7.3767.   AR AR

Once I discovered that if white is long called black, then everyone will believe.

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7.2998. A white square with a black dot.   AR AR

The point is the final stage of the evolution of the black square. A dot a moment before the end of the world.

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7.2513.   AR AR

The black leaf is nothing, the white leaf is perfection, and fine art is a diverse set of differences from the perfect.

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5.1887.   AR AR

You'll love me black, you'll love me white. The point is, true love is humility.

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5.1776.   AR AR

It is necessary to speak about two sources of energy of the human personality, the first is truth-light energy, and the second is black energy of vices and sins. Ideally, the tree receives energy from both the roots and the sun.

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4.4133.   AR AR

White is the intermediate stage of growing up black. White is something like the youth of black. When white Matures, it will become adult black.

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4.3937. Black and white.   AR AR

Black is the biggest color of all, it is 100 times bigger than white and 700 times bigger than any other pure color. White is the color of modesty, black is the color of strength. The weakest color is red, green and yellow. Blue's a little stronger. White is proud, it is seven times stronger than other colors, but 100 times weaker than black.

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4.3122.   AR AR

There are no opposites. Opposites are the same. However, white is hiding under the black mask, and black under the mask of white.

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4.2904.   AR AR

Curiously, the light is not only white. White is only 1% of the light, the rest of the light is black.

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4.1452.   AR AR

Maturity   is   the   ability   to   discern   the   colors   of   white.   Morning   comes,   then   white   begins   to   differ   from   blue.

Translate: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.3088.   AR AR

The double standard is a Prime example of dichotomous black-and-white thinking.

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3.3025.   AR AR

What is the colored world?  It is a world full of colors of uncertainty.  The idealist's desire to get rid of uncertainty generates a black-and-white world.

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3.2374.   AR AR

Paradox is a typical example of black-and-white thinking.  You feel like you have no choice, whatever you choose is bad.  Remember, white is 7 colors and millions of shades, and black is 100 times bigger than white.

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3.2272. Such a small detail.   AR AR

Lack   of   attention   for   details   produces   excessive   generalizations   that   produce   black   and   white   dichotomous   thinking   that   produces   idealism   and   neuroses   that   produce   hell   and   paradise.   Interestingly,   hell   and   sufferings   remain   inside   the   person   whereas   paradise   and   happiness   remain   in   the   mirror-world   and   in   dreams.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3.2173.   AR AR

In hydraulic systems, water flows through pipes.  In open systems, the role of pipes is performed by the boundaries between warm and cold, right and wrong, black and white.

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3.2133.   AR AR

The cause of schizophrenia is idealism, that is, catholicisme black-and-white thinking.  Repressing your fears and negative emotions, the idealist becomes the first neurotic, neuroticism then degenerates into acute psychosis, and if the will of this strong man and he managed to hold back and then, psychosis is reborn in schizophrenia.

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10.854.   AR AR

You divide life into black and white, and what do you divide white into?  What will you divide the black into?  Are you sure that you will be able to stay?

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10.817. Self-generating causes.   AR AR

Black and white is cause and effect, where effect produces cause and cause produces effects.

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10.683.   AR AR

The third option is not a compromise between white and black, making the world gray and dull.  This third option makes the world colored.

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10.153.   AR AR

The impasse you're in is a result of dichotomous black-and-white thinking, you don't see the details at all...  The wall in front of you is full of holes...

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10.148.   AR AR

The meaning of humility is the realization that God is everything.  The meaning of humility is that there is no black and white, no right and wrong...  Both opposite sides are simultaneously right, and left and right are simultaneously good.

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8.389. Black and white.   AR AR

It's  impossible  to  play  a  tune  only  on  white  keys...  And  no  one  needs  it. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


6.867.   AR AR

Black is all the same, and white is all different... White is divided into millions of colors and shades. White is one in its diversity, and black is one in its monotony.

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5.34.   AR AR

Different colors are parts of white, and black is white, only small.  Black is the child of white.  White like black, as your child.

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The beginning of the book

5.48.   AR AR

Blue is very similar to one.  If black is zero, then the closest decent color to it is blue.  Blue is not as proud and bright as other colors, it speaks of its modesty and attracts the sympathy of zeros. 

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5.85. Love me black.   AR AR

Idealists are unbearable in their pursuit of the ideal.  To bring them to humility, it is necessary to torment their black nature.  When they accept that evil is inevitable, they will understand how beautiful the colors of the day are. 

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5.89.   AR AR

The devil is the product of idealism; it is the idealists who have divided God into good and bad.  The reason is that idealists themselves suffer from a chronic split personality and therefore they see the black-and-white world everywhere.

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5.90. God is everything.   AR AR

The black and white world is a sign of ignorance, a smart person knows that there are only different facets and intensities of white.  God is everything, even black is white.  God is light.

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6.54.   AR AR

They love to divert attention from one lie with another lie.  As long as you expose one lie, the other lies safely do their dirty work.

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7.21. The illusion of a contractual relationship.   AR AR

A person who does something for another person, secretly hoping to please him and for this wanting something from him, concludes a "black contract", that is, a one-sided contract, which is known only to him.  The second party, without ratifying such a contract, is free to execute it. 

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1596.   AR AR

There  are  two  ways  of  thinking,  two  types  of  understanding  the  world: 

•        Logical  thinking  -  logic  typical  of  male  nature. 
•        Mystically  sensual  understanding  of  the  world  -  female  way  of  thinking. 

It's  a  very  disputable  issue  of  what  way  of  thinking  is  better.  Men  think  that  it's  logic  that  rules  the  world.  While  women  say  that  the  world  is  mystically  irrational. 

But  we  know  as  we  remember  that  the  truth  in  this  world  is  always  hidden  in  balance.  In  the  blend  of  Yin  and  Yang,  Chaos  and  Order,  Black  and  White.  It  should  be  said  that  both  types  of  understanding  of  the  world  -  logic  and  feelings  -  taken  separately  are  unable  to  see  the  real  world  view.  Only  after  having  become  united  and  formed  some  symbiosis  to  use  both  of  the  types  of  understanding,  people  can  see  the  world  as  it  is.  The  world  where  both  Rational  and  IRrational  laws  take  place. 

Our  world,  our  reality  is  rational  and  irrational  at  the  same  time.  Some  things  happen  in  it  according  to  logical  laws  and  have  cause-and-effect  connections,  while  other  events  and  phenomena  are  caused  by  its  mystical  sensual  nature.  Really,  besides  logic  there  exist  luck,  fortune,  karma…  There's  hardly  anyone  who  would  deny  it  not  to  jinx  it. 

Everyone  had  periods  in  life  called  a  train  of  misfortunes  and  no  logic  would  explain  that.  And  everyone  had  moments  when  a  run  of  good  luck  would  eclipse  anything.  Why  can't  it  be  so?  And  what  could  not  happen  under  no  circumstances,  sometimes  became  real. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1970.   AR AR

Refined  evil  is  like  sugar,  like  white  sweet  poison.

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2607.   AR AR

It's  only  a  sheep  who  can  believe  what  they  say  in  the  herd  of  sheep. 

If  some  sheep  feels  ready  for  becoming  a  wolf  or  a  dog,  then  the  first  thing  this  sheep  should  do  is  to  stop  being  zombified  by  mass  media  (including  TV  and  the  Internet).  What's  more,it's  also  necessary  to  stop  listening  to  the  nonsense  that  other  sheep  may  say.  The  nonsense  said  by  other  sheep  is  so  worthless  in  every  way,  both  in  its  direct  meaning  and  any  other  meaning  too.  Thus,  it's  simply  impossible  to  interpret  it  in  a  different  way  that  would  make  it  sound  right...  No  ...and  here  lies  the  sly  implication  of  it  all.  As  it's  wrong  both  in  the  direct  way  and  in  the  inverted  one.  Hence,  the  truth  is  always  outside  sheep'  mind  and  it  can't  get  into  their  learning  field. 

Sheep  may  argue  whether  something  is  white  or  black  while  this  something  is  actually  green.  However,  sheep  don't  even  know  that  green  color  exists  due  to  their  decreased  ability  to  see  this  color. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2608. It is not given to a man to see the truth.   AR AR

Let's   imagine   that   every   person   lives   in   some   abstract   world.   And   there   is   some   information   circulating   in   this   world.   And   this   information   is   broadcasted   in   the   Internet   and   mass   media   and   people   bandy   this   information.   Many   people   automatically   believe   everything   they   say.   While   some   people   are   nihilistic   as   they   automatically   doubt   everything   others   say   and   misrepresent   information.

And   now   imagine   that   there   isno   truth   in   this   world.   No   truth   at   all.   Some   say   it's   white   and   believe   it   while   others   automatically   twist   it   and   try   to   prove   it's   black.   Thus,   people   argue   whether   it's   white,   grey   or   black,   or   even   green.   And   people   twist,   change   and   misrepresent   their   matter   of   dispute.   While   in   fact   it's   «transparent   with   a   shift   of   tone   1980».   And   this   world   simply   doesn't   have   such   a   notion   as   «transparent   with   a   shift   of   tone   1980».   And   human   eyes   and   brains   are   unable   to   realize   this   notion.

Translate: Sodmis


3006. Perpetual motion machine.   AR AR

Order   tends   to   organise   chaos   and   chain   it.
But   chaos   craves   for   freedom.   And   freedom   is   a   sensible   awareness   for   chaos.   This   is   that   very   perpetual   motion   that   makes   the   sun   shine.   Chaos   is   endlessly   various   as   it's   a   god   of   novelty.   It   figures   out   many   ways   to   escape   order.   While   order   is   aimed   at   perfection.   Chains,   cages   and   walls   constructed   by   order   become   more   and   more   perfect.

I   can   even   imagine   that   sly   order   uses   the   desire   of   chaos   for   escape   as   a   hamster   in   a   wheel   to   spin   it   and   produce   electricity.

In   the   great   scheme   of   the   Universe   we   see   two   things.   On   the   one   hand,   stars   are   formed   while   on   the   other   hand,   they   are   destroyed,   but…   it's   not   that   important.   But   the   most   important   thing   is   the   very   black   inkblot   of   the   Universe,   that   very   chaos   that   expands   endlessly.   It   never   stops.   The   Universe   expands   and   its   edges   are   stormy   with   chaos   while   the   centre   is   filled   with   old   galaxies   full   of   stars.   We   may   only   suppose   that   Order   is   some   kind   of   virus   that   needs   chaos   to   feed   on   it   and   use   it   as   a   material   of   construction.   Perhaps,   Order   itself   can   get   its   GOAL   only   after   having   got   the   chaos   DNA   that   has   novelty   and   energy.

So   who   will   win   in   this   struggle?   -   Nobody.   The   essence   of   this   struggle   is   in   the   moving   forward   and   if   something   wins,   the   moving   will   stop   and   it   will   be   the   end   of   the   world.

Translate: Sodmis


3029.   AR AR

The  person  suffering  from  the  sin  of  pridefulness,  considering  himself  the  smartest  one,  is  inclined  to  consider  only  his  own  opinion  and  opinion  of  those  who  agree  with  him  to  be  right. 

And  if  he  doesn’t  have  his  own  opinion,  he  will  “invert”  the  opinions  of  those  who  are  lower  than  him,  taking  the  opposite  decision  for  the  truth.  He  is  told  white,  he  automatically  repeats-  black.  Exceptions  are  trustworthy  sources  of  information.  i.e.  those  which  always  supported  his  point  of  view  before.

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3.121. White and black.   AR AR

The   ability   to   separate   one   from   another   is   at   the   same   time   the   ability   to   unite.   Resignation   as   a   metaphor   or   love   and   the   union   of   “ands”   unites   and   separates   simultaneously,   thus   defining   the   sovereignty   and   boundaries   of   objects.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3241. Inactivity worsened by complaints.   AR AR

If  you  don't  like  dark  times  in  your  life,  try  to  paint  them  white. 
The  same  about  darkness-  you  can  always  put  the  light  on  or  light  candles. 

And  if  you  haven't  got  any  paints,  matches  or  candles,  you  should  go  to  bed  when  it  gets  dark  and  rise  with  the  sun. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3242.   AR AR

Dark  times  in  life  resemble  night  and  it's  necessary  to  sleep  at  night  and  not  weep  in  the  darkness. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.323.   AR AR

Has anyone ever seen a happy man?  - I'm happy, but I have a lot of problems.  I guess if I didn't have problems, I'd be happier?  - No, once you're out of trouble, disaster will swallow you up like a black hole.

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3.390.   AR AR

They say stars create time, and black holes recycle it.

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3.415.   AR AR

Black matter is the realization of the wave principle of creation. 

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3572. Black and white.   AR AR

Life  starts  in  the  darkness  and  ends  in  the  light. 
Life  is  darkness.  Death  is  light. 
Black  is  color  of  life  and  white  is  the  color  of  death. 

When  the  light  fades  away,  then  what  was  life  once,  goes  back  to  darkness  and  becomes  material  for  new  life. 

Death  is  the  process  of  releasing  energy. 
While  life  is  the  process  of  consuming  energy. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.608.   AR AR

A   black   body   absorbs   all   the   light   falling   on   it   and,   thus,   accumulates   a   maximum   of   energy.   A   black   body   is   a   maximally   cold   and,   consequently,   motionless   body.   Be   calm   and   passionless   if   you   want   to   accumulate   energy.   On   the   contrary,   if   energy   is   to   be   extracted   from   objects,   you   should   warm   them   up   and   make   them   move.

Translate: lushchenko Marina