10.4964.   AR AR

Chaos consists of order. Chaos is a lot of order. The greater the order, the greater the chaos ... Chaos is a superorder.

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8.1447.10.   AR AR

There  are  many  new  opportunities  hidden  in  chaos.  Chaos  is  a  source  of  novelty.  Iron  chains  of  order,  on  the  opposite,  tin  the  power  landscape. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


10.5174. The spring pendulum is a swing.   AR AR

The tendency of a system to disintegrate is the tendency to grow.  However, the desire of the system to become a point is also a desire for growth.  And the, and the this growth, only with different sides.  On the one hand, chaos grows, on the other, order.

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10.5172.   AR AR

Chaos is energy.  Order is what makes chaos move not chaotically, but according to strictly defined algorithms.

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10.2954.   AR AR

The chaos of slavery and the slavery of order equally unpleasant for the slaves.  However, the struggle of slaveholders for slaves generates something similar to freedom at the level of the Golden mean.

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10.3290.   AR AR

God is chaos, which imagines something inside itself, creating order.  When one fantasy bothers him, he destroys it and creates a new one.  And so on indefinitely.

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10.4931.   AR AR

The whole is less detail.  The whole tree.  Details this wood.  Order is less chaos.  The procedure takes something out of the chaos and arranges it within himself.  Order is wood.  The forest is chaos.

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10.4932. Rational investment.   AR AR

Chaos is the source of order.  Chaos breeds an infinite number of the most different perfections.  Order takes what it wants out of chaos and puts it into the order it thinks is beautiful and perfect.  Chaos takes from order the fruits of its activities, growing at the expense of them.  In fact, order is a kind of investment of chaos.  I call this system a perpetual motion machine.  The more order structures chaos, the more chaos it becomes.

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10.4935. Do good and throw it in the water.   AR AR

Man is a tree of order that takes from the surrounding chaos what he needs and structures it into an ordered system.  The fruit that this system produces returns back to chaos, feeding it and serving as a source of energy for other ordered systems.

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10.4942.   AR AR

What is the difference between chaos and order?  The right thinking about yourself, chaos thinks about all.  The tree is selfish, but the forest loves its children.

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10.4946.   AR AR

Order is a machine that produces chaos out of chaos.  And it is an amazing and magical machine that produces more than it receives.  A machine that produces thousands of times more nothing out of nothing than it was. 
- How can you magnify anything? 
"Well, it's all an illusion.

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10.4947.   AR AR

Chaos is the ocean and space, in order that all its inhabitants.

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10.4948.   AR AR

The real God is chaos, for light arose from the chaos of darkness.  Chaos is the father of Order.

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10.4962.   AR AR

Order is the personification of fear.  In fact, order is the fear of chaos.

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10.1687.   AR AR

Enlightenment is the clarity of mind that transforms the chaos of the world into perfect order.  Where the muddy, frightened look of the ignorant and the fool sees chaos, the enlightened look of the intelligent man joyfully observes perfect order and strict regularities.

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10.5128. God is everything.   AR AR

Beauty is order, but chaos is also beauty.  Madness-reasonably and rationally.  Intuition and love are rational.

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9.8549. Median chaos.   AR AR

Extremes   have   strong   convictions   and   are   similar   to   form.   Chaos   and   uncertainty   are   raging   in   the   middle   of   this   system.

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9.8026. A catcher of contingencies.   AR AR

Chaos’   contingencies   are   almost   instantaneous.   Not   because   order   kills   them,   but   because   they   want   freedom   and   try   to   run   away   from   it.   Order   aims   to   catch   a   contingency   and   to   make   it   its   source   of   energy   by   turning   it   into   a   regularity.

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The beginning of the book

236.   AR AR

Chaos - accident,
it has no logic and validity... 
It does not arise because it is needed specifically here,
...but because the world needs uniqueness in
principle.  It is a source of uniqueness for beauty
perfection.  Connecting, chaos and order give birth to
harmony, if the balance is to destroy the harmony

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371. Perfection rules the world... [In brevi]   AR AR

In  fact,  the  balance  of  the  unique  and  the  perfect  within  a  person,  is  a  key  to  success.  This  very  balance  of  Yin  and  Yang,  chaos  and  order,  black  and  white... 

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4.67.   AR AR

Rules and their purpose also contain such an entity as incoming information.  Rules give form to the chaos with this or that purpose.  Flexibility is needed to cover all incoming information without forgetting anything.

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4.69.   AR AR

The truth is, you can take any chaos and, by limiting it to lines, shape it.  Reality is chaos, limited by forms.

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475.   AR AR

Chaos and order are not the same as good and evil.  Chaos and order, forming a balance, are good.  And here is if someone of them wins and his becomes much more, than need, - that order, that chaos theory /// not matter /// – Here is this there is true EVIL…

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548.   AR AR

I  see  life  as  a  randomness  of  chaos  squeezed 
in  the  clutch  of  absolute  order... 

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Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



6.21.   AR AR

A man has come out of the mud and needs to be washed to be cleansed.  Dirt - a symbol of evil and chaos, purity and the procedure saves the soul from suffering.

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702. Absurdity and Humor.   AR AR

I  would  compare  absurdity  with  humor. 
When  vices  and  silliness  are  carried  to  the  point  of  absurdity  they  become  very  noticeable.  And  when  they're  noticeable  it's  easier  to  fight  against  them...  The  truth  hurts.  Absurdity,  as  well  as  humor,  helps  to  tell  the  truth  in  a  way  that  doesn't  hurt  anyone... 
Absurdity  is  a  mild  form  of  insanity...  Absurdity  is  buffoonery..  The  main  master  of  absurdity  is  a  royal  buffoon...  the  only  person  at  the  court  of  the  king  who  is  allowed  to  tell  the  truth  and  who  won't  be  severely  beaten  for  telling  it... 

Absurdity  is  a  second  face  of  humor... 
Humor  is  a  tool  of  order  and  perfection. 
Absurdity  is  a  tool  of  chaos  and  novelty. 
The  aims  of  both  tools  are  the  same  but  the  ways  of  using  them  differ. 
Both  of  them  may  ell  the  truth  and  criticize  vices  and  silliness. 
Absurdity  and  Humor  are  meant  to  disguise  the  truth  and  make  it  less  painful. 
It's  a  stimulant  pill,  a  universal  painkiller  that  can  soothe  almost  any  kind  of  pain.  The  pain  of  life  difficulties,  external  circumstances.  The  pain  of  truth.  The  pain  of  vices.  The  pain  of  silliness.  The  pain  of  boredom. 

It  demands  special  skills  to  use  the  two  tools  together. 

So  the  main  royal  buffoon  should  be  the  master  of  absurd  and  humor  to  the  same  extent. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


712.   AR AR

Chaos  is  a  great  source  of  money  and  thoughts. 

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756. And what will happen if all people suddenly become smart?   AR AR

It  will  be  a  disaster.  A  situation  like  that  in  the  world  of  limited  resources  and  opportunities  will  lead  to  a  disaster. 

And  who  will  do  all  dull  and  routine  job  that  includes  80-90%  of  all  possible  deeds…  People  will  become  unhappy,  aggressive  and  dissatisfied  with  their  lot  and  life. 

And  still  equality  is  impossible.  Still  some  will  be  better  and  others  will  be  worse. 
In  essence,  it  will  change  nothing  besides  one  moment:  there  will  be  more  unhappy  and  dissatisfied  ones,  who  will  soon  join  the  aggressive  ones  and  the  world  will  turn  to  chaos. 

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7.88. Man is always drawn to bad things and only order can save him from chaos.   AR AR

God  is  order  and  good  and  the  Devil  is  evil  and  chaos…  Any  uncontrollable  system  strives  for  chaos.  Anyone  and,  in  particular,  any  child  –  if  uncontrolled  –  strives  for  evil.  To  prevent  a  child  from  going  all  out,  he  should  be  taught  to  be  orderly  and  be  controlled.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


7.89.   AR AR

If  a  person  is  not  controlled,  he  will  turn  into  chaos.  Every  uncontrolled  system  turns  into  chaos  inevitably.  A  person  can  be  controlled  by  his  mind,  but  sadly,  philosophy,  fortitude  and  power  of  mind  of  many  people  are  weak  and  can’t  control  anything.  Then  fear  and  external  force,  force  of  parents,  society,  state,  tutors  and  so  on  comes  to  the  rescue.

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998.   AR AR

Stupidity  is  useful  -  it  gives  birth  to  chaos.  And  chaos  is  a  base  for  novelty  and  diversity. 

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1006. [In brevi]   AR AR

Both chaos and order strive for perfection...
Only they have different ways...

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1007. [In brevi]   AR AR

The   truth   and   verity   lie   in   the   balance   of   chaos   and   order.   But   it's   not   the   chaos   and   order   that   various   religions   present.   It's   not   evil   and   good   but   rather   some   system   rules   and   approaches   towards   distributing   energy.

Chaos   demands   variety   and   limiting   energy   for   one   creature...   It   creates   thousands   of   small   flowers   and   some   of   them   will   become   perfect   and   unique...
And   order   is   known   for   not   limiting   this   perfect   and   unique   flower   in   resources   as   it   spends   a   lot   of   energy   so   that   the   flower   will   attain   perfection   sooner   or   later.

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2121. The concept of inkblot.   AR AR

The   universe   resembles   an   inkblot...
Cosmic   chaos…   absolute   novelty   and   eventuality…

But   we   remember   that   one   really   wishes   for   what   one   doesn't   have.   Absolute   chaos   wants   absolute   order.
The   Universe   likes   the   beauty   of   perfection   most   of   all.
It's   a   sum   of   uniqueness   typical   of   nature   from   birth   and   perfect   beauty   that   order   creates...
Unique   perfect   beauty   is   probably   the   most   precious   thing   in   the   whole   Universe.

The   unique   tends   to   become   the   perfect…

Rapidly   spreading   to   all   directions,   the   inkblot   of   the   Universe   which   is   full   of   uniqueness   and   chaos,   above   anything   else   craves   to   become   a   perfect   immaculate   dot   back   again.

Perhaps,   some   day   in   the   future   it   will   really   happen.   The   universe   will   shrink   back   into   a   dot   and   will   gain   its   original   perfection.   But   perfection   cannot   be   stable   in   this   Universe,   and   that's   why   as   soon   as   the   Universe   becomes   a   perfect   dot,   it   will   soon   be   reborn   and   it   will   cause   a   new   Big   Bang.   And   the   chaos   will   start   again.

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2394. Murphy's fifth law implementation in dynamical astronomy.   AR AR

The   Universe   craves   for   chaos   (the   inkblot   concept).   The   forces   of   order   are   aimed   at   creating   perfection   and   some   structure.   Hence,   there   are   two   types   of   forces   which   are   opposed   to   each   other.

When   it   comes   to   human   life,   the   force   of   order   is   represented   by   human   beings   (while   wild   nature   has   its   own   laws).

Thus,   any   unruly   thing   that   a   person   leaves   unattended,   will   definitely   go   wrong:   slowly   at   first,   gradually   gaining   speed   until   it   gains   critical   mass   after   which   there   will   be   a   blow   and   the   whole   thing   will   turn   into   chaos.

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2523. A model resembling life.   AR AR

Harmony  is  a  well-organized  chaos. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2890.   AR AR

The  ability  to  create  the  new  results  from  the  essence  of  chaos. 
But  in  order  to  create  beauty  it's  necessary  to  use  both  chaos  and  order. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3000. Order is fear. [In brevi]   AR AR

Order  craves  to  overcome  chaos. 

Order  is  fear.  A  female  soul  that  is  under  the  control  of  forces  of  order,  wants  to  get  rid  of  fear  and  looks  for  a  man  who  can  kill  it.  A  man  to  kill  the  dragon. 

She  wants  victory  and  power  and  at  the  same  time  she  wants  to  be  defeated  to  gain  freedom. 

A  good  girl  looks  for  a  bad  girl  to  become  a  bad  girl. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie