2941.   AR AR

The peculiarity of the neutron network is the absence of control centers. Such a network cannot be destroyed if each individual who makes up the network carries all the principles of the system. With colossal collective power, members of the network can control reality…

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3.713. The strength of love and faith.     AR AR

A   dozen   of   persons   who   really   have   faith   in   and   love   each   other   are   worth   thousands   and   thousands   of   other   people.

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3.742.     AR AR

Your most valuable asset is the people you were able to help.  Therefore, make every effort to find people who can be helped and help them.  Do good and throw it in the water.

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3.732.     AR AR

The strategy is: meet those who are above you and who are below you, then those who are below, meet those who are above.  At the same time try to be as helpful as possible just so the people above.  And those who are below will automatically owe you, if, thanks to you, acquire useful contacts.

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3.735.     AR AR

Business is when you find two problems and put them together and turn them into surplus value.

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3.737.     AR AR

Quality and quantity are dialectically one.  Quality comes through quantity and then quality turns back into quantity.

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9.4702. One turns zero into ten.     AR AR

There   is   addition   and   multiplication   and   there   is   synergy.   Eight   that   becomes   united   with   another   eight,   forms   a   collective   of   endless   power.

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10.5639.     AR AR

Communicating with people, always be interested in what problems they have, and what they do.  Whenever possible, try to help people solve their problems, as well as bring those who need help, with those who could help.

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10.5345.     AR AR

People want to work together and want to communicate...  but they don't know how.  And afraid of each other.

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10.5706.     AR AR

One by one we are small and weak.  United in the love of truth, beauty, and perfection, we will gain tremendous power.  The power of love is enormous and nothing can stop it.

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3.758.     AR AR

The point is, a leader doesn't care who he takes with him.  If you went to someone – that's great, the more units of zeros, the stronger it is.  So curb your pride and lead anyone who walks.

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3.756.     AR AR

Recognition is a great value.  Recognizing other people's virtues, you will become a very valuable person for them.  It is especially useful to recognize the merits of their subordinates.  Than a man is "less than", the more important it is the recognition of his merits.

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428.     AR AR

What  is  the  intention  of  a  team? 
being  singly  we  - 
are  zeroes… 
threes,  sevens,  nines, 
but  in  a  couple  already 

Here  for  instance  11 
or  99  … 
And  what  if  more… 
thousands  …millions… 
even  just 
a  one…with  zeroes 
is  in  essence  enormous... 
like  a  whole  world 
in  the  raging  ocean... 

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Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



3.734.     AR AR

By   joining   two   poisons,   you   may   obtain   one   medicine.   A   minus   and   a   minus   make   a   plus.   Likewise,   you   can   take   any   two   problems   and   make   something   very   useful   and   good   out   of   them.

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The beginning of the book

7.87. Balancing system.     AR AR

When you give, people automatically want to give something back.  Give people a good mood, thank them, give small gifts, help to realize their desires, amuse self-esteem, and they will love you in return.

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7.93. A nut can be broken down, but a rubber ball cannot.     AR AR

If   you   want   to   break   down   your   team,   pretend   to   agree   or   act   neutral,   do   not   argue   and   do   not   protect   anyone,   avoid   pressure,   just   nod   but,   deep   inside,   do   not   believe   and   take   no   notice.   Do   not   be   as   stupid   as   a   nut,   or   you   will   be   eaten.

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1180.     AR AR

Helping  a  friend  is  an  investment,  just  like  any  other  investment:  you  can  have  1000%  margin,  but  sometimes  you  just  lose  a  100  rubles.  Economists  say  that  the  resources  must  work,  thus  if  you  do  not  help,  you  decrease  the  value  of  what  you  have… 

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3.701.     AR AR

Ask,   and   it   shall   be   given   to   you.   However,   you   are   afraid   of   asking,   you   are   scared   to   get   rejected.   This   would   smash   your   arrogance   to   pieces.   That   is,   you   have   two   deadly   sins   in   your   soul   at   the   same   time   –   fear   and   arrogance.   No   wonder   you   are   burning   in   hell.   By   the   way,   truth   is   a   system   and   order.   One   or   two   times   are   lie.   You   should   ask   for   a   long   time   and   tediously   to   be   believed.   Perseverance   is   your   recipe   to   success.

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3.707.     AR AR

Let's say you don't have the money for the project, but you have the language to ask for, the hands to write letters, the brain to plan your actions and the legs to go where you should.  In the end, you can do everything yourself, even if it takes a little more time.

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3.712.     AR AR

Especially effective, doing good, throw it into the water, asking nothing from anyone in return, but do not hide their problems, guided by the principle of "the card loves crying."  But you can not ask and be upset that they did not help, too, you can not, in fact, most people would like to help if they could, and help on occasion a good person, but starting to demand from them, you can spoil everything.

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3.738. Bubbles.     AR AR

I noticed that from the inside, each person resembles a soap bubble to himself...  Our existence and assets are ephemeral and uncertain.  Fear and a sense of own insignificance, perhaps, there is the only the General, which unites all people...

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3.739.     AR AR

Having a mentor and mentor is good, but even if you don't, it's not fatal.  I, for example, did not, but as the ancient Chinese wisdom says, a good student learns by watching the teacher.  Watching people and reading books, you can learn a lot on your own.  On the other hand, I could use a mentor, but where would I get one? 

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3.740.     AR AR

Loved ones are the kind of people you can't say no to.

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3.751. A good cause.     AR AR

Ask and it will be given to you.  Refusal breeds guilt, fear, remorse, greed, etc.

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3.755.     AR AR

If you want to make a career, make a career not for yourself, but for your boss.  Become a team member.

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3.759.     AR AR

Asking people questions gives them great joy.  The opportunity to think and show your mind is a great pleasure.

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3.762.     AR AR

Often ask other people's advice and try to succeed in them.  The point is, if a person can give you good advice and it works...  it will be love forever.

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3.763.     AR AR

Idealism begets hate and evil.  They are terribly hates everything that does not fit their ideals.  For example, their ideal I thinks himself the best, and someone took and bypassed them.  No, they will not look for reasons in themselves and improve competence, instead they will hate, angry and angry at those who dare to be better.

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3.764.     AR AR

Idealism is a fairly formulaic method of thinking that prevents thinking flexibly.  They do not like everything that does not correspond to their ideal, and if they do not like, they cannot use their deeds for their own benefit.

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3.766.     AR AR

Your problem is you're neglecting zeros.  It's pride.  You neglect nothing, and nothing is the God of this world.

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3.771.     AR AR

You are impatient and like the idealists, zero the figure does not consider, meanwhile, the zero increases the unit 10 times...  and two zeros in 100...  You neglect very valuable things.  We need to look at things more systematically.

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3.772. High risk.     AR AR

You   have   little   love   in   you.   That’s   a   problem.   Love   is   a   synergy   that   helps   you   unite   with   zero,   thus   multiplying   your   power   manifold.   Arrogance   is   multiplication   –   multiplication   by   zero   destroys   everything.

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3.773. Soft debts.     AR AR

The point is that you can only ask for yourself those who owe you something.  Those who are above you, it is advisable to ask mainly not for myself but for others.  Which then will become you owe.

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3.774.     AR AR

A man loves terribly those who are grateful to him and love should.  Man believes that those who owe him-his friends.  The more friends a person has, the happier he is.

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