A squirrel in a wheel.






9.8763.     AR AR

A two-dimensional squirrel is looped in a three-dimensional wheel. Its wheel is limitless and the squirrel, as long as it is two-dimensional, cannot escape from it. For a two-dimensional squirrel to escape from a three-dimensional wheel, it needs another dimension and wings, then it can fly away...

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9.8989. We need to radically break external circumstances.     AR AR

Fixated   in   a   wheel   squirrel   trapped   in   the   infinite   sphere   of   external   circumstances.   Circumstances   fixated   on   themselves   are   a   kind   of   Aladdin's   lamp,   and   a   squirrel   is   a   gin   locked   in   a   magic   lamp.

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9.9148. A hamster who got stuck on the wheel.     AR AR

You're  also  locked  in  the  wheel  so  that  you  can't  get  released  from  the  endless  circle?  Wherever  you  may  go,  you  always  go  back?  Does  life  seem  to  be  a  maze  without  an  exit?  Well,  you're  not  lonely.  The  hamster  who  got  stuck  also  likes  to  step  on  the  same  rake.  No  one  knows  whether  it's  possible  to  save  him  but  they  say  that  the  unity  of  belief,  hope  and  love  can  work  miracles.

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The beginning of the book

5.4. "Variothoughts" is a cure for fear.     AR AR

I   originally   wrote   the   book   "Variothoughts"   for   myself   and   my   children.   I   lived   like   a   blind   man   in   the   dark,   on   the   very   edge   of   a   precipice,   in   perpetual   fear   of   falling   into   it.   My   only   desire   was   to   run   away   from   fear,   but   wherever   I   ran,   the   abyss   followed   me   like   a   shadow.   I   tried   to   grow,   I   wanted   to   grow,   but   I   couldn't   grow   a   millimeter.   I   was   weak,   stupid,   unlucky,   and   like   a   squirrel   in   a   wheel   that,   whatever   it   did,   always   stayed   in   one   place.   I   had   no   money,   no   prospects,   no   happiness,   no   friends...   I   had   nothing   but   endless   mistakes,   suffering,   and   a   million   problems,   each   of   which   required   answers   and   solutions.   12   years   ago,   I   was   extremely   tired   of   this   situation   and   began   to   think   about   how   to   deal   with   it.   The   result   of   this   work   of   thought   were   48   thousand   texts   contained   in   the   books"   Variothoughts".  

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3.67.     AR AR

Order   is   said   to   require   attention.   That’s   true.   However,   the   truth   is,   fortuity   will   never   give   up   and,   no   matter   how   much   you   check,   there   will   be   mistakes.   However,   if   you   check   7   times,   you   may   reduce   the   number   of   mistakes.   A   hamster   runs   in   its   wheel   with   a   view   to   carefully   checking   everything   and   minimizing   the   likelihood   of   mistakes   and   fortuities.

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3.90.     AR AR

Squirrel is a symbol of time.  Squirrel's run creates the motion of matter creates time.

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6.59.     AR AR

A deer wanders, it has no objectives, but if there is, it is a Mirage.

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6.77. The offended squirrel.     AR AR

The squirrel in a wheel is the offended squirrel on which carry water.  She is hurt, she runs away, put up with her, she runs back and carries water.  If she wants to get off the wheel, she gets hurt again.

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697.     AR AR

You  think  I  lumber  the  branch  I'm  sitting  on  because  I'm  a  fool?  Totally  not.  I'm  just  tired  of  sitting  on  it;  everything  aches,  it's  cold,  legs  are  numb,  oh  and  I'm  not  a  crow  or  a  squirrel. 
I'd  like  to  fall  from  it  and  break  my  neck…  or  not  to  break,  but  to  survive  and  finally,  run  away  from  this  damn  tree. 

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7.25. Variothoughts is the book that lets you gain time.     AR AR

All   you   need   to   know   is   gathered   in   one   place.   You   have   a   chance   to   gain   time   if   you   read   this   book.   The   earlier   you   reach   the   integrity   of   reasoning   and   become   one,   the   earlier   you   will   be   able   to   start   doing   your   job   and   to   achieve   good   results.   Otherwise,   you   risk   running   for   a   long   time   (maybe,   your   entire   life)   like   a   hamster   in   its   wheel,   without   any   progress   or   profit.

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7.40.     AR AR

Internet and games turn a person into zero, that is an illusion.  Like a squirrel in a wheel, this man runs the world of his illusions, while in the real world nothing changes.

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7.97. To be. To do. To have.     AR AR

To Have something, you need to do something, but before you do, you need to find materiality, you need to Be, you need to become a unit from scratch, from the illusion to become a reality, otherwise you will be like a squirrel, running in the wheel of your own illusions.

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7.99.     AR AR

It is very important to Be one, because as long as you are zero, whatever you do, nothing will happen.  Zero is immaterial illusion, like a squirrel, you can endlessly running in its wheel without any benefit.  The book you hold in your hands will help you to materialize and become a unit.

Be this means materialize, then your thought can change the real world, and you will have access to the energy and resources of the outside world.  Sound philosophy will allow you to become a successful, happy person and get access to money.

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912.[In brevi]     AR AR

An  interesting  thought:  so  what  does  the  squirrel  run  in  the  wheel  for? 
Isn't  it  for  oneself? 

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10.16.     AR AR

The squirrel runs in the wheel of fear.  She either runs from fear, or turns and runs after him to fight... To get out of the wheel, you need to be humble with fear.  Fear its need come to love and then wheel will stop, freeing his prisoner.

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10.56. Resistance.     AR AR

Man is a bot, a radio-controlled doll, a squirrel in a wheel.  However, by cultivating resistance, he can become an independent player and gain freedom...  from the algorithms that control it.

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10.75.     AR AR

Humility is when a squirrel runs after the carrot, pride - when from fear.  One there is still and the third option.

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3006. Perpetual motion machine.     AR AR

Order   tends   to   organise   chaos   and   chain   it.
But   chaos   craves   for   freedom.   And   freedom   is   a   sensible   awareness   for   chaos.   This   is   that   very   perpetual   motion   that   makes   the   sun   shine.   Chaos   is   endlessly   various   as   it's   a   god   of   novelty.   It   figures   out   many   ways   to   escape   order.   While   order   is   aimed   at   perfection.   Chains,   cages   and   walls   constructed   by   order   become   more   and   more   perfect.

I   can   even   imagine   that   sly   order   uses   the   desire   of   chaos   for   escape   as   a   hamster   in   a   wheel   to   spin   it   and   produce   electricity.

In   the   great   scheme   of   the   Universe   we   see   two   things.   On   the   one   hand,   stars   are   formed   while   on   the   other   hand,   they   are   destroyed,   but…   it's   not   that   important.   But   the   most   important   thing   is   the   very   black   inkblot   of   the   Universe,   that   very   chaos   that   expands   endlessly.   It   never   stops.   The   Universe   expands   and   its   edges   are   stormy   with   chaos   while   the   centre   is   filled   with   old   galaxies   full   of   stars.   We   may   only   suppose   that   Order   is   some   kind   of   virus   that   needs   chaos   to   feed   on   it   and   use   it   as   a   material   of   construction.   Perhaps,   Order   itself   can   get   its   GOAL   only   after   having   got   the   chaos   DNA   that   has   novelty   and   energy.

So   who   will   win   in   this   struggle?   -   Nobody.   The   essence   of   this   struggle   is   in   the   moving   forward   and   if   something   wins,   the   moving   will   stop   and   it   will   be   the   end   of   the   world.

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3.107. A paradoxical desire.     AR AR

Deer resistant, which is not what you need.  Squirrel persistently tries to create a miracle.  It would do differently, but there is no, it wants precisely so, as cannot be. 

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3.108.     AR AR

Saving squirrels to do a little bit differently than she wants, but apparently pride prevents her from admitting their mistakes.

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3.109.     AR AR

Squirrel   no   humility,   she   wants   that   and   nothing   else.    Although,   maybe   she   just   doesn't   know   what   is   possible   and   differently.

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3.110.     AR AR

The   squirrel   in   the   wheel   is   fixated   on   the   shape   of   things.    Her   wheel   is   a   metaphor   for   formality   and   complete   misunderstanding   of   the   essence   of   things.    Fixated   on   the   external   squirrel   does   not   understand   the   essence   and   purpose   of   things.

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3.111. The illusion of the squirrels.     AR AR

The   squirrel   is   jealous   of   itself.    More   precisely,   the   self   that   she   wanted   to   be.    Jealousy   makes   her   escape   from   himself   real   to   itself   illusory.

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