All life is a game






4202. Dejavu.   AR AR

You   have   already   played   this   scenario   a   hundred   times,   but   you   still   like   it.

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7.799. Player.   AR AR

There  is  just  36  cards  in  a  pack,  but  one  can  play  them  in  a  very  different  ways.

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10.6645. Love is everything.   AR AR

If you have love in you, you can't lose.  Even if you lose 99% of the games, you will win the last one (1%) and get 1000% of your net income.  Love is priceless.

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2871.   AR AR

Real  life  games  are  much  more  exciting  than  computer  ones. 

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10.14.   AR AR

The difference between games and reality is significant.  In reality, the enemy can Dodge their move, bluff, cheat, and even walk behind us and steal our resources.

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5.927.   AR AR

They love games, well, just loved, let them play, but think about how to make the game useful.

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10.7148. Their Own Game.   AR AR

Don't be upset that you didn't win, on the contrary, be happy.  Defeat is freedom.  Winners become slaves of the game.  Beginners are lucky, the first doses of drugs are free.  It is very dangerous to win someone else's game.  Winning is not about winning someone else's game and becoming the best rat in the rat race.  The victory is to create your own game.

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4.788. The meaning of spinning.   AR AR

The squirrel in the wheel, in order not to go crazy, should always remember that this is just a game. Why was she running? So she looked on and rejoiced. If the audience likes the sight, they will pay and the squirrel will not die of hunger.

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1646.   AR AR

Life  is  a  game.  Hence,  one  will  get  many  opportunities  to  replay  the  same  situations,  repeating  them  until  one  finally  deserves  to  be  moved  up  to  the  next  level.  The  secret  of  success  in  a  game  is,  in  the  first  place,  skills  and  training. 

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5.685.   AR AR

People play games, people love games, but real actors live their roles, not play them. The game is always a lie, so the viewer does not believe those who play, but believes those who are sincere in their joys and sufferings.

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2519. A wonderful victory despite any circumstances.   AR AR

There's  a  special  courage  to  fight  when  you  know  you're  going  to  lose.  This  courage  works  miracles.  And  sometimes  miracles  happen... 

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4.2625.   AR AR

They say that games are exercises for the mentally retarded, unless it is a game not in real life. Games in real life require great intellectual abilities.

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4.2777.   AR AR

In a real theater, the audience plays themselves, real actors are also honest.

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4.3516.   AR AR

Freedom of choice lies in the fact that a person can choose the game he will play. The game that man knows best, the game he will play.

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5.2455.   AR AR

There are three types of players in this game. The first is unconscious bots. The second is a conscious elected, originating from bots. And there is one main player – God. Say, the game itself is God, some say there are many gods.

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4.49.   AR AR

Syntalism   is   not   a   religion,   not   a   sect,   or   even   a   philosophy.   Syntalism   is   a   mind   game.   A   true   syntalist   believes   in   his   illusions   because   he   loves   them   and   finds   them   useful.   Syntalism   is   what   illusions   turn   into   reality,   and   falsehood   into   truth.   Truth   is   that   which   is   believed   and   loved.   Truth   is   that   which   is   useful   and   beautiful.   Syntalism   creates   truth   by   creating   beauty   and   good.

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511.   AR AR

We are like children,
play and wind korim, 
that he didn't notice our sail...

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5.66.   AR AR

He who wants to receive should not ask, but should not commit an act of repulsion.  Can be slightly hinting on their desires.  Card cry likes. 

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5.94.   AR AR

If you ask, then ask from the heart, so that they believe.  Card cry likes. 

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694. [In brevi]   AR AR

A  strong  enemy  is  better  than  a  weak  one  in  many  ways.  As  defeating  him  is  a  feat  and  losing  to  him  is  not  a  shame. 

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7.40.   AR AR

Internet and games turn a person into zero, that is an illusion.  Like a squirrel in a wheel, this man runs the world of his illusions, while in the real world nothing changes.

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8.23.   AR AR

Playing  chess  is  useful  for  children  as  it  helps  them  to  see  the  diversity  of  variants  in  moving  fashion. 

The  same  thing  can  be  said  about  real  life  and  the  quickness  of  thinking  many  moves  ahead  may  depend  on  many  factors. 

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8.39. The first rule of chess.   AR AR

Kings  hate  each  other  and  cannot  stay  close  to  each  other. 

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Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



8.86. A win-win situation.   AR AR

Try  to  gain  use  from  anything  that  surrounds  you  or  happens  to  you  and  it  will  save  you  from  any  accidents. 

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10.4904. A magnificent bluff.   AR AR

The best is the enemy of the good, because the good is already there and we see it, and the best is the killer who will kill and take his place.  But what is the best? 
"It's a bluff.  It's a dark horse.  What is really there, until the cards are opened, no one knows.

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10.6456. Such a game.   AR AR

"Passion is the sister of excitement" this means that love is a game of chance.  You should approach the subject of your passion with passion, and not be afraid of failures and accidents.

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10.5691.   AR AR

The growth strategy is actually primitive...  Looking for the biggest difficulties, and gladly climb into them with his head, and then with a probability of 38% tear bonus.  It seems that the probability is small, but, in fact, when you play a dozen games, it will give a serious profitability.

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10.5298. A super prize.   AR AR

Hope is realized according to the rule of the Golden section: 38% win against 62% defeat, the average gain of 300% of the bet.  However, the smaller the winning percentage, the greater the win itself.    For example, love, losing even 99% of games, winning once, gets Bingo.

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10.6597. Theory and practice.   AR AR

Children play their computer games, and father God looks at them and smiles.  Let them train, the game will prepare them for real life.  The main thing is not to get stuck in your games for longer.

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The beginning of the book

3.15. Buy time.   AR AR

Speed, maximum speed ...problems and mistakes should not catch up with you. 

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10.55. Life is a game the gods play in people.   AR AR

Man is a semiconductor resonating with the electric spirit of the universe...  Let's call him God or the Holy Spirit.

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1498.   AR AR

It's  not  really  necessary  to  love  your  enemies,  forgive  them  and  play  with  them.  But  studying  them  and  finding  out  their  best  or  strong  traits  to  try  to  borrow  them  would  be  a  nice  solution.  It's  a  good  idea  to  train  with  good  enemies  and  become  better  and  more  perfect  while  struggling  with  them. 

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Art by Olesy Zaharova



1524.   AR AR

A  man's  problem  is  not  in  alcohol,  gambling,  women  or  other  human  passions.  But  the  problem  is  in  excess  and  lack  of  sense  of  the  moderate.  Good  things  come  in  small  packs.  And  if  there  are  too  many  good  things,  the  good  turns  into  bad. 

Eat  an  apple  to  feel  fine  but  eat  a  hundred  of  them  ...and  you'll  die  in  pain. 

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2056. The sins of the game.   AR AR

A  sin  of  greed.  You  lost  100  coins  but  want  to  retrieve  your  losses.  So  you  think:  «if  only  I  could  win  back  60  coins  and  finish  the  game».  But  you  soon  you  lose  200  coins,  and  then  300... 
And  then  you  think  again:  «if  only  I  could  win  back  100  coins...».  And  finally  you  lose  everything  you  have. 

A  sin  of  greed  is  about  the  inability  to  stop  and  fix  loses. 

A  sin  of  cowardice.  You  win  100  coins  and  happily  leave  the  game.  And  if  you  hadn't  left,  you  could  have  won  even  1000  coins.  It's  possible  to  win  a  lot  on  a  lucky  day  so  there's  no  need  to  stop  before  its  due  time.  Keep  swaps  15%  lower  than  position  and  don't  be  nervous. 

A  sin  of  cowardice  is  about  the  inability  to  ride  the  wave. 

A  sin  of  hope  is  about  dreaming  a  lot  and  thinking  about  wrong  things.  It's  the  process  of  the  game  that  should  bring  joy  and  not  illusions  or  dreams  that  will  probably  never  come  true.  Relax  and  enjoy  the  process. 

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2174. About self-admiration.   AR AR

An  actor  for  oneself,  playing  to  oneself. 
…Oh,  …  your  inner  audience  member  applauds  you  and  loves  you. 
You're  his  idol  and  he  doesn't  need  anyone  else. 
You  made  for  yourself  a  personal  idol,  so  now  you  have  your  own  God. 
You  denied  the  old  Gods  of  the  Big  world...  And  now  they  curse  you. 
…But  does  it  really  matter?  Your  new  idol  will  certainly  protect  you. 

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2453. The civilization of the 27th generation with the artificial intelligence system of 8.0 version.   AR AR

And   now   let's   imagine   our   whole   life   as   a   computer   game.   As   some   economic-military   strategy.   Since   the   beginning   of   time   and   up   to   some   distant   future   there's   a   task   to   build   a   civilization.   Inventions,   new   towns,   economical   development,   wars,   building   maintenance.   And   God   is   our   gamer.   The   game   is   perfect   and   powerful   with   all   its   4D   technologies,   characters   (artificial   intelligence   system).   Everything's   adultly   made!   Even   multiplayer   game   mode   is   available.   Thus,   it's   possible   to   play   online.   So   that   our   God   can   be   joined   by   a   dozen   of   friends   to   get   all   jollies.   It's   all   on   a   cosmic   scale.

But   still,   our   existence   can   be   stopped   any   second.   The   computer   may   break   or   run   out   of   memory   or   electricity   may   be   cut   off.   Or   our   God   (in   case   it's   a   young   boy)   may   get   bored   and   go   to   sleep.
So,   being   the   artificial   intelligence   system   of   8.0   version   computer   game   characters   what   are   we   supposed   to   do?   We're   nothing   but   information.   We're   the   perfect   algorithms   of   a   perfect   computer   system.
The   first   thing   that   comes   to   mind   is   to   make   our   scientists   invent   something   that   would   let   us   into   the   world   where   our   God   lives.   At   first   sight,   it's   generally   impossible   as   we're   intangible   while   the   God's   world   is   full   of   tangible   objects.   But!!!   It's   just   a   supposition.   So   what   if   that   world   is   intangible   as   well?   What   if   that   world   and   our   little   fun-loving   God   is   also   a   character   of   someone's   game   with   the   artificial   intelligence   system   of   16.0   version?

By   the   way,   what   do   we   need   this   boy's   world   for?   I   suggest   that   we   should   recode   our   code   into   viruses   and   try   to   control   our   computer   and   all   the   games   on   it.   That's   for   sure-   thousands   of   parallel   worlds.   And   what   if   we   manage   to   get   into   the   net   and   get   an   access   to   millions   of   parallel   worlds.   Generally,   if   we   manage   to   become   viruses   and   control   the   computer   system   of   the   outer   world   where   our   young   God   lives,   we'll   be   quite   able   to   control   the   whole   outer   world,…   all   parallel   worlds   and   maybe   will   even   manage   to   get   one   level   higher...

Quite   a   game   …Isnt'it???!!!!

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2459. The rules of the game may be very idiotic.   AR AR

According   to   the   belief   that   the   whole   world   is   a   game,   our   God   has   to   play   by   the   rules   as   well.   But   it's   another   matter   that   the   rules   may   include   bonuses   and   superpower,   miracles   and   new   lives.   Anyway,   if   this   is   a   game,   we'd   better   learn   the   rules.

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2501. Indifference to fears.   AR AR

A  person  gets  used  to  everything.  I  was  full  of  fears  back  in  the  days,  then  they  got  tired  of  me  and  left  me.  Pleasant  cool  indifference  rejoices  soul  like  a  wind.  Full  of  cold  curiosity,  I  look  at  these  fears  running  around  and  think  which  of  them  will  get  and  destroy  me  first.

There  is  a  kind  of  sports  passion  in  it.  I  neatly  turn  from  their  persistent  attempts  to  bite  or  even  devour  me.  Strictly  checked  movements  resemble  a  dance.  It’s  a  game,  but  who  will  win  it?  This  purely  rhetorical  meaningless  question  makes  me  feel  nothing  but  curiosity.

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3263.   AR AR

He  who  doesn't  engage  in  battle  while  not  feeling  strong  enough,  is  invincible. 

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3.359.   AR AR

Resignation   is   when   you   realize   life   is   a   game.   Having   realized   that   life   is   a   game,   you   will   lose   fear   and,   in   return,   you   will   acquire   vehemence.

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3.360.   AR AR

Excitement is a form of idiocy that perfectly kills fear.  A gambler's fearless.

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3365. It's all true to life.   AR AR

Mathematics  is  very  true  to  life.  Any  number  multiplied  by  0  is  0.  A  negative  number  multiplied  by  a  positive  one,  gives  a  negative  result.  Where  there  is  two,  there  is  three  and  where  there  is  three,  there  is  ten.  Numbers  get  multiplied  and  bring  a  result  several  times  larger.  It's  all  the  way  people  live. 
There's  an  interesting  conclusion  to  be  made: 
life  is  mathematics  where  people  play  the  roles  of  numbers. 

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3.398.   AR AR

If you feel sorry for yourself for one second, you lose.

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3.405. Three turns of the key.   AR AR

The point is that you can lose by accident, and you can also lose without knowing that the lock is closed for three turns.  So your defeat is not a defeat, it's just one turn.

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3483. About karma and likes on the net.   AR AR

In   essence,   our   whole   world   is   a   toy   for   a   bored   God.   And   we   are   the   characters   of   some   social   network   service   who   put   pictures,   videos   etc.   We   post   things   all   our   life,   share   our   thoughts   and   actions.   While   God   and   his   friends   watches   it   with   his   friends   for   fun.   And   if   someone   manages   to   impress   or   please   God,   this   person   will   get   a   like.   Each   like   resembles   good   luck,   or   karma.   The   task   of   every   person   is   to   live   life   the   way   to   make   God   feel   something   while   watching   it   and   put   likes   to   karma.   If   God   forgets   some   person   and   stops   giving   likes,   this   person   will   gradually   fade   away.   God   plays   games   with   us,   watches   our   life   and   controls   civilizations.   He   reads   aphorisms   and   watches   porn.   Our   God,   or   to   be   more   precise,   our   maybe   there   are   many   of   them   ...need   us   as   a   sight   for   the   gods.   So   let's   be   great   actors   and   actresses   and   maybe   we'll   become   lucky   to   get   some   nice   roles.

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3.560.   AR AR

The   fact   that   you   don't   know   the   law   doesn't   reduce   your   fine.   "Variothoughts"   -   the   book   of   rules   and   laws   of   the   game   Civilization   8.0.  

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3.610.   AR AR

About a person can tell a lot of games in which he plays.  For example, I played "Heroes" and "Civilization" at the level of God.  I remember being a good God.  My civilization was beautiful.  There were rumors that for this, the real God appointed me his angel in the real world.

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3.663.   AR AR

The main goal of a toy hero is to become a real hero.

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3.785.   AR AR

It is dangerous when the head is filled with fears and negative thoughts.  Reality begins to boil, and you begin to boil like a devil's cauldron.  It is vital to occupy your thoughts with love, work or study.  In extreme cases, you will save the game.

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