The book of faith. The nature of miracles.

About the use of Faith in God. Faith, Hope and Love means Miracle.

100 best philosophic thoughts that reveal the nature of Faith and God. God is the creator of the Miraculous. It takes Faith, Hope and Love so that God would create a Miracle. Love and Faith, something that creates God. If you need a miracle and want to get the essence and use of Faith, you should read this book. The book is of general philosophic type and it studies the issues of Faith regardless of any particular religion. Nothing unnecessary, only the necessary.






10.6986. Experience of knowledge.     AR AR

Love is an experience of knowledge.  By knowing the world around you, you gain truth, and therefore faith.  Faith that there is a great power.

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10.5829. Power of faith.     AR AR

To succeed, you don't just have to walk on the edge, you have to walk on water.  You need to step into the abyss and go through the air.

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10.6935.     AR AR

Honesty breeds faith, which means love.  Love is what creates truth and puts barriers against lies.  That is, if you need beauty and inspiration, be honest and open.  Tightness and lies are not capable of beauty and truth..

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10.6767. Real faith.     AR AR


There is an opinion that possibility and probability are an illusion of the mind.  There is only inevitability.  So personally, I only believe in the inevitable.  All other options are when there is no faith.


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10.6523.     AR AR

Hope is the Future.  Faith is real.  Love loves them both equally.  Truth is the unity of the present and all possible futures.

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10.6390.     AR AR

Self-love comes from self-belief.  You should listen and trust your intuition.  Intuition knows the future and knows what is best.  You can't question your intuition.  It undermines self-confidence.

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10.6247. Unconditional love.     AR AR

True faith is when you humbly accept that what you love and believe to be true may be a lie, but it doesn't matter to you.  Love is an unconditional feeling.  You love it anyway.  It doesn't matter whether it's true or false, good or bad, useful or useless, painful or joyful.  It doesn't matter to true love.

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10.6092. True faith.     AR AR

Faith is something that comes to terms with doubt.  Doubt is the sin of discouragement.  The sin of despondency is a mortal sin for which a person instantly falls into hell.

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10.5875.     AR AR

Faith is the power of love, which allows you to turn the illusion into reality.

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10.5877.     AR AR

Faith is the power that allows you to use what is not.  What is not there is uncertainty and uncertainty.

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10.5874. Energy Is Nothing.     AR AR

The energy of faith is limitless.  Belief in uncertainty allows you to extract energy from what is not, from lies and fantasies.  Faith is the ability to draw energy from Nothing.  Being is infinite and unknowable, belief in Nothingness is an ocean of energy.

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10.22003.     AR AR

A lover is someone who has faith.

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10.22225.     AR AR

Experience is movement, so experience is one of the names of faith.

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10.22209.     AR AR

The incredible ease of being is due to the fact that everything is so easy that faith with a mustard seed is enough for any, even the most difficult thing.

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10.22202.     AR AR

The crucifixion  Jesus on the cross is a metaphor that your faith should not be dependent on other people's opinions.  Even if your love has been crucified, you must be the one to resurrect it.  True love is good because no matter how many times it is crucified, there are those who will rekindle the flame of love.

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10.22199.     AR AR

Of course, faith and love will save you, but faith is a movement and God helps the one who is walking.  Are you already performing an act of faith?  Where is your movement towards the expected and confidence in the unseen?

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10.22178.     AR AR

The act of faith creates an extension from a lie, thus transforming it into truth.  Truth is love and beauty, sources of boundless energy and power.

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10.22168.     AR AR

Wholeness is truth, and therefore extension and an act of faith.  Wholeness is strong, joyful, and a source of energy.

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10.22118.     AR AR

Love is a motive.  Hope is a goal.  Faith is a movement toward a goal.  Truth is the unity of faith, hope, and love.  The truth is the reality.  Faith is movement, movement is joyous.  False love is called pride.  The motives of pride fill the act of faith with suffering, and turn hopes into lies.

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10.22065.     AR AR

I believe in movement, life, joy and love.  I don't believe this is inhibition, fear and lack of joy.

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10.22041.     AR AR

To have it is a process of movement, which means joy.  You can't  To have, without committing an act of faith and a constant renewal of movement.  To have this looped movement around.

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The beginning of the book

3.34. Miraculous pragmatism.     AR AR

Miracles   are   useful.   From   a   pragmatic   point   of   view,   we   should   have   faith   in   miracles.   Faith   is   the   strength   that   engenders   a   miracle   by   uniting   with   truth   and   love.

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4.52.     AR AR

Blind faith in one's paradigm breeds lies because it denies other paradigms.  You should know that changing the paradigm changes the way things look, so, recognizing the truth of one point of view, recognize the truth of two other opposites at once.

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470.     AR AR

I  wander  on  the  beach… 
knee-deep  in  the  waves, 
barefoot  in  the  thoughts. 

Against  the  sky  there  appear  letters… 
“God  loves  you” 
….  and  that's  nice…. 

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Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



4.76.     AR AR

The   danger   of   lie   is   that   it   kills   faith,   and   faith   was   love   and   strength.   Now   that   people   do   not   believe   in   lie,   they   no   longer   believe   in   truth   either.

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5.18. Light of faith.     AR AR

Standing up for your opinion is not when you're whining or aggressive, but when you're light.  Clarity and confidence of judgment, that's what convinces people.

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5.45. If you do go for it.     AR AR

Faith is the power of action.  In a calm state, faith is a potential force.  To feel the real power of faith, one must act.  In motion, the potential force passes into the kinetic and there is a process of transformation and release of energy. 

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5.46. Firewood.     AR AR

People   who   have   moved   to   the   virtual   world   will   lose   their   faith   and   will   turn   into   trees.   Faith   used   to   be   their   strength   of   movement   but   there   is   no   movement   in   the   virtual   world.   Having   lost   the   habit   of   moving,   people   will   lose   their   faith   and   will   no   longer   be   able   to   move,   thus   turning   into   trees.

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5.52.     AR AR

The dragon is the mountain.  The dragon is counting only on themselves and the neighboring mountains not his assistants.  Dragon power is faith.  Faith is what moves and creates mountains.  The servants of the mountains are the winds.  The wind loves the mountains and brings to their feet the gifts of rain clouds. 

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5.70. God is the mind that loves beauty.     AR AR

I will save you by giving you hope.  Mind saves the world.  The main power of the mind is truth, beauty, order, love, faith and hope. 

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572.     AR AR

Where  are  we  going? 
-  You'll  see  when  we  arrive. 
And  to  be  more  exact? 
-  God  knows... 

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618.     AR AR

Religion  is  good: 
it  often  gives  strength  to  live, 
and  anything  that  gives  strength  is  good. 

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6.27.     AR AR

If the Creator does not believe and hope that his creations are beautiful, he will not be able to create.  To understand, truly do well the creature can either a comparison with an ideal or the cries of the critics.

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682.     AR AR

Good  weather  to  you. 

God  loves  you. 
You  chose  the  right  way. 
The  Sun  will  be  your  polestar. 

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719. [In brevi]     AR AR

Anything  good  in  this  world  is  an  endless  source  of  pleasures. 

All  our  life  is  pain  and  it's  only  going  in  the  right  direction  and  right  actions  that  ease  our  pain. 

Pain  is  an  incentive  for  making  it  disappear; 

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7.35.     AR AR

Arrogance  is  a  sin  because  God  is  love.  Love  and  arrogance  are  incompatible.  Arrogance  does  not  want  to  serve  anyone  and  it  wants  others  to  serve  only  itself.

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7.49.     AR AR

You need to choose who or what to serve by choosing a goal, you must remain steadfast and loyal to it.  Dedication, faith and love for their work and goals distinguishes successful people from losers.  You can serve a cause, a goal, a dream, a person, a company, your job, or your family.

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7.55.     AR AR

Many   people   are   inconstant   –   one   cannot   trust   them   or   have   faith   in   them.   A   man   in   whom   one   cannot   have   faith   is,   essentially,   a   sinner.

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7.56.     AR AR

Laziness  is  a  sin  because  laziness  is  the  procreation  of  dejection,  i.e.  the  lack  of  love  in  the  organism.

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7.57. A man in whom one can have faith.     AR AR

A  reliable  man  is  a  man  whom  one  can  trust  and  in  whom  one  can  have  faith  –  it’s  a  good  man.  Those  in  whom  one  cannot  have  faith  are  bad  and  we  call  them  sinners.

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7.58.     AR AR

Impatience  is  evil.  Perseverance  and  patience  are  virtues.

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