On death.






250. [In brevi]   AR AR

It's   not   that   I'm   not   afraid   of   death,
I   don't   really   believe   in   him.

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Art by Irina Tsurupina



800. People don't die. They get archived.   AR AR

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873.   AR AR

It's  only  people  who  got  no  faith  that  are  scared  of  the  death. 
However,  people  like  that  are  also  scared  of  life. 

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10.52. The spirit electric.   AR AR

You fear death like a little child of the dark.  Tell me, if a light bulb burns out, does the electricity die? 

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2271.   AR AR

Best  people  die  first.  It's  all  because  this  world  resembles  a  hot-house  where  providence  raises  flowers.  These  flowers  are  human  souls.  When  a  soul  is  ripe  and  perfect  enough,  it  is  considered  to  be  nice  for  "reaping  a  harvest". 

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10.7083.   AR AR

The bigger and more beautiful the dream, the better.  A dream that spans several lifetimes will save you from the fear of death.  You are a tree that grows into the sky, your dreams are stars.  You can never possess the stars, but you can always enjoy them and grow towards them.

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10.6785.   AR AR

Since time is an illusion of consciousness, when a person dies, he gains immortality.  In order to achieve immortality in intertemporal, you have to die.

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10.6581. Good deeds.   AR AR

Before death, it is desirable that a person releases energy by spending it on good and useful things.  After death, the energy will still be stolen, but it is desirable for the mind to dispose of everything itself, and not provoke vices and sins in the heirs.

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10.6212.   AR AR


Epiphany usually comes when you manage to miraculously avoid death.  Enlightenment is the love of my life.  Epiphany is the realization that death is not to be feared, because life itself protects us from it.


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10.6226.   AR AR

Enlightenment is the rejection of the fear of death.  You can't love life while you're afraid of death.  As long as your gaze is drawn to fear, you are like a blind man ...  you don't see life.

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10.21432.   AR AR

If God is light, then God is death and destruction.  Light is an act of destruction and purification.

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10.18571.   AR AR

When we die, do we stop?
"The wheel of life never stops.  The self-devouring serpent is immortal and self-sufficient.

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10.22080.   AR AR

I don't think that life before death and after death is any different.

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10.19406.   AR AR

They say time kills everything, but the truth is that everything is time.  Time creates everything, everything consists of time.  The process of destruction is the reverse transformation of matter in time.

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10.20425.   AR AR

The idea that one should go to the light after death is wrong, because everything is light.

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10.20744.   AR AR

I am not afraid of death, because I have nothing to lose but my chains.  What are chains?  Ephemeral forms that deprived the energy of freedom?

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10.20758.   AR AR

Death is the separation of the grain from the chaff.  When a person dies, all the lies that were in him die, for lies are the product of the illusion of the forms of the real world.  After death, only truth and love remain.  Thus, if a person does not find love during his life, then after death, he will find endless silence.  The one who finds love, after death, will find eternal joy, undimmed love.

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10.20764.   AR AR

When you die, you will find Paradise, an infinite source of love and bliss.  However, to use it, you need to learn to love while you are still alive.  Love requires restraint.  Motivated by pride and greed, you will quickly exhaust your love, and the death of love will fill your infinity with infinite pain.

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10.20772.   AR AR

Accepting fear is knowing that it doesn't matter that I'm going to die.  The existence of forms is illusory.  Before I die, I will try to make a Maxim out of what I must, and then come what may.

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10.20787. Archive flash drive.   AR AR

In essence, life is a computer turned on, and death is when the computer turns off.  But think about it, does turning off the light kill the bulb or the electricity?

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10.20832.   AR AR

What you call the forms of things is the flow of water, the process of movement.  If the movement stops, the objects will disappear, and you will call it death.  But is it death?

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10.21051.   AR AR

He who has understood life has ceased to fear death, for life and death are one.

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The beginning of the book

56.   AR AR

We're doing little things and waiting for death...
However, to imagine life as meaningless
the process is nihilism.  In fact, we were created to work.

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98.   AR AR

The  most  unpleasant  thing  in  life  is  predictable  death... 
slow,  painful  and  definitely  awful... 
It  would  be  better  to  die  suddenly  and  unexpectedly  … 

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130.   AR AR

It's  not  terrifying  to  die,  it's  more  terrifying 
to  live  in  dread  of  death. 

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161.   AR AR

There  is  a  good  way  to
quit  oneself  of  fear  and  find  strength...
Embed  an  idea  that  you've  got  only  a  year  left  to  live...
and  that,  in  fact,  you've  got  nothing  to  lose...
But  before  you  die,  you've  got  to  do  something.
If  you  manage  to  sell  yourself  on  that  idea  and
quit    yourself  of  fear,  you'll  get  such  a  burst  of
energy  that  you'll  be  able  to  move  mountains...
All  our  problems  result  from  fear.
we  fear,  feel  shy,  wait  for  something...
But  when  it's  useless  to  wait  and  the  fear  is  gone...
it  lends  you  wings...

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717.   AR AR

There's  no  death  and  I'm  not  scared  to  die.  Why? 
Because  I'm  full  of  aims  and  tasks  that  need  to  be  done. 
My  body  is  still  quite  new  and  functions  properly. 
  …  plus  there  is  a  mass  of  other  important  incentives. 

We  were  created  for  work.  If  they  destroy  us  we  won't  be  able  to  work. 

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8.21.   AR AR

Life  is  a  race.  The  use  of  speeding  up  is  not  proved  as  it  exhausts  the  body.  The  main  thing  is  stability.  Speeding  up  is  the  reason  for  a  later  stop  while  slowing  down  resembles  death. 

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884.   AR AR

Many  people  see  long  life  as  a  blessing  but  I  see  it  as  a  curse. 
The  endless  agony  of  slowly  decaying  body. 
If  I  am  to  define  a  real  blessing,  than  it's  robust  health  and  quick  painless  death. 

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9.38. Life and death are the same.   AR AR

Peace   is   death,   movement   is   life,   but   peace   is   emptiness   and   free   space.   Free   space   is   required   for   movement   to   occur.   On   the   other   hand,   life   is   rotation,   movement   in   a   circle.   And   sometimes,   life   is   a   pendulum   whose   oscillation   amplitude   determines   the   limits   of   its   movement.   So   you   don't   even   have   to   have   free   space   to   move.   Movement   is   life,   because   movement   is   the   process   of   energy   conversion:   a   dynamo,   an   electric   generator...   You   move   to   live,   you   live   because   you   move.   Moving,   you   get   energy,   you   need   energy   to   live.

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10.99.   AR AR

Comparing a person to an inductor or a light bulb generates interesting conclusions.  For example, that the human soul is an entity related to the gravitational or information field of the Earth.  This gives hope for the denial of death, because the fact that the bulb burned out, does not affect the electricity and power plant.

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1192.   AR AR

Death  is  not  the  scariest  thing  in  this  life… 

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1715.   AR AR

Perfection  is  the  first  sign  of  decadence. 
They've  been  on  the  long  way  to  God  and  here  they  come.  Their  way  is  over  and  there's  no  more  way  to  go.  A  dead  end... 
To  tell  the  truth,  I  don't  need  any  goals  that  I  wouldn't  be  able  to  achieve... 
I  want  a  goal  that  I  would  NEVER  be  able  to  achieve. 
Somewhere  on  my  way  to  this  goal  I'll  die  but  I'll  die  happy  with  a  smile  on  my  lips...  As  my  goal  is  so  special  that  it  will  be  enough  for  many  many  lives... 

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1763.   AR AR

In the old days, the phrase "until death do us part" meant 10-15 years. People didn't live very long in those days. And those who lived a long time, managed to survive 2-3 of their successive spouses.

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1771.   AR AR

I  consider  heroism  to  be  the  part  of  the  young  and  the  old. 
And  all  others  should  care  and  protect  their  families. 

It's  not  death  I  see  as  a  feat. 
But  it's  a  feat  to  live. 

To  persistently  do  one's  part  like  a  small  ant  bearing  a  tiny  leaf  in  a  huge  forest  where  no  one  will  never  know  its  name. 

Nietzsche  was  right  saying... 
"A  hero  is  happy"...  he  finds  great  happiness  in  a  feat... 

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1868.   AR AR

The  idea  that  there  may  be  life  after  death  gives  way  to  the  idea  there's  death  during  life. 
Yes  you're  right...  The  dead  live  among  us.  They  haven't  died  yet  but  have  long  been  dead. 

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2136.   AR AR

As  a  sinner,  you  should  know  that  you'll  be  tortured  and  even  death  won't  save  you. 

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2349.   AR AR

I  think  that  paradise  is  meant  only  for  those  people  who  die  happy  and 
satisfied  with  well  spent  life  and  fulfilled  goals. 

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2382. The best.   AR AR

The  best  people  usually  go  to  paradise... 

...whatever  you  do,  do  it  well  and  you'll  be  happy... 

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2415. The right vector of a thought.   AR AR

Pondering  over  life  makes  one  get  farther  from  death  while  pondering  over  death  makes  one  closer  to  it. 

Pondering  over  ways  to  fulfil  a  goal  gets  one  closer  to  this  goal. 
Pondering  over  how  unachievable  a  goal  may  be  only  makes  one  passive  to  act. 

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2799. Prolonged rest means death.   AR AR

Everyone  needs  some  rest  but  prolonged  rest  slowly  turns  into  death. 

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2872. Death ends suffering and injuries just start them   AR AR

When  you're  taking  a  risk,  don't  be  afraid  to  die,  be  afraid  to  get  injured.

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