9.7701. Strawberries with sugar and without.   AR AR

I advise you to avoid too much joy. Against their background, the rest of life becomes too sour.

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3.1305.   AR AR

Sugar in small quantities stimulates the brain, and a large kills it.

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3.1301.   AR AR

Don't eat sweets, exercise your willpower.  The less sweet you eat,the stronger your spirit. 

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9.9891. Sugar.   AR AR

Fruit-   and   berry-eating   by   mammals   somehow   looks   like   cross-species   sex.   Helping   plants   to   reproduce   is   such   a   pleasure.

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5.3028.   AR AR

Overdose of sugar provokes depression, neurosis and mood swings. You eat too much sugar, fat or alcohol, it all drives you crazy.

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9.9212.   AR AR

Sweet provokes a feeling of hunger. The plants then make their fruits sweet to be eaten more. Plants benefit from attracting animals to spread their seeds.

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6.5310. Extremes and the"Golden mean".   AR AR

In fact, sugar and rice are one and the same. And then, and that is carbohydrates, but sugar is too much carbohydrates, their shock dose, and rice and other cereals is a moderate and gradual consumption.

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6.3652.   AR AR

Sweet is a Vice that weakens the spirit and opens the door to all other vices.

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6.3265. You can not overfeed a child with sweets.   AR AR

Harmful influence on the development of neuroticism in the child too much sugar consumption (sweet). Candy and sugary drinks destabilize the nervous system and generate emotional instability and depression that the child's weak mind is unable to control.

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6.3268.   AR AR

Eating disorders that lead to the development of neuroticism in children-an overabundance or lack of nutrition, inconstancy of nutrition, an overabundance of sweet, fatty or salty.

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6.2834.   AR AR

Sweet and its derivatives, such as alcohol, create a reference pleasure, next to which fade all the other pleasures of life.

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6.2810.   AR AR

By the way alcohol is a derivative of sugar and the harm from it is the same as sugar, only in Cuba.

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6.2811. The damage in the square.   AR AR

Sugary drinks are as harmful as sugar, only squared.

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6.2776.   AR AR

Too much sugar or fat causes the human body to produce insulin beyond measure. The body's immune system in this situation, to save the body, takes the only right decision - to attack the internal systems that are responsible for the production of insulin, so there is a spiral of diabetes.

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The beginning of the book

4.88.   AR AR

Man would very much like to be good, but he is too weak and stupid to have the strength to do it.  Bad to be hurt bad, so bad people always suffer and have a very horrible look.  However, do not be afraid of evil, evil it is very weak and only attack from fear.  If it sees in you good and love, it will run up to you and will, caressing, lovingly lick hands.  Give him a piece of sugar, make him happy.

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5.79. It is superfluous when too sickly sweet.   AR AR

To avoid excess, you either remove the excess, or dilute it with tar.

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7.51. Lab rat and sugar.   AR AR

The riddles and puzzles of all sorts they not only train the brain how much to feed him happy, as laboratory rats are fed sugar.

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1970.   AR AR

Refined  evil  is  like  sugar,  like  white  sweet  poison.

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2049.   AR AR

When in psyche accumulates too many poison - need to cry. You can still shout, to have a fit of hysterics, or binge on sugar. Yes, it's true, all sorts of Goodies-a good cure for mental poison. 

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2203.   AR AR

Sometimes  you  may  buzz  and  be  like  a  bee  living  among  flowers,  but  actually  you're  a  fly  and  your  life  is  not  all  honey. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2390. The signs of sugar-coated lie.   AR AR

The  verity  and  truth  usually  hurt  a  lot.  They  can  shatter  illusions  and  silly  hopes.  And  the  fragments  of  them  hurt  people. 
Lies  and  delusions  are  much  nicer.  Mistaking  the  wish  for  the  reality  brings  peace  and  pleasure.  One  hears  what  one  wants  to  hear  and  they  tell  one  what  one  likes.  One  is  happy  about  it.  Yes,  you  got  me  right,  that's  exactly  what  I  wanted  to  say: 
-  Lie  is  a  source  of  happiness  and  truth  is  a  source  of  pain. 
The  water  is  poisonous  in  the  source  of  sweet  lies, 
while  the  source  of  bitter  truth  has  healing  water. 

Any  remedy  usually  tastes  unpleasantly.  Of  course,  it's  possible  to  sweeten  it  but  as  is  known,  sugar  is  bad  for  teeth  and  especially  for  children. 
While  poison  is  usually  disguised  so  that  it's  hard  to  recognize  it  by  taste.  As  it  usually  seems  to  be  yummy  and  a  victim  may  joyfully  swallow  it  without  noticing  anything. 

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2747. Everybody likes sweets.   AR AR

Only  a  free  person  can  work  freely,  for  the  idea,  while  slaves  work  only  under  the  stick  and  for  the  “Bonus”

P.S.  A  bit  later  I  thought:  Do  free  people  really  exist.  Isn't  it  illusion,  self-deception?  A  person  who  works  for  the  idea,  isn't  she  a  slave  of  idea?

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


3258.   AR AR

Joy  and  sorrow  resemble  sugar  and  salt.  It's  sad  without  sugar  but  a  person  will  die  without  salt. 

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3422. Pseudophilosophy.   AR AR

There  are  books  which  I  call  «booky  cookies»  as  reading  them  may  make  the  brain  obese.  People  like  mostly  what  they  find  nice.  And  they  like  silly  dreams,  delusions  and  many  unnecessary  wishes.  As  it  was  said  «Since  ancient  times,  many  people  dreamed  of  something  that  can't  be  real».  Mistaking  the  wish  for  the  reality  is  a  favorite  trick  of  the  Devil.  And  it  happens  because  people  don't  prefer  the  truth  and  dream  about  things  that  are  far  from  reality.  But  dreams  are  sweet  and  delusions  are  soft...  And  you  open  some  books  to  find  how  nice  everything  written  there  may  be...  And  texts  may  be  so  illogical  but  relaxing.  And  some  household  words  resemble  dreams  that  fill  the  heart  with  joy. 

What's  more,  «Cookies»  are  good.  Cookies  help  to  relax.  But  it's  a  fool  who  would  eat  only  cookies  instead  of  normal  food.  «My  teeth!!!  Oh  my  poor  teeth»,  -  a  fool  may  cry  later…  And  tears  of  despair  will  stream  down  this  fool's  chubby  face.  Slack  with  weakness  and  obesity,  this  person  will  cry  and  feel  pity  for  his  or  her  wasted  life. 

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3.502.   AR AR

Sugar is to blame for your mood swings and General discontent with life.  Eat less sugar and everything will stabilize.

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3743.   AR AR

Pills  are  bitter  so  that  they  would  not  swallow  too  many  of  them. 
If  pills  were  sweet,  there  would  be  too  many  cases  of  pill  abuse. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



3744. Eternal life.   AR AR

It's  dried,  sugared  and  salted  people  who  last  longer. 

Salted  people  know  the  truth… 
Sugared  people  are  full  of  consolatory  delusions. 
Dried  people  are  empty  as  they  are  ignorant  and  nihilistic. 

But  there  are  two  more  categories  of  people.  The  first  one  is  all  those  who  become  the  seed  material  for  new  generations  and  the  second  one  are  the  ones  who  turn  into  stones.  Both  categories  promise  eternal  life. 

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3.780. Saw, run...   AR AR

I recommend you to give up pleasure and entertainment.  Don't get me wrong, a man can't indulge in pleasure and not be stupid.  Pleasures turn off the brain.  If you need a sharp brain, you have to give up entertainment such as movies, TV shows, books, games, social.networks, etc...  You don't have to do anything for fun.  The fun is light and sweet, which get stuck and die thought.

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3973.   AR AR

Sugar,  like  any  other  drug,  requires  a  constant  dose  increase,  it  causes  addiction  and  then  quickly  destroys  human`s  health.


Sugar,  also  known  as  fructose,  is  a  pretty  strong  poison  and  a  drug  that  is  addictive  and  destroys  the  organism.  Sugar  does  not  cause  satiety,  it  provokes  hunger.  It  causes  apathy,  mood  swings,  breakdown  and  reduction  in  the  vital  activity  effectiveness  in  a  long  period  of  time.

But,  like  any  poison,  in  small  doses  sugar  is  a  medicine.

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3977.   AR AR

I  dislike  painkilling  and  consolation  because  easing  of  pain  doesn't  allow  to  realize  errors  and  get  wiser.  Pain  is  a  weapon  of  the  truth  in  its  fight  for  the  place  in  the  sun.  Pain  is  a  sign  of  someone's  mistake.  Pain  can  help  a  person  become  disappointed  in  sweet  illusions  and  say  no  to  destructive  temptations  and  to  master  laziness.  Pain  is  a  source  of  strength  for  fighting  with  personal  sins.  And  killing  pain,  in  its  essence,  destroys  the  incentive  for  fighting  with  personal  faults. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3983.   AR AR

In  its  health  hazard  level,  the  harm  done  by  alcohol  is  approximately  equal  to  that  done  by  sugary  drinks.  Even  their  essence  is  almost  the  same  as  alcohol  is  one  of  the  sugar  derivatives. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Evgeniy Slinko



3987.   AR AR

Horses will even sell their soul for a lump of sugar.

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4121. Blind love.   AR AR

The giver of too much will receive too little.
He who takes too much will give too little.

Parents who give their children too much corrupt them. In this sweet syrup, weeds and vices grow very well. Selfishness, malice, rudeness, stupidity and powerlessness... This is only an incomplete list of vices nurtured by blind immeasurable love.

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4211. About pieces of advice.   AR AR

Deer  never  misadvise. 

Something  after  one's  own  heart  is  also  at  heart. 

Silly  things  are  sweeter  than  wise  ones,  but  sugar  is  a  drug. 

The  crowd  and  the  truth  are  incompatible. 

The  more  pieces  of  advice  there  are,  the  less  useful  they  seem  to  be. 

They  interrupt  each  other  so  that  no  one  can  be  heard. 

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