The same rake.






3.1408. Gymnastics for mind.   AR AR

Rake is an example of stagnation and stereotypical thinking.  To cross the rake, requires flexibility thinking. 

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3.1409.   AR AR

Rake is pride.  Stepping on the same rake is pride.  A person needs humility to change his point of view and admit that he is wrong.

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3.1410. Travel posts.   AR AR

The rake is a guide for the squirrel in the wheel.  "You're going the right way, comrade!"- says the squirrel, once again stepping on the same rake. 

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3.1411.   AR AR

The   same   rake   is   love…

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8.5961.   AR AR

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8.6221. Anything that doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.   AR AR

Internal IT person loves a rake, now that It knows what the rake does not kill, It implies that they are without any fear you can step endlessly.

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The beginning of the book

3.993.   AR AR

Experience is false, you cannot enter the same water twice...  On the other hand, time is looped in a circle.  Read books, carefully studying other people's experience, you may well make this maneuver.

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4.518.   AR AR

Experience is deceptive, because you cannot enter the same water twice. True yesterday is a lie today. The lie of yesterday is the truth of today.

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5.636. The rake is a great landmark.   AR AR

A fool is a man who does everything but what is necessary. This man always thinks, but thinking it is a clever deception designed to carefully avoid thinking about desirable and feasible. This man is afraid of the real world and its real people. He who lives in the darkness of fantasy is a blind squirrel running in a wheel. He is blind, and in fear that he may get lost, never strays from his path, preferring to tread on the same rake and be glad that he is going the right and familiar way. These eternally recurring rake his weapon against my fear. By killing fear, they give peace.

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9.110.   AR AR

The  same  method  may  or  may  not  work.  The  reason  is  that  you  can’t  step  into  the  same  river  twice.  Circumstances  change  and  truth  changes  with  them.

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9.460.   AR AR

Wherever   you   go,   you   will   be   able   to   come   back   under   no   circumstances.   The   liquid   of   space-time   continuum   always   moves   and   you   won’t   be   able   to   step   into   the   same   water   twice.

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5.4041. Dependency on rake.   AR AR

Stepping on the same rake is also an addiction.

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5.4459. The essence of humility.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that the current situation will never repeat the previous one. The essence of humility is to realize that you cannot enter the same water twice and therefore there is no absolute truth. Each truth is at least in some way different from the truth of the neighboring, and they are both equal and equal. The essence of humility is that one is not equal to one. Each unit is unique and does not equal a formal reference unit. The point of truth is not to hit the center of the target, but to hit the target. 2 equal to 8, 8 to 7, 7 to 6 ...etc. All the digits from 1 to 9 equal.

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7.2126. Lost souls.   AR AR

Everyone  who  doesn't  move  forward,  returns  to  start,  but  as  one  can  never  step  into  the  same  river  twice,  he  returns  back  to  find  that  he  is  lost.

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7.4650. Surprise.   AR AR

They say you can't go into the same water twice ...on the contrary, it would be unexpected. No one will do something that has not worked and will necessarily think something new, you think ...and you are wrong.

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8.4800.   AR AR

People are always stepping on the same rake, but it is better than a new rake and hitherto unknown to anyone.

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8.4801. Rakes are like a school of life.   AR AR

Until you step on a rake and believe it.

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8.5303.   AR AR

One   can’t   step   twice   into   the   same   river,   as   well   as   step   out   of   it,   as   the   water   has   already   gone   by.   You   step   back,   trying   to   go   out   through   the   door   you   came   in,   but   there   is   no   this   door,   the   other   door   is   at   its   place.  

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8.6220.   AR AR

The same rake is a cognitive distortion, a systemic error of the human mind, forcing it to repeat the same actions, regardless of the saddest consequences.

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9.2656.   AR AR

Life  is  a  very  exceptional  thing,  traps  are  always  different.

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9.6856. Training.   AR AR

People  like  to  step  on  the  same  rake  because  what  doesn't  kill  us,  makes  us  stronger.  The  fact  that  the  rake  didn't  kill  a  person  once,  only  proves  that  it's  safe  and  not  dangerous  for  being  used.

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Art by Evgeniy Slinko



10.6590.   AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they do not care about power and pride.  Pride is the source of all human suffering and fears.  There is no pride, no suffering, and fear.

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8.1464.1.   AR AR

Someone else's example or experience can inspire you to find your own way, inspire you to a feat or an act. However, it is hardly possible to successfully use someone else's past experience in its purest form, because, as you know, you will not enter the same water twice. Rather, we are talking about the study of standard situations and sketches.

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8.1464.2.   AR AR

Past  experience  is  problematic  because  as  is  known,  it's  impossible  to  step  into  the  same  river  twice. 

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10.10390.   AR AR

While the squirrel's consciousness in the wheel is occupied with illusions, the body, in order not to lose its way and fall into the pit, runs around a well-known circle, using a rake as a guide.

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10.14580.   AR AR

The opposite of wrong does not create right.  Your father is a vampire drank the blood of five, you decided to change everything and drink the blood of a victim.  And what has changed?  You both remained ghouls, living in hell.

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