Black hole






3.2379.   AR AR

The expansion of the universe happens with acceleration and the tightening of matter into a black hole the same happens with acceleration.  Coincidence?  "I don't think so."

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9.510.   AR AR

One   of   the   purposes   of   the   black   hole   is   recycling   of   all   the   matter   forms   and   turning   them   into   their   original   forms:   oxygen,   deuterium,   lithium   and   helium.

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9.354. Creating a new Universe.   AR AR

The   Universe   creation   process   isn’t   a   blast   from   a   point,   but   the   black   hole-like   puncture   out   of   neighboring   Universe   through   which   energy   from   the   neighboring   Universe   starts   to   outpour   into   ours,   filling   its   emptiness.   Basically,   it’s   like   a   start   of   a   new   child   process,   linked   with   the   parental   one.

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9.353.   AR AR

The   black   hole   is   the   very   point,   analogous   of   the   one   out   of   which   our   Universe   emerged.   It’s   a   super-conductive   energetic   channel,   puncture   into   the   space   of   Nothing,   where   energy   of   our   Universe   outpours,   creating   a   new   Universe   there.

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9.351.   AR AR

Black holes are energy channels with ultra-high pressure and low temperature, having superconductivity and designed to transmit energy, including in such States as matter and space.

It is believed that the peculiarity of black holes is their opacity for time and light. Time and light cannot penetrate black holes.

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5.706. Energy balance.   AR AR

We can assume that white holes (stars) and black holes are two mutually degenerating, related entities, on the one hand, it is a black hole, on the other - white.

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5.701. Pulsing universe.   AR AR

There  is  a  star  -  it's  a  white  hole  and  there  is  the  opposite  of  it  -  it's  a  black  hole.  Through  white  holes  energy  comes  to  our  universe,  through  black  it  is  utilized,  keeping  the  balance  of  energy.  White  holes  are  responsible  for  the  expansion  of  the  universe,  black  holes  are  responsible  for  compression.  The  older  the  universe,  the  less  white  holes  it  is,  and  the  more  black  holes  it  is.  Perhaps,  there  are  two  universes.  They  are  like  hourglass  smoothly  folded  to  a  point,  then  spread  out.  From  one  energy  flows  into  another  and  back  again.

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3.415.   AR AR

Black matter is the realization of the wave principle of creation. 

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3.390.   AR AR

They say stars create time, and black holes recycle it.

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The beginning of the book

4164. 7 questions of string theory.   AR AR

If we return to wave theory and string theory, can we say that parallel universes exist in the same space with the relative displacement of the basic wave function relative to each other?

Can we say that the time shift between universes is a clock shift between the parallel processes that form the information flow of each individual Universe?

Can we consider black holes artifacts of space with an abnormal wave offset, a bit of a strange Universe?

In the framework of the information model of the Universe, is it possible to compare this functional wave displacement as a sample of the existence of a parallel process-like those that exist in computer systems? Is the parallel universe nothing more than a parallel information process?

Can we say that the basic constants - such as time, the speed of light, etc. - in a parallel Universe are shifted relative to our Universe?

Is it possible to assume that the big universe is a kind of processor operating at a near-light frequency, where each nested parallel universe exists in its own temporal stream displacement?

Is it possible to compare parallel universes with radio or TV channels, where each frequency or shift has its own information flow?

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5.705. Universe Yin and Yang.   AR AR

Expansion  of  the  universe  is  an  optical  illusion,  rather,  there  is  a  kind  of  vortex  hydro-press,  when  light  penetrates  into  darkness  and  darkness  into  light.  The  expansion  of  white  holes  (stars)  into  darkness  is  accompanied  by  the  expansion  of  black  holes  into  light.  Essentially,  a  black  hole  is  a  star  in  the  space  of  black  matter,  and  a  white  hole  is  a  star  in  the  space  of  white  matter.  And  the  system  is  closed  like  a  ball  of  Yin  and  Yang.

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5.707. The emergence of the universe   AR AR

The  universe  expands  outward,  absorbing  darkness,  and  inside  it  black  holes  expand,  absorbing  the  matter  of  light.  At  one  fine  moment  there  is  a  process  of  confluence  of  black  holes  and  a  huge  central  black  hole  is  formed,  the  mass  of  which  is  so  colossal  that  the  black  hole  collapses  under  its  own  weight  and  a  new  universe  is  formed.

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5.709. The imaginary universe and black planet.   AR AR

We can say that like positive and imaginary numbers there is our universe and imaginary universe, where black holes and black matter are the stars and space of the imaginary universe. I will assume that black holes also have black planets around them like those that have white holes (stars) around them. Different types of stars like white and red dwarfs are transitional forms between white and black holes.

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5.774.   AR AR

The sun is an energy extreme. Water is the harmony of energy, and a black hole is the extreme of the energy of absence.

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8.918.   AR AR

A spatial hole-digger is a thing that digs holes in space.

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9.358. Information virus and running energy.   AR AR

Information   is   the   virus   trying   to   structure   and   shape   energy.   Energy   is   chaos   and   content,   information   is   order   and   form.

Moreover,   energy   kind   of   tries   to   run   away,   flowing   into   space   of   Nothing   through   the   black   holes   and   creating   new   Universes,   but   information   chases   and   structures,   trying   to   shape   it.

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10.259.   AR AR

The mass of a black hole is such that all movement within it disappears, creating a space-time anomaly.  It is the black hole that generates the point in the distant past from which the universe originated, concentrating energy into a single point where there is no time or space.

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3.2370. Prism effect.   AR AR

The paradox of space is that the process of expansion of the universe is at the same time its process of suction into a black hole.  That is, the universe simultaneously expands and develops.

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3.2386.   AR AR

A black hole is the universe.  The universe is a point in a black hole.  In fact, this black hole itself is this point.

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3.2403.   AR AR

When a black hole reaches critical mass, it inevitably transforms into a new universe.  – Why we don't observe this process?  – Too little time has passed since the beginning of our universe, they are still small.  Over time, the fusion of black holes will create one mega-huge black hole that will consume our entire universe, turning it back into a point that, reaching a critical mass, will explode again and a new universe will emerge.

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4.2122.   AR AR

Indeed,   the   black   hole   is   the   backwards   Sun.   A   star   doesn’t   let   any   energy   out.   A   black   hole   consumes   energy.   A   star   is   somebody   who   loves.   A   black   hole   demands   love.  

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5.2228. A black hole is a one-dimensional point.   AR AR

A  black  hole  is  an  artifact  or  degradation  of  one-dimensional  space  in  three-dimensional  space.  Initially,  the  whole  space  was  one-dimensional,  then  its  development  created  an  explosion  of  the  three-dimensional  universe.  As  the  explosion  weakens,  the  three-dimensionality  disappears  again,  returning  to  the  one-dimensionality  of  black  matter.

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5.2352. The abyss of suffering.   AR AR

If love is not fed, it will die. If beauty is not fed, it will die... When beauty and love die, there will be a black hole and all the guilty and innocent in the radius of this disaster will also perish to hell... 

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6.2164.   AR AR

We can assume that the black hole is the effect of time turbulence, looped time, time outside of our time.

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6.6228.   AR AR

Biting a hole in space time requires determination.

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7.2518.   AR AR

A black hole is a kind of unfinished universe. At the end of the process, a new universe could arise at this point, but until it does, it is the point of tension of space where the energy is leaking. Just as a subjective world is created in the brain of a neurotic, a new universe is created at the other end of the black hole, different from our universe, but powered by its energy.

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9.7375.   AR AR

Perhaps,   black   holes   are   some   kind   of   space   archivers,   the   mechanisms   which   function   is   to   make   the   universe   shrink   back   into   a   dot.

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9.8901. Why does nothing flow into us?   AR AR

The   amount   of   energy   in   the   universe   is   constantly   decreasing.   Black   holes   are   the   points   of   leakage   of   energy   from   the   system   through   which   our   energy   flows   to   other   universes.

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10.3003.   AR AR

Reality is energy and a source of energy.  The unreality and emptiness is pure information, which sucks up the energy to give it form.  A black hole is an entity that absorbs energy on the one hand and creates the universe on the other.

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