8.3457.   AR AR

I  like  homosexuality  for  the  sake  of  pure  pragmatism.  I  love  women  and  dislike  competition.   

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10.7240.   AR AR

Homosexuals (including latent ones) are more successful in life, because such feminine qualities as intuition and empathy are very useful for success and fruitfulness in life.  The combination of the feminine and masculine in one person is very fruitful.

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4.3150.   AR AR

Homosexuality in boys often comes from a weakness of that kind, when life with parents becomes unbearable because of their desire to dominate, and to leave is scary. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, a person does not know how to do anything. Consciousness in search of salvation begins to look for an easy way and notices that girls are protected and fed…

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7.3595. Envy to the body.   AR AR

Homosexuality of men is caused by envy to men. If a man feels that he lacks some masculine qualities, but he sees them in other men, it causes Zavis and lust, as a desire to merge and share these properties. However, this envy can be refocused on women. Envious of female beauty and her body, such a man can inflame passion for a woman.

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7.6269.   AR AR

Homosexuality should be considered as entities equal to the "worker bee"or the " worker ant".

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10.7281.   AR AR

Homosexuality is associated with increased sensitivity and attentiveness.  It is known that shamans who use mushrooms feel their feminine essence very strongly.

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3.1193.   AR AR

Homosexuality comes from weakness, but the awareness of weakness breeds the desire for strength.  Beauty and truth are power.  Homosexuals strive for beauty and truth, which makes them very strong.

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6.5589.   AR AR

Admiration for women turns a man into a demon, a homosexual or a transvestite.

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7.6268. Working bee.   AR AR

Homosexuality in Islam is a property of the body and the desire of NAFSA. Such a human spirit has drawn lots,such a body.

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10.7581.   AR AR

Recognition is banal...  To know is not to feel...  On the other hand, feeling doesn't mean knowing.  True integrity is when a person knows and feels at the same time.  Integrity is the Union of the female and male Selves. Usually men know, but do not feel, and women feel, but do not know.  Angels are sexless and therefore integral.

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6.4208.   AR AR

There is an idea that homosexuality can be related to the fact that the mind of a person of one sex and the body of another. This is a lie, because man's spirit, his mind, is sexless. Human gender is the biology and hormones of the body.

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9.8110.   AR AR

One  of  the  causes  of  homosexuality  is  too  great  love  for  women.  The  man  loves  a  woman  so  much  that  he  wants  to  become  her

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619.   AR AR

Homosexuality  as  a  sign  of  overpopulation. 

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7.5665.   AR AR

The original nature of homosexuality in the ancient Greek tradition was not lust but admiration for the beauty of the soul. As women admire the beauty of a man's soul, so men have admired the beauty of the soul and spirit of other men.

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10.3597.   AR AR

Homophobia-fear of homosexuals.  Why are you so afraid of them?  Jealous?  Learned their secret desires?  Are you afraid that if you don't bark at them, they'll think you're the same?

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5.422.   AR AR

Success in many areas of human life of men with homosexual orientation is due to the fact that they managed to avoid the trap of female softness, restraining male hardness. In the absence of female resistance, male hardness was able to grow into the sky, and serve beauty without unnecessary interference. A homosexual is essentially a celibate monk whose strength lies in avoiding the swamp of feminine softness.

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8.5513.   AR AR

Many people's lives are 90% about reproduction... Questions related to children absorb almost all the time and energy. From this point of view, people of non-traditional orientation seem to be in a very advantageous position...

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The beginning of the book

638.   AR AR

  Homosexual  behavior  should  be  evolutionally  feasible  in  a  certain  way,  as  otherwise  the  natural  selection  would  have  eliminated  homosexuality  long  ago.  …
Everything  is  thought  out  and  feasible  in  nature…

Any  situation  associated  with  overpopulation  and  overcrowding,  causes  genetic  homosexuality.  The  nature  tries  to  control  the  population  this  way.

We  know  for  a  fact:  the  more  -  the  worse.  Moreover,  the  homosexual  individuals  are  more  efficient  investors  in  creative  processes.
Yes,  they  don’t  create  children,  but  they  also  don’t  spend  resources  and  time  on  them  ,  their  path  is  art,  construction,  their  children  are  tangible  items  and  art.… 
When  there  are  too  many  children  and  people,  the  nature  decides  to  direct    human  energy  to  something  else  than  reproduction  of  their  own  kind. 

Homosexual  individuals  are  basically  bees  in  the  hive:  they  don’t  breed,  but  they  work  better  and  more  efficiently,  they  don’t  need  to  spend  energy  on  self  reproducing, 

And  note  that  the  nature  programmed  the  queen  bee  to  create  them  in  huge  amount  ,  i.e.  a  usual  heterosexual  individual  got  a  genetic  predisposition  to  create  largest  possible  number  of  such  individuals,  while  it  creates  substantively  fewer  individuals  that  are  necessary  for  reproduction. 

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820.   AR AR

There  has  recently  been  a  lot  of  talk  about  such  phenomena  as  voluntary  celibate,  homosexuality,  infertility,  few  children  in  the  families.  A  lot  of  people  are  debating  on  this  issue.  They  expresses  some  thoughts  on  negativity  of  this  phenomena  and  ways  to  fight  them,  forgetting  that  all  these  phenomena  are  just  results  of  overpopulation  and  resource  scarce.  It’s  quite  normal  and  there’s  no  point  in  fighting  them.  There  are  many  people  and  few  resources  ...  There  are  two  ways  out:  either  they  stop  reproducing,  or  a  great  war  or  epidemic  will  correct  the  population.

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1612. Perfect person.   AR AR

There  is  a  perfect  man.  There  is  a  perfect  woman.  Getting  united  ,  these  two  generate  a  perfect  couple,  the  most  efficient  and  powerful  group  that  can  conquer  the  world. 

But  where  did  you  see  pure  perfection?  There  aren’t  even  100%  men  and  women.    Usually  classic  feminine  soul  is  80%  of  feminine  and    20%  of  masculine  essence  and  classic  male  soul  is      80%  of  masculine  и  20%  of  feminine  essence.

Of  course,  it  can  be  said  that  then  this  man  and  this  woman  find  each  other,  unite  some  way  and  compensate  each  other.  The  essence  of  all  this  compensation  is  to  «take  center»,  to  achieve  the  balance:  50%  of    masculine  and  50%  of  feminine  essence…  This  proportion  is  rather  effective.

But  there  is  another  interesting  situation.  It  happens  that  masculine  and  feminine  essences  achieve  balance  in  the  soul  of  one  person  and  so  called  perfect  person  appears.  Perfect  person  is  the  person,  in  whose  soul  there  are  both  masculine  and  feminine  essences  in  equal  proportions.  There  are  almost  no  such  people.  These  people  are  extremely  unique.  The  balance  is  extremely  unstable  and  delicate. 

There  are  conditions  close  to  balance.  By  the  way,  for  example,  if  a  man  has  more  feminine  essence  than  the  masculine  one,  it  leads  to  homosexuality.  Women  also  can  be  in  the  state  of  mind  close  to  this  border  condition.    These  woman  have  analytical  and  logic  mindset,  are  inclined  to  search  for  the  new,  they  make  good  artists,  scientists,  leaders…

There  is  an  interesting  consequence  :  everything  needs  a  pair.  If  a  modern  successful  woman  gradually  gets  closer  to  some  perfect  condition,  for  example  her  feminine  essence  is  60%  and  the  masculine  one    is    40%,    the  man  that  would  «compensate    her  should  be  a  mirror  image        -  60%  of  masculine  and  40%  of  feminine  essences.  This  will  be  a  perfect  couple. 

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5.1354.   AR AR

Every man in his life hundreds of times thought and about pedophilia, and about how, to become woman, and about homosexuality, and about cloud other sins and vices. Of course, men are afraid of their thoughts and only fear restrains them. Fear causes aggression and denial.

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8.2439.   AR AR

Logically,  homosexuality  is  a  congenital  issue.  Moreover,  a  very  widespread  one,  but  most  often  in  the  latent  form.  Latent  homosexuality  is  a  source  of  inner  contradictions  and  pain.    Basically,  these  contradictions  can  be  used  as  a  source  of  energy  and  movement,  but  the  can  be  got  rid  of,  too,    in  this  case  the  person  will  plunge  into  nirvana  and  bliss.  It’s  a  great  pleasure  to  be  yourself,  to  be  integral  .

Anyway,  I  wouldn’t  condemn  anything  created  by  nature,  unless  it  crosses  the  line  and  starts  to  harm  everything  else.  Again,  it’s  more  likely  to  be  a  good  phenomenon  than  a  bad  one  under  the  conditions  of  civilization  development  and  overpopulation.   

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8.2580. Hatred and envy for rivals.   AR AR

Homosexuals  are  the  main  object  of  rage  for  the  latent  homosexuals,  who  are  extremely  annoyed  with  the  fact  that  some  are  allowed  and  they  have  fun  enjoying  their  life,  and  the  others  have  to  be  overwhelmed  by  inner  pain  and  suffer  hiding  their  nature. 

Ordinary  people  don’t  care  about  who  slept  with  whom,  don’t  care  about  others`  problems  and  an  ordinary  person  is  basically  only  interested  in  himself. 

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8.2924.   AR AR

Homosexuality   is   a   natural   phenomenon,   connected   with   overpopulation   and   socio-economic   relations   development   .

   Non-standard   oriented   people   reproduce   less,   consume   more,   work   better   and   are   rather   efficient   in   the   sphere   of   art.   Reproduction   and   offspring   consume   a   huge   amount   of   energy   that   can   be   spent   on   other   tasks,   for   example,   spend   more   on   creation-linked   processes.

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8.2947.   AR AR

Basically,   the   issue   of   a   man`s   love   for   a   woman   is   the   memory   of   the   past   life,   he   loves   his   past   incarnation.   A   woman   `s   love   for   a   man   is   of   the   same   nature.   Probably,   it’s   an   issue   of   the   incarnation   procedure   violation   -   this   person   was   given   the   wrong   body.  

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8.3038.   AR AR

The   issue   of   homosexuality   is   an   issue   of   memory   of   your   past   incarnation.

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8.4305. Non-traditional orientation.   AR AR

I came to think that music is much more fun than women, and in General art carries much more joy than women.

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8.4555.   AR AR

By the way, marriage is a unity of light and darkness. And if, for example, angels with angels, then this already unconventional sexual orientation.

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9.1192. Development of sexuality.   AR AR

If  a  boy  is  constantly  told  that  men  don’t  cry,  men  must  do  this,  men  must  do  that...and  the  boy  can’t  do  this  and  that  and  he  wants  to  cry..  That  is,  there  is  a  pattern  disruption  -  he  doesn’t  look  like  a  boy.  Subconscious  whispers:  «Well,  maybe  you  are  a  girl?  Things  are  easier  for  girls».  Men’s  search  for  homosexuality  is  an  attempt  to  find  their  own  pattern.

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9.1201.   AR AR

Homosexuality   is   caused   by   inner   contradictions.      A   child   hears      about   a   certain   stereotype   that   a   man   should   be   this   way,   and   a   woman   should   be   that   way...      And   he   feels   too   weak   to   match   the   pattern....   But   if   he   doesn’t   match   one   pattern,   maybe   the   second   would   be   appropriate   for   him.   The   issue   of   self-identification   is   the   issue   of   the   choice   of   the   pattern   which   fits   you   easier.

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9.8111. I want it this way, too.   AR AR

Male  homosexuality  is  often  associated  with  voluptuousness.  This  person  wants  pleasures  and  he  thinks  that  women  get  more  pleasure  from  sex  than  men.  And  he  wants  it  this  way,  too. 

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9.8340.   AR AR

The  nature  of  homosexuality  and  lesbian  love  is  very  similar.  All  of  them  love  women  very  much...  Some  of  them  to  the  point  that  they  even  want  to  become  them.

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10.2740.   AR AR

Normal human relations are a Union of light and darkness.  The relationship "light and light" or "darkness and darkness" is something from the category of homosexuality.  Homosexuality is idealism and intolerance of dissent.  The normal relationship of light and darkness requires humility.

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10.7043.   AR AR

Angels are sexless because they love and serve their mission in life.  Questions related to the violation of the commandment "do not create an idol for yourself" or the sin of lust are of little interest to them.

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10.7122. A third gender.   AR AR

The chosen one is the one who harmoniously combines the male and female principles.  The chosen one does not need other people to be fruitful.  The chosen one can love their mission in life and be fruitful without external sources of energy.  A man of the third sex does not love idols, but his dream.

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10.7158.   AR AR

A real mushroom, it is asexual, it is itself and the sky, and the moon, itself and a man and a woman. The mushroom is an entity that has reached the integrity of the spirit, and is free from the bondage of the body's hormones. The mushroom sublimates sexual energy for endless creation and fruitfulness.


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10.8725. Mother nature.   AR AR

And I also thought that if a male chicken wants to become a chicken, it's homosexuality and infertility....

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