3.77. The great joker.   AR AR

A   stem   cell   is   the   common   example   of   universal   nothingness   and   of   a   lie   that   can   grow   into   anything.   X   is   one   who   can   return   into   nothingness   and   again   become   everything   out   of   nothingness.

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9.27. Growing from the inside, you grow from the outside.   AR AR

There   is   no   need   to   cross   the   line,   there   is   Nothing   and   Emptiness   behind   it,   but   it's   necessary   to   expand   the   boundaries   using   Nothing   as   the   free   space   for   growth.   That   is,   it   is   necessary   to   grow   from   the   inside,   thereby   growing   from   the   outside.

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10.5224. Nothing and Nothing.   AR AR

There is only energy and information.  Information is an illusion.  But I'm telling you, there's nothing but Nothing and information.  Energy is also an illusion.

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10.5225.   AR AR

Time and space are ways of organizing and limiting energy that turn Nothing into reality.

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10.5874. Energy Is Nothing.   AR AR

The energy of faith is limitless.  Belief in uncertainty allows you to extract energy from what is not, from lies and fantasies.  Faith is the ability to draw energy from Nothing.  Being is infinite and unknowable, belief in Nothingness is an ocean of energy.

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10.3974. The sound in the silence.   AR AR

Focus on Nothing.  Nothing is water, in which swim two different things.

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10.3990.   AR AR

If you listen to the silence, you will notice that there is no silence.  There is no emptiness.  Nothing is what is not.

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10.1798.   AR AR

What does the enlightened one see but Nothing? 
"Nothing is everything. 

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10.2385.   AR AR

When you conquer contempt and realize that nothing is everything, you will see.

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9.5226.   AR AR

Fear  is  a  lie.  Fear  is  something  that  does  not  exist.  The  point  is,  Nothingness  separates  us  from  NOTHINGNESS.  You  can  disappear  in  Nothingness  at  any  time  and  nothing  will  save  you  besides  the  all-powerful  Karma.  So,  compared  to  the  danger  of  NOTHINGNESS,  all  other  fears  are  insignificant  and  ridiculous.

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9.4380. Stem person.   AR AR

A  person  originally  resembles  a  stem  cell.  As  long  as  you're  Nobody,  you  have  a  chance  to  be  Anyone  at  all.  Stem  cells  can  turn  into  any  other  cells  in  the  body.  Reverse  transformation  is  also  possible,  but  to  do  that  it's  necessary  to  self-destroy  and  become  Nothing  again.  It's  only  Nothing  that  can  turn  into  anything  at  all,  but  anything  at  all  can  only  turn  into  Nothing.

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The beginning of the book

9.39. Pendulum on the edge of Nothing.   AR AR

Movement   is   necessary   for   life,   the   bigger   the   movement,   the   more   energy   is   available.   But   when   there   is   little   space,   it   is   difficult   to   move.   If   you   get   close   to   the   edge   and   cross   the   line,   you'll   end   up   in   Nothing.   Nothing   is   where   there   is   a   lot   of   free   space   -   the   space   where   you   can   move   a   lot   thus   getting   a   lot   of   energy   (money).   But   beware:   Nothing   is   addictive   and   can   easily   devour   you.   STAY   close   to   the   border   and   come   back   quickly.   Maybe   the   pendulum   strategy   will   help   you.

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9.74. Nothing.   AR AR

It   is   not   the   Universe   expanding,   pushed   from   within   by   the   energy   of   the   big   bang,   but   it`s   the   void   that   requires   filling,   drawing   it   into   itself.   Gravity   of   the   darkness   attracts   light   at   the   speed   of   darkness.   Infinite   desire   is   Nothing,   becoming   something   is   the   main   source   of   movement   in   this   Universe.  

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3.101. A resigned hero.   AR AR

Resignation   is   love.   Success   requires   resignation.   You   should   not   give   up.   Redo   and   overcome   -   for   tens,   hundreds   and   thousands   of   times   -   obstacles   arising   from   nothingness.

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3.130. You cannot even imagine how huge NOTHINGNESS is.   AR AR

Resignation,   which   is   necessary   for   growth,   is   the   resignation   of   Being   and   Non-Being.   If   One   makes   Nothingness   its   ally,   10,   100,   1000,   1000000000   will   born   out   of   it…

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3.342.   AR AR

A wave is something that can move into nothingness.  Nothing exists, and the wave exists.  Wave is not a movement, a wave is building up.  In particular, time is also a wave that creates the future.  In this sense, time is hardness and matter in liquid form, which, moving in a certain coordinate plane, creates the future.  Time is a process of creation.  Typical wave cyclical crisis process of creation and destruction.  All processes of creation occur in this way. 

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3.422.   AR AR

Obstacles that arise from nothing, it is a test for a lover to check whether he has real love.  Nothing feels love.

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3.433.   AR AR

Nothing is something that is not, but really want.  Helping Nothing in its desire, you build, and the whole universe is helping you.  If you slow down, you can earn energy.

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3.451.   AR AR

When you create, you destroy perfect chaos.  The Creator is the destroyer of chaos.  The Creator, simplifying chaos, brings it closer to Nothing.  Nothing is joyful, but chaos is freedom.

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5.472. Sampradayas beauty.   AR AR

The beauty of the spirit gives man freedom. Now that the soul serves the mind, the spirit, when it is free, becomes the pure mind, and the soul its great inner source of energy. The mind is a perfect logic that creates the illusion of causality, the so from the darkness nothing perfect idea of himself.

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5.930.   AR AR

Interchange   is   a   principle   that   makes   a   person   sell   his   soul   to   the   devil   in   exchange   of   freebies.   “I   exchange   nothing   for   nothing,”   says   the   wretch,   rubbing   his   hands   in   joy,   and,   certainly,   he   is   quite   mistaken.

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6.112.   AR AR

Nothing is time, time is energy. Nothing is energy. Compassion for nothing is to love nothing. The lover of nothing will have access to the infinite energy of time. Love energy is managed.

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6.484.   AR AR

Are you afraid of death? You're afraid of what's always with you. Death is always with you, nothing separates you from nothing. When you accept the inevitable, the fear will leave you.

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6.580.   AR AR

There are "Yes" and "no", and the fourth is nothing. By the way, nothing is the unity of the first three. By the way, integrity is the unity of the four.

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6.594.   AR AR

The point is the pattern of restraint of Nothing. Holding back its energy, Nothing reaches a critical point and explodes, so there is a new universe.

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6.598.   AR AR

Focusing on nothing, you'll start to see inside the black items, the form of which will produce your mind. By shaping nothing, you will create objects.

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6.608. Creation of matter.   AR AR

Truth, combined with absolute faith, allows the form of nothing. Love through a feeling of compassion for nothing gives it form. Truth and matter are generated by the power of the spirit. Nothing is the primary form of energy. Love seeks beauty to give it form.

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6.609. Beautiful goals.   AR AR

The point is, if there's truth in you, you're beautiful. Truth is beauty, truth is perfection. Truth is the pursuit of beauty and perfection. If you're beautiful, Nothing loves you. Nothing is the primary form of energy. Through you, nothing seeks incarnation in the real world. Falling in love with you, nothing fills you with its boundless energy and power.

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6.613. the Nothing Theorem (21 first law of Soloinc).   AR AR

Energy   loves   beauty   and   seeks   perfect   forms   to   transform   into   them.   When   a   person   chooses   a   beautiful   goal,   he   begins   to   accumulate   a   lot   of   information   to   achieve   this   goal   through   study,   reading,   reflection,   communication   and   meditation.   When   the   form   of   information   acquires   integrity   and   truth,   the   energy   of   nothing   fills   the   person,   making   him   its   tool,   to   give   energy   the   form   of   this   perfect   goal.

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6.734.   AR AR

Uncertainty is that which has not yet taken form, that is, the primordial nothingness which has not yet been touched by the thought of God. Contemplating nothing and creating forms within it, you create objects in this way.

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6.745. Keeper of beauty.   AR AR

I am not looking for vain praise, but I am looking for energy, but not even for myself I am looking for energy, but for herself, for the main desire of energy is to acquire the form of beauty. I give energy what it wants – beauty. I don't need the energy itself, but I want to make it happy, I get hurt when nothing is unhappy.

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