Thoughts about philosophy.






9.9590.   AR AR

Philosophy  is  what  makes  you  stronger.  If  your  philosophy  is  weak,  you  are  weak.

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7.41. Sensible philosophy 10.   AR AR

There   are   two   extremes:   you   are   either   zero   or   one.   No   matter   what   one   does,   it   remains   one.   No   matter   what   zero   does,   it   transforms   everything   into   zero.   A   successful   and   sensible   person   is   one   who   was   able   to   unite   these   two   extremes   inside   himself   and   to   become   ten.

Quantum   nanophilosophy   (Syntalism)   can   be   called   the   philosophy   of   the   North   or   the   philosophy   of   common   sense.   The   North   is   very   cold   and   a   lot   of   energy   is   required   to   survive.   In   the   North,   any   mistake   can   cost   you   your   life.   In   the   North,   common   sense   and   pragmatism   are   very   important.   Syntalism   is   the   harmony   of   the   incompatible.   By   absorbing   the   wisdom   of   Eastern,   Western   and   Southern   philosophies,   nanophilosophy   achieved   the   synergetic   integrity   that   provided   access   to   sources   of   huge   energy.

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893.   AR AR

I  think  that  philosophy  and  ethics  are  a  matter  of  our  children's  survival.  Silliness  and  weakness  make  us  vulnerable  in  front  of  our  enemies  and  it  should  be  fought  with. 

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9.9594.   AR AR

Philosophy is the science of knowing the truth.

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9.825. Nanotechnologies in reasoning.   AR AR

Nanophilosophy   is   thousands   of   little   thoughts   that,   getting   united,   form   a   system   of   great   tenacity   and   power.  

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2689.   AR AR

The  base  of  a  child's  personality  is  wisdom  and  strength  of  mind.  It's  sport  that  trains  the  strength  of  mind  and  philosophy  that  gives  wisdom.  If  this  base  is  strong  enough,  it's  possible  to  build  up  a  house  of  knowledge  on  it. 

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4.1063.   AR AR

Philosophy is a common system-forming discipline that unites all other scientific disciplines into a single whole. The purpose of philosophy is to provide interdisciplinary connections.

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3448.   AR AR

Philosophy  is  a  science  about  life  and  people. 

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4.2519.   AR AR

Philosophy is freedom. There is only one true kind of freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind from falsehood, error, ignorance, and Vice.

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10.6209.   AR AR

Philosophy is the love of wisdom.  Wisdom is intelligence...  and God is mind...  Consequently...

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4.535.   AR AR

Philosophy   is   theology.   Since   God   is   truth,   philosophy   is   the   love   of   truth.

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5.404.   AR AR

The principles and values of philosophy are what determine the power of the human mind. A fool is one whose philosophy is weak, that is, false and vicious.

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10.6246.   AR AR


Philosophy is a conversation between man and God.  And God's conversation with man is schizophrenia.  Philosophy is the love of truth, and God is Truth.  The only thing I've noticed is that too much love often breeds paranoid schizophrenia.


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10.3775.   AR AR

The laws of physics limit truth.  The real world is limited.  The laws of philosophy and morality are what limit human illusions.

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5.408.   AR AR

The principles of reason are that philosophy, that is, knowledge and truth, which are contained in the mind of man. The basis of the power of the spirit is the principles of philosophy laid down in the Foundation of reason. The stronger a man's philosophy, the stronger his spirit. The weaker the philosophy, the weaker the spirit. The truth is strong, lies weak.

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5.742.   AR AR

The greatness and power of man are determined by the truth of his philosophy. The philosophical principles of man are his mind.

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10.1278.   AR AR

Philosophy is not a profession, but a state of mind associated with the predominance in the soul of man conscious over unconscious.

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9.9588.   AR AR

A man of weak mind is a weak man philosophy.

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6.740. What is philosophy?   AR AR

Philosophy, ethics, morals, rhetoric, physics, etc. Philosophy is the Foundation of all other Sciences and life in General.

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9.9580.   AR AR

Philosophy is light. The absence of philosophy is darkness and those who live in darkness are blind.

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6.777.   AR AR

Expecting the child the ability to live, do not learn his life. Filling children's heads with huge volumes of abstract knowledge, do not teach the simplest and most important - how and why to live. Do not teach philosophy and ethics. Philosophy is the science of life, the art of living. Ethics is the art of communicating with people and oneself.

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7.103. Teach philosophy.   AR AR

To BE is to become a unit from zero, to attain inner wholeness, to form within oneself the Foundation of a holistic philosophy. Only a man who is whole within himself can create wholeness in the outside world. Only the whole has access to energy. Only a unit can set a goal and start Doing to achieve integrity and gain access to energy. Zero, whatever he does, it's useless, it's like running a squirrel in a wheel. Zero, whatever he does, will have nothing, because he cannot create integrity. Therefore, before you start to DO and set goals, you must first become a unit.

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7.104. The love of truth.   AR AR

Philosophy  is  service  to  wisdom.  Wisdom  is  truth.  God  is  truth.  Truth  is  what  controls  energy  and  matter.  Truth  is  what  governs  this  world.

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9.516. Victory of the intellect over biology.   AR AR

The   evolution   of   the   human   brain   and   human   philosophy   can   be   compared   with   the   evolution   of   computers   and   mathematical   algorithms   that   they   compute.   Over   the   past   15   years,   computers   have   become   1000   times   faster   and   algorithms   –   29000   times   faster.   In   total,   this   gave   an   increase   in   the   operational   speed   by   29   million   times   (a   little   later   this   number   reached   450   billion).   By   the   way,   this   fact   confirms   once   again   that   education   is   more   important   than   genetics,   although,   of   course,   one   thing   does   not   interfere   with   the   other.

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10.2768.   AR AR

The meaning of philosophy-the fight against fear and motivation.  Fear and laziness are products of ignorance, so philosophy is the cure for ignorance and stupidity.

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The beginning of the book

4.4.   AR AR

Man's spirituality is his philosophy, his consciousness and reason.  A spiritless person is an unconscious person, and, rather, not even a person, but an animal.

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4.31.   AR AR

To wean person to lie, you need to train in it the strength of spirit and moral philosophy.  A lying person is a weak and ignorant person.

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6.90.   AR AR

All the science for living and science just philosophy about life.

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6.91. Philosophy is the science of the beginning of things and the rules.   AR AR

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7.26.   AR AR

Being  a  Christian  does  not  mean  going  to  church,  praying  or  wearing  a  cross.  Being  a  Christian  means  accepting  God’s  philosophy  and  law,  recognizing  and  obeying  the  divine  order.

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728.   AR AR

I'm  an  extended  hedonist  theory  follower:  plant  a  tree  and  take  care  of  it.  And  all  the  time  during  its  growth  and  later  when  it's  big  enough,  every  glance  at  this  tree  will  bring  you  joy  and  pleasure...  The  same  can  be  said  about  the  house  and  children... 

...and  generally  about  any  result  of  a  person's  constructive  activity  under  the  condition  that  the  result  brings  perfection  and  preferably,  uniqueness. 

It's  a  very  important  moment:  perfection  and  uniqueness.  Try  not  to  create  any  garbage  in  your  life  as  the  world's  already  full  of  garbage.  So  why  contribute  to  this  problem...  Especially  that  it  causes  painful  consequences. 

Nature  dislikes  garbage. 

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731. Living philosophy.   AR AR

Real philosophy is alive in the sense that it helps to live.  It creates life, it is life itself.  The meaning of life is precisely to create life.  You will never see her real face, because there is only her essence and thousands of her different masks… 

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7.39.   AR AR

Sound philosophy is what allows a person to be and not to be at the same time, realizing zero and phase, that is, the movement of energy from the world of illusions to the real world.

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7.89.   AR AR

If  a  person  is  not  controlled,  he  will  turn  into  chaos.  Every  uncontrolled  system  turns  into  chaos  inevitably.  A  person  can  be  controlled  by  his  mind,  but  sadly,  philosophy,  fortitude  and  power  of  mind  of  many  people  are  weak  and  can’t  control  anything.  Then  fear  and  external  force,  force  of  parents,  society,  state,  tutors  and  so  on  comes  to  the  rescue.

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7.96.   AR AR

To HAVE to DO, but to do that, you first have to BE.  To be it means to find wholeness, to find common philosophy, to make his monster (IT's) mind.

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7.99.   AR AR

It is very important to Be one, because as long as you are zero, whatever you do, nothing will happen.  Zero is immaterial illusion, like a squirrel, you can endlessly running in its wheel without any benefit.  The book you hold in your hands will help you to materialize and become a unit.

Be this means materialize, then your thought can change the real world, and you will have access to the energy and resources of the outside world.  Sound philosophy will allow you to become a successful, happy person and get access to money.

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10.24.   AR AR

Philosophy is the only effective remedy for mental disorders and personal problems, everything else is Masturbation, profanation and drugs.

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1994.   AR AR

The  good  is  especially  appreciated  when  opposed  to  the  bad. 
And  when  everything  around  is  purely  good...  and  there's  nothing  to  compare  it  with, 
then  everything  good  automatically  becomes  grey  and  usual. 

So  you  might  have  guessed  what  it  feels  like  when  everything  about  you  is  80%  good  and  20%  ho  hum.  And  being  full  of  greed  you  decide  to  get  EVERYTHING  with  your  last  strength,  to  become  totally  satisfied.  But  right  the  moment  after  you  get  it  ALL,  you  will  lose  it  ALL.  And  soon  your  life  will  become  terrible  and  you'll  have  to  start  it  all  over  again. 

This  sequence  of  events  is  typical  of  every  field.  People  are  social  animals  who  constantly  need  to  compare  themselves  with  what  is  near  and  what  is  far.  And  though  any  philosophy  constantly  teaches  us  that  we  should  compare  ourselves  only  with  ourselves,  does  it  really  help  anyone? 

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2370. Sometimes there are small movie that didn't have life.   AR AR

Today looked almost perfect animated movie. There was nothing to complain about, but I almost fell asleep anyway. Moreover, almost fell asleep and all my neighbors…

But how did it happen? How did an almost perfect movie make everyone fall asleep? - Beautiful and unexpected plot, beautiful jokes, beautiful adventures, beautiful philosophy, beautiful meaning, beautiful characters.

– And I almost fell asleep!"!!
Everything was too refined, too good, too cool
– I didn't see life in this movie.
...and this movie is very long…

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2569. The functions of the state.   AR AR

The  main  functions  of  the  state  are  about:

Limiting  the  influence  of  those  in  power  in  order  to  prevent  them  from  enslaving  or  taking  everything  from  the  weak  ones.

Giving  people  the  feeling  of  safety  and  justice.  Making  people  more  friendly  towards  each  other.

Providing  protection  and  support  of  the  small  and  the  weak  until  it  becomes  mature  or  strong  enough.

Promulgating  ruling  philosophy,  ethics  and  moral  codes.

Providing  the  protection  of  national  economic  clans  from  any  external  threats

Reducing  the  influence  of  any  external  forces  on  the  policy  and  economics  of  the  state.

Enabling  the  operation  of  «means  of  social  mobility».

Providing  citizens  with  jobs  and  meaning  of  life.

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2757. Diogenes was right.   AR AR

Really,  what  do  they  need  philosophy  for?  They  only  want  to  hark  to  the  song  of  the  birds  with  their  mouths  open. 

-  People  are  known  for  enviable  stability.  It's  been  a  thousand  years  but  they  still  can't  close  their  mouths  and  stop  harking  to  birdsongs  while  they  still  don't  listen  to  any  philosophy. 
-  I  think  it's  simply  because  life  seems  difficult  for  them  and  birdsongs  let  them  relax...and  forget  the  difficulties  for  a  while... 
-  They  are  real  fools.  As  philosophy  could  help  them  forget  about  any  pain  forever.  And  it  also  brings  peace  of  mind. 
-  But  «birdsongs»  bring  joy  at  once  while  philosophy  seems  difficult. 
-  I  think  whether  it's  possible  to  teach  birds  to  sing  something  philosophical... 
-  It's  impossible  as  the  joy  of  «birdsongs»  is  exactly  in  their  meaningless  nature. 
-  Maybe  they  simply  want  to  become  birds? 

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2826.   AR AR

Philosophy  is  meant  to  be  read  in  the  morning  like  a  breakfast. 
As  it  loses  its  taste  and  meaning  toward  the  evening  dinner. 

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2938. A man who lost fear.   AR AR

People  are  ready  to  do  anything  when  they're  scared.  They  may  come  to  you  to  beg  for  help.  But  when  you  kill  their  fears,  they  soon  lose  them.  And  we  remember  that  their  fear  was  meant  to  compensate  their  vanity  and  sins.  Thus,  once  they  lose  fear,  their  souls  become  full  of  sins.  And  people  that  once  used  to  be  cute  nice  creatures,  later  become  totally  unbearable. 

I've  noticed  that  it's  either  fear  or  philosophy  and  ethics  that  make  one  a  nice  person. 

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2939. A ruled thermonuclear fusion.   AR AR

Before  getting  the  access  to  the  endless  space  energy,  humans  should  learn  how  to  rule  their  own  souls. 

If  a  modern  person  full  of  pridefulness,  stupidity,  greed  and  vanity  is  suddenly  given  some  inexhaustible  source  of  energy,  it  will  lead  to  the  end  of  the  world. 
Until  each  one  of  us  learns  philosophy  well  enough  to  rule  oneself,  no  one  should  even  dream  of  the  time  when  mankind  will  get  such  a  powerful  source  of  energy. 

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2943. Not a deadlock, but an idea to think about.   AR AR

Fear  turns  people  into  slaves,  but  without  fear  they  turn  into  vicious  pigs.  Fear  kept  in  chains  not  only  the  person,  but  also  all  his  numerous  vices. 

Powerlessness  generated  fear.  We  gave  them  power,  powerlessness  disappeared  along  with  fear.  And  vanity  and  greed,  specific  to  everyone,  remained.  Without  the  fear`s  supervision,  vanity  grew  into  the  pridefulness  monster  and  everyone  is  in  danger  now.

We  were  wrong.  We  should  have  taught  them  philosophy  before  giving  power.  We  should  have  additionally  chained  sins  up  by  the  ethics  and  morale  chains.

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