3.1135.   AR AR

Look for criticism to make your case better.  Critics are your best assistants on the way to perfection.  But remember, the main thing is not a critic, but beauty and perfection.  We serve beauty, not idols.

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3.1240.   AR AR

The critic must love what he criticizes.  Beats - it means love.  The critic has to beat what he likes to make him better.  Not to criticize, not out of love, criticism, devoid of love, is a lie and a fake. 

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1825.   AR AR

Critics,  censors,  editors  are  also  some  kind  of  cleaners.  Their  task  is  to  make  creators  forget  doing  nothing  and  start  working  on  the  uniqueness  and  perfection  of  both  form  and  content. 

Any  cleaner  who  destroys  something  that  is  on  its  way  to  perfection  and  uniqueness  will  burn  in  hell. 

On  the  other  hand,  criticizing  those  who  have  reached  the  goals,  is  quite  suitable  as  it  saves  people  from  pridefulness  and  inflated  ego. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.1243.   AR AR

If you've been doused with slops, hold your breath, wipe yourself and take a shower.  It's okay, as long as you don't squeal.  If you open your mouth, you'll swallow shit.

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3.1202. Focus on benefits.   AR AR

Not afraid of criticism, you need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Offensive criticism should be ignored, like filtering out the chaff, and useful to find and to pick up grains.

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3.330. Critics should be loved.   AR AR

Criticism is joyful for him who is perfection.  If due, criticism will be able to improve what you serve is good.  Love God fair critic.

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3.1203. If dogs a lot, ignore them.   AR AR

No need to bite the critic and bark at him.  The worst thing for a critic is ignoring him.  On the other hand, it is sometimes possible to give the dog a boot in the face to not bark.

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5.426.   AR AR

Criticism is beautiful. When you throw stones at you, and you collect the stones, making thus the accumulation of energy and power.

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3.1241. Nothing.   AR AR

Criticism is white noise.  Criticism is like radio interference and distortion in gravitational fields.  If there is not even criticism, it says that the mass of the object is zero and there is nothing in front of us.

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3.1204.   AR AR

Criticism can be useful and useless.  Useless is the one you couldn't make use of.  When there's no use , it's terrible, so you cry.  Find the benefit of criticism and you will rejoice.

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3.1207.   AR AR

Much of what is called criticism and not criticism at all, and entertainment viewers and actors.

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3.1242.   AR AR

Destructive criticism is also love.  Destroying excess, critic frees up space for the desired.  The critic is the one who clears the field of weeds, leaving room for useful.  By destroying the ugly, the critic allows the master to create.  The sower sows, the Reaper reaps. 

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10.2246.   AR AR

Accept criticism and submit to slander.  So you will save strength and energy, and your enemies, tired of swinging your pendulum, fall to the ground without strength.

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3.1234.   AR AR

Criticism should be treated as horoscopes and mystical omens, that is, separating the grain from the chaff, to use useful, and useless to ignore as unpleasant, but inevitable and absolutely necessary evil.

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10.2291.   AR AR

In Zen Buddhism it is believed that the enlightened should not react and look back at the shout.  Metaphorically, it means to ignore criticism, temptations, and any attempts to distract you from the true path.

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10.2345. Criticism is joyful.   AR AR

Works of art are beautiful, but the real and most powerful pleasure people get when they smash your creations into dust.

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3.1235.   AR AR

Criticism is very similar to mysticism.  We all know that bad signs and omens should be ignored, and you stupid criticism do not notice.

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3.1201. It's a shame and painful for this fear.   AR AR

To protect yourself from criticism, use the practice of meditation.  These practices are many, the principle is simple, switch and clear your head of unnecessary emotions.  For example: deep breathing, breath retention, muscle tension, "point concentration", "dispersal", "crab meditation", "rubber band", pain, admiration meditation, etc.

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3.1205.   AR AR

From criticism the cow died, and the horse didn't die.  It's all about milk, the cow loves milk, and the horse is afraid of pain.

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3.1206.   AR AR

When criticizing intelligent man is delightfully useful.  When criticizing a fool - it is thrilling for spectators.

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3.1208. It takes love to ignore criticism.   AR AR

Criticism that cannot be used constructively for the good of the cause automatically turns into destructive criticism.  In fact, there are only three options.  Or you used criticism to create and that's good.  All that creates not destroys.  And the third option is total disregard.

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3.1209.   AR AR

It is very important to be able to respond correctly to criticism.  After all, if you can not get creative benefit from criticism, it will automatically begin to destroy you.  The more intelligent a person is, the greater their ability to benefit, everyone else needs to learn to be non-attracted and ignored.

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3.1210.   AR AR

Love it.  If you have paid attention to criticism, now you will, one way or another, create, because love is creation.  However, destruction is also the creation of free space.

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3.1211.   AR AR

Understand correctly, hatred and dislike of criticism is also attention, which means that it is love and creation...  The prefix "not", in this case, will make the process of love destructively creative.

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The beginning of the book

5.6.   AR AR

Judge not, lest ye be judged, this will save you from laziness, apathy, and depression.  When an idealist judges reality, it always fails to live up to his ideal, fails to live up to his expectations and shatters his illusions.  A mismatch between expectations of reality cause cognitive dissonance and 1000 of his sins and vices.

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5.7. I’m a fool…   AR AR

Nothing  spoils  a  person  more  than  his  infinite  desire  to  criticize  or  to  give  valuable  advice…  The  two  common  cents  you  contribute  to  the  conversation  are  like  flies  in  a  soup.  Nobody  likes  flies,  so  remember  that  your  criticism,  moaning  and  valuable  advice  are  as  if  you  kept  saying  “I’m  a  fool,  I’m  a  fool,  I’m  a  fool”…

Translate: lushchenko Marina


124.   AR AR

Judge  thyself  not,  that  ye  be  not  judged. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


5.10.   AR AR

Judge not, lest ye be judged ...because while you judge others, others judge you.  Trust me, you have so many sins that it is worth to know about them to anyone, you will die of shame and fear.

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5.51. Both criticism and praise are equivalent in their effect.   AR AR

Criticism is beautiful, the more you are intensely criticized, the more people, guided by the impulses of restraint, rush to save you and restrain someone else's intemperance.  Criticism and praise must be in balance.

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6.27.   AR AR

If the Creator does not believe and hope that his creations are beautiful, he will not be able to create.  To understand, truly do well the creature can either a comparison with an ideal or the cries of the critics.

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6.79.   AR AR

Being offended by criticism, you weaken and, exhausting force, you get dependent on these people.  Willing to do anything to deserve their good treatment, you're doomed to think of them.  And if they praise you, you will carry water for them.  If the script gets complicated, the bad will hurt you, and you will serve the good.

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10.67.   AR AR

If you don't like criticism, send it all to spam by default.  These people are masturbators, there is no need to delve into their public exhibitionism.

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1189.   AR AR

You  should  criticize  and  judge  only  yourself,  life  will  judge  others… 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1495.   AR AR

There's  no  sense  in  discussing  the  past  from  the  critical  point  of  view  as  something  that  has  already  happened.  But  it  makes  sense  to  discuss  future  in  order  to  avoid  mistakes  done  in  the  past. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1516.   AR AR

Don't  judge  people  by  their  calm  expression  on  the  face  or  their  looks.  People  like  to  put  on  masks  and  the  more  experienced  a  person  is,  the  more  masks  this  person  has.  Behind  a  totally  calm  and  nice  face  a  real  psycho  or  an  utter  idiot  may  hide.  And  taking  into  account  that  there  are  no  normal  people  at  all,  then  the  nicer  and  more  normal  a  person  seems  to  be,  the  heavier  and  worse  this  person's  sins  will  seem  in  close  up.   

Anyway,  it's  better  to  be  careful  with  people  from  the  very  beginning  as  only  time  and  working  together  will  let  you  get  to  know  them  better.   

With  all  other  things  being  equal,  the  only  thing  that  matters  is  how  well  one  does  one's  job  and  on's  ability  to  engage  in  personalities. 

It's  rational  to  ignore  and  not  deal  with  people  who  like  to  engage  in  personalities.  Any  profit  or  money  gained  from  them  don't  matter  at  all.  There  are  many  perhaps  not  quite  normal  but  quite  sane  people  in  the  world.   

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1801.   AR AR

People  do  not  often  criticize  or  contradict  ideas. 
Usually  it's  the  author  or  the  source  of  ideas  that  is  disliked. 
And  on  the  contrary,  if  people  like  some  author, 
it  no  longer  matters  what  he  talks  about... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



1990.   AR AR

With  strictures  laid  on  me  and  spattered  with  dirt…  feathered  to  be  a  laughing  stock…  -  resembling  a  plucked  chick... 

I  sadly  concluded  that  gregarious  instincts  are  not  a  flexible  thing.  Of  course  this  thing  works  but  as  soon  as  some  fool  comes  to  power,  the  whole  crowd  becomes  just  as  terribly  dull  as  their  leader. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



2908. A good worker.   AR AR

A  recipe  for  success  and  happiness  in  life  is  about  being  able  to  take  it  easy. 

Vanity  and  weakness  that  see  everyone  as  a  judge,  become  vulnerable  to  any  critical  remarks.  They  take  everything  personally.  Their  responsibility  is  hypertrophied  as  they  think  they  owe  something  to  everyone  and  look  for  approval  in  others'  words  or  actions.  And  if  they  don't  find  this  approval,  they  will  become  depressed  and  melancholic. 

Any  of  suchlike  souls  likes  to  justify  itself  by  being  morally  upstanding  and  saying:  «I'm  a  very  responsible  person  and  that's  why  I  can't,  I  simply  can't  stand  hearing  or  seeing  any  disapproval  of  my  actions».  And  a  person  of  this  kind  will  suffer  and  go  crazy. 

It  may  seem  that  such  a  person  is  a  great  worker.  As  this  person  would  sell  his  or  her  soul  for  praise.  And  if  they  criticize  this  person,  it  will  make  this  person  work  harder  and  go  crazy  with  low  self-esteem.  Generally,  it's  true.  If  this  person's  boss  uses  it  all  to  his  advantage,  then  this  person  can  be  a  great  worker.  The  only  problem  is  in  some  incompetent  bosses  who  may  be  too  silly  and  greedy  and  drive  a  great  worker  crazy. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2909.   AR AR

Vanity  consumes  flatter  in  any  amount.  But  only  a  bit  of  critics  can  poison  it  and  throw  it  down.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


2914. A joyful spirit.   AR AR

Anything  new  that  joins  the  old,  should  realize  that  it's  nothing  but  a  joyful  spirit  yet.  And  it's  possible  to  become  material  only  through  suffering. 

The  practical  meaning  of  this  thought  is  the  following:  anything  new  suffers  and  gets  abused  at  first,  and  it  makes  the  new  stronger  and  worth  existing.  Some  living  examples  in  real  life  include  the  abuse  of  new  conscripts  by  older  soldiers  and  heavy  criticism  from  well-known  scientists  towards  new  ideas.  And  probation  period  and  the  start  of  any  career  resemble  it  all  too. 

Everyone  and  everything  should  prove  its  right  for  existence  by  the  ability  to  withstand  any  attacks  of  aggressive  external  circumstances. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3677.   AR AR

Take  the  world  as  it  is.  Appreciate  what  you  have. 
Watch  out  when  they  throw  something  at  your  feet... 
Take  whatever  you  can... 
Search  for  gold  underfoot... 
Enjoy  what  you  have... 
Don't  waste  time  and  energy  on  illusions… 
Everything  and  everyone  around  you  can  be  your  opportunities  for  something... 
  …and  the  main  thing... 
-  Don't  criticize,  don't  judge  and  don't  complain... 
It  takes  time  and  efforts  that  could  have  been  used  in  a  more  effective  way... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3811. Good man's rules.   AR AR

"Don't judge, don't criticize, don't discuss other people. Judge not, lest ye be judged.
- Goodbye people. People are imperfect, God made them that way. God forgives and you forgive.
"No one owes anyone anything, you owe nobody, you owe nobody. But there is an exchange.
Love people. Love thy neighbor. Only love can overcome anger and paranoia.
- Do not pull your patterns and stereotypes on other people. People are different.
- Don't teach people to live, if you hard not are asked about this.
Don't be greedy. Take a little and be happy. Many turn into poison.
"If you took anything, give it back." Violation of energy balance is a sin.
"Let the people speak, let them speak.
"Don't lend and borrow. You're not a Bank. If you want to do a good thing, give it to me.
"When you GIVE, you receive joy in return. That's your fee.
- Help what grows and moves to perfection. It brings luck.
- Beauty, usefulness, uniqueness-three entities that give good luck, health, happiness.
- Don't carry, and you carry-take a payment. You're neither a horse nor a donkey.

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3924.   AR AR

A  person  getting  constant  criticism  for  his  actions,  exhausts  his  energy  rather  soon.  He  loses  ability  to  work  efficiently  and  gets  awfully  stupid.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина

Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



4270. Never say never.   AR AR

Everyone  wants  to  be  a  judge  but  no  one  wants  to  be  accused. 
There  is  a  lack  of  the  accused  so  that  they  have  to  find  someone  to  accuse. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie