Intuition and dreams.






10.5763.     AR AR

To motivate yourself to do something, in the evening, before going to bed, write down structured and detailed your thoughts on paper and read aloud.  Then go to bed.

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10.5839. The third option.     AR AR

I had a nightmare today.  Fear paralyzed my brain, and all I could think about was how to escape.  The hopelessness of the situation was that it was impossible to escape.  With an effort I regained my composure and remembered that I could rewind the situation so as not to fall into it at all.  Rising above the situation and turning on the rewind, I suddenly saw that there was a third option...

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10.5838.     AR AR

Sleep is a simulator of reality.  Nightmares are for learning to control fear.  Paradise dreams are needed to learn to avoid the temptations of Vice.

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10.5962.     AR AR

The universal method of knowledge is called love.  What is love?  Love is attention.  Pay attention to something, start thinking about it, and, sooner or later, get an intuitive answer.  An important moment, intuition arises not miracle.  Intuition is the result of learning the neural network of the brain.  It is possible to train a brain theoretically and practically.  There is mathematics and there is physics, these two complement, but not deny each other.  Practice is personal experience.  The theory of reading and observation.

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10.4532.     AR AR

Before you make a decision, remember the multiplication table for three minutes, give your subconscious time to think.  In three minutes, the subconscious mind will make the perfect decision, provided that it can distract the consciousness.

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9.4410.     AR AR

Sleep   is   purification   of   the   day.   Sleep   is   brain   clearing   from   stresses   and   unwanted   information.   At   night   brain   becomes   clear,   while   the   daily   information   is   being   archived   and   stored   in   the   depth   of   the   brain.

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9.6100.     AR AR

Human   brain   is   a   living   quantum   computer   in   itself,   while   intuition   is   an   example   of   the   system   of   quantum   calculations   with   simultaneous   checking   of   all   hundreds   of   case   scenarios   and   instant   finding   of   the   optimal   variant.  

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9.8122. Quantum supercomputers.     AR AR


The   genuine   non-linear   strategic   thinking,   based   on   such   a   tool   as   intuition   is   inherent   to   the   quantum   way   of   thinking.   This   way   of   thinking   is   characterized   by   the   simultaneous   analysis   of   the   incongruous   factors.

Creating   a   single   multifactor   model   of   the   situation   and   evaluating   it   not   by   the   usual   consequent-linear   way,   but   by   parallel-quantum   way   under   the   simultaneous   analysis   of   all   the   system   conditions.  


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9.9734.     AR AR

Intuition  is  needed  to  distinguish  rules  from  exceptions.

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10.1001. Tomorrow is another day.     AR AR

Make a decision in the morning with a fresh head.

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10.2542.     AR AR

They say you have to learn the truth and forget it.  This is necessary so that truth becomes intuition.  It is necessary to make instant right decisions without thinking.  I myself achieved this effect naturally, because I have a disgusting memory.

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10.2637. The quiet whisper of the desert.     AR AR

Intuition begins to work only when the mind has nothing to say, when the chattering mind is silent.  Get the mind to shut up.  And listen to the whisper of intuition.

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10.2891. Salvation is awakening.     AR AR

A person immersed in a nightmare is more likely to Wake up than someone who is mired in sweet fantasies.  The one who is stuck like a fly in Paradise, does not want to Wake up.  Wrapped in a warm cocoon of spider fly happily expects to be eaten.

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10.2993.     AR AR

Dreams are for goal setting, motivation, and modeling.  The use of dreams for entertainment and pleasure breeds laziness and addiction.

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10.3030.     AR AR

Reading helps to get rid of internal chatter, thus developing a person's intuition.

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10.3093. The quiet whisper of intuition.     AR AR

To love God is to love oneself.  To love yourself is to believe in yourself and listen to your inner voice.

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10.3331.     AR AR

Do not judge, because everything has its place and time.  Just watch and listen, not trying to agree or disagree.  Let the information become part of the intuition.  And, when it is necessary, intuition will use it.

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10.3418.     AR AR

Intuition is great at drawing conclusions from minimal information.  The more information, the intuition works worse and you need to include logic.

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10.3535.     AR AR

Reason and intuition are dialectically related concepts, where intuition is the basis and reason is the superstructure.  Rational cognition complements and develops intuitive cognition.

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10.3542.     AR AR

Mind is a tool for finding new forms and gathering information.  Using your mind to make decisions is wrong.  Decisions should be made by intuition.  Intuition decides whether there is value in what the mind has found.

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10.4644.     AR AR

Worlds of dreams and fantasies, computer virtual worlds, the real world...  it's all the same, but based on different technologies.

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10.4800.     AR AR

I have noticed that as long as a person does not try to do as well as possible, but simply does intuitively well, things are going quite well.

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10.5065.     AR AR

The brain is a team of billions of neurons.  If the mind gives the brain a clear goal, problem or question, the brain will quickly solve it, if it is not distracted by extraneous nonsense.

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10.5374.     AR AR

God sleeps and dreams of you.  Be a good dream, don't upset your God.

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10.5469.     AR AR

To gain intuition, you need to love yourself.  When you love yourself, you believe yourself, and that means you hear yourself.  Intuition - a quiet inner voice that you need to hear and believe in it.

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10.5505.     AR AR

The right decisions are achieved by achieving unity of consciousness and intuition.  Consciousness should strive to realize the motives of intuitive desires.

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10.5296. Tomorrow is another day.     AR AR

Plan and dream better before going to bed, then the brain all night will think about your problems, and in the morning will give solutions.

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The beginning of the book

122.     AR AR

Ancient  Greeks  thought 
that  our  thoughts  are  orders  given 
by  various  gods,  bad  ones  or  good  ones... 
that  is  feelings  and  intuition  were 
their  personal  but  thoughts  were 
given  by  some  force  outside...of  course 
people  don't  think  so  nowadays...and  it's 
mostly  politicians  and  media  buyers 
who  deny  that  idea... 

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4.13. The three-dimensionality of being.     AR AR

Reality   is   the   borderline   between   firmness   and   softness…   Reality   is   the   borderline   between   water,   the   shore   and   atmosphere.

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5.24. Night dreams and day reality.     AR AR

The essence of night and day is that during the day the mind ruled, and at night in a dream gave the opportunity to dominate the animal in man, his illusions and dreams.  It is necessary to relieve tension in system and to keep balance.  Points in Yin and Yang is a symbol of the fact that the day needs a little bit of illusions, and in dreams there is some sense.  Man grows especially well at night, because dreams and illusions are the power of growth.  At night, the form grows, and during the day it is filled with the energy of light.  Create the illusion of form and reality generates energy.

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5.61.     AR AR

"Variothoughts"   is   an   example   of   the   freedom   of   the   mind   limited   by   logic.   I   restrained   my   thought   with   logic   in   order   to   remain   within   the   limits   of   truth,   for   falsehood   is   that   which   is   not   restrained   by   logic.   So   I   was   able   to   program   my   thought   DNA.   However,   to   create   life,   DNA   is   not   enough,   so   we   need   more   ideas,   unlimited   by   logic,   but   limited   by   the   goals   of   the   existence   of   truth.   To   program   the   RNA   of   thought,   I   used   intuition,   limiting   myself   to   the   goals   of   truth.   And   you,   my   dear   friend,   can   use   these   RNA   and   DNA   thoughts   in   order   to   upload   them   to   your   brain,   to   implement   some   of   your   tasks,   for   example,   to   change   your   nature   as   you   want.   The   algorithm   is   this:   clearly   and   clearly   define   your   goals   and   start   reading   "Variothoughts",   in   3-7-9   months   you   will   reprogram   your   brain   and   be   ready   to   implement   any   of   your   goals.  

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10.22. Intuition.     AR AR

The wise are not those who think much, but those who think instantaneously quickly.

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10.26. Made by intuition     AR AR


Decisions are made by intuition, the mind is responsible only for the proposals and the accumulation of solutions.


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10.33.     AR AR

What does it mean to follow the signs?  It means paying attention to detail.

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2659. A slave of time.     AR AR

Time  is  precious  and  time  doesn't  cost  a  thing.  Some  say  "time  is  money".  Probably... 
But  time  is  pleasure  too,  and  time  is  pain,  it  is  suffering  and  is  happiness.  Perhaps,  you've  already  noticed  that  it's  not  time  that  influences  you  but  you  are  a  source  of  time  yourself. 
And  it's  you  who  tells  time  whether  it  should  crawl  or  run. 
It's  you  who  tells  it  to  stop  or  become  golden.  It's  you  who  turn  it  into  dreams  or  the  Pyramids. 

It's  not  you  who  is  a  slave  of  time  but  time  is  a  slave  of  your  desires. 

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2997. Sleeping the sleep of the just.     AR AR

When  a  good  day  is  over,  you  go  to  bed  to  sleep  the  sleep  of  the  just. 

Happiness  is  the  state  when  you  don't  have  to  be  scared  or  ashamed  of  your  actions. 
"You  did  everything  right  and  you  did  everything  you  could."  And  this  is  the  thought  that  makes  the  sleep  especially  sound. 

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3.201.     AR AR

Do   good   and   throw   it   in   the   water   is   a   metaphor   for   a   river   flowing   into   the   sea.   Single   things   like   a   stone   thrown   in   the   water   generate   just   a   splash.   Permanent   things   are   more   prominent.

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3.393.     AR AR

Dreams are tiresome, after dreams you are very tired, so they say that a lot of sleep is harmful.

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3500.     AR AR

A  dream  at  night  is  the  following  interpretation  of  the  day. 

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Art by Evgeniy Slinko



3.722.     AR AR

You can't go to sleep, if you Wake up, get up, go to sleep, you'll get tired.

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4.240. Reality is a dream in a dream.     AR AR

Rationality is the limitations that shape reality. It is rationality that creates order out of chaos.

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4.467.     AR AR

In the confirmation of the miracle man requires a visual demonstration, he believes his eyes. We see this as discrimination and a lack of faith. Why did he believe only one thing and not another? Why he doesn't trust his gut. Moreover, why does he believe more in the senses than in reason? The mind could logically justify the existence of the senses without requiring the confirmation of the eyes.

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4.528. We dream of hell.     AR AR

Death is a dream. If your conscience is unclean, and your soul is filled with resentment and unnecessary desires, then your dream will be a nightmare.

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4.613. The Voice Of God.     AR AR

Heard deep down a random sincere motivation to move... obey him. The voice of chance within you is the voice of truth.

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4.715.     AR AR

Fear is a dream of the mind, when you are afraid-cheer up, pinch yourself, bite your tongue... Wake up.

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4.912.     AR AR

God speaks to man through the senses. Listen to your instincts, they never cheat. God whispers to you, " Do it. If you do, everything will be fine." The devil whispers fears and doubts, instilling lies. Be honest, do and say what you feel. If you don't waste time and do what God whispers to you quickly, you'll succeed.

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5.172. Abraham was hospitable.     AR AR

The meaning of the phrase that Abraham was strangely fond is that he realized that those living in the theme of sleep and illusions should do everything the opposite of what they want. To know the truth, you cannot love what everyone loves, you have to love something apart from everyone. While all the moths love fire and fly at it to burn, Abraham looked away. No, he did not fly back into the darkness of the earth, but he turned away from the idol and saw the stars.

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