8.2. Addiction requires increasing the dose.   AR AR

The creator is a 100% addict, he just can't help but create, his body just needs novelty, otherwise he will be twisted by such withdrawal and longing that hell will seem like a kindergarten to him.

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320.   AR AR

Eating apples and looking at the sky…
- some people see it as the meaning of life...
And the most interesting, perhaps they are right…
The meaning of their life is in this...
They should eat as many apples as possible,
creating demand for the services of those who grow these apples,
those who are engaged in breeding, creates new varieties,
those whose meaning of life is to be a Creator...

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6.27.     AR AR

If the Creator does not believe and hope that his creations are beautiful, he will not be able to create.  To understand, truly do well the creature can either a comparison with an ideal or the cries of the critics.

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848. [In brevi]     AR AR

A  creator  is  a  man  who,  in  fact,  cannot  but  create  something... 

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9.46.     AR AR

A  man  needs  a  woman  for  keeping  touch  with  reality.  A  man  is  a  potential  god-creator,  he  always  tries  to  create  a  new  world  and  get  lost  in  it  after  having  lost  touch  with  reality.

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9.87. A source of Popularity.     AR AR

Popular  books  are  the  ones  demand  for  which  is  already  formed  by  advertisement.  Advertising  budgets  are  the  main  makers  of  popularity.

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1009.   AR AR

Chaos is the Creator of diversity and uniqueness…
Order is the Creator of perfection…
The meaning is that this world is created to create a unique perfection. And man in this case, is both the subject and the object of this great construction.

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10.59. The Creator needs a place.     AR AR

Revolutions happen when there comes a great hunger of the Creator, eager to create.  From inability to create, he destroys the world, creating emptiness...  They are waiting for the Creator, clearing the void for him...

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1094.     AR AR

As  for  certainty  of  fate,  I  can  say  that  even  book  characters  live  their  own  lives,  regardless  of  the  authors'  intention. 
Of  course,  the  intention  is  in  the  head  of  the  creator  but  anything  else  depends  on  a  person. 

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1343.     AR AR

The danger of fantasies about the future, in view of the information nature of the world, lies in the fact that, in fact, these thoughts are already the realization of the future, and, having appeared, immediately pass into the category of the past, and nature does not like repetitions. Most likely, as it was in fantasy will be gone. On the other hand, do not confuse fantasy and planning. The nature of these phenomena is different.

Planning, a person thinks how to create the future and performs creative work. And fantasizing, he tries to share the skin of the unkillable bear, which, quite possibly, has very different plans for his skin.

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1824.     AR AR

When  creators  start  to  lack  free  space,  it's  time  for  destroyers  to  clear  space  for  the  new. 

If  cleaners  work  badly  and  can't  leave  free  space  for  creators,  then  the  latter  ones  will  simply  become  needless  and  die  out  without  work. 

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1825.     AR AR

Critics,  censors,  editors  are  also  some  kind  of  cleaners.  Their  task  is  to  make  creators  forget  doing  nothing  and  start  working  on  the  uniqueness  and  perfection  of  both  form  and  content. 

Any  cleaner  who  destroys  something  that  is  on  its  way  to  perfection  and  uniqueness  will  burn  in  hell. 

On  the  other  hand,  criticizing  those  who  have  reached  the  goals,  is  quite  suitable  as  it  saves  people  from  pridefulness  and  inflated  ego. 

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3.451.     AR AR

When you create, you destroy perfect chaos.  The Creator is the destroyer of chaos.  The Creator, simplifying chaos, brings it closer to Nothing.  Nothing is joyful, but chaos is freedom.

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3.586.     AR AR

The devil is the Creator who lives within man.  If the Creator has nothing to create, he will plunge into self-destruction of himself and the world around him.  The devil, when he does not create, is filled with a terrible pain that makes him terribly evil and vicious.

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3848. City of artists.   AR AR

Artists (and by artists I mean all people of art) it is very important to have a place where to create, and the opportunity where to sell or show the results of their creative work. In the modern world there is little room for free creators. The crowd and the gray mass corporate literally assimilates and absorbs a light of the soul, turning the light in the greyness, and paint in the dirt. We must create a city of artists, a city where artists can live, create and trade. A city we can protect from network businesses and corporations. City free people.

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3998.     AR AR

There  are  no  useless  people.  Anyway,  a  person  can  be  a  consumer.  Consumers  are  useful:  they  create  a  market  so  that  creators  would  have  work  to  do.  And  who  would  they  work  for  if  their  labor  was  unneeded?  Thus,  creators  would  die  of  hunger  if  there  was  no  work  for  them  to  do. 

I  dare  say  that  a  sophisticated  consumer  is  loved  by  God.  A  sophisticated  consumer  appreciates  unique  and  perfect  things  as  well  as  wonderful  and  weird  ones,  and  providence  likes  such  people  and  gives  them  money  for  new  purchases. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



4120.     AR AR

An  interesting  thought.  Many  parents  who  once  became  creators  of  their  children,  later  become  slaves  who  serve  their  own  children  as  if  they  were  idols.  And  I  think  it  would  be  so  interesting  if  the  Creator  of  us  all  was  our  worshiper.  Such  a  pity  he's  not  an  idiot. 

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4316. God's killers.   AR AR

The  parents  who  allow  their  children  live  in  their  house  after  they  reach  their  majority  age  are  thieves  stealing  life  and  happiness  of  their  children.

You  steal  from  your  children  a  chance  to  create  their  own  thing.  You're  killers  of  the  creator,  killers  of  god.  You're  terrible  sinners  who  doom  both  yourselves  and  your  kids  for  awful  suffering  in  hell.

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4.901.     AR AR

Soloinc   is   the   angel   of   lies.   Do   you   know   who   the   angel   of   lies   is?   This   is   the   one   who   was   created   to   turn   lies   into   truth,   darkness   into   light.   Soloinc   is   the   Creator   of   truth,   the   angel   who   creates   light.   Do   you   say   that   only   God   creates   light?   You   are   stupid   and   blind,   look   at   the   sky   in   the   night   and   see   clearly.   God   creates   the   stars.   God   creates   Angels.

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5.584.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   the   philosophy   of   artists   and   artists,   builders   and   creators,   scientists   and   druids.   The   Trinity   of   soul,   mind   and   nature.  

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