7.2448.   AR AR

They  say,  humor  is  a  property  of  reason.  Not  exactly.  Idiots  like  joking  too,  but  his  jokes  are  foolish.  Moreover,  for  a  smart  one  humor  is  are,  while  for  a  stupid  one  it's  a  sticky  pleasure.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


7.1185.   AR AR

Intelligent  people  take  stupidities  with  humor  while  fools  take  them  very  seriously.

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6.6580. Seconds before the explosion.   AR AR

The difficult situation that you cannot change the seconds before the explosion should respond and de-escalate her approval and humor.

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5.3668.   AR AR

A squirrel trapped in a wheel has no sense of humor, it is too serious... if she had laughed and flopped on her ass, the wheel would have spun her around and thrown her out.

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5.3504.   AR AR

Attitude with humor to the fact that a good lot of bad... it means that and bad a lot of good.

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5.2069.   AR AR

Below the dam of the conflict is not full, it makes sense to find an extra reason to escape. You will help joke, urgent, emotional, escape, etc.

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4.1339.   AR AR

They're not only afraid of being funny. They are afraid to appear stupid and weak, ugly and bad. They fear that they are not admired or loved... These people are literally filled with fear. Demons fears literally driving them crazy.

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10.900.   AR AR

Rituals provide unity people, unity this love.  Life is a movement, so that rituals do not become boring, the action requires humor, beauty and diversity.

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10.512.   AR AR

Laughter robs things of pride.

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10.507.   AR AR

The path of knowledge is the path of love, laughter and joy.  To know a thing, it must smile, that is, love.

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8.539.   AR AR

Humor  really  helps  to  put  up  with  personal  stupidity. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


7.751.   AR AR

One  should  treat  non-deadly  errors  ironically.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


7.742.   AR AR

Humor  is  a  great  way  to  talk  to  fools.  Taking  fools  seriously  is  stupid.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3593.   AR AR

The  truth  is  the  salt  of  a  joke.  As  any  joke  is  tasteless  without  any  salt. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3434.   AR AR

Absurd  and  humor  are  the  only  sensible  ways  of  telling  the  truth. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2372. The philosophers' stone.   AR AR

Something  is  funny  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  scary  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  surprising  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  interesting  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  effective  when  it's  unexpected. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1857.   AR AR

The  truth  that  goes  together  with  a  joke,  can  easily  get  there  where  it  would  never  get  without  a  joke. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



926.   AR AR

The  harder  and  worse  life  is,  the  more  humor  and  funny  moments  in  it. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


The beginning of the book

103.   AR AR

What is a book,
not like a handful of someone else's fate,
that with hunger
shove it in...
Chewing, choking
and then you fall asleep full.
Here is, for example, the plot:
conic rode dude whistles,
blow from all the dope on the petals of mills...
everyone in his own way:
who is stronger, and
who and make-believe...
Metaphor, perhaps…
Well, who knows.
But the plot dynamic,
with a sense of humor...
We set off...

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702. Absurdity and Humor.   AR AR

I  would  compare  absurdity  with  humor. 
When  vices  and  silliness  are  carried  to  the  point  of  absurdity  they  become  very  noticeable.  And  when  they're  noticeable  it's  easier  to  fight  against  them...  The  truth  hurts.  Absurdity,  as  well  as  humor,  helps  to  tell  the  truth  in  a  way  that  doesn't  hurt  anyone... 
Absurdity  is  a  mild  form  of  insanity...  Absurdity  is  buffoonery..  The  main  master  of  absurdity  is  a  royal  buffoon...  the  only  person  at  the  court  of  the  king  who  is  allowed  to  tell  the  truth  and  who  won't  be  severely  beaten  for  telling  it... 

Absurdity  is  a  second  face  of  humor... 
Humor  is  a  tool  of  order  and  perfection. 
Absurdity  is  a  tool  of  chaos  and  novelty. 
The  aims  of  both  tools  are  the  same  but  the  ways  of  using  them  differ. 
Both  of  them  may  ell  the  truth  and  criticize  vices  and  silliness. 
Absurdity  and  Humor  are  meant  to  disguise  the  truth  and  make  it  less  painful. 
It's  a  stimulant  pill,  a  universal  painkiller  that  can  soothe  almost  any  kind  of  pain.  The  pain  of  life  difficulties,  external  circumstances.  The  pain  of  truth.  The  pain  of  vices.  The  pain  of  silliness.  The  pain  of  boredom. 

It  demands  special  skills  to  use  the  two  tools  together. 

So  the  main  royal  buffoon  should  be  the  master  of  absurd  and  humor  to  the  same  extent. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1457.   AR AR

TV is a collection of half-truths.
I see an interesting picture...
The crowd is wise.
People-millions of indulgent and
mocking people...
laughs at journalists,
laughing at politicians,
laughing at the officials,
reads Newspapers, watches TV -
this useless chronicling the life,
this set of meaningless words-templates
and pieces that survived centuries,
and for the starter -
set of gossips of different volume.

On the other hand,
thousands and forgiving
mocking politicians,
officials and journalists
something written and said in the Newspapers,
TV, radio...
Everyone understands.
Everyone laughs at everything.
All wildly funny...
And events life, meanwhile,
flow, as they should flow.
NO... Of course there are fools -
rabbits, hang the ears,
but for the most part, everything is clear to everyone.
However, this does not change anything...
And most importantly, we can not say that
someone is lying or someone is being deceived.
Moreover, all this talk
it's a dance, it's a ritual.
Nobody believes in anything,
but it must be done.
Everyone plays their part.
The game continues.
In between running days,
life flows...
Some have business and money,
for other shows, leisure, killing time.
Everyone is happy...

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1753. About sense of humor   AR AR

Humor is an art. For humor need a sharp mind and quick response. Stupid and narrow-minded man is far not only from the mind and intelligence, but also from good humor.

If a person wants to learn to joke, he should understand and understand the nature of humor.

People intuitively feel-that funny and that not funny. And, nevertheless, to understand the nature of humor will be useful to everyone.

The main idea and meaning of the joke is based on the discrepancy between the expected development of events to what is actually happening. Everyone is used to... we are sure ... we expect that "something" should happen in this way and in no other way, but everything happens completely unexpectedly and in a new way. There is a discrepancy between what should be and what is. Mismatch of expected and actual.

We can distort statements and thoughts we no longer believe in. Can make fun of people whose pathos and importance exceeded all measure. We can laugh at people's reactions to unexpected situations. And situations should be constructed so that they do not lead to death or injury.

In fact we can talk about 8 types of jokes:

1. Ridiculing important people and those in power. Neglecting their authority, creating for them situations where the expected diverges from the actual. Identifying their qualities of character and behavior that are contrary to their importance and smugness. Or, on the contrary, emphasizing some of the positive properties of their character, in the most ridiculous situations.

2. Ridiculed the vices and traits inherent in those or other people and groups of people: cowardice, self-righteousness, infallibility, stupidity, weakness, low qualification, drunkenness, moral shortcomings, the person is not in his place, high expectations, etc.

3. Mocked the logic error. Pseudo-logical constructions leading to absurd situations are created.

4. Violation of sense of proportion. A violation of form, harmony, and proportion. Details, to the detriment of the General hypertrophied increase (or, conversely, decrease).

5. Sex and everything connected with it. But ridiculed not the sex per se, but a situation that violates it templates and familiar developments. The discovery of facts that a person does not want to admit, the denial of reality, some absurd situations. Ridiculed inflated expectations of partners, their reassessment of themselves and their importance in the life of a partner.

6. Wordplay, similarity of words and their meanings (a rather complex type of humor, is considered highly intelligent).

7. Reaction to an unusual and unexpected situation that violates the patterns. For example, a laconic and calm reaction to where in reality there would be shouts and discontent.

8. Absurdity and hypertrophy of vices and stupidity. Absurdity as a tool of chaos, an important source of novelty that makes humor successful.

The enemies of good humor: lack of novelty (old joke, all already know and heard 1000 times), rudeness and excessive vulgarity, haste, and neclenorazdelnaya, unsuccessful topics, such as injury, death, or threat of the disease, some "patients and acute" for the audience of listeners questions that undermine their feelings or causing them pain.

A joke said off-topic, at the wrong time, or in the wrong place is a Prime example of a bad joke and the stupidity of the person who voiced it, even though the fact is that formally, the joke itself was good and funny.

Nothing can spoil a good joke more than wanting to say it in the wrong place or at the wrong time... or worse, not on the topic of conversation.

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1758. [In brevi]   AR AR

A  nice  joke  will  amuse  people  and  they  will  remember  you  as  a  good  person  who  is  nice  talking  to.  The  same  can  be  said  about  clear  and  distinct  expressions.  One  feels  nice  understanding  what  they  want  to  tell  and  it  makes  a  conversation  pleasurable.  And  if  your  information  brings  novelty  and  usefulness,  then  the  pleasure  from  it  will  double  itself. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1946.   AR AR

The   concept   of   a   bored   God   lies   in   the   idea   that   the   world   was   created   by   God   who   felt   bored.   The   goal   of   this   world's   existence   is   in   giving   his   boredom   the   brush-off.   We,   people   should   create   something   to   make   him   wonder   and   heat   his   imagination.   He's   in   acute   need   of   novelty   and   perfection,   beauty   and   astonishment…

Hence,   the   most   of   wealth   in   the   world   will   go   to   those   people   who   are   the   best   at   giving   the   Supreme   Being's   boredom   the   brush-off   or   at   delighting   his   well-seen   eye   with   beauty   and   perfection.

Even   wars   and   destructive   actions   are   accepted   by   this   God   (but   without   any   fanaticism),   as   they   bring   diversity   to   his   boring   existence   and   clear   the   space   for   the   new.
This   God   is   also   into   humor   and   jokes.   He   likes   to   make   fun   of   people   and   people   to   make   fun   of   each   other.   He's   the   main   joker.   Every   good   joke   makes   him   laugh   and   feel   nice.
He   likes   human   passions.   Passions   are   his   special   forte.
Life's   an   endless   soap   opera   full   of   feelings   and   emotions.
Perhaps   our   God   is   not   even   alone.   What   if   he's   got   friends   whom   he   invites   to   show   what   happens   to   us   here   on   earth.

Translate: Sodmis


1959.   AR AR

It's  better  to  be  sarcastic  and  not  rude.  Lambent  humor  lets  one  express  what  one  really  wants  without  a  conflict.  Let  opponents  or  enemies  be  themselves.  Thus  you  give  them  an  opportunity  to  give  up.  But  being  rude  and  assaulting  their  honor  you  leave  them  no  other  choice  but  to  attack  you. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2221.   AR AR

It  is  beyond  argument  that  our  God  has  a  great  sophisticated  sense  of  humor. 

-  OOOH!  -  I  cry  to  him,  -  You've  snickered  at  me  again.  How  could  you?  stitches,  he  nearly  cries  with  laughter... 
-  Oh  how  nice,  how  nice  you  made  you  feel. 
Well,  don't  get  offended,  we'll  handle  it  somehow. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2386. How good things get bad.   AR AR

Humor,  jokes  and  fun  bring  pleasure,  of  course.  That's  good.  They  are  especially  relevant  when  things  are  bad  and  they  help  to  live  in  our  complicated  world.

But  I've  noticed  that  people  who  abuse  it  unnecessarily  start  to  look  like  idiots  for  some  reason.  Idiotic  joy,  idiotic  fun,  constant  idiotic  jokes  -  these  people  are  clearly  at  the  last  stage  of  degradation,  they  clearly  need  to  change  something  in  themselves.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


2433. A diligent digger.   AR AR

Everyone finds it nice to get something. You go through the effort of doing something and get a reward for this. The more efforts you make, the bigger reward you'll get. Something hard-gained and valuable is really precious while something that comes cheap is not appreciated.

There is a belief that material which is spoon-fed to pupils is something that every teacher should be aimed at. And it seems to be right when a teacher presents some material as easy and understandable as possible. But statistics show that it's a delusion. As one doesn't even appreciate something that is very easy and considers it to be less important. Especially when everything in life is hidden and covered. That's why it's difficult to search for information on one's own without having the skill of "nutcracking".

There are several effective ways to present information to pupils and students, that would help a teacher make them understand it.

1. The advantages of the surprise effect. Any unexpected or surprising thing that brings something new is easy to memorize.
2. Words which have beauty, simplicity and laconicalness.
3. Something that may trigger emotions – be it fear, threats, pain, pleasure, anger.
4. Some charades which have a distinguished style of being absurd or enigmatic but at the same time have a deep hidden meaning. A perfect example of the absurd style is Mr Nietzsche's thoughts and beliefs.
5. Humor and irony as great information holders. Murphy's Law and Parkinson's Law are perfect examples of it.
6. The grain of truth hidden in a dustbin. Texts of this kind are used mostly in philosophical and religious literature. Too many unnecessary words and suddenly- there may be something great. In the background of meaningless verbiage some great thought may seem a masterpiece and its meaning may seem really deep.
7. Battologizing and repeating oneself. Something that is stable and lasting in its existence while being proved from various sources, is accepted as ultimate truth.
8. Lyrical digressions that have humor and beauty and dilute a concentrated flow of information.

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2463. The Farm 8.0 project. The system of artificial intelligence 13.0.   AR AR

We   live   in   the   reality   simulator   called   The   Farm,   generation   8.0.The   essence   of   its   existence   is   in   growing   systems   of   artificial   intelligence   (human   souls)   suitable   for   further   exploitation   as   part   of   various   scientific   and   research   projects   as   well   as   of   service,   construction   and   military   systems.   Well-balanced   souls   that   have   become   harmonious   and   perfect   are   considered   to   be   first   class   and   suitable   for   further   use.   While   other   souls   that   have   sunk   into   vice   and   failed   to   achieve   balance,   get   processed   into   raw   materials.

An   additional   extra   product.

The   Farm   8.0   project   also   specializes   in   producing   works   of   art-   such   as   literature,   music,   cinema,   architecture,   sculpture,   visual   art   and   other   arts,   humor   and   entertainment.   It's   the   souls   of   the   special   high   value   that   managed   to   succeed   in   producing   the   additional   product   and   becoming   perfect,   unique   and   really   useful   at   doing   it.   Souls   of   this   kind   are   of   ultimate   importance   and   really   rare.   Producing   the   products   connected   with   arts   and   entertainment   brings   the   Farm   fifty   per   cent   of   income.

A   perspective   additional   product.

In   prospect,   as   the   Farm   project   develops,   there's   a   plan   to   get   extra   income   from   advanced   scientific   and   applied   technologies.   As   of   today,   there   exists   the   selection   and   evolutional   development   of   the   "luminous   souls"   capable   of   scientific   activities.   It's   already   possible   to   mention   some   powerful   success   and   this   module   is   planned   to   be   put   into   practice   in   years   to   come.
However,   those   very   souls   suitable   for   being   used   in   scientific   research   activities,   are   already   being   successfully   grown   and   they   show   great   results   in   being   exploited.   The   share   of   this   field's   profits   for   today   is   13%.

Translate: Sodmis


2482. Don't take everything too literally.   AR AR

Don't  take  everything  too  literally.  A  rigorous  form  is  definitely  a  good  thing  but  there  is  a  place  for  humor,  irony,  abstact  things,  pseudoabsurdity  and  symbolism  as  well. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3037. Matter of survival.   AR AR

I  keep  guessing  why  strong  and  scary  people  paralyze  and  stultify  the  weaker  ones.  Their  tongue  is  tied,  their  mind  is  jelly-like,  their  muscles  are  seized  up…  Apparently,  it’s  made  to  prevent  the  weak  from  being  murdered..  As  otherwise  he  may  start  twitching,  snapping,  offering  some  silly  ideas  and  suggestions  …  And  the  strong  are  nervous  and  angry…  This  one  will  crush,  destroy  and  go  on. 

So  nature  decided  to  deprive  the  weak  of  ability  to  twitch  for  good,  paralyzing  them  by  fear,  maybe,  the  Strong  won’t  touch  them,  thinking  they  are  no  threat. 

I  see  the  following  ways  to  fight  it.  Firstly,  you  should  train  fortitude  and  sense  of  humor.  A  little  effort  of  the  will  and  a  talk  to  yourself  will  allow  you  to  get  rid  of  paralysis.  And  then  the  issue  gets  curious.  Should  you  twitch?  It  depends.  Other  things  equal,  direct  conflict  with  the  stronger  is  fraught  with  a  crushing  defeat.  But  basically  clean  mind  allows  you  to  manage  the  situation  on  the  spot.  You  can  try  to  join  the  aggressor,  or  to  get  closer  and  strike  later.  After  taking  back  control  of  your  brain  and  body,  many  things  are  possible.

By  the  way,  the  Strong  feels  the  paralysis  of  the  victim,  it  makes  him  full  of  contempt  and  self-content.  He  lets  his  guard  down  and  thinks  the  victim  is  in  his  hands.

If  the  victim  seems  dangerous  to  him,  starts  telling  something,  blathers,  expresses  disobedience  or  disagreement,  the  strong  will  make  every  effort  to  neutralize  the  resistance,  up  to  total  elimination  of  the  victim.

Translate: NeuronNet


3322.   AR AR

Humor  is  Joy.  And  joy  helps  to  live  and  work.  And  everything  that  helps  to  keep  on  living,  is  good. 

...  And  humor  is  a  cure  as  well.  It's  a  painkiller  against  suffering  during  lifetime. 
Humor  is  something  that  smooths  bad  emotions  like  anger,  pain  or  dissatisfaction.  Humor  is  something  like  a  lightning  rod  for  negative  things.  Something  that  could  explode  in  some  situations,  just  releases  its  negativity  through  humor.  Humor  is  a  great  source  of  pleasure.  It's  a  candy  that  you  may  give  to  the  evil  to  make  it  kind. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3374. Bitter truth swallowed with a candy.   AR AR

The  truth  hurts.  The  truth  is  like  bitter  pills.  While  a  joke  is  like  a  painkiller.  The  truth  wrapped  into  a  joke,  becomes  a  candy  instead  of  a  bitter  pill. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Irina Tsurupina



3618. Terms close to beauty are verity, truth, love and joy.   AR AR

Absence  of  beauty  is  like  absence  of  salt  that  makes  everything  tasteless. 

A  kiss  without  love  is  tasteless. 
A  joke  without  truth  is  tasteless. 
Life  without  joy  is  tasteless  and  boring. 
A  person  who  doesn't  know  verity  is  silly  and  boring. 

By  the  way,  the  term  Use  has  a  couple  of  strange  synonyms,  namely  pain  and  suffering. 
Suffering  for  the  good  of  the  cause  is  a  sacred  thing…  And  generally,  suffering  exorcise  a  person's  faults  and  this  process  is  very  useful. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3986.   AR AR

Humor, wit, novelty, originality, surprise, these are seasonings, without which the dish turns insipid and tasteless. However, there are also delicious sauces: tradition, stylization, genre... Classic taste will not leave indifferent true connoisseurs.

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4016. The whole life is a game.   AR AR

We're  actors  playing  our  roles...  one  of  them  ...second  one  ...third  one  ...title  roles  ...minor  roles  or  even  extra  ones...  Yes,  this  life  is  neverending  casting  call.  Anyone  can  land  any  role. 
But  much  depends  on  directors,  producers,  screenplays  and  budgets... 

And  you  know  that  there  are  only  a  few  good  actors.  Not  every  actor  is  able  to  grow  into  a  role  and  most  actors  seem  histrionic. 

An  actor  who  plays  a  role  badly,  can  hardly  be  aimed  at  playing  good  roles. 

Actors  with  sad  or  wry  faces  usually  get  particular  roles  from  a  producer. 

The  relevance  of  a  role  doesn't  affect  the  relevance  of  an  actor.  A  great  actor  will  be  great  at  playing  any  role  at  all.  What's  more,  no  matter  how  relevant  a  role  or  screenplay  may  be,  they  are  still  of  secondary  importance  compared  with  the  actor's  personality. 

Roles  differ  but  sometimes  it's  possible  to  break  the  character  and  be  yourself  for  a  while. 

The  freedom  of  an  actor's  role  is  that  he  is  allowed  to  play  his  role  as  good  as  possible.  But  nothing  more. 

Since  the  whole  life  is  a  game  and  we're  actors,  our  career  largely  depends  on  the  roles  that  we  have  already  played  as  well  as  on  the  directors  and  scenario  writers  who  we  choose  to  work  with.  The  audience  likes  some  show:  wonder,  eventuality,  action,  passion  and  sincerity.  Something  boring  never  attracts  anyone. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



4056. Sight.   AR AR

We have to cause our audience emotions:
surprise, pleasure, pain, joy, fear.

Our best tools: outrageous, provocation, beauty, sexuality and tenderness, humor and absurdity, truth and salt of life ...

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5.211.   AR AR

Humor is a particular example of revelation. An instant change in the pattern of thinking generates either laughter or shock... either joy or fear.

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