4.108. Paradigm shift.   AR AR

The paradigm changes everything. You can change things, you can change the world, changing only the paradigm of your point of view.

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4.43.   AR AR

Principles must be understood.  Unconscious principles, like everything else unconscious, are lies.

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4.465.   AR AR

Truth   is   the   procreation   of   faith   and   an   act   of   free   will,   excluding   doubts   by   means   of   conscious   resignation   to   them.

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4.59.   AR AR

What   matters   most   in   a   person’s   destiny   is   the   goal   and   meaning   of   his   life.   Be   very   attentive   when   choosing   your   destiny.

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4.160.   AR AR

Freedom is the realization that there is nothing to envy, nothing to fear, nothing to desire. Only serving one's own mission in life makes sense.

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4.80.   AR AR

Psychoanalysis believes that the problem is unconscious desires.  There is some truth in this, but there is another problem.  Man is not simply not aware of his desires or wrongly aware of them, first of all, he does not know how he can satisfy them.  It seems that whatever he's doing, all to no avail and hell is inevitable.

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5.833.   AR AR

Bread and salt is a symbol of humility, humility with the reality of life and the realization that poison in small quantities is a medicine.

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6.338. Awareness is the firmness of faith.   AR AR

It's hard to believe in the whole and the big. By drawing the student's attention to small and inconsequential details, the teacher encourages him to become aware of the whole. Having considered and believed in every little detail and put them together, the disciple gains awareness and faith in the truth.

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4.782.   AR AR

Willpower is the basis of conscious love. Willpower is the conscious control of one's own attention, and love is that which controls attention directly. By training to focus your willpower on arbitrary objects, you will learn to control your attention and develop willpower. This will allow you to control yourself, your thoughts, fears, desires, etc.

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7.877.   AR AR

Being  conscious  of  the  meaning  and  usefulness  of  your  own  efforts  allows  you  to  overcome  laziness  and  apathy.  Meaninglessness  is  the  source  of  laziness.  Only  what  is  useful  is  interesting.

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4.847.   AR AR

The test of copper pipes is the test of lust and women. The test of water is a step into the abyss, diving into a dark pool with his head. The test of fire is living in fire and knowing that there is another way. But before that there was still a test of fear of height and depth.

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10.7126.   AR AR

You will not be able to understand and realize what you are afraid of.  Fear will blind your eyes and you will not see anything.

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10.6778.   AR AR

The most difficult facts are obvious facts that no one pays attention to. 

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5.346.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that you will lose everything you do not love and gain everything you love. Rich people are those who have a lot of love and this love is enough for everything they have. The poor are those who suffocate without love, they are those who like the air of love is not enough.

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10.6786.   AR AR

To see reality, you need to be very focused and long to contemplate it.  Attention is love.  Love is a way of knowing true reality.

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5.633.   AR AR

Jesus was the Angel of Armageddon, whose purpose was to awaken the sleepers... for wine can be created from water only in a dream, and in a dream you can walk on water... Wake up, Jesus asked them, but when the master came, everyone was asleep. In the context of the Bible many times mentioned that people fell asleep, that did not wait, that should be awake, that is, to maintain awareness. Jesus ' task is to Wake the sleepers.

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10.5983.   AR AR

Comprehension of the meaning and mission of your life is connected with the realization of every detail.  Enlightenment is when all the puzzles fell into place, and there was nothing superfluous.

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5.996.   AR AR

The sources of human emotion are as follows: 1. Suppressed desires seeking an outlet. 2. Our own thoughts 3. Algorithms and patterns interpretation of external events. 4. The level of awareness of the mind and the degree of truth of his knowledge about himself and the world around. 5. Hormonal and biological context. 6. Automation at the level of the reptilian brain and limbic system.

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10.6016.   AR AR

When a person clearly knows his role, he plays it much more productively.  Doubt and uncertainty create fear and inhibit the process.

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5.997. Hell is unconsciousness.   AR AR

Watch your own thoughts, be aware of your own thoughts. If your thoughts spoil, you will poison your soul with them and drown in an ocean of fear, suffering and pain.

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6.132. A flash of light.   AR AR

The instructions are known to all. First of all teach the instructions and then forced to look for their meaning. Comprehension of the meaning of instructions is called revelation and realization of truth. First accepting the instruction as a lie, then realizing its meaning, a person accepts the truth through the denial of lies.

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6.300.   AR AR

First instruction, then denial, and then discovery of their meaning, revelation, and realization of the truth.

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6.713.   AR AR

The path is a conscious movement, according to the plan. Chaotic and unconscious movements are not a plan (way).

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7.875. Laziness and apathy are result of non-understanding meaning of one's actions.   AR AR

The  essence  of  a  rational  psychotherapy  is  realization,  understanding  of  the  essence  and  meaning  of  one's  emotions  and  feelings.  The  human  reason  reacts  by  ignoring,  laziness  and  apathy  to  pointless  actions.  If  one  gets  meaning  of  one's  actions  and  emotions,  realizes  why  they  exist  and  what  use  they  are,  it  will  help  to  overcome  laziness  and  apathy.

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The beginning of the book

3.22.   AR AR

Variothoughts   books   are   a   "LEGO–thought"   constructor.   You   have   a   problem,   in   the   process   of   reading,   adding   up   the   details,   you   are   aware   of   what   to   do.

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3.55.   AR AR

The   point   of   resignation   is   the   realization   that   you   cannot   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chaff   before   the   crop   is   ripe.

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4.15.   AR AR

A real man is a solid man who has found solid ground under his feet and lives in the garden of Eden on the island.  Man lives on the outer edge of hardness, in the territory of the future.  The future is air.  Angels are those who know the future.  But there are people who unconsciously and unsteady in his principles of reason, these people are fish, they live underwater, they are not human, because they are irrational and live in the power of illusions and feelings.  Fish are different.  People eat fish, fish is a tasty and healthy food.

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4.26.   AR AR

Quality is the unity of awareness and automatism.

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4.41.   AR AR

Automatic unconscious reactions to external stimuli lower the person on the same level with animals.  The constant awareness of one's reactions brings one closer to God.

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4.44.   AR AR

Insensitive reflection is a sign of unconscious information.  The joyful truth, a lie causes fear and anger.  Insensitivity is a sign of misunderstanding.  A detached understanding is a lie, caused by the attempt to give the lie for the truth or the truth for a lie in the name of some false or incorrectly understood the goal.

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4.46.   AR AR

Feelings, devoid of understanding and awareness, devoid of feelings is a lie.  Truth is joyful, truth is the unity of feelings and consciousness.  An honest man is joyful, a liar is sad, and full of suffering or restrained insensitivity.

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4.55.   AR AR

Consciousness is a form, an unconscious content.  Forms of objects are determined by the purpose of their existence.  What is your goal, is your consciousness.  Goal defines consciousness.  Consciousness determines the form and all its properties.

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4.66.   AR AR

In rules importantly - why they.  Knowledge of the rules implies the realization of their goals, and flexible corners is not associated with deception, and with the support of their true goals. 

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2230. The state of being awake to one's faults.   AR AR

Lovers  lie  almost  all  the  time  and  generally  about  themselves. 

…  they  think  it  makes  them  look  more  precious  in  the  eyes  of  their  partners… 
…  they  are  tortured  by  endless  fear  that  they  don't  deserve  love… 
…  or  don't  deserve  sex… 
…  or  that  they  are  full  of  sins  and  faults… 
…  and  generally,  they  are  actually  right… 

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2837. Reaching a critical mass safely.   AR AR

Don't  try  to  do  "something  great"  in  a  crowd.  When  in  the  crowd,  be  like  everyone  else. 
But  do  whatever  you  want  while  being  alone. 

P.S.  But  it  should  be  mentioned  that  it's  not  only  something  great  that  grows  during  your  being  alone.  As  stupidity  and  heresy  grow  well  in  safety  too.  That's  why  it's  better  to  reach  some  level  of  self-awareness  and  wisdom  before  becoming  secluded  for  growing  the  great. 

It's  only  wise  people  who  need  to  become  secluded  to  get  the  enlightenment.  While  stupid  ones  get  the  opposite  result. 

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3006. Perpetual motion machine.   AR AR

Order   tends   to   organise   chaos   and   chain   it.
But   chaos   craves   for   freedom.   And   freedom   is   a   sensible   awareness   for   chaos.   This   is   that   very   perpetual   motion   that   makes   the   sun   shine.   Chaos   is   endlessly   various   as   it's   a   god   of   novelty.   It   figures   out   many   ways   to   escape   order.   While   order   is   aimed   at   perfection.   Chains,   cages   and   walls   constructed   by   order   become   more   and   more   perfect.

I   can   even   imagine   that   sly   order   uses   the   desire   of   chaos   for   escape   as   a   hamster   in   a   wheel   to   spin   it   and   produce   electricity.

In   the   great   scheme   of   the   Universe   we   see   two   things.   On   the   one   hand,   stars   are   formed   while   on   the   other   hand,   they   are   destroyed,   but…   it's   not   that   important.   But   the   most   important   thing   is   the   very   black   inkblot   of   the   Universe,   that   very   chaos   that   expands   endlessly.   It   never   stops.   The   Universe   expands   and   its   edges   are   stormy   with   chaos   while   the   centre   is   filled   with   old   galaxies   full   of   stars.   We   may   only   suppose   that   Order   is   some   kind   of   virus   that   needs   chaos   to   feed   on   it   and   use   it   as   a   material   of   construction.   Perhaps,   Order   itself   can   get   its   GOAL   only   after   having   got   the   chaos   DNA   that   has   novelty   and   energy.

So   who   will   win   in   this   struggle?   -   Nobody.   The   essence   of   this   struggle   is   in   the   moving   forward   and   if   something   wins,   the   moving   will   stop   and   it   will   be   the   end   of   the   world.

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3.131.   AR AR

Your   realization   that   nothing   has   been   superfluous   in   your   life   will   kill   your   fear.   Everything   goes   as   planned.   When   everything   goes   as   planned,   it   is   joyful   and   inspiring.

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3.153.   AR AR

Resignation   is   finding   out   you   don’t   have   to   wait   for   anything.   Do   what   you   have   to   and   come   what   may.   Do   good   and   throw   it   into   the   water.   Your   job   is   to   do   your   job   and   NOT   to   wait,   hope   or   be   afraid.

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3.298.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that chaos and order are equal, moreover, in their unity they are one, as two sides of the same coin.  Therefore, pay tribute will have both forces.

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3.304.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that you cannot stop.

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3311. Without love a person turns into a dog.   AR AR

Love  is  an  understood  need.  Absence  of  love  brings  pain.  Pain  makes  one  angry.  An  unloved  person  turns  into  a  wicked  dog. 

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3.349. A rational person is a strong person.   AR AR

Rationality   makes   a   person   strong.   Intelligence   can   achieve   conscious   resignation.   Conscious   resignation   along   with   stupidity,   mistakes   and   doubts   kills   fear.   It   kills   the   devil.

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3.353.   AR AR

Buy   this   book   and   it   will   make   you   stronger.   There   is   truth   in   this   book.   Truth   gives   faith.   Faith   is   strength.   By   paying   for   truth,   you   will   make   a   sacrifice   to   fire.   Fire   needs   to   be   nourished   or   it   will   subside.   If   you   do   not   pay   for   truth,   you   will   not   get   strength.   You   cannot   get   truth   for   free   because   it   will   be   useless   for   you   –   you   will   feel   too   lazy   to   comprehend   something   you   did   not   pay   for.   Man   likes   only   what   he   owes   and,   to   owe   something,   he   has   to   pay   for   it.   Man   dislikes   what   is   not   his   and,   consequently,   he   has   no   faith,   he   is   afraid,   he   feels   lazy   and   uninterested.   You   will   love   truth   and   strength   if   you   do   not   pay.   Strength   could   have   saved   you   from   fear   and   sufferings   but   you   stole   joy   from   yourself.   I   congratulate   you   –   you   are   a   moron.

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3.359.   AR AR

Resignation   is   when   you   realize   life   is   a   game.   Having   realized   that   life   is   a   game,   you   will   lose   fear   and,   in   return,   you   will   acquire   vehemence.

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