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10.6. The killer immunity.   AR AR

Medicine is a consolation against illness.  Medicine is what kills the disease, but it also kills the immune system.  I don't like medicine, because when we stop being slaves to disease, we become slaves to medicine. 

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4.92.   AR AR

An attempt to control a person is an attempt to steal freedom ...theft and enslavement.  Slaves hate their masters.  If you understand love as possession, the one you "love" will hate and despise.

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7.250. ОНО   AR AR


10.5242.   AR AR

When a man is freed from the bondage of Vice and ignorance, he becomes rich, happy, and healthy.

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10.4811.   AR AR

It all depends on the motive.  From fear you run and look for help.  Out of fear you try to do everything yourself, not trusting anyone.  It's all the same.  You are a slave to fear.  And that said it all.

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10.7160.   AR AR

Victories and desires make a man their slave.  Get rid of your victories and desires, and you will be free.

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10.4809.   AR AR

Ignorance is the source of fear and all other vices.  Vices are dependencies and slavery.  Slaves are ignorant servants of fear.

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10.4806. A slave is one who has no willpower.   AR AR

To sell one's soul to the devil is to be unable to resist the idol's desire.  Gluttony, fear, lust, anger, pain, pleasure, dependence make man their slave.

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10.4774. Desire to escape.   AR AR

Cowards among other slaves are also slaves of their desires, because they can not deny themselves anything.  The coward's first desire to escape is expressed by a thousand other desires that permeate his entire life.

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10.7148. Their Own Game.   AR AR

Don't be upset that you didn't win, on the contrary, be happy.  Defeat is freedom.  Winners become slaves of the game.  Beginners are lucky, the first doses of drugs are free.  It is very dangerous to win someone else's game.  Winning is not about winning someone else's game and becoming the best rat in the rat race.  The victory is to create your own game.

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10.4538. Slaves It.   AR AR

Most people's words usually diverge from the case.  The reason is banal.  They also have thoughts at odds with the case, and in General the consciousness does not make any decisions and does not participate in the management of the body.

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10.6255.   AR AR

Your desire to hold on to what wants to go is pride and a desire to rule.  You don't need love, you need slaves.  Of course, slaves hate, fear, and despise their masters.

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10.6256.   AR AR

What is pride? 
- Attachment to dust…
What is humility? 
- Liberation from the bondage of sleep.

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10.1222. Freedom is awareness.   AR AR

Voluntarily when it is consciously.  Unconsciously it is always slavery.

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10.1227.   AR AR

An ordinary ant is a slave to things.  Attachment to twigs and leaves turn him into a drug addict, generate withdrawal and suffering.

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10.1299.   AR AR

Good people are able to cooperate with each other, which makes them strong.  Slaves do not like and do not trust each other, which greatly weakens them.

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10.1373.   AR AR

At best, our society is two-class, slaves and their masters, and at worst one class.  Call out different levels of slavery of the individual classes, the language does not rise.

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10.1882.   AR AR

The righteous is the one who conquered the slavery of Vice, sinners are slaves of mortal sins, for which they chronically suffer, they crave consolations, but consolations for them are like firewood for the Hellfire.

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10.1903.   AR AR

To be free, you must get rid of everything that you do not love, for you are a slave to things that, owning you, do not love you.

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10.1993. A slave to himself.   AR AR

The fear and pain of your life is connected to the demon you caged and tormented.  The demon wants freedom.  The more you keep him in a cage, the angrier he gets.

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10.2116.   AR AR

If your mission in life is pleasure, you're a drug addict.  If you are a drug addict, then you are waiting for addiction, slavery, depression, drug withdrawal and suffering.  Pleasures are entertainment, joy, happiness, etc.

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10.2157.   AR AR

Idolaters pray for strength and despise its absence.  Idolaters-slaves of those who are stronger and try to dominate those who are weaker.

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10.2754. A slave mask.   AR AR

You can be anything, the only thing you have to believe it yourself.  The doctor believes he's a doctor.  An engineer believes he's an engineer.  But remember, each role puts its chains on you.  Now that you wear the mask, you are a slave to the mask.

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10.2954.   AR AR

The chaos of slavery and the slavery of order equally unpleasant for the slaves.  However, the struggle of slaveholders for slaves generates something similar to freedom at the level of the Golden mean.

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10.2974. Slaves of sin and Vice.   AR AR

People never change because they do not change their sins.  Sometimes sins take on a new form, but that doesn't change their essence.  The devil is immortal, and so is God.

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10.3017.   AR AR

Wanting to be an idol is pretty stupid.  Idols are slaves to slaves.  The idols were taken to heaven, declared flawless.  One wrong move or word, and the idol will be overthrown, it will fall and break.  Idols live in eternal fear, lies and hypocrisy.  Fear those who praise you, they desire power over you.

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10.3175. Slaves of Vice.   AR AR

You say everything is good, but what's the use of drugs?
"They separate the wheat from the chaff, teach you to avoid temptation...  Drugs control people who can't control themselves.

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10.3205.   AR AR

Work is one of the main ways to avoid slavery.

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10.4094.   AR AR

Sin is when a person's actions are motivated by fear.  The second name of fear is pleasure.  Sinners are the slaves of carrot and stick.

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10.4483.   AR AR

Master is the one who refuses the low.  A slave is one who refuses a high one.

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10.4555. Freedom of the will.   AR AR

The classic paradox is the unity of certainty and uncertainty.  Man is afraid of paradoxes.  The paradox is freedom.  The absence of paradoxes is the bondage of the spirit.

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10.5957.   AR AR

The main art of love is to love so as not to turn the object of your love into an idol and idol.  Idols make the lives of their slaves hell.  And that, of course, is sad.

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10.5943.   AR AR

If a man in whom there is no love, give money, he will instantly become a slave to vices and perish in the darkest depths of hell.

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10.5853. Altruism and humanism.   AR AR

Say, not teach me to live, better help materially.  That sounds stupid.  Weak people should not be given money.  Money turns weak people into its slaves.  Money turns weak people into slaves of Vice, living in hell.

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10.5846.   AR AR

Don't be afraid of stupidity.  Stupidity makes our life colored and free from the slavery of the black and white wheels.

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10.5818.   AR AR

Stupidity is ignorance, which makes man a slave to Vice.

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10.5999.   AR AR

Moses led the Jews through the wilderness for 40 years, so that the old generation would die out and new free people would come to the promised land.  An idolater is a slave.  If a person is already a slave, it is problematic to save him.  Children and young people can be saved, and all others will remain slaves of fear and idols.

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10.5744. Slave of Vice.   AR AR

Because of ignorance, one does not see truly beautiful things, but desires joy and pleasure.  As a result, such a person pecks at vicious pleasures that do not bear fruitfulness and do not inspire.  True beauty inspires, false beauty drains energy and time.  If a person is enlightened, he will see the real beauty and, falling in love, will conquer all his vices.

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The beginning of the book

3.74.   AR AR

The worst thing is when the weak have the power.  Money gives strength to the weak.  Slaves of money are strong, you can't argue with that, money gives them strength. 

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7.95. To be and not to Be.   AR AR

The unit is when the mind controls IT.  Zero is when It controls the mind.  Slave and master.  All people are divided into slaves and IT hosts IT's first weak in mind and spirit, the second is strong.

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852. [In brevi]   AR AR

We're  all  slaves  to  our  fate 
And  it;s  the  chains  you  can't  break  … 

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985.   AR AR

The world doesn't need human hubris and vanity, the world needs beauty, and pleasure and joy from praise, vanity are just strings by which God makes puppets work. But there is an important nuance: free person works more efficiently than a slave.

On the other hand: does freedom exist, isn't it illusion, self-deception.
Happy slaves work better.
Slaves considering themselves free work even better.
Slaves full of desires and needs are easily managed and work well.

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986.   AR AR

Genie,  a  slave  of  the  lamp  is  rather  an  erotic  and  vulgar  image…

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1529.   AR AR

It's  important  to  forgive  people.  People  are  far  from  being  perfect  and  are  full  of  sins  and  weaknesses.  For  they  don't  know  what  they  are  doing.  People  are  slaves  to  their  desires,  passions  and  their  nature.  So  what  to  blame  them  for  if  they  can't  even  control  themselves...  It's  only  what  happens  now  that  matters  and  it's  irrational  to  remember  the  past.  A  person  could  be  wrong  and  mistaken.  If  one  managed  to  realize  one's  own  mistakes,  then  one  can  be  forgiven. 

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1606.   AR AR

Slaves  make  really  violent  slave  holders.  If  a  weak  person  is  given  power,  this  person  will  use  it  with  special  perversive  violence. 

The  soul  of  the  slave  who  broke  from  bonds  and  got  above  other  slaves,  is  full  of  hate  towards  former  fellows.  As  this  person  considers  them  to  be  miserable  servile  people  who  are  good  for  nothing. 

I've  noticed…  Miserable  people  sick  with  inferiority  complex,  raise  within  themselves  the  "sense  of  grandeur"  to  fight  with  it.  Later  in  life,  through  a  violent  uncompromising  fight  they  get  above  others  and  start  to  climb  up  the  career  ladder  and  become  bosses.  But  the  problem  is  that  though  their  form  has  changed,  the  content  such  as  souls  remain  the  same:  miserable,  sick  and  cowardly.  Yes  they  put  on  masks  but  it  doesn't  change  their  real  nature.  And  these  slaves  who  got  above  are  dangerous  people. 

Those  rational,  strong  and  smart  people  who  hold  key  positions  and  decide  who  is  to  deserve  promotion,  should  consider  all  possible  candidates  for  «uprising»  really  carefully.  It's  irrational  to  use  only  the  criteria  of  «how  one  is  successful  at  humiliating  others».  It's  necessary  to  consider  other  human  values  like  justice,  moderation,  maturity  of  a  person,  mindset  and  general  ethical  and  human  values  etc.  The  thought  that  a  degenerate  can  make  others  work  well  doesn't  stand  up  to  scrutiny.  Most  precious  and  smart  women  won't  agree  to  work  under  the  supervision  of  a  bad  boss.  Hence,  one  degenerate  will  cultivate  other  degenerates  and  the  evil  will  give  way  to  more  evil. 

P.S.  I  don't  say  that  all  slaves  or  weak  people  are  bad  and  hopeless.  I  only  say  that  it's  rational  to  fight  with  faults  and  eradicate  "the  slave  within  oneself".  And  if  one  only  covers  it  all  with  a  fig  leaf  and  leans  over  backwards  to  compensate  it,  then  such  a  decision  will  make  a  person  much  worse  rather  than  better. 

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2420. Demonic dance with tambourines.   AR AR

Demons like to mock people, it entertains them and brings them joy. Besides, demons need slaves. Demons suck power and energy from slaves, and use their skills and abilities to their advantage. And when slaves are exhausted or sick, they are simply thrown out as unnecessary.

My reader now might think, it's good to be a demon, and also to begin all torment. But it's not that simple. Demons have their own nuances and their life is not sugar.

Nothing is impossible for demons, for they do nothing with their hands. They have slaves for any job. Demons themselves do not like to work, they do not like anything at all, because they are always consumed by hellish pain. They are so miserable that they have no time to think of anything but their pain.

The only thing demons are doing well and with enthusiasm is a ceremonial song and dance. Take a step, take two, leg this way, arm that way. Their dances are precise and ceremonial. You can't make a mistake in any move. It is a kind of meditation, in these endless and meaningless repetitions they find peace and comfort from their eternal pain. Demons like to call their "dancing with tambourines" work. They are able to "work" in this way from early morning until late at night. Moreover, they only see this as the purpose of their lives and real work. All that their slaves and just free people do they do not consider work. Demons despise someone else's work and think that only their senseless and calibrated to precision perpetual dance that is the true work. All the rest of the work and those who do it, they despise.

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2545. Freedom can only be bought.   AR AR

You want freedom? You want to do whatever you want? You're free to do whatever you want. But you have to pay for everything.
Pay in full to the last penny.
To pay without discount…
You have to go around all the mousetraps, where there will be bitten apples, fragrant cheeses and other kinds of freebies... For if you get into a mousetrap, instead of freedom you get a cage.

Well, you'll need money to pay for your freedom. You'll need the strength to earn that money. You'll need the strength to go hunting, capture the prey ...then sell it in the market and get the money to pay for your freedom.

You heard that somewhere give freedom just like that, for free? Well, you know, all free is cheese in a cage. Every piece of cheese you eat out of someone's hand is your new collar. The more cheese you get, the more your ransom from slavery will cost…

Have you heard that freedom can be gained by force through rebellion? Well, what can I tell you... it's much easier and safer to earn money by hunting and buy your freedom. With the rebels skinned alive skin and crucified. Rebels die long and painfully. Besides, your fight for freedom will probably not be a fight for your freedom at all. Most likely, you will fight in the war of the titans among themselves. In fact, at war mostly titans with each other, and the people slaves to them only consumable, meat... the point of this war is only a change of masters, and not the fact whether the new owners better than the old…

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2550.   AR AR

Free  people  do  better  what  slaves  do  for  a  lower  payment. 

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2637. A heap of rubbish.   AR AR

Wheels  and  cogs  spinning  inside  a  huge  machine  called  the  system,  are  really  unhappy.  As  they  hardly  realize  what  they  are  meant  for.  But  they  want  freedom.  Of  course,  they  get  oiled  in  the  normal  system  and  the  oil  makes  them  happier.  But  oil  is  never  enough. 
Then  some  people  come  to  them  and  promise  freedom.  These  people  promise  them  to  break  the  system  that  enslaved  them.  They  promise  cogs,  wheels  and  small  screws  real  freedom.  And  the  slaves  of  the  system  believe  this  idiotic  promise  and  even  start  to  break  their  system  all  by  themselves.  Everything  gets  ruined  to  pieces.  And  now  there's  something  like  a  heap  of  rubbish  where  once  was  a  smoothly  functioning  machine.  And  this  heap  is  full  of  useless  scrap  that  becomes  rusty.  Why  do  these  small  screws  and  wheels  lie  around  and  get  rusty  under  the  rain?  What  for?  What's  the  meaning  of  their  life?  It  makes  people  so  unhappy.  Their  life  without  meaning  is  now  so  terrible  that  they  would  like  to  die  but  their  religion  doesn't  let  them  do  it. 

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2659. A slave of time.   AR AR

Time  is  precious  and  time  doesn't  cost  a  thing.  Some  say  "time  is  money".  Probably... 
But  time  is  pleasure  too,  and  time  is  pain,  it  is  suffering  and  is  happiness.  Perhaps,  you've  already  noticed  that  it's  not  time  that  influences  you  but  you  are  a  source  of  time  yourself. 
And  it's  you  who  tells  time  whether  it  should  crawl  or  run. 
It's  you  who  tells  it  to  stop  or  become  golden.  It's  you  who  turn  it  into  dreams  or  the  Pyramids. 

It's  not  you  who  is  a  slave  of  time  but  time  is  a  slave  of  your  desires. 

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2747. Everybody likes sweets.   AR AR

Only  a  free  person  can  work  freely,  for  the  idea,  while  slaves  work  only  under  the  stick  and  for  the  “Bonus”

P.S.  A  bit  later  I  thought:  Do  free  people  really  exist.  Isn't  it  illusion,  self-deception?  A  person  who  works  for  the  idea,  isn't  she  a  slave  of  idea?

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2846. Three exhaustive cases of aggression.   AR AR

You  attack  because  you're  a  hunter.  You  are  hungry  and  you  need  some  resources.  And  the  resources  can  be  totally  different.  For  instance,  you  may  need  slaves  to  make  them  work  for  you. 

You  attack  because  you  are  scared.  And  it's  a  self-defense,  a  counterblow  or  preventive  measures. 

You  attack  because  you  go  crazy  and  see  everyone  as  your  enemy.  And  it's  a  disease. 
Besides,  there  are  different  types  of  craziness:  paranoia,  madness,  or  megalomania.  The  motives  of  any  crazy  psycho  are  covered  with  the  mist  of  mental  illness. 

-  And  where  does  stupidity  belong  to?  -  To  the  first  two  types. 

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2954. You serve those who serve you.   AR AR

No  one  can  be  free.  As  everyone  is  a  slave  to  one's  own  goals,  fate,  family,  society,  work,  friends.  If  a  person  refuses  to  serve  someone  or  something,  this  person  will  lose  goals,  relatives,  work,  friends,  fate  and  will  be  criticized  by  society. 

Freedom  is  justice.  You  serve  those  who  serve  you.  Your  freedom  is  in  your  right  to  refuse  to  serve  those  who  don't  want  to  serve  you. 

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3690. You're not a slave to money but money is a slave to your goals.   AR AR

If providence finds something that you want to fulfil to be really useful, you'll get money for it. Money is just a slave to your goals. It goes to those who are meant to get it... Your goals have many slaves. It can be money, time, good luck, miracles but the main slave to your goals is yourself.

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3775. Classic demon.   AR AR

Use the money to buy the opportunity to bully other people. What's the name of this demon?

"They think they can buy slaves for money."..

But slaves rebel, slaves do not work well, slaves are a concentration of sins and vices...

"Why would he do that?"..

"Ah, I see, it's a demon of pride, complicated by stupidity, malice, and greed.

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3839. Engineer of human souls.   AR AR

Man is always a slave to his inner SELF. It tells a person what he likes or dislikes, where he is comfortable and good, and where uncomfortable and unpleasant. It tells a person who or what to love and what to agree with and what not.

But it happens that this is IT, this subconscious for a number of reasons was set up incorrectly and now fails. It is trite deceiving people. It gets him into trouble and big trouble. Man becomes a slave to patterns and stereotypes, a wooden doll, doomed to constantly step on the same rake. Doomed to make mistakes and suffer all the time.

This doomed to eternal mistakes and suffering man must be very unhappy. Maybe someone can help him?

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3946.   AR AR

Money  wants  to  become  materialized.  It  likes  people  who  help  it  become  materialized  and  gives  those  people  real  joy  and  pleasure.  Any  decent  person  loved  by  money,  is  full  of  joy  and  pleasure  to  possess  it... 

  Yes,  you  got  it  right.  This  hundred  per  cent  addict  is  a  slave  to  money.  This  person  got  no  free  will  and  any  refusal  to  work  for  money  will  bring  excruciating  pain  to  the  soul  and  it  will  drive  this  person  crazy. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



4129. Forbidden fruit and triumph.   AR AR

It's  something  forbidden  to  do  that  people  enjoy  doing  most. 
Tell  them  what  they  should  not  do  and  they  will  be  set  to  do  it… 

The  sense  of  contradiction  and  desire  for  freedom. 
People  are  curious  and  they  tend  not  to  trust  others'  experience  and  check  everything  on  their  own. 

And  they  like  to  feel  themselves  winners  as  well... 
As  doing  things  the  opposite  way  is  a  little  (or  a  big)  victory.  Victory  brings  great  pleasure  and  joy.  They  do  things  the  opposite  way  just  because  they're  slaves  to  pleasures. 

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