10.7016. Beware of ignoramuses with stakes.   AR AR

The power of a vampire is the power of love.  Vampires are killed with an aspen stake in the heart to kill his love.

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10.7079.   AR AR

Pride turns a man into a vampire.  The power of a vampire is love, but a vampire despises and hates people.  And this, of course, spoils everything.

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9.4575. Vampirism.   AR AR

It is extremely dangerous to take without giving as much in return. In victims this causes anger and irritation. The victims begin to sharpen a stake...

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9.2370.   AR AR

Ghouls  are  exceptionally  harmful  to  your  health.  Avoid  them  in  the  name  of  self-love.

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8.8518.   AR AR

Vampires  suck  your  energy  only  after  you  get  something  from  them  once  -  help,  money,  protection.

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9.2303. Vampire and Co.   AR AR

If  a  job  description  says  they  are  looking  for  a  non-confrontational  person,  it  means  they  intend  to  suck  all  the  blood  from  the  employee  and  do  not  wish  him  to  resist.

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9.2376. Blood inclusive.   AR AR

It's  money  that  is  often  to  blame  for  loss  of  health.  Greed  makes  a  person  work  in  a  place  where  they  pay  more.  And  it's  ghouls  who  pay  more  than  others.

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2942. Vampirish things.   AR AR

Some  say  that  Things  are  harmful  to  the  soul.  It  needs  to  be  explained.  Things  that  do  not  bring  any  novelty  and  perfection  are  really  harmful  to  souls  and  human  karma. 

Consumers  goods  and  trivial  things  consume  the  energy  of  their  owners.  But  things  that  possess  use,  uniqueness  and  perfection  bring  joy,  good  luck  and  nice  energy  to  their  owners. 

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9.3816. Sweet vampire.   AR AR

Pay attention to what holds your attention. Sometimes it's just a vampire sucking your time, and to keep you from kicking, he injects pleasure into you... Numb with euphoria, you can't resist…

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10.4823. A vampire.   AR AR

Fight with their fears start with all that helps you fight them.  Fear medicines energize fear.  Fear is a vampire.  It devours the power of those who fight it.

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4360. The innocents blood.   AR AR

Most  bosses  are  vampires  who  suck  blood  and  energy  of  their  poor  subordinates  but  they  don't  do  it  for  free  as  subordinates  get  to  the  energy  controlled  by  bosses  (food,  money,  etc). 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



6.622. Guardian of beauty.   AR AR

Greed is the lack of restraint. The devil is the guardian of boundaries, whose task is to stop unrestrained, and, withdrawing from them the energy to send to hell. Beauty is restraint. The intemperate lose beauty, and the devil, the guardian of beauty, drinks time and energy from them like a vampire, for energy craves beauty, and there is no interest in it otherwise.

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9.8933.   AR AR

The very lucky people around you can steal your luck if they're vampires.

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9.4540. Illusion.   AR AR

Illusions   turn   the   imperfect   into   the   perfect,   the   only   problem   is   that   only   perfection   is   a   source   of   energy,   ant   the   imperfect   is   a   vampire,   devouring   energy.

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6.760. There should be no pity for ghouls.   AR AR

Many people highly don't like when you tell the truth, the truth for them is like silver to a vampire. The vampires from the silver literally turned inside out and gnashing their teeth and screams of pain shrinks the heart flabby ladies.

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8.7580.   AR AR

Ghouls are of two kinds: one sugary-sweet, the second you know by the headache that accompanies their appearance.

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7.299.   AR AR

A typical vampire is selfish. Egoist is a person who takes more than gives and considers what it is that someone needs.

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8.7519. A sweet vampire.   AR AR

His  poison  is  toxic  and,  before  sucking  blood  out  of  his  victim,  he  hypocritically  makes  it  lose  his  mind  from  love.

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7.370. No one loves sinners, not even sinners love each other.   AR AR

If people hurt you or do something you don't like, then you're doing something wrong. Possible errors: stupidity, weakness, aggression, nihilism, arrogance, haughtiness, pride, selfishness, dullness, talkativeness, imperfection, immersed in sins and evils, the futility, the infamy, glasnost, senselessness, sloth, vampirism, parasitism, etc.

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9.201. An unhappy vampire.   AR AR

Vampires  are  those  whose  energy  you  suck.  Loss  of  time  and  money  brings  pain,  in  return  they  want  your  blood.

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9.202.   AR AR

It's  you  who  turns  people  into  monsters  and  vampires  when  you  take  their  time  or  money  without  compensating  their  pain  at  least  with  your  love. 

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9.261.   AR AR

You can't take anything from someone you don't love. The parasite must love the victim, love is pain management. Otherwise, the victim will be angry and will demand blood. If you suck energy, at least pay for it with love, otherwise you will turn a man into a monster vampire and he will eat you.

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9.360. God loves those who love him.   AR AR

If  they  gave  you  something  or  you  got  something,  be  really  happy  at  once  and  show  gratitude  to  your  source  of  energy  (god,  providence,  boss,  parents,  friends  etc).

Having  paid  them  with  love,  joy  and  gratitude,  you  give  them  pleasure  and  motivation  to  continue  loving  you.  Otherwise,  parting  with  energy  brings  pain  and  pain  causes  anger.  If  you  don't  kill  pain  with  love,  your  good-doers  will  be  mad  and  turn  into  monsters  who  will  eat  you.

The  moment  they  give  you  something  or  you  get  something,  soon  be  extremely  grateful  and  loving  towards  your  source  of  energy  (god,  providence,  boss,  parents,  friends,  etc). 
By  paying  them  with  love,  joy  and  gratitude,  you  give  them  pleasure  and  make  them  keep  on  loving  you.  Otherwise,  loss  of  energy  brings  pain  and  evokes  anger.  If  you  don't  kill  pain  with  love,  your  good-doers  will  turn  into  angry  monsters  who  will  swallow  you.   

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9.361. Better pay with love at once.   AR AR

If  you  took  something...soon,  do  you  hear,  soon  give  back  your  gratitude,  joy  or  love.  Any  act  of  giving  energy  should  be  followed  by  your  great  gratitude,  otherwise  you  will  poison  the  source  of  your  energy  and  it  will  be  mad  with  pain  so  much  that  will  turn  into  a  vampire  who  will  suck  your  types  of  energy.

Be  sincerely  grateful  for  everything  they  may  give  you.  It  will  save  you  from  many  troubles.

If  you  took  something...soon,  do  you  hear,  soon  give  back  your  gratitude,  joy  or  love.  Any  act  of  giving  energy  should  be  followed  by  your  great  gratitude,  otherwise  you  will  poison  the  source  of  your  energy  and  it  will  be  mad  with  pain  so  much  that  will  turn  into  a  vampire  who  will  suck  your  types  of  energy.

Be  sincerely  grateful  for  everything  they  may  give  you.  It  will  save  you  from  many  troubles.

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9.362. A terribly dangerous thought.   AR AR

A  thought  that  someone  owes  you  something  implies  that  you  don't  want  to  pay  for  energy  at  least  with  love.  This  awful  thought  will  poison  the  sources  of  energy  and  turn  your  life  into  hell  by  surrounding  you  with  monsters  and  vampires.

A  thought  that  someone  owes  you  something  implies  that  you  don't  want  to  pay  for  energy  at  least  with  love.  This  awful  thought  will  poison  the  sources  of  energy  and  turn  your  life  into  hell  by  surrounding  you  with  monsters  and  vampires.

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The beginning of the book

1124. Life and youth.   AR AR

It's not just that Vampires live in a cold dark crypt and come out only at night. This way of life is associated with the desire to live longer than necessary. There are factors that can slow down aging and keep the body from changing for longer.

All these Vampires, Snow Queens, sages and young princesses in the mountains and high towers – all these people retain freshness for a long time.

It is believed that all "systems" on Earth exist under the same laws and principles. Remember, to keep the Apple longer, it is necessary to tear it a little more immature and store it in a dark, dry, cold place, it is desirable to limit the flow of oxygen. Oxygen in this case is the basis of oxidative chemical reactions, which are excellent in heat and light, and lack of oxygen, cold and darkness such reactions can significantly slow down.

You can also save the "Apples" by drying them or canned in syrups and brines, you can even alcohol.

Youth and life prolong the following factors:

- Highlands (and other places where there is a lack of oxygen).

- Cool and even cold (highlands, North, air conditioning).

- Do not sunbathe, avoid direct sunlight, wear closed clothes.

- Dryness and limitation of water (including fat). Dryness is needed in the body and around.

- We need to slow down the metabolism. There is should rarely, but very refined and a bit.

- Various preservative impregnations and tinctures (there is a great risk of killing vital organs, however, if you treat it wisely, there may be a benefit). Retains not only dryness, but also Vice versa-full immersion in solutions and high humidity-are an excellent preservative.

Additional factors.

- Well oiled iron tools and parts wear less and are subject to rust. So people have to 30% of their energy be obtained from oils and fats, preferably fresh and without any unnecessary chemical treatments.

- What moves moderately, less rust. Rust and oxidation is a disease of metals that causes their destruction.

"Salt is a reasonably good conservative. How to consume salt is a controversial issue, but all that lives in salt water and closer to the ocean, for a person is quite useful. People who prefer marine products are well preserved.

"Other things being equal, it's better to eat the food that took longer to ripen." Beef is healthier chicken, a healthier sturgeon, carp, late varieties of apples are better early varieties.

- It is necessary to eat only fresh and Mature food. Eating stale, immature, overripe or old food is harmful to humans.

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2529.   AR AR

Methods  of  struggle  are  the  following: 

Imagine  the  source  of  the  fear  (a  person  who  strikes  with  awe)  or  look  or  stare  at  this  person.  All  in  all-  watch  this  person  closely  to  find  out  something  that  may  evoke  hate,  disrespect  or  disgust.  It's  important  to  laugh  at  your  fear  or  find  something  to  disrespect  the  source  of  your  fear  for.  Something  that  evokes  laughter  or  disrespect  can  no  longer  be  scared  of.  Fears  fade  away  and  you  may  start  to  control  your  body  and  language  again. 

It's  necessary  to  do  it  regularly  in  order  to  build  up  a  tolerance  to  fears. 

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2541. Something that will empower you.   AR AR

-  The  truth.  He  who  got  the  truth  and  justice  with  himself,  got  the  great  power. 
-  If  you  overcame  your  fears  and  they  left  you.  You  laugh  at  your  enemies  and  despise  them.  You  killed  all  your  fears.  Remember  that  fearless  people  are  terribly  powerful. 
-  Hatred  and  fierce  anger  feed  your  power.  Your  hatred  towards  aggressors  destroys  everything  on  its  way. 
-  You  make  yourself  gain  critical  mass,  and  then  explode.  The  power  of  explosion  is  great. 
-  The  things  to  protect  are  right  behind  your  back:  your  children,  your  house,  your  honor  and  your  territory. 
-  You  fight  with  the  evil,  ghouls,  demons  and  slavery...  Your  mission  is  right,  so  you  will  win. 
-  «A  hero  is  full  of  joy».  If  your  actions  are  right  than  you're  a  hero.  And  since  you're  a  hero,  you're  happy  and  excited.  Struggling  makes  you  very  happy  and  enthusiastic.  And  your  enthusiasm  makes  you  even  happier.  You're  great.  You're  absolutely  pure.  All  your  fears  have  left  you.  You're  a  superpower.  You're  a  star. 

Just  imagine  the  way  it  appears  to  onlookers!  People  look  at  you  and  see  you  as  a  star,  a  hero,  an  idol...  …the  best  among  people…  People  love  you  and  respect  you...  People  scream  all  honor  to  you  our  hero!!!! 

Your  enemy  fool  you?  Betray  you?  Your  enemy  sneer  and  laugh  at  you?  Your  enemy  want  to  harm  you?  Your  enemy  want  to  deprive  you  of  income?  Your  enemy  want  to  deprive  your  children  of  food  and  shelter?  Your  enemy  want  to  steal  what  is  only  yours?  Is  your  enemy  an  evil  demon  ghoul  craving  for  your  blood? 

Well,congratulations,  the  power  is  with  you.  Now  you  can  destroy  anyone. 

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9.194.   AR AR

Parting  with  money  brings  pain.  That's  why  all  people  whose  energy  they  suck,  are  angry.  If  you  take  some  person's  money  (or  waste  this  person's  time),  you  bring  pain  to  this  person  and  you  simply  must  make  compensation  for  it.

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9.436.   AR AR

Vampires  are  those  who  you  owe  something.  Vampires  are  those  who  you  haven't  paid  off  with.

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9.582.   AR AR

Are empaths emotional vampires who feed on other people's emotions?

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9.755. Soloinc Music albums. Over 800 tracks.   AR AR


"Work   and   Mind"  

"Animals   Dance"  

"Hot   Games"  

"Radio   Cosmic"  

"Synthpop   and   electronics.   Lyrics   and   classics"  

"Classic   Poetry.   Songs,   which   have   meaning"   /   Songs   based   on   the   poetry   of   the   classics   of   world   poetry   from   William   Shakespeare   to   Vladimir   Mayakovsky.   More   than   80   tracks.

"Eclecticism   Of   Thought.   Philosophical   tales   for   adults   "   /   Songs   on   philosophical   and   lyrical   poems   by   Mikhail   Gutseriev.

"Beautiful   love   songs"   (Soloinc   nice).

"Best:   Love   and   Lyrics".

"Favorite"   /   the   best   Soloinc   songs.   About   40   PCs.

Rock,   Punk   and   Cyberpunk  

"Ivan   Sausage"   /   Cyberpunk.   Comedy,   electronics   /  

Armageddon   /   industrial,   metal   /  

Great   Poop   /   Cyberpunk.   Comedy   /  

"The   best   in   Rock   and   Punk"

"Songs   of   the   war   years"   /   Soloinc   Che   /  

"Ferrets   and   Ghouls"   /Soloinc   Che,   industrial   /

"In   the   style   of   Russian   Punk"   /   Soloinc   Punk,   Punk   /  

"Shaggy   and   Pod»

"Patriotic   songs   and   Punk   Chanson"  

"Night   tales"   /   Soloinc   Epic,   industrial   /  

"Chains   of   fate"   /   Soloinc   Epic,   industrial   /  

"Thriller.   Horror   story"   /   Soloinc   Dark,   industrial   /  

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9.806. Vampires fear garlic (and onion).   AR AR

People  didn’t  know  the  nature  of  diseases  in  ancient  times.  They  believed  that  evil  forces  (including  vampires)  were  to  blame  for  diseases.  The  human,  whose  blood  a  vampire  drank,  began  to  languish,  wither  and  could  even  die.  However,  people  started  to  notice  that  eating  garlic  or  letting  it  hang  around  the  house  helped  to  improve  their  health  and  that  in  that  case  a  vampire  visited  them  a  way  less.  The  same  thing  happened  with  onions.  Cutting  it  into  pieces  and  placing  plates  with  it  around  the  house  kept  vampires,  as  well  as  diseases,  especially  colds,  away.  Garlic  and  onions  are  a  great  natural  remedy  against  vampires  and  many  other  diseases. 

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9.841.   AR AR

A  disease  is  a  vampire  that  drains  energy.  Vampires  are  afraid  of  garlic. 

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10.975. Kill a mosquito with a slipper.   AR AR

A vampire can only be killed with an aspen stake through the heart, because those who live in illusions are very stereotyped and stereotyped in their thinking.  Any violation of ritual begets terror, on the other hand, rituals are not only the Foundation of their life, but death.

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3.1599.   AR AR

Assessing and condemning, you attack, threaten punishments for the one you criticize.  People don't like it, they can start barking and biting.

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3.2024.   AR AR

Energy vampire is a person, next to which is terrible, because he always attacks.  To be protected from it it is necessary to spend a lot of energy and it saps the strength.

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4.2558. Mosquitoes-vampires.   AR AR

Do you know how they ended up in hell? They were looking for a beautiful and easy life. The road is beautiful and easy life is the shortest path to the center of hell.

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4.3734. Unnecessary and painful relationship.   AR AR

The fact is that it is very difficult to build several relationships at the same time. If you are stuck in a hopeless relationship, killing your time and attention, you will be very hard to parallel to look for better options. To find something new, you have to throw away the old, free your hands. And only then will you find a new one. That is, as long as you live or communicate with the WRONG person, he, like a vampire, sucks your energy and time, your youth and your life. All these sluggish swamp relationships hold you, bind your hands, desires and soul. No matter how scary or sorry it is, get rid of them. If you do not have enough willpower, come to us, we will help you.

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4.4154. A man does not want to get married, what to do?   AR AR

Send him and watch him beat his head against the wall, crawling on his knees and begging for forgiveness. If he does not, then, then, does not like and, especially, you do not need. Avoid men who do not love you, they are vampires sucking your time, energy, beauty and health. If you have this vampire love addiction and you are unable to overcome it, come to us, we can help.

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5.1359. A vampire feeds on time, not blood.   AR AR

A man should give all his blood to his dream, that is, all the time. A vampire who drinks blood drinks time ...time is energy.

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5.2159.   AR AR

Money is blood, without blood a man dies. Vampires suck people's blood and suck all the money out of them.

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5.4135.   AR AR

Vampires are not reflected in the mirrors that evil ashamed to look in the mirror and, ashamed of himself, it by not looking and by yourself can not see. Evil does not understand that it is evil because it cannot look at itself from the mirror.

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5.4273. Cowardice.   AR AR

The energy vampire doesn't suck anything out of anyone, but he's terrifying. Fear causes a person the strongest stress and energy overruns, which is accompanied by weakness, apathy and disease.

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5.5462.   AR AR

Fighting evil is like fighting your own shadow. Do you wish to conquer the night? You fool? What will you do without night and darkness? You will become a vampire, these creatures of the night have no shadow and they are not reflected in mirrors.

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