of the head as quickly as possible, because it is said: "Nothing outside can defile us."

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10.1828.   AR AR

People live like animals and it is always painful for a real person to see such humiliation of the mind.

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The beginning of the book

2019.   AR AR

A  person  who  is  aware  of  his  or  her  supremacy,  should  avoid  competing  with  weaker  ones.  Even  because  power  demands  higher  aims  while  low  aims  make  one  weaker  and  less  powerful. 

It's  not  noble  to  beat  someone  weak  and  an  occasional  losing  to  a  weak  one  will  be  a  shame. 

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2081. [In brevi]   AR AR

When  they  serve  the  cause  of  evil  -  they  are  evil  themselves.  When  they  serve  the  cause  of  good  -  they  are  good. 
They  are  servants  to  something  stronger.  Don't  blame  them  and  show  empathy.  As  they're  already  living  in  eternal  pain  and  humiliation. 

Be  kind,  fair  and  honest  -  and  people  will  appreciate  you. 

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2244. One exception.   AR AR

Indeed,  pity  is  just  a  sophisticated  form  of  humiliation. 

-  Some  people  demand  pity  for  themselves. 

We  don't  like  people  who  demand  something.  Even  the  fact  of  demanding  makes  them  unpleasant  to  us. 

Well  brought  up  people  ask  politely  and  then  thank  politely  if  they  get  what  they  asked.  And  if  they  don't  get  what  they  asked  for,  they  don't  put  themselves  into  victim  role  in  order  to  make  others  feel  guilty. 

Normal  people  need  respect  but  pity  or  handouts  offend  and  humiliate  these  people. 

But  there  is  one  exception:  it  happens  when 
«We  don't  demand  what  belongs  to  others.  We  demand  what's  ours». 

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4.154. Who I Am.   AR AR

The ugly duckling is a symbol of growth from inferiority to perfection. To become a beautiful Swan, you have to go through humiliation and awareness of yourself and your nature.

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4.517.   AR AR

He who does good need not fear shame. Honesty and a just cause of shame is not afraid.

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4.542.   AR AR

The wise are not ashamed of their stupidity, the wise know why and what he does. You know a fool by his modesty. Shame is a sign of stupidity. Stupid people are terribly ashamed of their stupidity.

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3.1324.   AR AR

On the other hand, if you really want, you can do anything.  It's a matter of love...  Love is the God of this world...  God can do anything.  Mr. Nero's horse made a Senator...  and nothing...  And nice horse, and educational humiliation of other senators, to know the place.

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3.2324. Personal shame.   AR AR

If   the   book   "Variothoughts"   is   not   translated   into   your   native   language   -   it   is   your   personal   shame.   A   good   translation   costs   less   than   20   thousand   euros,   less   than   the   price   of   one   run-down   iron   horse.   You   say   you   love   the   truth?   You   are   a   vile   liar!   Any   of   your   passions   cost   you   many   times   more...  

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3.2325.   AR AR

The real shame is ignorance.  Ignorance is the absence of love for truth.

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4.1100.   AR AR

Loneliness breeds shame and guilt. You're too imperfect and you don't love anyone. No one wants to love you for that. You're ashamed of your lack of love.

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4.1102.   AR AR

Shame is a sign of imperfection. Shame is not something to cherish, but something to build on in order to grow. Shame is something to run from. Your task is to get rid of shame, not by killing it, but by outgrowing it, becoming bigger than it.

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4.3297.   AR AR

The desire to see the boss his father and mother in one person creates in man the paralyzing fear, stupidity and a subconscious desire to do the opposite. "You're doing everything wrong, you're embarrassing me," screams the hysterical mother... as an adult child paralyzed standing in front of his boss and the work falls out of his hands, and he loses his job.

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5.2157.   AR AR

I have seen the glory of the world, but the glory of the world is passing. I have seen the humiliation of the world, but the humiliation passes. Solomon said it was a fuss, and I said it was the wind driving the waves crashing on the sand...

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5.2666.   AR AR

He who fears shame and dishonor is weak. The warrior does not have to worry about who that is thinking about it.

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5.3098. A dream requires passion and love.   AR AR

He who finds his dream becomes a laughing stock for others, acquiring the contempt of a slave. He who goes to a distant goal must be ready to pass the test of contempt, ridicule and humiliation. Before you become the first, you will be the last. You will despise, throw rocks, beat and pour mud. You will be lower and even lower will be above you, and will spit on you from trampling.

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5.3310.   AR AR

Losing shame is not as scary as life or any parts of the body.

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5.3634.   AR AR

If you're pretending, and I know you're pretending all the time, be prepared to be caught in lies and inconsistencies all the time. To be ready means not to strain in this occasion and relate to the humiliation of himself philosophically happy.

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5.3643.   AR AR

Lie the clothes of shame. Beautiful clothes are good at hiding the shame and lies.

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5.3836.   AR AR

Remember your fears and laugh. Remember your shame and laugh. Remember your grievances and laugh. You have to laugh wherever you have to kill something... laughter is a beautiful poison and a killer.

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5.3926. Be glad you escaped the worst.   AR AR

Rejoice in misfortunes and shame, meeting them as saviors from greater misfortunes and shame. And even if you think it can't get any worse, you're wrong, because there's always worse.

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