3.23. The real man.     AR AR

What   do   you   know   about   the   real   man?   What   do   you   know   about   yourself?

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142.     AR AR

When  an  animal's  young  is  born,  as  a  rule, 
it's  ready  for  living  a  full  life. 
But  a  human  newborn  is  born  a  bit  incomplete 
and  reaches  the  level  of  an  animal  only 
at  the  age  of  one  and  a  half... 
and  then  it  leaves  the  animal  level  behind 
and  keeps  on  developing... 
It's  curious  that  this  incompleteness  in  a 
human  soul  remains  for  life. 
All  one's  life  a  person  will  not  feel  ready 
for  something,  will  lack  something  and 
still  feel  incomplete... 
And  this  very  feeling  of  being  incomplete 
is  what  differences  human  beings  from 
animals  as  this  is  the  perpetual  motion 
which  makes  this  world  go  round... 
This  very  inborn  human  incompleteness, 
this  inborn  imperfection... 
multiplied  by  endless  thirst  for  attaining 
to  perfection... 

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4064. The evolution of a man to a stone.     AR AR

It   took   ages   to   revert   into   a   stone   again.   They   came   to   where   they   once   started.   Life   within   oneself,   in   one's   own   imagination   and   virtual   worlds.
The   God   of   one's   own   Universe.   The   Lord   of   the   games   who   lives   in   the   neverending   search   for   emotions   and   entertainment...

A   person   who   got   stuck   in   space   boredom.   A   person   who   is   no   longer   mortal   as   stones   are   immortal.   This   person   no   longer   needs   the   physical   body   after   having   made   a   copy   of   own   personality   in   the   computer   in   order   to   become   another   xoanon.
The   cycle   closed.   What   goes   around,   comes   around.   You   think   that   person   was   the   only   one?   Just   look   at   those   stones   and   sand   around.   This   game   makes   everyone   end   up   being   like   this.   And   no   one   knows   how   to   break   out   of   this   vicious   circle.

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Art by Karina Bivaylova



7.675. Eternal fear and hunger.     AR AR

Homo   sapiens   monkeys   managed   to   develop   their   intelligence   and   become   humans   because   their   ecological   niche   had   been   destroyed   and,   to   survive,   they   had   to   start   thinking.   Other   monkey   species   have   their   own   ecological   niches   that   are   safe   and   full   of   food,   so   they   feel   no   need   to   develop   their   intelligence.

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3.1380. A faulty animal.     AR AR

The   soul   is   an   electric   entity   similar   to   fire,   and   it   is   brought   into   a   person   from   outside…   The   fire   rages   around   the   person   and,   catching   fire   from   it,   flames   flare   up   inside   him.   Intelligence   emerges   from   a   distorted   and   subjective   perception   of   reality.   Animals   perceive   reality   objectively   whereas   homo   sapiens   is   a   faulty   animal,   one   of   whose   genes   broke   down   and,   having   lost   connection   with   reality,   he   started   creating   his   subjective   world.

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4.2187.     AR AR

They   are   no   longer   animals,   but   they   are   not   gods   yet.   An   intermediary   stage   of   evolution?   Some   semi-material.   They   call   themselves   humans   but   that   is   false.   The   only   human   I   know   is   God.

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4.2192.     AR AR

Animals   cannot   act   differently   from   what   their   instincts   demand   from   them.   Humans   can.   Man   has   a   free   will.   I   want   to   be   a   human   very   much.   I   read   a   lot   about   real   humans.   I   am   not   personally   acquainted   with   any   real   human.   They   are   said   to   have   been   extinct   long   ago   or,   rather,   evolution   has   not   created   them   yet.

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5.2626.     AR AR

Homo   erectus   is   an   upright   man,   and   a   fool   is   a   crooked   man,   i.e.,   an   entity   three   steps   below   Homo   sapiens.

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5.2627.     AR AR

The   Neanderthals   were   too   smart   compared   to   Homo   sapiens.   This   is   why   they   died   out,   since   their   arrogance   prevented   them   from   living   as   a   community.

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7.3527. The law of natural selection.     AR AR

The   religious   mechanism   for   separating   the   wheat   from   the   chaff   is   actually   implemented   through   Darwin’s   laws   of   evolution.

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7.5350.     AR AR

Even  if  people  evolved  from  monkeys,  it  doesn't  change  the  fact  that  god  created  everything,  including  monkeys.  Moreover,  the  idea  of  evolution  corresponds  to  the  religious  idea  of  a  grain  that  should  grow.

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7.5360. Homo Religiosus.     AR AR

It   is   scientifically   proven   that   man   was   made   to   the   image   and   similarity   of   monkeys,   but   science   has   also   proven   that   human   intelligence   is   rather   of   divine   nature.

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7.6125. A real man.     AR AR

A   real   man   is   God.   We,   mere   mortals,   have   yet   a   long   way   to   go   from   nothingness   to   perfection   and   from   perfection   to   the   harmony   of   integrity.

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8.1468.     AR AR

Human   beings   are   herbivore   who   once   found   strength   to   morph   into   carnivores.

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8.1709.     AR AR

The   task   of   evolution   is   to   make   a   person-homoreasonablus   out   of   a   person-homofoolus.  
A   homousefulus   out   of   a   homouselessus.
A   homostrongus   out   of   a   homohelplessnus   and   homostrengthlessus.

Overall,   at   the   moment   we   are   seeing   a   transition   period   of   human   evolution   from   some   primitive   forms   of   life   into   homo   sapiens.   At   the   moment,   no   more   than   20%   of   the   human   population   has   evolved   into   homo   sapiens.   There   is   still   a   lot   of   work   ahead.

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8.1719. Imperfection of evolution.     AR AR

If  a  person  is  impenetrably  foolish,  it  means  that  he  is  a  still  alive  Neanderthal,  stuck  in  the  transitional  stage  of  evolution.

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8.1723.   AR AR

Many  people  are  very  similar,  the  variety  of  models  leaves  much  to  be  desired.  I  dare  to  suggest  that  once  they  were  completely  the  same,  now  it  is  less  common,  because  evolution  does  its  job.

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8.1748.     AR AR

Women   are   the   evolution   driver,   choosing   the   best   men,   they   move   the   civilization   forward.

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8.1851. Perfect virus.     AR AR

Evolving   self-improving   virus,   getting   into   the   system   as   something   harmless,   invisible   and   extremely   simple,   ...gradually   evolving   and   accumulating   knowledge   and   experience,   becomes   a   terrible   predator.   It   may   be   a   kind   of   DNA   that   can   penetrate   into   healthy   organs   and   systems,   changing   their   nature.   Developing,   this   initially   harmless   essence   becomes   extremely   dangerous.

Can   we   say   that   a   human   is   a   kind   of   such   a   virus?

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The beginning of the book

4.15.     AR AR

A real man is a solid man who has found solid ground under his feet and lives in the garden of Eden on the island.  Man lives on the outer edge of hardness, in the territory of the future.  The future is air.  Angels are those who know the future.  But there are people who unconsciously and unsteady in his principles of reason, these people are fish, they live underwater, they are not human, because they are irrational and live in the power of illusions and feelings.  Fish are different.  People eat fish, fish is a tasty and healthy food.

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4.57.     AR AR

Man, submitting completely to his feelings, renounces the uniqueness of the consciousness of his Self and his goals.  I was his form and meaning of life, having lost all this, man turns into an animal and goes under the control of their biological programs, the same for all people.

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4.58.     AR AR

Man's consciousness, his Self, is something that man must invent himself, it is his meaning of life, something that will give shape to its content and determine its fate.

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598.     AR AR

At  first  a  human  being  is  just  a  forming, 
a  baking  cup, 
where  life  will  spill  into  slowly, 
...will  shove  into  it,  tread  in  with  its  legs 
most  various  nonsense. 
...perhaps  something  will  become  of  it... 

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10.11.     AR AR

God created man, and man created the collective to defend his interests in negotiations with God.  In fact, God is a forest, man is a tree, and the grove is a collective.

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10.20.     AR AR

An adult is someone who knows how to refuse temptations and temptations.  And not from fear, like children, but simply because they do not see it as valuable and useful.

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10.31.     AR AR

Men in whom there is no love of truth might be despised, but that is pride.  Replace contempt with compassion, these people are burning in hell, their lives are endless suffering in contrast to the rare pleasures that are no more than wood in the fire of their suffering.

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10.35.     AR AR

Idiots don't read smart books.  And this, of course, pleases, because it opens up competitive advantages for smart people.

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10.41. The man is a God.     AR AR

The meaning of human life is to become Human. 
"Who is he now?" 
"A demon burning in hell." 
"You mean his goal is to become an Angel?" 
- No, angels are the same demons, only in masks.  Rather, his goal is to become God.

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10.42.     AR AR

A person whose self-esteem, mood or well-being are dependent on other people can be called a weak and dependent person.

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10.55. Life is a game the gods play in people.     AR AR

Man is a semiconductor resonating with the electric spirit of the universe...  Let's call him God or the Holy Spirit.

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10.76. The light goes out.     AR AR

There is speculation ... Given the electrical nature of the human soul, from the gravitational field of the Earth, it is likely that when you try to move away from the Earth or from the Sun, people will lose their minds.

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10.78.     AR AR

The choice between good and evil is the choice between a shit sandwich and an enema.  And a person loves evil, and good is an enema.  Actually, you don't have to choose.  If you don't choose shit, you won't need an enema.

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10.79. The program crashes? Virus?     AR AR

Once there was an animal, like all other animals, working on a given algorithm, and then there was a failure in the program, and the animal lost understanding of what to do.  The animal fell into fear and uncertainty, began to try to figure out what to do, what is good and what is bad, what is good and what is evil.  Yeah, that's right, you're the animal.

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1390.     AR AR

A  sane  person  pores  at  every  word 
and  always  finds  a  way  out… 

Don't  waste  your  time  on  insignificant  talks 
and  don't  pursue  vain  futility… 

What's  the  point  when  a  bird  sees  the  net? 
It  still  flies  there  to  be  trapped, 
in  hope  of  being  the  wisest  in  the  world… 

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1612. Perfect person.   AR AR

There  is  a  perfect  man.  There  is  a  perfect  woman.  Getting  united  ,  these  two  generate  a  perfect  couple,  the  most  efficient  and  powerful  group  that  can  conquer  the  world. 

But  where  did  you  see  pure  perfection?  There  aren’t  even  100%  men  and  women.    Usually  classic  feminine  soul  is  80%  of  feminine  and    20%  of  masculine  essence  and  classic  male  soul  is      80%  of  masculine  и  20%  of  feminine  essence.

Of  course,  it  can  be  said  that  then  this  man  and  this  woman  find  each  other,  unite  some  way  and  compensate  each  other.  The  essence  of  all  this  compensation  is  to  «take  center»,  to  achieve  the  balance:  50%  of    masculine  and  50%  of  feminine  essence…  This  proportion  is  rather  effective.

But  there  is  another  interesting  situation.  It  happens  that  masculine  and  feminine  essences  achieve  balance  in  the  soul  of  one  person  and  so  called  perfect  person  appears.  Perfect  person  is  the  person,  in  whose  soul  there  are  both  masculine  and  feminine  essences  in  equal  proportions.  There  are  almost  no  such  people.  These  people  are  extremely  unique.  The  balance  is  extremely  unstable  and  delicate. 

There  are  conditions  close  to  balance.  By  the  way,  for  example,  if  a  man  has  more  feminine  essence  than  the  masculine  one,  it  leads  to  homosexuality.  Women  also  can  be  in  the  state  of  mind  close  to  this  border  condition.    These  woman  have  analytical  and  logic  mindset,  are  inclined  to  search  for  the  new,  they  make  good  artists,  scientists,  leaders…

There  is  an  interesting  consequence  :  everything  needs  a  pair.  If  a  modern  successful  woman  gradually  gets  closer  to  some  perfect  condition,  for  example  her  feminine  essence  is  60%  and  the  masculine  one    is    40%,    the  man  that  would  «compensate    her  should  be  a  mirror  image        -  60%  of  masculine  and  40%  of  feminine  essences.  This  will  be  a  perfect  couple. 

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1767.     AR AR

A  real  man  is  terrible  by  nature...  As  one  is  stupid,  jealous,  evil...  One  is  full  of  sins  like  a  vessel  is  full  of  wine... 

But  in  real  life  one  wears  masks  and  from  afar  resembles  a  normal  human  being... 

The  only  problem  is  that  wearing  masks  constantly  is  difficult.  It's  necessary  to  have  a  rest  sometimes.  And  as  a  rule,  one  takes  a  rest  at  home.  As  one  takes  off  all  masks  at  home  and  shows  one's  own  nature... 

And  here,  it  may  certainly  mean  that  a  beauty  should  love  a  beast  and  a  prince  should  see  the  princess  in  a  frog... 

...or,  what's  even  more  likely  is  that  a  beast  and  a  frog  will  have  to  find  something  in  common. 

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1829.   AR AR

You want to protect a man from himself? Why? Do you feel like a God and want to prevent evolution from doing its job?

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1921.     AR AR

Any  person  can  be  both  good  and  evil. 
You  should  know  it. 

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Art by Martin Anderson



1985.     AR AR

One  likes  to  pretend  to  be  someone  more  than  anything  else  in  the  world. 

-  One's  mind  always  holds  an  image  of  what  one  should  be...  And  one  really  wants  to  become  someone  pictured  on  the  mind... 

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