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The  idea  of  the  cognitive  dissonance  develops  Freud`s  ideas.  The  very  mechanism  that  causes  cognitive  dissonance  was  called  the  It  by  Freud.  Freud  thought  that  the  It  is  programmed  in  childhood,  and  it’s  true.  The  It  is  programmed  well  and  tightly  in  childhood  and  youth.  But,  as  the  modern  psychologists  since  the  physiologist  Pavlov  have  proved,  the  It  and  the  other  conditioned  reflexes  can  be  programmed  whenever  and  by  whatever.

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Imagy  therapy  is  a  modern  method  of  psychotherapy  based  on  the  synthesis  of  psychoanalysis,  gestalt  therapy  and  cognitive  psychology.

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Psychoanalysis  always  takes  three  –  a  person,  the  It  and  a  psychoanalyst.  The  psychoanalyst  is  a  mediator  between  the  person  and  his  inner  world.

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The essence of Freud's concept that the causes of all our problems lie in childhood intersects with the Christian concept of original sin and the mission of Jesus Christ to break the vicious circle of the fall, when the sins of parents are paid for by their children.

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I agree with Freud about the negative nature of man and the formation in early childhood of a significant proportion of the personality. However, in a positive nature, plus in the course of life the power of the mind through the understanding and training he can change his identity.

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Freud said that the main thing is sexuality, Adler argued with him that the main thing is the desire for power. And I'm telling you that sexuality and the pursuit of power are two facets of the same thing.

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4.4185. What is the meaning of psychoanalysis?   AR AR

To teach a person to benefit from his negativity, to sublimate and transfer his desires into something useful, into the source of his movement. Such instruments of psychoanalysis as the method of free Association gives the joy of freedom of thought. Many people are mired in self-control, live as if in chains. All this brings misery, tension and pain. The freedom of joyful, blissful freedom of thought, man will find happiness and the realization of your true self. the Third and most important goal of psychoanalysis is to achieve a catharsis. Catharsis is the purification of the soul. Happy and easy on the soul when the soul is clean and fresh. In such an enlightened state, one thinks well, works well, learns well. When life is beautiful you yourself become fruitful and lucky.

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7.966. Life-giving conversation.   AR AR

Conversations with a psychoanalyst are invigorating, because you can talk about anything and it relieves internal tension, beneficially relieving neuroses, psychoses, fears and complexes... Speaking aloud allows you to better comprehend the problems and successfully solve them. To speak freely and frankly with relatives or just acquaintances is uncomfortable and dangerous... Many things friends and family do not need to know.

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7.907.   AR AR

If you periodically fall into depression, apathy, laziness or despondency ...go see a shrink, he'll fix you. The psychoanalyst is useful, he knows how to put thoughts on shelves, to put things in order and a lot of other useful things.

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4.522.   AR AR

There are Freudian reservations, and there are broken arms and legs. People subconsciously ready for anything in order to get love or do things they don't like

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The meaning of Freud's method of free Association is to free the mind of the neurotic, allowing him to enjoy freedom... to feel the joy and happiness of freedom. The mind, accustomed to iron chains of strict forms, sensing freedom acquires wings.

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3840.   AR AR

The first psychoanalyst in the world was the philosopher Socrates and his disciples - Plato, and later Aristotle. The dialectic of Socrates is the Foundation of Freud's psychoanalysis.

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3814. A prescription for psychoanalysis.   AR AR

We  teach  people  how  to  be  normal,  how  to  avoid  nervous  breakdowns  and  extremes  and  how  to  search  for  consolation  and  fun  among  nice  things  instead  of  vicious  ones. 

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915.[In brevi]   AR AR

Freud's  genius  idea  about  the  subconscious  'It'  that  rules  a  person  and  hardly  depends  on  this  person,  should  be  explained  and  extended.  It's  rational  to  believe  in  the  existence  of  both  inner  It  and  external  It.  The  latter  one  is  the  so-called  collective  It  typical  of  all  pack  animals. 

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The beginning of the book

4.80.   AR AR

Psychoanalysis believes that the problem is unconscious desires.  There is some truth in this, but there is another problem.  Man is not simply not aware of his desires or wrongly aware of them, first of all, he does not know how he can satisfy them.  It seems that whatever he's doing, all to no avail and hell is inevitable.

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4.82.   AR AR

Freud saw the cause of neurosis in suppressed sexuality.  Erickson – the inability to fulfill your destiny.  Adler is in a lust for power that stems from sexual instinct.  Still it is possible to say that neurosis is a discrepancy between his view of himself or a growth problem.  In General, we can say that the definition of Erickson wider than all other ideas.

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2006.   AR AR

-  People  never  change. 

This  thought  should  be  explained.  One  really  cannot  change  oneself  on  the  inside.  Even  Mr.Freud  proved  it  as  he  guessed  that  all  sins  of  a  particular  person  are  hidden  in  this  person's  inner  IT  that  can't  be  under  this  person's  control.  However,  it's  possible  to  change  a  person  and  it's  even  easy  to  do  it.  One  easily  changes  under  the  influence  of  external  educational  signals.  Beating  forms  a  person's  mindset.  The  carrot  and  stick  approach.  And  lots  of  other  educational  approaches  capable  of  changing  anyone. 

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It's  my  understanding  that  an  analytical  psychologist  is  a  person  who  is  capable  of  many  things.  A  person  who  can  kill  the  dragon,  kill  pain.  An  analytical  psychologist  helps  one  get  rid  of  unhappiness,  pain  and  fear  and  makes  one's  thoughts  more  clear. 
It's  like  a  blend  of  an  analytical  psychologist,  philosopher,  teacher,  rabbi,  priest,  business  consultant,  social  scientist,  political  expert,  sexual  health  doctor,  fortune  teller,  marriage  broker,  family  relationships  expert  …or  a  friend  or  a  mate.  -  People  can't  stand  loneliness. 

To  be  honest,  I  don't  know  all  answers  but  I  know  how  to  ask  a  right  question  and  as  is  known,  it's  a  right  answer  that  goes  near  a  right  question. 

A  person  may  have  a  headache  or  many  questions  left  unanswered  and  bringing  pain  that  should  be  killed…. 
There  are  many  situations  that  may  make  one  feel  fear  or  anger  and  every  negative  feeling  should  be  destroyed. 
There  are  many  piled  up  mistakes  that  poison  one's  soul  and  bring  pain  so  that  they  should  be  corrected. 

All  these  unnecessary  questions,  fears,  mistakes  and  stupid  actions  bring  pain.  When  there  are  too  many  of  them,  excessive  pain  poisons  one's  soul  and  excruciating  pain  should  be  dealt  with. 

It's  important  to  sort  out  one's  feelings  to  be  able  to  deal  with  mistakes  and  problems.  It's  necessary  to  tune  up  the  chords  of  the  heart  and  solve  various  problems. 

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3792. Psychoanalysis is the basis of modern civilization.   AR AR

Psychoanalysis is the basis of Western civilization. It was psychoanalysis that created modern man. A man of efficiency, sanity and balance. The job of a psychoanalyst is to maintain the best in a person. Psychoanalysis allows us to avoid extremes and cultivate a balanced person. A man who could overcome his complexes and neuroses, his stupidity and his delusions. A man of thought and reason. A man who has ceased to be a slave to his subconscious, his feelings and emotions.

Upgrade and fine-tuning of the human soul - that's what a real psychoanalysis.

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3837. Eight urgent reasons to visit an analytical psychologist:   AR AR

-  Low  working  efficiency.  When  it's  difficult  to  turn  mind  to  the  work  but  easy  to  get  distracted  by  anything  so  that  not  to  work.  It's  a  decline  in  strength  and  activities.
-  Fear  or  unwillingness  to  make  a  decision  or  take  responsibility  for  anything.
-  Headaches,  laziness,  apathy,  unwillingness  to  do  anything  useful.
-  Negative  feelings  like  aggression,  anger  and  annoyance  that  take  over  nice  ones.
-  A  run  of  bad  luck  of  some  decisions  and  their  consequences.
-  An  obsessive  desire  to  keep  making  the  same  mistakes.
-  Loneliness.
-  A  general  lack  of  happiness  and  positive  emotions  in  the  body.

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3838. The cleaner of the soul.   AR AR

It's  necessary  to  clean  brains.  Otherwise,  it  may  get  stuffed  with  rubbish.  Short  term  memory  runs  out  of  its  memoryspace  and  makes  a  person's  brain  get  hung  up  and  lose  the  ability  to  think  fast  enough.  It  all  results  into  errors  that  endanger  a  person's  activities. 

It's  important  to  take  care  of  the  brain,  to  oil  and  put  it  in  the  right  state.  It's  also  necessary  to  remove  dust  and  rust  from  it  and  clean  it  from  rubbish. 

Every  machine  needs  some  service  examination  and  human  brain  is  not  an  exception.  An  analytical  psychologist  is  the  real  system  manager  of  a  human  soul. 

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3851. It's important to read dreams.   AR AR

Dreams   are   the   way   the   subconscious   (the   inner   It)   tries   to   show   the   brain   something   that   it   can't   see   by   itself   or   something   it   can't   notice.

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Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



4.234. Water mill.   AR AR

Permanence is a sign of a strong personality associated with accepting reality and using repressed libido energy to achieve long-term goals.

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4.443.   AR AR

The human mind consists of a small superstructure of 5% consciousness... and the 95 main personality is the subconscious. And the mind is the past, and the subconscious controls the here and now.

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3.2864. Penis envy complex.   AR AR

They say an oral woman needs a penis to boost her self-esteem.  Metaphorically, this means that a woman needs her man, and without a man she will be anxious.  In the absence of such a complex woman hard ambush personal life.

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3.2865. The complex of envy to the vagina.   AR AR

Woman, to overcome its complex inferiority, very need penis, with than more, the better.  A decent man to be proud of and brag about greatly increases a woman's self-esteem. 
"You might as well say that a man's self-esteem is boosted by a beautiful vagina."

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4.1488. Chaos and corporado identical effect.   AR AR

It is said that the manic obsessive type of character is associated with the anal type of personality development. Characterized by perseverance and constipation. Characteristic of the second stage of development of immature personality. If hysteria and double-talk inherent in oral personality, that is a child stuck under the breast, the anal stage is the result of napriazhennosti time to go on the potty. Oral disorders occur because there is no order in feeding the baby, and the anal stage that there is no order in sitting on the pot. Or, on the contrary, superorder.

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4.3270.   AR AR

A   person’s   psyche   is   formed   by   his   parents.   If,   due   to   their   ignorance   and   viciousness,   these   parents   programmed   their   child   in   a   flawed   manner,   he   will   suffer   and   be   afflicted   all   his   life.   To   get   rid   of   the   original   sin,   you   need   to   discredit   your   parents   and   cut   ties   with   them.   This   way,   all   convictions   they   conveyed   to   you   will   be   destroyed   too.   The   same   method   can   be   used   to   destroy   convictions   such   as   “narcissism”,   “the   inferiority   complex”,   “arrogance”,   “I’m   special”,   “vanity”,   “avarice”,   “I’m   worthless”,   “self-criticism”   and   so   on.

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4.4187. What is the meaning of a psychologist.   AR AR

A   psychologist   is   very   useful   to   the   human   mind.   We   can   say   that   the   whole   modern   civilization   was   built,   thanks   to   psychologists.   By   fixing   the   man,   they   were   able   to   fix   the   world.   In   civilized   countries,   up   to   80%   of   people   have   their   own   psychologist   (psychoanalyst   and   psychotherapist   in   one   person.)   The   man   in   the   head   a   lot   of   problems   and   waste,   a   source   of   pain   and   suffering.   We   can   see   that   97%   of   our   compatriots   live   chronically   in   hell   and   suffer.   Are   you   very   happy   yourself?   You're   probably   used   to   it,   you   think   it   should   be.   The   eternal   feeling   of   anxiety   and   the   edge   of   the   abyss.   Looped   stupid   thoughts   in   my   head,   eternal   lies   to   yourself   and   others,   laziness   and   apathy.   Heavy   waking   up   in   the   morning   and   hopelessness.   Endless   running   looped   in   the   wheel   squirrel   and   rake...   rake...   rake...   Kind   of   different,   but   all   the   time   the   same.   Thirst   for   love   and   lack   of   love.   Chronic   resentment,   irritation   and   discontent.   Scoundrels   and   fools   around   ...   Endless   failures   and   suffering,   self-pity,   suspiciousness   and   paranoia   on   the   very   edge   of   madness.   Tired   yet?

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6.6366.   AR AR

Freud argued that all human problems arise from the suppression or dissatisfaction of sexual needs. Adler argued with him that it was all about compensating for the inferiority complex. The humor is that the regulator of growth and development in human society are women who do not want sex with inferior men, in the end, either the man compensates for their inferiority, or everyone has to suppress their sexuality, swear, take offense and sit without sex.

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6.6376.   AR AR

Freud said we were driven by the past, Adler said that the future, and I will notice that the tree is fed by roots, it tends to the sun, and its genetics was laid in the grain.

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7.1086.   AR AR

Mental injuries resemble rotting wounds, if you do not go to a psychoanalyst and do not cure them, they will always rot and hurt, interfering with life and work.

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7.1400. A handkerchief.   AR AR

People  need  psychoanalysts  to  have  someone  to  complain.  Other  people’s  problems  are  usually  of  no  interest  to  anyone,  but  psychoanalysis  are  a  pleasant  exception  to  this  rule.

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7.1430. Inspiring admiration.   AR AR

Shrink is very useful because it can safely brag and boast about my (even if fictitious) exploits and victories. This grateful listener will look with admiration and wonder, inspiring you to new feats and achievements. Feats and victories are very necessary to the person as a source of energy, having lost them, the person falls into despondency, laziness and depression.

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