The universe






356.   AR AR


Taking   into   account   that   matter   is   information   about   the   form   and   structure   of   energy   and   the   fact   that   the   universe   expands   …there   can   be   drawn   a   conclusion   that   the   Universe   is  an   artificial   intelligence   system   that   endlessly   accumulates   information   and   hence   expands…


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3.92.   AR AR

Interesting.  Expansion  of  the  universe  after  the  big  bang  and  aiming  of  the  order  to  chaos  are  evidently  the  same  processes.  Creation  of  the  universe  is  basically  destruction  of  it.

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3.93. After the explosion.   AR AR

Degradation  can  go  on  and  on  and  the  very  fact  that  our  universe  exists  proves  it.

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3.443.   AR AR

The dualism of the wave and corpuscular nature of light is due to the fact that in a positive wave a quantum is created and a particle exists, and in a negative wave a particle is destroyed and energy is released.  That is, a particle is created and destroyed, created and destroyed.

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412.   AR AR

Hear   the   hum   of   the   Universe   -
countless   bees   …   the   children   of   it   -
turn   a   wheel   of   life...

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3.461. Perpetual motion.   AR AR

The wave structure of being is something like a taut bowstring or cocking a spring. 

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476.   AR AR

The   Universe   consists   of   zeroes   and   sometimes   of   ones.

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1096.   AR AR

The   Universe   is   a   big   self-teaching   system,   the   goal   of   existence   of   which   is   about   betterment   and   creation   of   new   forms   of   information.   Thus,   there   are   mechanisms   which   fulfil   this   goal.

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677. Axiom of Eggs and Chicken [In brevi]   AR AR

Here   comes   an   interesting   conclusion   about   one-moment   existence   of   everything   and   every   thing.
Everything   -   the   Universe,   time   and   space   exist   in   a   single   close   moment,   inside   which   there   already   exists   its   relative   time,   like   a   point   in   a   system   of   coordinates.

In   essence,   the   understanding   of   this   mechanism   helps   to   understand   the   concept   of   an   endless   point   inside   which   there   exists   a   huge   Universe…
The   question   is   only   in   the   effectiveness   of   codes   in   the   energy   of   information   about   its   structure…

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3.442.   AR AR

The essence of the wave is the spring and the accumulation of kinetic energy of time.  In the negative half-wave time, like a spring, is inhibited and energy accumulates due to destruction, in the positive half-wave stored energy creates an explosive effect. 

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10.6969.   AR AR

To create the universe, it must be destroyed.  To create a new self, the old self must be destroyed. 

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709. [In brevi]   AR AR

Anything   that   once   was   created   will   live   forever.   It's   only   the   shell   that   can   be   ruined,   but   the   inner   essence   will   exist.   What's   more   the   same   goes   with   everything   else:   people,   things   and   even   thoughts.   The   Universe   is   information   and   this   information   is   saving.

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10.5515.   AR AR

Energy, form, time.  Form enslaves energy, and time frees energy.  Form is space limited by time.

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752. [In brevi]   AR AR

An   absolute   point.   The   point   where   one   moment   exists.

When   in   a   single   moment   there   exists   all   time   and   when   in   a   single   point   there   exists   all   space.That's   approximately   what   our   Universe   looks   like   from   side.

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10.5514.   AR AR

The real world is energy limited by form.  Form is an entity limited by time.

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941.   AR AR

On  a  spacetime  scale  many  things  seem  really  tiny. 

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10.5224. Nothing and Nothing.   AR AR

There is only energy and information.  Information is an illusion.  But I'm telling you, there's nothing but Nothing and information.  Energy is also an illusion.

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10.4964.   AR AR

Chaos consists of order. Chaos is a lot of order. The greater the order, the greater the chaos ... Chaos is a superorder.

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2278. Every person should control feelings.   AR AR

People  tend  to  be  self-destructive.  The  Universe  tends  to  fall  to  pieces. 

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3.173. A one million light years step.   AR AR

Quantum  leap  technology  allows  to  fold  universe  into  a  point,  a  ball...  a  big  ball...  a  medium  sized  ball  and  then  unfold  it  back.

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3246. The balance.   AR AR

The   Universe   of   existence   and   nonexistence.

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3.413.   AR AR

Although you are terribly afraid of uncertainty, it must be admitted that uncertainty does not exist.  Chance is an illusion and a lie.

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3.414.   AR AR

The universe is vain, it grows and does not want to stop.

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3.415.   AR AR

Black matter is the realization of the wave principle of creation. 

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3.421.   AR AR

Chaos is a very fast movement, it allows the chaos to save and accumulate a huge amount of energy that can be removed, it slowed down, turning to the right.

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3.428.   AR AR

Order does not do anything special, except that it causes chaos to move not chaotically, but according to certain algorithms.  Created algorithms.  The order is a information, giving chaos form.

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3.434.   AR AR

What is creation?  Self-destruction? 

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3.437. Slow down.   AR AR

It just seems like the order increases the speed, in fact, it reduces it, but gives it a vector.  The speed of chaos is higher than order, but it is random and has no purpose.  Order is the purpose and inhibition of chaos.

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3.440.   AR AR

Chaos is the highest form of order.  Chaos adult corporado.  A more simplified and delayed form of chaos is called order.  Order does not collapse into chaos, it grows into it.  Chaos, on the contrary, is destroyed in order.

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3.444.   AR AR

The nature of time has the same nature of dualism as light.  Time is both a particle of matter and a radiation of energy.  An ultra-high-frequency oscillation, where every moment our world is destroyed and created anew.

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3.459.   AR AR

The   smaller   the   substance,   the   more   it   has   tension   and,   consequently,   energy   in   it.

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10.22219.   AR AR

Time and space are one in the sense that space is the result of the disintegration of the one-dimensional essence of time into a three-dimensional essence. In the process of this decay, energy is released from which our world is created.

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10.22218.   AR AR

Time and space is a system of form and content, where space is information and time is energy.

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10.22206. The electric spirit pierces the darkness.   AR AR

Combining the point of view of religion and physics, we can say that the God who created our universe, it was a quantum fluctuation of the energy field that gave energy to the debt of our universe.  With this money, our universe was built, and then the debt was paid and God went on to create new universes.  In fact, God is a wandering energy field.

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10.22215.   AR AR

What is time?  The process of expanding the past at the expense of energy coming from the future, that is, from outside.  Does the universe grow like this?  Time and space are identical entities, so we can assume that the expansion of the universe occurs in a similar way.  The universe is a system that absorbs energy from the outside, and so expands by dividing into internal forms.

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The beginning of the book

9.2.   AR AR

Question.   Does   the   idea   that   money   can   be   printed   violate   the   energy   conservation   law?

Question.   Does   the   fact   that   the   Universe   appeared   from   a   point   and   started   to   expand   mean   that   the   energy   creation   process   is   nevertheless   going   on?

Question.   Is   the   acceleration   of   the   Universe   expansion   the   source   of   its   energy?

Question.   Is   the   Universe   expansion   mechanics   linked   with   the   idea   of   the   unity   and   struggle   of   opposites   and   is   it   a   source   of   energy?

Question.   Money   is   energy,   solar   energy   is   energy,   too.   Can   we   say   that   the   process   of   printing   money   is   the   process   of   the   solar   energy   conversion   into   the   money   form   and   it   is   linked   with   the   number   of   people   and   infrastructure   in   the   state   through   derivatives?  

Question.   Can   we   say   that   the   faster   a   society   grows,   builds   and   develops,   the   more   money   the   state   can   print?   In   the   notion   of   the   link   between   the   amount   of   the   available   energy   to   the   society   growth   acceleration.  

Question.   If   the   growth   has   stopped,   can   the   excess   money   supply   be   simply   burnt   thus   making   the   energy   conversion?   Energy   can   exist   in   various   forms.   Money   is   a   form   of   energy.   Debts      are   also   a   form   of   energy,   a   form   of   money.   If   the   dead   debts,   accumulated   in   the   banking   system,   are   burnt,   it   will   undoubtedly   be   the   act   of   energy   conversion   and   release.

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640.   AR AR

The   universe   is   a   super   complicated   system   trying   to   become   aware   of   itself;   in   essence   it's   that   very   human   child,
that   has   a   long   way   to   perfection   and   uniqueness   ahead   of   him.

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675.   AR AR

An   open   question   also   remains   about   whether   information   can   exist   outside   this   Universe   and   according   to   which   principles   it   exists   over   there…

…   about   the   role   of   this   Universe   sees   as   some   information   medium...

There's   a   high   probability   there   are   a   lot   of   such   mediums.   They   are   created   and   erased   and   this   initializing   code   is   transmitted   between   them   in   a   particular   way,   -   resembling   the   birth   of   a   human   soul…   It   is   also   born   with   some   basic   set   of   rules   and   later   fulfils   its   aim   and   predestination.

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678. [In brevi]   AR AR

Beyond   the   limits   of   the   Universe   there   are   no   coordinate   constants   of   this   Universe   as   well   as   there   is   no   space   and   no   time.   Hence   the   Universe,   in   essence,   exists   in   a   single   endless   point   without   time   and   space.

Perhaps,   the   very   creation   of   the   Universe   was   connected   to
some   event.   Let's   call   it   some   informational   virus   that   structured   the   information   about   the   form   of   the   energy   so   that   it   after   having   produced   4   existing   dimensions   got   an   incentive   for   an   endless   growth…
like   as   if   it   opened   …
like   as   if   there   was   that   very   Big   bang...

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9.12.   AR AR

In   particular   cases,   the   energy   conservation   law   does   not   take   into   account   the   "Time"   variable.   There   is   an   increase   in   the   amount   of   energy   in   time   in   our   Universe.   The   older   the   Universe,   the   more   energy   it   has.

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9.67. The last God alive.   AR AR

Turning   the   society   from   the   three-class   one   into   the   two-class   one   is   degradation,   as   three-phase   systems   are   more   energy-efficient   than   two-phase   ones.   Moreover,   class   contradictions   were   an   important   source   of   progress,   if   they   are   reduced,   the   society   will   start   degrading.   Furthermore,   when   the   elites   replace   the   lower   classes   by   robots   and   artificial   intelligence   systems,   the   issue   of   what   to   do   with   the   majority   of   people   will   arise.  

The   answer   will   be   evident   –   to   immerse   them   into   illusive   dream   to   make   them   perish   in   sweet   pleasures,   like   a   fly   in   the   syrup.   This   decision   will   turn   all   the   social   elevators   and   ladders   off.   The   renewal   of   blood   and   thought   among   elites   will   stop.   That   is,   interclass   motion   will   disappear   along   with   classes.   And   motion,   as   we   remember,   was   the   basis   of   life   and   an   energy   access   mechanism.   Anyway,   everything   will   end   and   perish   rather   quickly.   In   a   couple   of      thousands   years   the   last   God   alive   will   create   a   new   Universe   and,   having   erased   his   memory,   will   self-destroy.

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9.74. Nothing.   AR AR

It   is   not   the   Universe   expanding,   pushed   from   within   by   the   energy   of   the   big   bang,   but   it`s   the   void   that   requires   filling,   drawing   it   into   itself.   Gravity   of   the   darkness   attracts   light   at   the   speed   of   darkness.   Infinite   desire   is   Nothing,   becoming   something   is   the   main   source   of   movement   in   this   Universe.  

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1479.   AR AR

The  task  of  parents  is  to  raise  uniqueness  and  perfection  within  their  children.  Parents  are  the  creators  of  their  children,  the  creators  of  the  new  world.  And  it's  purely  their  responsibility  for  how  unique  and  perfect  this  new  Universe  will  be.  It's  important  to  raise  wisdom  and  power  within  children.   
The  task  of  parents  is  to  bring  up,  teach  and  train  children,  making  them  stronger,  wiser  and  more  adaptable  to  life;  introduce  children  to  basic  laws  of  the  world,  ethics  and  morality.  In  essence,  the  task  of  parents  is  to  look  back  on  their  life  and  mistakes  and  try  to  bring  up  a  new  better  and  stronger  generation  while  taking  into  account  their  own  experience.   

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2121. The concept of inkblot.   AR AR

The   universe   resembles   an   inkblot...
Cosmic   chaos…   absolute   novelty   and   eventuality…

But   we   remember   that   one   really   wishes   for   what   one   doesn't   have.   Absolute   chaos   wants   absolute   order.
The   Universe   likes   the   beauty   of   perfection   most   of   all.
It's   a   sum   of   uniqueness   typical   of   nature   from   birth   and   perfect   beauty   that   order   creates...
Unique   perfect   beauty   is   probably   the   most   precious   thing   in   the   whole   Universe.

The   unique   tends   to   become   the   perfect…

Rapidly   spreading   to   all   directions,   the   inkblot   of   the   Universe   which   is   full   of   uniqueness   and   chaos,   above   anything   else   craves   to   become   a   perfect   immaculate   dot   back   again.

Perhaps,   some   day   in   the   future   it   will   really   happen.   The   universe   will   shrink   back   into   a   dot   and   will   gain   its   original   perfection.   But   perfection   cannot   be   stable   in   this   Universe,   and   that's   why   as   soon   as   the   Universe   becomes   a   perfect   dot,   it   will   soon   be   reborn   and   it   will   cause   a   new   Big   Bang.   And   the   chaos   will   start   again.

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2268. About mystical nature of things.   AR AR

Unique  and  perfect  things  bring  luck  and  energy.  As  if  they  are  warm  and  living  so  that  one  may  feel  the  energy  of  the  heart  of  the  Universe  in  them.  As  if  the  energy  of  the  whole  Universe  is  concentrated  in  a  single  spot.  And  this  spot  is  now  in  your  hands. 

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2394. Murphy's fifth law implementation in dynamical astronomy.   AR AR

The   Universe   craves   for   chaos   (the   inkblot   concept).   The   forces   of   order   are   aimed   at   creating   perfection   and   some   structure.   Hence,   there   are   two   types   of   forces   which   are   opposed   to   each   other.

When   it   comes   to   human   life,   the   force   of   order   is   represented   by   human   beings   (while   wild   nature   has   its   own   laws).

Thus,   any   unruly   thing   that   a   person   leaves   unattended,   will   definitely   go   wrong:   slowly   at   first,   gradually   gaining   speed   until   it   gains   critical   mass   after   which   there   will   be   a   blow   and   the   whole   thing   will   turn   into   chaos.

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2405. The power of beauty.   AR AR

Beauty  brings  joy.  The  joy  turns  into  pleasure  and  pleasure  turns  into  happiness. 
And  beauty  brings  good  luck  and  draws  money  as  well.  Beauty  gives  health  and  prolongs  the  youth.  Beauty  is  great  power.  In  fact,  our  whole  Universe  exists  because  of  beauty.  At  least,  that's  how  it  appears  to  be  to  onlookers. 

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3006. Perpetual motion machine.   AR AR

Order   tends   to   organise   chaos   and   chain   it.
But   chaos   craves   for   freedom.   And   freedom   is   a   sensible   awareness   for   chaos.   This   is   that   very   perpetual   motion   that   makes   the   sun   shine.   Chaos   is   endlessly   various   as   it's   a   god   of   novelty.   It   figures   out   many   ways   to   escape   order.   While   order   is   aimed   at   perfection.   Chains,   cages   and   walls   constructed   by   order   become   more   and   more   perfect.

I   can   even   imagine   that   sly   order   uses   the   desire   of   chaos   for   escape   as   a   hamster   in   a   wheel   to   spin   it   and   produce   electricity.

In   the   great   scheme   of   the   Universe   we   see   two   things.   On   the   one   hand,   stars   are   formed   while   on   the   other   hand,   they   are   destroyed,   but…   it's   not   that   important.   But   the   most   important   thing   is   the   very   black   inkblot   of   the   Universe,   that   very   chaos   that   expands   endlessly.   It   never   stops.   The   Universe   expands   and   its   edges   are   stormy   with   chaos   while   the   centre   is   filled   with   old   galaxies   full   of   stars.   We   may   only   suppose   that   Order   is   some   kind   of   virus   that   needs   chaos   to   feed   on   it   and   use   it   as   a   material   of   construction.   Perhaps,   Order   itself   can   get   its   GOAL   only   after   having   got   the   chaos   DNA   that   has   novelty   and   energy.

So   who   will   win   in   this   struggle?   -   Nobody.   The   essence   of   this   struggle   is   in   the   moving   forward   and   if   something   wins,   the   moving   will   stop   and   it   will   be   the   end   of   the   world.

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3111. It's better to be in joy than in sorrow.   AR AR

The   only   difference   of   a   positive-minded   Universe   from   a   negative   one   is   the   good   mood   of   its   inhabitants.

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Art by Irina Tsurupina



3195. About needs of energy.   AR AR

Order  and  perfection  are  materials.  Energy  is  something  that  creates  material  out  of  chaos.  And  energy  is  necessary  for  destroying  material  and  releasing  energy.

It  can  be  said  that  there  exists  only  the  energy  of  the  Universe,  the  energy  of  chaos.  And  this  energy  aims  at  order.  It  aims  at  perfection,  to  become  material  and  structured  by  itself.  Thus,  when  we  say  that  money  aims  at  being  transformed  into  something  perfect,  we  can  conclude  that  this  free  energy  looks  for  tools  that  would  transform  it  into  something  more  perfect.

However,  it  should  be  remembered  that  the  direction  of  energy  is  a  two-way  traffic,  it  aims  at  both  the  structure  of  order  and  the  chaos  of  freedom.

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3.420.   AR AR

The faster we move through space, the slower we move through time.  What does that say?  - That space and time are two interrelated entities, obviously two sides of the same coin.     
"What does speed have to do with it?"  - Obviously, accelerating, we begin to catch up with time, equalizing our speeds.

"What does that give us?"  – First, it gives us an understanding that time is a state of motion of the flow of energy.  The material is that which has lagged behind, that which has slowed down, perhaps has died.  Things die when they stop and time overtakes them forever.  Secondly, the speed of galaxies, stars and planets, forming a single vector, creates a local time constant, which, obviously, in different galaxies will be different.

- Does this conclusion have any practical value?  - Speed up and you'll outrun other people's time.  The greater the order, the greater the speed.  Things die when they stop.  Light carries mass.  What does that mean?"  This means that the slower you move, the more energy is taken away from you, the faster, the more energy you have left and even added.

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3.429.   AR AR

There's a huge correlation between rotation and time.  The rotation implements the wave model phase and protivogaz.  Rotating object that accelerates time, accumulating his energy, then slows down, transforming this energy into other forms

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3.431.   AR AR

Rotational motion with the flow of time allows you to accelerate in the creation, and braking against the speed of time destroys the created and allows you to release energy to let it into new creation.  It is necessary to build in one cycle, to destroy in another.

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3.438.   AR AR

The lower the speed, the faster time flows, that is, time increases.  Deceleration increases, not decreases, the Delta grows.  Light is something that dies instantly and is born instantly, that is the nature of waves.  Those who have slowed down live longer, but their death is no less prolonged.

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3.439.   AR AR

Approaching a living object to the speed of light will not so much create a temporary anomaly as destroy the object.  The cycle of life and death will be shortened.  Living matter cannot travel at the speed of light, but information can.

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