Sense of proportion






5.3.   AR AR

Tree, if cut, is growing better.  Cut it off and grow bigger.  Remove the excess and get the beauty.

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5.79. It is superfluous when too sickly sweet.   AR AR

To avoid excess, you either remove the excess, or dilute it with tar.

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9.9090.   AR AR

Intuition   is   needed   to   avoid   extremes   such   as   shortage   and   excess.

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9.7093.   AR AR

Overdosing is easier than gleaning, so busting have to be afraid more than the shortage.

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6.2229. Let it go, let it grow.   AR AR

The essence of the bust is that you do not need to spend too much time on one tree. A tree is not an idol to be prayed for. In the time that idolaters spend praying to one tree, you can plant and care for the whole garden.

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6.2121. Take a lump and remove the excess.   AR AR

If you have something does not work or does not work, start with that first to create a bust and then start to remove the excess. If you already have chaos, you can immediately start to clean up excess.

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10.625. Ignorance.   AR AR

Is there any other cause of human suffering than stupidity?  Stupidity is lack of sense of proportion and taste, impoliteness and ugliness.

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10.6764.   AR AR

Difficulties confuse and hinder everything.  If you don't know what to do, remove the excess.

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10.513.   AR AR

Stupidity is immoderation of mind.  Wisdom is a sense of taste, an intuitive sense of the limits of what is permitted.

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10.515. Moderation is joyful.   AR AR

Outside of beauty, it's raining problems.  The island of politeness is warm and cozy, but once you cross the line, you find an ocean of pain.

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10.509.   AR AR

A sense of beauty in a person is brought up with sticks.  Pain teaches a person to feel beauty, any violation of moderation and harmony is ugly.

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6.441.   AR AR

The necessary is always there. Everything superfluous requires a lot of extra effort.

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10.578.   AR AR

Grain and chaff, in fact, is the same, the difference between them is only that the grain knows its boundaries, and the chaff immoderate.

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6.237.   AR AR

If lies have to remove the excess - you will get the truth.

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5.924.   AR AR

Do you know what passion and greed are? That's overkill. That's when the light went out and the power went out. Do you realize that if you burn, it will be eternal darkness?

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5.839.   AR AR

The more beautiful and perfect, the more tar and flies must be, otherwise there will be too much. Too good is the same as not good.

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5.163.   AR AR

The essence of circumcision is that it just seems that to remove the excess it's painful and scary, but really, not painful, and even useful. Pruned tree grows better, getting rid of excess, you get the right.

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5.143.   AR AR

Reducing the excess, add to the missing. Look for people unnecessary and add to your missing. Reducing your excess give it to where it is missing.

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6.691.   AR AR

The devil this immune system God, she kills cancer cells and all other pests, who lost sense of measures and became victim of evils.

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3.876. Wanted the worse   AR AR


Wanted the best , but it turned out as always, because too much.  The best can only be done in the initial stages.  At the stages of improvement you need to do as worse, moving very small steps.


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10.501.   AR AR

What is politeness? 
- Restraint, moderation and sense of taste.  When a person loses his sense of beauty and goes beyond the boundaries of what is permissible, he immediately falls into hell.

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10.505.   AR AR

What is hell?  An ocean of pain? 
- It's so rude.  When a person loses his sense of proportion, he leaves the boundaries of beauty and gets to where the guest is greeted with sticks.

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10.511. Border man.   AR AR

Pain and suffering speak of the immoderation of the human character.  In man there is no sense measures and more taste, moderation, harmony, courtesy and wisdom.

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The beginning of the book

5.82.   AR AR

I wondered what was the difference between Lolita Nabokov and Bread and salt.  Why is one ugly and the other beautiful.  I realized that they are distinguished by lies.  Lolita is a lie that hides its Vice, and salt does not hide the fact that it is a poison in large quantities.  There is another version that "lolita" heroes didn't keep a sense of proportion and overdone, but this is all speculation.

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5.96.   AR AR

Overkill generates fear of speed and a complete stop.  The retard is the one who overdid it. 

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5.97.   AR AR

Excess   is   always   fear.   The   avaricious   and   the   greedy   live   in   eternal   fear.

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9.37.   AR AR

The problem is not that you crossed the line, but that you didn't get back in time. Life is the process of swinging the pendulum from extreme to extreme with respect to the point of equilibrium. What you call peace is equilibrium oscillation.

Peace is death, but peace is emptiness, emptiness is a place to live. How is it that death and life are the same thing? "Both life and death are extremes, and You are a pendulum swinging between them. You need to find a point of balance and move relative to it, it will give you energy to maintain your materiality.

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963.   AR AR

A  sign  of  normal  economics  is  that  earning  money  is  easier  than  stealing  it  and  buying  something  is  easier  than  getting  it  for  free. 

A  good  act  should  be  done  easily  and  relaxedly  while  bad  acts  should  be  hard,  dangerous  and  involve  terrible  risks. 


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1580.   AR AR

If  you  take  help-  be  grateful  for  it.  If  you  get  a  present-  give  something  back.  Don't  break  the  balance.  Anything  "taken"  should  be  followed  by  something  "given  back". 

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Art by Evgeniy Slinko



1654.   AR AR

It  is  not  enough  to  be  able  to  read,  it  is  necessary  to  learn  to  see  the  essence,  to  understand  the  sense,  to  discard  the  unnecessary...  and,  perhaps,  the  most  important  thing  is  the  ability  to  critically  perceive  information.

Still,  it  doesn`t  actually  matter  who  has  written  what.  The  truth  of  the  information  will  only  be  demonstrated  by  a  competent  experiment  and  by  an  attempt  of  practical  personal  application  of  this  information  in  real  life.

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1705. Sex, relationship and chemistry.   AR AR

It  is  considered  to  be  rational  to  take  a  shower  and  wash  oneself  before  sex. 
Generally,  it's  really  rational  but  there  are  some  details... 
Everyone  has  one's  own  personal  smell.  The  chemistry  of  the  body.  And  this  smell  depends  on  many  things,  like  hormones,  glands  etc.  And  this  smell  is  what  differs  a  particular  person  among  million  others. 

A  touch  of  civilization  for  the  last  ten  thousand  years  hasn't  drastically  changed  human  nature.  As  evolution  is  a  matter  of  million  years.  And  ten  thousand  years  don't  bring  any  changes.  And  animals,  as  is  known,  attach  great  importance  to  smells.  They  smell  each  other  to  realize  whether  it's  their  type  of  creature. 

Thus,  when  a  male  and  a  female  meet  for  the  first  time  and  decide  whether  they  are  a  nice  match,  their  decision  also  depends  on  (or  maybe  largely  depends  on)  the  smell…  What's  more,  as  soon  as  they  too  become  a  couple  they  start  to  produce  some  identical  and  exactly  mutually  suitable  pheromones  that  fit  like  a  lock  and  the  key  to  it.  That  very  signal  "my  type-  another  type".  All  these  pheromones,  smells  etc.  form  a  chemical  bond  between  a  male  and  a  female  and  bring  them  pleasure  while  making  them  closer  and  loyal  to  each  other  as  other  partners  no  longer  represent  interest  for  them. 

Thus,  when  one  washes  all  one's  smells  and  pheromones  off  and  starts  to  smell  of  soap  or  fragrance,  it  may  spoil  the  chemical  base  of  a  relationship  and  deprive  people  of  big  "animalistic  pleasure". 

Just  think  of  Napoleon  and  Josephine…  Five  days  before  he  visited  her,  Josephine  didn't  wash  so  that  when  Napoleon  visited  her  he  simply  lost  his  mind  with  wild  desires…  Perhaps  five  days  is  a  bit  too  many,  but  however,  it's  an  obvious  historical  fact... 

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1888.   AR AR

Multi-knowledge  does  not  bring  wisdom,  it  only  confuses  mind.

The  multi-knowledge  arising  from  the  multi-reading  carries  a  great  danger.  Every  dish  is  good  by  its  content`s  harmony,  if  you  throw  everything  that  comes  in  handy  into  the  soup,  the  sense  of  measure  can  leave  you.

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1962.   AR AR

The  danger  of  being  cloyed  with  pleasure  is  that  the  state  of  being  cloyed  demands  doubling  the  amount  of  pleasures.  And  doubled  or  tripled  amounts  of  pleasures  are  very  expensive  and  extremely  destructive  for  human  bodies  and  souls. 

Avoid  being  cloyed  with  anything.  As  the  state  of  being  cloyed  is  the  enemy  of  pleasures  and  happiness. 
Be  satisfied  with  little.  For  instance,  be  happy  with  a  little  slice  or  a  piece. 

To  know  when  enough  is  enough  is  like  to  know  God. 

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1963. He who knows the sense of proportion knows the desires of God.   AR AR

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2071.   AR AR

A  lie  is  also  dangerous  for  its  owner  because  a  liar  doesn`t  get  trust  according  to  the  law  of  balance  and  equilibrium.  Other  people  don’t  want  to  deal  with  him.  Obligations,  promises  and  oaths  to  Liar  are  negligible.  As  everyone  deserves  what  he  is. 

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2222.   AR AR

Sometimes  you  may  talk  and  talk...tell  and  tell... 
And  suddenly  you  say  some  wrong  word  or  ask  an  awkward  question.  And  that's  it. 
You  could  have  left  even  before  it  all  started  to  save  a  good  deal  of  time. 

-  Well,  don't  be  sad.  First,  you  trained  and  secondly,  you  learned  a  couple  of  unnecessary  words  and  a  question  that  should  be  considered  an  awkward  one. 

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2399.   AR AR

This  book  was  written  for  all  those  people  who  consider  themselves  normal  and  like  the  sense  of  moderation.  This  book  is  a  bible  of  balance  that  claims  balance  and  the  sense  of  moderation  to  be  the  main  laws  of  our  world.  It's  a  textbook  containing  2197  thoughts  that  instantiates  the  triumph  of  common  sense  and  the  sense  of  moderation  over  stupidity  and  extremes.  This  book  is  some  kind  of  a  university.  No  need  to  hurry.  Just  one  thought  per  day  during  six  years  to  ponder  everything  and  memorize  it.  And  when  finally  six  years  from  now  you'll  get  this  book  read  and  your  education  finished,  your  wisdom  and  sense  of  moderation  will  be  perfect... 

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2422.   AR AR

To change something in your life, you first need to change yourself. Life strives for balance and balance. Usually the external matches the internal. Otherwise is extremely rare and very short.

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2488. The mode for taking a decision.   AR AR

Joy  drives  one  crazy  as  well  as  grief  does...  And  love  drives  crazy  too…  And  hatred  does  as  well.  There  is  incompatibility  of  any  emotions  and  coldness  of  head.  It's  either  emotions  or  sense. 
Together  they  don't  work  well.  It's  better  to  think  and  take  a  decision  when  the  head's  mode  called  "sense"  is  on. 

On  the  other  hand,  due  to  the  fact  that  there's  no  perfection  in  its  pure  form  in  thisworld  and  any  real  perfection  is  in  the  balance,  then  feelings  exist  only  for  switching  off  the  brain  from  time  to  time.  Because  making  the  process  of  taking  decisions  a  task  for  the  brain  only  will  lead  to  a  global  disbalance  and  everything  will  be  rather  dead  than  alive. 

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2611. An optimally set brain.   AR AR

A   brain   set   to   see   meaning   in   everything.   A   brain   set   to   notice   common   sense   and   balance.   A   brain   able   to   see   both   trees   and   a   forest,   form   and   content.   A   brain   that   understands   dialectics   and   sees   the   nature   of   things.   A   brain   set   to   fulfil   tasks.   An   observing   brain…   A   thinking   brain...

The   ability   to   think   is   a   great   joy   and   happiness.   Eternal   joy   of   understanding.   Eternal   power   of   stars.

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2706. The hunter is joyful.   AR AR

Religious  books  are  usually  written  by  people  of  great  wisdom. 
You  read  them  and  read...and  see  it's  all  nonsense  nonsense  and  nonsense...and  then  just  a  single  line,  a  thought  of  'diamond  wisdom'.  A  wonderful,  right  thought  that  simply  gets  imprinted  in  your  mind.  It's  like  light,  like  a  revelation.  You'll  never  forget  this  thought.  It  will  always  remain  in  your  mind  and  be  the  light  in  the  dark. 

Besides,  as  far  as  I'm  concerned,  authors  do  it  on  purpose  when  they  consciously  put  this  light  of  wisdom  into  nonsense.  It's  a  contrast  that  makes  wisdom  seem  so  brilliant  that  it  won't  be  forgotten.  You  may  feel  yourself  a  hunter.  You  wander  through  the  dark  jungle  of  obscurantism  and  look  for  some  light.  And  suddenly  you  find  it...  It's  such  a  pleasure  and  happiness  to  find  light  among  the  dark  jungle. 

I've  also  noticed  that  authors  of  such  books  have  a  great  sense  of  moderation  and  harmony  as  they  delicately  put  the  diamonds  of  wisdom  in  the  text-  not  too  frequently  and  not  too  rarely.  It's  not  in  every  line  but  as  soon  as  you  get  a  bit  tired,  you  suddenly  see  it  in  the  text  and  it  makes  you  joyful  and  enthusiastic  about  keeping  on  reading.  And  thus,  you  wander  through  the  dark  jungle  from  one  thought  to  another  and  feel  yourself  a  hunter  and  every  new  catch  brings  you  joy.  It's  not  only  a  hero  who  is  joyful,  as  Nietzsche  once  said.  But  it's  also  a  hunter  who  is  joyful  as  well. 

Any  hunt  is  always  about  searching,  being  excited  and  expending  some  effort.  An  easy  catch  never  brings  joy.  While  something  too  hard  to  get  makes  one  lazy  and  passive. 

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2930.   AR AR

Obsessive desire to say too much leads to the need to listen to unpleasant.

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2953. Anything else is unnecessary or even harmful.   AR AR

One  only  needs  what  is  necessary  for  fulfiling  one's  goals. 

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